Bulma and Vegeta Welcome to Forever
August 21st, 2003


Hey everyone it's adimra. I've got a special guest today. Toshiba's sitting next to me and she's now going to go through the updates:

*Toshiba speaking* Yes, it's actually me. I had to fly across the great country of Canada but I finally got her to update (just kidding). After wining (well my mom calls it annoying noise [I sang for her]) and dining her (cookies, bruschetta, pitas, and nachoes :9), she's going to show me a movie, after she shows me her doujinshi that is ^_^. Anyway, for everyone who can't have such an enjoyable time, here are some stories for you:

The Fast and the Furious: Chapter 14
Ward: Chapters 11-15
New Fic - Mermaid: Prologue-Chapter 4
New One Shot - Fever

*Adimra speaking* Thank you Toshiba, you did a great job! For the rest of you, I'll try and get another update this weekend!


July 28th, 2003


It's been 2 weeks since I've updated?!?!! I have lost a week of my life, I swear, it only feels like it's been 7 days. Honestly, what the heck did I do in that time?

For today we have:
'Ward' Chapters 4 - 10
Glossary to 'Memories of Spirit and Sword' that I forgot last time
And a new fic by Toshiba called 'What You Will'


July 14th, 2003


Stampede ended yesterday - got to wait another year for more free pancake breakfasts. You know there's Stampede fever when your new priest whips out a white cowboy hat right before saying his Homily. Anyhoo, I've got another 4 and a half books under my belt, but at least you've only had to wait a week for the next update.

Fanarts galore - 9 new ones by Krystal Kitty, Hiroko and Blue Siren
Fanfiction - Part II of Memories of Spirit and Sword (been awhile since Toshiba wrote anything)

I'll have more fics to update in the next couple of days.


July 7th, 2003


I owe everyone an apology for the neglect of this site. Over the last 3 months I have read over 80 romance novels. All my time was spent with a book - I am addicted. You'd think with running a love shrine that that would be the last thing I'd be doing - but I never went through that phase as a teenager, so I guess it just was building up. I was also part of a wedding and it was a big deal since she is the first out of our group to get married. But that was mainly this past month and isn't a valid excuse for not taking care of this site. I hope to get more consistent updates happening, and we'll see where that takes us. There are only fanfic updates today, I'll get to fanart next:

Unbreakable - Chapter 11
The Fast and the Furious - Chapter 13
New Fic - Ward (Chapter 1 to Chapter 3)


May 27th, 2003


The results of the contest are in! Congratulations to Inei Tenshi (fanart) and Gwendy (fanfiction).


May 19th, 2003


How's everyone's Monday been going? Today we have two new (and loooong) one shots in the fanfiction section (A New Year's Resolution and Reconcile). I'd update more, but the series finale to Buffy is coming on soon, so I can't ;p!


May 18th, 2003


VOTING for Contest 5 is now underway! Go and vote for your favourite fanart and fanfic! I will continue to accept fanfiction submissions, but no entries will be added to the poll unless the fic is complete! Good luck to all participants!


May 16th, 2003


3 new Contest Fanarts, and 1 updated Contest Fanfic.


May 15th, 2003



When I first started this site I never imagined it would run for so long, or grow so big. Thanks to everyone who's stopped by over the years ^_^! I wanted to do a bigger update, but since I have a pounding headache, I'll try and do it tomorrow. For today though, there's:

Chapters 11 and 12 of The Fast and the Furious


May 13th, 2003


Because of my horrible lack of updates, I thought I'd give you my Anniversary surprise 2 days early. How do you like the new main page? I'm actually redesigning most of the other pages, but for now, only the index page is different.

Many of you are probably wondering what's going on with the contest. Well, I'll hopefully have the polls up on Saturday, so I'm accepting submissions until then. For today, all updates are contest related (cross your fingers for regular updates to come this weekend).

5 beautiful fanart entries
3 new and 1 updated fanfic entry


April 16th, 2003


I want to first apologize to all my faithful visitors. I've been a terrible webmistress and I'm sorry for making you wait so long for updates. I also want to give thanks to the following people who emailed me birthday wishes and I never emailed them back: Library Surfer, Drea, Blue Siren, R. Peeler, Melina, Galadrial, Kat and Dancnfeet.

Secondly, I must announce that the Contest deadline has been EXTENDED for another 3 weeks. Hopefully that will give people enough time to finish their submissions.

Now for some updates:
Who Says We're Too Young to Love is now COMPLETE! The epilogue is up.
Conquest Chapter 6
1 Updated Contest fic
1 New Contest fic
4 New Contest fanarts!
more to come....





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