..:Fanfiction Submissions:..

All fanfics must be a Bulma and Vegeta romance (hopefully, that is quite obvious). Email your fanfics to me at Please send the fic as a .doc or .html attachment. Warning: I HATE text attachments because they take so bloody long to reformat. If you do send the fic in this format, I can guarantee that it will not be given as much priority as other fics that have been sent in as a document or .html file. This means that your fic could end up being 2 to 4 updates behind. I accept anything from G rated to NC-17 - please tell me what your fic should be rated.

I can refuse to post your story if I want to. I do not like editing fics so please proof read or have someone edit anything you send me. I am extremely strict with what I post, so if you don't know how to spell check, use periods or even capslock, then chances are I'm not going to post your work. ALSO, for stories not already posted, if your "chapter" or story is not longer than 1 or 2 pages, I will more than likely not post it. Fics posted in script format will not be accepted, and I give greater preference to original, well written, alternate universe fics. If submissions get out of hand, I'll limit what I accept, and pick the ones I like best to host (I read everything that I put on this site).

When submitting, please include: a small summary (I HATE writing summaries which is why I tend to update fics ahead of posting new ones - you do not need a summary when sending a contest entry, just tell me what it is based on), the story rating, your email address and pen name that you want posted.

..:Poetry Submissions:..

For Poetry Submissions, just email me the poem in the above stated preferred attachment files, and leave your email and pen name.

..:Fan Art Submissions:..

ALL fan art submitted MUST depict a scene or picture from ANY of the fanfics submitted HERE. In this case, they do not HAVE to be of Bulma and Vegeta, but it would be preferrable. Just make sure you tell me which fic the picture is from.

While I may host NC-17 fics, I will NOT accept hentai pics. If it is tastefully done, I MAY consider it, but I reserve the right to refuse anything that has been submitted to me.

Please try and put some effort in your art. I don't want anything you scribbled in your notebook and decided to scan. I don't want to tell people that what they did was bad but if I get complaints on the quality of it, I might take it down. Therefore, please use discretion. If YOU think it "sucks," then don't send it to me.

Just send your art as a .jpg, .jpeg, or .gif file to

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Disclaimer - The images used for this page were taken from the BVD Selection Doujinshi.