You Were

You were the spectator ever watching for the untamed part of me

The explorer I caught but a fleeting glimpse of.
The inviter of the untamed past your threshold
The inquisitor, unwanted, probing
The demander, wild, untamed as I
The challenger, provoking, maddening
The intrigue of my wandering soul,
The acceptant of my darkest ministrations
The vessel that held all the pain that flowed
The obsession that drove me to my knees
The light that blinded, that distracted in its purity
The confusion that forced my steps off your heavenly path
The chaos that reigned before my ultimate goal,
And the haven as I achieved it.

You were the one thing before my eyes before my death

The one hope of my hell-fated soul
The angel in the eternal struggle of my heart.
The only love, the only foe, the only equal.


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