I look at you,
my eyes all full of tears,
you have left me,
in the after math of your storm,
you took my virginity away,
not once,
but three times,
in only three days.


you stare at me,
your eyes all full of tears.
i can not take you,
not just yet,
pleas dont cry,
it breaks me apart to see you this way,
but i cuzed you to be like this,
if it werent for my pride,
i would have taken you along time ago?

why to you have to be such an ass?
never caring for a moment,
if i live,
or die,
why do you have to be like this,
so handsome,
yet so untouchible,
please tell me you love me,
because i love you.


why do you have to be so fucking pretty,
yet so weak?
dont you get it,
im afraid to make you mine,
becouse it may kill,
and then me along with you,
the mighty prince of an empire long lost,
finally beaten by a human women,
so you see i can not take you,
for i am me,
and it can never be.

why vegeta cant it be?


i know i love you like you love me.



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