Dear God!
Why did this have to happen?
To ME?
Of all people?

My life was so perfect
And you had to go and screw things up
Didnít you?

You couldnít leave me alone!
Life was so happy.
So wonderful . . .
So great . . .
So swell . . .
So mediocre. . .
So. . .
So. . .
Dismal. . .

Ok, so you were right
Things arenít so great.
But do you think this is going to make things better?
Well, do you?

You do.
Hmmmmmm. . .
But donít quote me on that.

So what am I supposed to do?
Nothing, huh?
How am I going to tell people this?
How am I going to face my family?
How am I going to confront him?

No clues?
No advice?
No great burning bush
Or magically inscribed tablet
Complete with the answer?

I thought not.

So what is the richest girl in the world
Supposed to do
When she finds out that she is
With an alien princeís child?

You donít need to answer that, God.
I already know the answer.
And play it by ear.
After all,
Thatís what everyone else does.

Thanks, God.
I really needed to talk
I needed to talk to someone who would listen
And not pass judgement.
Well . . .
At least not yet anyway
But thanks for being there.

No problem, Bulma.


-Lady Lark

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