My Pain


Should i stay or should i go?
if i stay...
you will bind me,
make me naked for all to see,
never caring how i feel,
or what its liked to be me,

No you leave me here to die,
never knowing,
never feeling the real me.

Should i stay or should i go?
if i go...
i will be free,
not bound,
or tied,
i will be me,
and then well see whos the master and whos the slave,

You would cry,
then forget that i was yours and never mine,
but your wrong i was mine and never yours,
thats how it was,
and always will be.

should i stay or should i go?
if i stay...
i'll be chaind to you,
and never freed,
you dont care,
its your selfesh pride that makes you you,
you've hute me before,
not fisicly but mently,
and youll do it again,
if i dont leave.

should i stay or should i go?
i can not go.
i have to stay,
i have not yet undone the chain thate you have locked,
you have bond me fed me lies,
made me hide behind my own face,
its all an act dont you see this isnt me,
just an act,
i can not show the real me,
if i do i will be chaind and never set free,
you will through away the key,
i lose my hope,
my pride,
my will,
i will lose me.
you own me,
controll me with your lies,
and yet you do not own me,
you own my face,
my body,
but not yet my pride,
my will,
my desteny.


for its all an act...


i will be set free,
you will see.




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