I Need to Show


Pitying personage; beware
This heart is still cold
Still cruel
And not loving
Nor living to say the least

Solitude warrior; listen
This soul you perceive is lonely
And vulnerable
But strong
And firm inside
With something

Prying young woman; beware
He is still lost
He does not know
But he might follow pursuit
And vanquish his demons for you

Falling young soldier; listen
She is hunting, and preying
But looking for you
Always where you are not
She looks hard for you

Pretty girl from Chikyuu; listen
If you can wrench that cold iron door away
Then destroy it
And render him a mirror
See him with perceptive eyes

Stone prince from a dead world; beware
For she is hard to control
And she is stubborn as you
But she is perfect
In all those beautifully dangerous aspects

Young girl of lust; go on
Show him you
And render him helpless
From that tough work way of iron bars
To hide behind

Young man of pride; accept her
She is that valuable possession
That you can keep close to
In all your dark places
She will be light

Bulma of fondness; look
And feel that steady pulse
Against your bare skin
And that warm breath that caresses
Your body

Vegita of protection; sleep
Here in this bed
And always look forward
To finding this small female
By your side, always as a mate should

Bulma with Vegita; vise versa
Mother with child
Father still with pride



- dedicated to Toshiba, one who knows the right words.


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