For A Child

Cold night’s embrace
Envelops me here
With nothing but the wind’s
icy lips upon my face
The child wails
I sing him a song
My tired soul fails
To wake at the dawn.

A prince of darkness came to me
But he rode on alone
And still I, too blind to see
Kept that seed that he had sown
Never did I hear those words
Nor ever were his cruel eyes soft
From my love, this murderer
Who threw me away without a second thought

How I spurn and I hate
The only man I could love
Delivering by harsh fate
My only pearl, a son
Endless love for this child
Seed of the darkness
How cruel is this, my life
Filled with constant reminders of him.

The child wails
And I sing him a song
My jaded soul fails
To wake at the dawn
I cannot rise
From these tired dreams
I look into my child’s eyes
Innocent and pure as they seem
All they reflect is something darker
Someone I used to know,
Someone I used to…love,
But now I know nothing.
I love nothing. I cannot.
So here the child wails in my arms
Here I turn away from the man at my window
Here I draw the curtains to that man
And here, I shall sing another song.

- Creampuff

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