What I Can Not Whisper

I cannot tell you what I feel,
But in my heart it burns real.
Thawing out the ice that surrounds me,
Melting the pain that consumes me.

How can I tell you,
What I canít describe?
I donít know the words,
That explains what burns inside.

You get angry and cry,
Because I canít tell you why,
I canít speak the three words your waiting for,
For what I feel is so much more.

Itís more than Iíve known,
More than what Iíve ever been shown,
And Iím afraid youíll leave me,
If I canít let you see.

I shake at thought of leaving you alone,
But heart is supposed to be stone,
Stone and not supposed to break,
But Iím floatin in your love- in the wake.

I cannot explain why,
I make you tear and cry,
How can I tell you what burns so real,
When I cannot tell you how I feel.

- Amaya Nightrain

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