A Last Stand


What would the ancients say if they saw me here
What would my father think, if he could see me now
My kinsmen, all, I hold you near
As I furnish for myself a burial shroud

Who is this enemy confronting me?
How am I any different than he?
A monster, a monster, they cry!
Kill him, destroy him, the swine!
But look at me
Tell me what I am
Am I not a monster as well
Destined also for Hell?


I would give it all up tenfold
My life, my soul, my heart, if it exists
Not in courage, not honor, nor greatness
But it comes from where the heart is
Funny, the way life’s course may run
Mine a constant battle, always bloody
But perhaps now I may face a setting sun
And end a lifelong war I waged
A war against my heart
What I felt for another soul
One that tore me apart
For a woman had made me lose control

For her, and for a child
I make my last stand
So they may live on
And my star may fall.

There is no turning back
The monster looms nearer
Here, take all that made me a man,
A warrior, and a Prince,
And salvage those I now treasure
And as my power envelops all in sight
As my heart takes it all in measure
I see in myself the faintest light…

I looked into those blue eyes once.
It is she.
And as I fall from my last stand
She is still here with me.

- Creampuff

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