A Glad Day


One look into your sky-light eyes
And I already wish I could turn back time
Turn it back to when I was whole
When I possessed your heart and soul.
If only I could remember
All that had been me
We could be now what we were
And my mind would be free.

But what's this?
You draw away from me
With one broken kiss
What is it you see?

I fall into your bottomless gaze,
Grieving as you turn away,
Away from me, your heart now lies,
Your kind, cold words are no disguise.
I must have been a great man to have won your love
And now...I cannot lay claim to what was his
I can only listen to that song of your tongue
Eyes filling with tears to only this,
Not knowing what is and what is not,
Unaware I've become all that I've fought,
Only a shadow of the man I once was,
My entire soul unraveled, undone.

But then I learn of a time years ago
And the tragedies that befell us both
Terrible costs unpaid, a two-sided face
Even as we lay in love's embrace,

And it crashes down on what is left of me
Killing all hope, all joy, all sanity,
Gods, what have I done that I could ever undo?
So much pain, unending loss, the naked truth,
I would have killed the man I was before,
He who drew first blood in this tragic war,
I would have killed him in our marriage bed
I would...if he were not already dead.

It is too late, too late to repent for the crimes
Of the man I was and the man I am not;
Nothing, not hope, not love, not time
Can erase the hate, the pain he wrought
I look at you, pleading, for now I know
All the reasons why you hate me so
My undying love has come too late
Nothing is enough to break your hate…

I can die just watching you look at me
Waiting, fearing your coming decree
Perhaps, perhaps you can forgive, I pray,

And I will live to die…

for that one glad day.


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