Admissions and Declarations

It took me forever to realize.
When I did,
I didnít want to admit it
Even to myself.
But I love you.

You are my savior.
When I was lonely, you comforted me.
When I was empty, you filled me.
You gave me hope for the future.
And for that, I love you.

You are my damnation.
I fear you make me weak.
I need you so very much,
That I am your willing slave.
Even so, I love you.

You are my equal.
Not in every way,
But you complement me,
Complete me.
Because of that, I love you.

I can never say the words.
Words I know you desperately long to hear.
But my pride prevents it.
And I am scared of losing myself.
Believe me; I love you.

Look into my eyes,
And you will look into my soul.
They will reveal the truth.
My woman. My heart. My mate.
I love you.


-Lady Lark

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