If I Dreamed
By: Michika Tenshi

Started 00/04/15



Capsule Corporation stood as an empty shell on the land that was once filled with bustling activity. The lawn had become slightly overgrown but nothing too alarming. The only manufacturing plant for the capsules stood empty and silent, nothing moved save for the green blades of grass swaying in the wind. In the main building that used to be inhabited by the Briefs family sat their only daughter. She sat in the dust on the floor with various capsules laid out in front of her. She reached out with spidery fingers and chipped nails, in one simple motion she brought all her capsules together into a large pile. Nimbly she plucked out some of the more worn ones and placed them in a special leather belt she wore designed for carrying capsules. She stood up and rummaged through her pocket, her hand emerged clutching a futuristic looking capsule. The plunger like trigger mechanism had been replaced by a small square black panel on the side, its silver skin was shiny and reflective unlike earlier models. The usual labels displaying the capsulesí contents had been converted to a small strip that ran down its side from top to bottom, stating a 10 digit long number. With her new capsule in hand she pressed her thumb to the black square; it beeped and she tossed a couple of feet from her. When the dust had cleared a black box stood at attention like a soldier waiting for battle. The woman's footsteps echoed loudly in the empty lab, everything was gone. The young president had taken or disposed of everything that could give away the secret to the encapsulation process. All the plans to Capsule Corporation sat at the scientist's feet along with other important items. With longing in her blue eyes she placed the pile in the black box and returned the ebony object to its place. She tucked the capsule in her bra since she had no other place to store it at the current time.

Her watch beeped and she pulled her long coat off the floor and looked once more around the room. A single hot tear splattered on the floor as her retreating footsteps could be heard down the empty hall. With tear blurred eyes she checked her watch again; the digits displayed the letters plainly, detonation in 5:20 min. Her pace quickened and she forced herself into a run, in her chest her heart thumped in pain and anguish, yet also with courage.

She stood on a hillside on the edge of the Capsule Corporation property where well-manicured lawn met with the untamed beauty of the forest. The device on her arm counted down the seconds until it emitted a signal that brought forth the demolition of her childhood forever. Clouds of fire mushroomed over her property; pieces of the telltale buildings jumped into the sky as the flames below nipped at them, the fires then disappearing into the atmosphere. The shockwave was unable to reach the woman but the regret still could, Bulma wiped the remaining tears out of her eyes and told herself fiercely it had to be done. With a heavy heart she turned and set out into the forest.


Table of Contents
Chapter 1