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Epilogue -All Things Said and Done-

Eternity has passed and will pass again, although a chance like this to free my lover from the parasite evil that has invaded him might never return. I was so close, it was within my immortal grasp and I failed. Now I have lost my chance to collect the elements of my ultimate spell, another millennium to wait for another attempt. As all things turn in life's wheel so do us Immortals. For one millennium we each receive the power of control over certain parts of the universe. My time has passed but a moment ago, a new millennium has come and with it a new guardian.

In the end I'm not sure what came over me, to turn against those I tried to protect; perhaps the evil in my lover is spreading to me. None the less, I still do have the first element of my spell, an innocent soul. I watch the shining spark shimmer in my palm. This child, though a miscarriage, still holds the essence of life I need to free my soul mate. I've sat here and wondered why it was that the former Prince wouldn't let me take the child in my own way. The conclusion I've drawn is emotional attachment to the unborn infant. Yet I can never be sure of the feelings one has for a child, unborn or not, immortals do not have the privilege of offspring.

In light of the heat of the moment I do regret taking Yamacha's heart and promising the Queen's parents something they cannot have. I can still feel the bloody organ beating in my hand, spraying my clothing with hot life fluid. Perhaps my gruesome choice to take that man's heart pushed the Queen over the edge and into bed with her King. I will never know; even I cannot discern what path I weave. It is only in my instincts that I know what to do, and when there is no knowledge in immortality, just pure instinct.

La Fin


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