For those of you who said you where confused here's a QUICK recap of everything.

The Sayians are coming to Earth to conquer it. They learn there is some great technology and they want it before they destroy Earth/Chikyuu. Bulma learns in advance with all her nifty gizmos and packs away ALL the Capsule Corps.' plans and stuff then destroyed the only CC production plant. She takes off into the wood to wait out the battle. The Z warriors spend time on Kami's Lookout. Bulma encounters Vegeta in the woods and they have what BULMA thinks is a fight. Bulma gets saved by an escaped slave from Vegeta's ship, S'Rys. The Prince finds S'Rys and Bulma, the slave woman dies and he takes Bulma back to the ship. The Prince knows what Bulma is to him so he keeps her in his quarters like a pet. Bulma TRIES to escape only to realise they are in space. After that the prince puts guards on Bulma, two women who are mated to each other named Potatirs and Corais. Bulma starts having these really trippy dreams that scare her. One day, she takes a shower and when she gets out there is something written on the fogged up mirror. Vegeta reads it out loud and becomes cursed (itís a spell put on by S'Rys friend, S'Imer) S'Imer gets killed and Vegeta hits Bulma! Bulma and her guards search for a magic-using species. They find one one file in the ship and there is a voice in it. The voice is the same one from her dreams. The Voice makes a deal with Bulma/Vegeta in exchange for lifting the spell. The Voice lifts the spell and calls for a Mating battle by impersonating Vegeta. Then the strange immortal angel-like creature vanishes.

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-VII- Broken Dreams and Fantasies

Bulma was unsure of what to do, so she opted just to stay put and think things over. Besides, she really was beginning to feel unwell. She pulled the thin blanket closer around her, trying to force herself to come up with a plan. The doors slid open once more and her breath was held captive in her throat. It escaped its prison in a low hiss as the captor realised that the entrant was not who she thought it was. A man, or what she assumed to be a man, approached her, eyeing her warily. "The Prince demands that you be returned to your quarters." From behind him Bulma's guards appeared; both with unreadable expressions on their faces. The Chikyuu woman was shaky and it took time for her to return to her quarters, she fought against going back the entire way there. The room was empty and sullen when she entered; the orb on the table next to the bed left shadows for her imagination demons to hide in. Potatirs, being ever so helpful, ushered her to the bed and gently pressed her to it. "You should sleep." They waited at the door until they were sure that their charge was not about to try anything. Corias spied the belt on the floor and silently walked over to it, studying it as it lay on the ground. It was nothing important, so she turned and left, not giving it another thought.

Sleep came surprisingly easy, possible due to exhaustion or just the urge to leave reality far behind. She was dreaming again, a pleasant dream, strange but still pleasant. She had a family, a husband and two children; together they sat under the cool shade of an oak tree in a lush field. Bulma sighed and revelled in the feeling of her perfect life. "Buuuulllllmmmaaaa....... Buullllmmaaa...." that retched voice was back, in her dreams again, but it was different somehow, strained almost in anguish. Frantically she looked around, her hair swishing around her head. The ground below her opened up and swallowed her whole, like she was Alice falling down the rabbit hole. As she fell she saw everyone, Goku, Chi Chi, Gohan; they all reached out hands to help her. Her hands reached out and grabbed onto Yamcha as she fell past him. He grasped her hand tightly, trying to pull her up with a frantic look in his dark eyes. In the end, he couldn't do it and she slipped and fell downwards again. She fell until she no longer passed anyone in her decent, darkness pressed close and the feeling of free falling was gone. "Stop playing these games with me!" She screamed into oblivion. There was no answer. "I know you can hear me, let me out of his horror land." There was nothing, no response from anything. Silence laid claim to everything, muting even the screams that emerged from Bulma's hoarse throat. It began to get cold; she shivered and pulled her arms up around her. It was useless; nothing warded off the cold. The colorless world vanished in a flash and the captive was lying in her own bed, balled up in a fetal position.

It was so cold, she could see her breath as it froze in the air. Her body shivered and convulsed, unable to move, still clutched in the unbreakable grasp of sleep. First the cold then the pain, it flared up, slowly tricking her mind. It was like something was in her body, trying to beat its way out. In an unspoken combination of their force, the cold and the pain took over Bulma's body, leaving her to shiver and bite her lower lip.

On the bridge, the crew worked frantically to rectify the problem at hand. They'd run into a meteor shower and had taken severe damage from it. The internal heating systems had been destroyed, letting the cold of space seep in and slowly take control of the ship. To the Sayians, cold was nothing. They increased their power levels, letting their ki keep them warm, though the ship was another problem. Systems were freezing up and shutting down, not being able to cope with the sudden temperature drop. All crewmembers where requested on deck, sending the ship into a frenzied chaos. Sayians swarmed about, checking systems and hardware, working at a numbing pace to get the heaters back online. Potatirs and Corais attempted to reach their charge but were intercepted by Nappa, who was still burning to lay into the female couple. "I don't care what your orders are! You will do as I command. You have no authority to disobey a direct command from me, unless of course you wish to grant me the pleasure of sending you two bitches off to where you should be." He glared at them, challenging them to cross his words. Reluctantly, they worked as the brute watched over them, taking every opportunity to criticise them brutally.

In her own room, Bulma was incapacitated and knew nothing of what had happened on the ship, all she knew was the pain hurt and it was cold. She lay with the blankets pulled as close around her as possible, trying to conserve heat. From his seat on the bridge, the Prince let his ki surround him, but still the cold nipped at him. He frowned deeper and upped his ki again, nothing seemed to be getting rid of this infernal cold. Something tugged on the edge of his consciousness, that Chickyuu woman, his only liability. She plagued his mind, driving him insane with everything she did. He got up gracefully and stalked out of the room, knowing full well that he should have never had trusted his only weakness to a pair of female guards.

Thin sheets of ice had begun to form on the bulkheads and the outer walls of the ship, causing the metal to groan and wheeze. The Prince's boots clicked on the floor as he stalked up to his quarters, the outside doors where uninhabited, no guards like there should be. The door took their time in opening, angering the Prince. He surveyed the room quickly and realised his possibly fatal mistake. She was where he'd left her, sleeping in the bed, shivering against the cold. Vegeta did a very unprincely thing and licked his lips, he was unsure of what to do around her. She muttered something in her sleep and shivered violently. 'You shit! She can't keep herself warm! Do something already!" It was that angel-woman's voice in his head again, invading his thoughts. He put out and hand over the sleeping woman and began to charge it with ki energy. "Idiot! Thatís not going to work!" The voice mocked him, "Hold her, she needs to share your ki with you." He grumbled, not putting up a fight for once in his life and gathered the Chikyuu woman in his arms, letting her feed off his energy. The feeling was; he couldn't place it so therefor he instantly disliked it, being so close to her. In his eyes, women were good for two things, sexual pleasure and fighting, nothing more. This woman tested his limits though, she couldn't fight and she was too frail by his standards for the former. In his arms she moved towards the warmth, letting it take away the pain and the cold.

In the hazy dream world, Bulma somehow put a distinct smell and a name to the warmth. Though with her brain not functioning at its usual capacity, she stored the information for later use. Everything was stiff and cramped up, it hurt to move and the warm feeling that chases away the cold was too comforting to make her care. The warm object moved, jarring her slightly from her contented sleep.

Free of the duties thrust upon them by Nappa, the two guards ran to the room only to find something they weren't quite ever expecting to bear witness too. The Prince was there, holding her in his arms like she was a child. He was so wrapped up in her that he never felt or heard their entrance or exit from the royal chambers. A hand fell on Vegeta's shoulder guard, bringing him back to his usual stubborn self. "WHAT?" The handís owner took a few steps backwards and let out a giggle. "You two are soo cute together!" Vegeta turned around and glared at the angel in contempt, "Piss off!" She cocked her head to one side in amusement, "Is that anyway to talk to your guardian angel? Not to mention that I'm the fourth one to take the job and probably the last." He narrowed his eyes at her, 'Conniving bitch, can't she just leave me alone?' he thought. "No I can't, I have a job to do, then I'm out of here for good, I promise. Of course thatís AFTER I get what I need." She crossed her arms and looked at him and his mate. "I do not tolerate this type of insolence from ANYONE!" The Prince roared at her, getting up and advancing menacingly towards the winged-woman. She rolled her eyes and smiled sweetly at him, "I still think you make a cute couple! You can leave now, she no longer needs your help." She nodded to the woman on the bed, he didn't move. "Typical man!" She twitched her wings and he was gone, transported back to the bridge. "He's gone...I knew you where awake the whole time."

Vegeta stood on the bridge and took his chair ignoring the stares from his crew, 'what is she doing to me?' He rubbed his temples and tryied to push her out of his mind. It wasn't working, when he'd held her for that brief moment it felt like something in his dark soul has changed. The feeling of change was not something he welcomed, he enjoyed the darkness that his life brought to him, the screams in his ears and the blood under his boots. Battle was his purpose and that woman was changing it. She had to go one way or another.

Bulma yawned and stretched from her nest of blankets, "I just woke up...what do you want?" the angel grinned and tossed something at the other woman. The scientist caught it easily and grinned as she learned what is was. "A quick suggestion? You might want to take something before that pain kicks in again, itís a real bitch!" The blue haired woman nodded and headed off to the bathroom to get cleaned up the best she could. When she emerged from the bathroom, she found the other woman had shed her wings and was sitting on the bed like it was her own. "This will be quick, I don't have a lot of time so this will be my last visit for awhile. I just need to explain a few key things to you before I run out of time here." "Wait, before you go on I want to know something, your name and why are you helping me?" The angel nodded and smiled slowly. "My name is Stataris, I'm from a world called Rychaiyuu, the Angel's Dream. I'm here to make sure that the past doesn't not repeat itself with new characters." Bulma was puzzled. "Long before I became like you see me now, I was like you: young, full of life and craving freedom." She sighed and looked winsomely into nothing. "I left on a journey and met up with four friends, one of those became my lover or would-be lover. We spent our nights under the stars and our days searching out a way home. I remember running from hunters, and them capturing me. My lover came to my rescue, only to be..." She sobbed and let a tear roll down her face. She swallowed hard and kept on with her story, "They captured them all, and kept us as pets. Their King wanted entertainment from us, so one by one we were used as toys in his twisted games. Two of them would be let loose into the forest to be chased and hunted as beasts. So for days my lover and I sat in our prison, waiting for death to come and take us. The King demanded for a live fight, to show to a visiting tribe. They pulled him out of the cage and dropped him into an arena to fight against the tribe's warriors. He fought bravely...." The immortal broke down in front of the mortal woman, letting silent tears tell her tale of loss.

"...And there are the bottom of the crater he lay. No movement at all, save for the slow trickle of blood emptying from his broken body; his hair dyed crimson in his own life's essence. I watched from the edge, fighting my captors until I broke free. I remember scrambling down and placing his head on my lap. I ran my hands over his face, willing him to live. Time was running out and I knew it, I could feet it. The ache in my heart grew as I let sullen teardrops splatter on his lifeless face, so calm and peaceful. I screamed as they pulled me from his body, I fought to hold on to something I'd never really had. I was covered in blood, from head to toe, his blood. None of mine, that should have been rightfully spilt on that battle ground. They pulled me from his body and forced me to watch as they carried him away, arms hanging lifeless trailing along in the dirt, his hair dripping blood as it flowed freely from his body. Alone again as I always have been, I buried my face in my hands and wept for what would or could never be. I still crave for his gentle touch and the whisper of his voice in my ear. All things lost, none that will return. I am alone and this is how I'll stay." She still stared straight ahead, rocking slowly, drowning in her own past. "I'm telling you this because fate wants to repeat this event over, using you and Vegeta as its players of choice. This is no way to live a life, especially one like yours. I went against all set rules to prevent this from happening again. No one deserves to suffer in torment such as this." She closed her eyes, letting her hand absently tug at a gray and purple braid hidden in her hair. Two crystal beads fastened to each end and clinked together as she touched it. Stataris composed herself and looked Bulma straight in the eye. "Trust the path I have laid before you, it will bring you what you dreamed of. I promise." She faded with one last forlorn look into Bulma's eyes.

* * * * *

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