-III- If You Only Knew

The captive female's nose sent the smells of food up to her non-responding brain. The messages being sent were getting through but they just weren't being responded to. Images flashed again in her head, this time they weren't just pictures, they had sounds and pain entwined with the surreal experience. She stopped walking and had clutched her head, sinking to her knees and repeating the words she'd heard in her head over and over. The guards assigned to her panicked momentarily, the bald one talked rapidly into his scouter while the other one tried to talk to her.

The pain began to lessen, replaced by a painful throbbing in her temples, her thigh itched and her fingertips tingled. Another flash consumed her vision; it felt like she was invading someone's body. She focused her mind, she could hear the other's thoughts faintly,"...Stupid...Why now....Can't wait....Urge to destroy....Better off without it...Can survive with out it." The person raised a blood soaked fist and clenched it tight, watching the crimson liquid ooze out between the fingers. There was a new voice, "....Collapsed in the corridor...Muttering in OUR native language." Bulma's sluggish mind pieced the conversations together and her sudden experience; they where talking about her. She struggled to free herself from this strange mind; unconsciousness did the job for her.

It felt like she was swimming, constantly fighting to break away from the ebony tinted place that held her prisoner. She came close to surfacing out of the void twice. The first time she could feel her body being moved and shuffled around then the feeling of weightlessness returned. The second time she didn't have the sensation of floating, everything felt impossible heavy. Something seemingly pressed heavy on her chest forcing the air out of her frail lungs making it painful to draw each breath. The darkness began to pull her in again. There were sounds around her, people conversing in that strange language and a vaguely familiar voice mixed in with the stressed exchanges of words. The conversation wavered in Bulma's ears and she faded into sleep once more.

Under closed eyelids, blue eyes twitched rapidly from side to side in a terrifying nightmare. Bulma was once again clinging to the path on the cliff. She looked up and saw S'Rys. The ground gave way under her feet and she tumbled through the sky, watching rock walls rush past her. The ground rushed up to kiss her fatally. The impact was painless, she just landed face down like a feather that had drifted harmlessly to the ground. Pushing her hands under herself she got to her feet and looked around in wide-eyed astonishment. The rock walls had changed shape, the dirt beneath her feet shifted and became smooth and shiny, reflecting her every movement.

"Welcome my child." A soft voice whispered in the air. The dreamer spun on her heals, searching for the source. "Don't be alarmed, I'm here because you called me." Confusion passed over her face as she whirled around, searching for the voice's origin. "I didn't call you. Who are you?" The room began to fade and shift, an unseen wind gathered and pulled her blue hair in all directions, stray pieces snapped at her face, obscuring her view. Her eyes snatched glimpses of a barren field covered in dead flowers through the sea of hair. The Dream world twisted and turned, changing and growing darker. The black sky rumbled out a war cry before letting its liquid troops begin their assault.

Stinging droplets pelted Bulma, plastering her hair to her body and soaking her clothes. Rivulets ran off her fingers and hair, some clung to her eyelashes, blurring her vision. A scream jumped from her throat but it vanished in the sound of the rain, never to be heard. The solid ground had turned into a runny, semi-viscous mixture. The liquid swallowed her up to her hips in a smooth motion. She struggled to get free, pulling her hands through the mud to search for solid ground.

Her hands were covered in blood, the mud had turned into the crimson liquid, pulling her down farther. The pooling red closed in, filling her mouth and nose, cutting off her breathing. In vain she struggled to breathe, with every movement more of the red liquid filled her throat. From the red-tinged liquid S'Rys' face emerged, bruised and broken, green eyes open and staring accusingly. Bulma screamed and tried to push the body away.

Faintly she felt something shake her. It didn't feel like anything that was part of this strange place. Her mind searched for then focused on the sensation of being shaken. The nightmare world vanished and Bulma opened her eyes to the real world, navy blue eyes stared down at her with concern for a brief moment before the Chikyuu woman's eyes rolled up into her head and she collapsed once more into a fitful sleep.

Awake at last, but still not refreshed, the captive lay looking up into the shadows. Something stirred in front of her, a small sound, not unlike that of a chair scrapping across the floor. The covers that'd been placed over her tumbled around her as the newly awoken woman sat up and looked around the room. A strange glowing orb that rested in a bronze dish next to the bed dimly lighted the room. Since the golden light didn't touch any of the walls it was assumed that the room was rather large and lavish. Why was she in here? She was no dignitary or anyone important, her place was with the others from Earth, all captured by the Sayians.

The scrapping sound came again, echoing in the vast room. Her eyes and ears searching she pinpointed the sound to be emanating form the foot of the bed. On her hands and knees she carefully advanced to the shadowed edge. Her eyes strained in the darkness, searching. She jumped when she focussed on a pair of eyes shining, barely there but glinting enough in the void for her weak eyes to discern. Fixated on the glow she exhaled slowly, unsure of what laid in the distance between the eyes and her. Blasts of golden light burst around the room, temporarily stealing Bulma's vision. The haze and dancing spots disappeared and she found exactly what she'd been looking at in the dark. The Sayian that'd chased her and killed S'Rys sat on a heaving looking chair, arms crossed and scowling as if the world were out to get him.

His eyes moved up and down, watching if not studying her. The woman's eyes followed the gaze of her assailant. Eyes wide in shock, she scampered back to the middle of the bed and dove under the covers, pulling them up to her chin. The man smirked and leaned back farther in the chair.

"You find this funny, asshole?" Bulma’s fiery temper flared, it would ensure that if she ever found who'd left her sleeping here in her bra and underwear it would not find a pleasant ending. The scowl returned and he held up her belt in one hand, ignoring her insult. "What's this?" His voice was gruff and sharp, making her flinch. She closed her mouth and locked her jaw defiantly, the belt was hers and she wasn't about to tell him its secrets. Under the concealing covers she searched her bra; even after all the event that had occurred the space age capsule was still tucked firmly in her bra.

Her captor stood in front of his chair, "Tell me." He growled softer with a deadly tone. Scared he was going to hit her she pulled the blankets tighter around her body. She closed her eyes tightly waiting for the inevitable blow but none came. "Pathetic creature, frail and weak, won't even fight for her miserable existence." He levitated until he looked down on Bulma with flames of anger in his eyes.

Bulma bared her teeth in disgust, 'What an ego' she though with pity. Suddenly her attacker's face was pressed up against her own, his fingers threaded in her hair, forcing her head back. She struggled against his grip. "Struggle all you want. You will never escape; mine, mine forever is what you are." He flicked his wrist releasing her and sending her sprawling onto the cold floor, the blankets trailing with her. Another quick movement and the blankets were gone, leaving Bulma half laying half sitting on the ice cold floor. Her head turned quickly around, searching for escape. A door, what luck. Legs churning on the slippery floor, she made a mad dash for the door. The Sayian was too quick for her and caught her ankle, pulling her along the floor back to the bed. "I told you you'd never escape, you’re mine and this proves it. You can run all you want, my little one, but I will ALWAYS find you." The words seethed in the air and sent shivers down her spine.

"I'll never be yours." she spat at him, watching her spittle splatter his cheek. He suppressed the urge to slap the arrogant woman but decided against it, he could have more fun with her alive. He grabbed her chin and pulled her face close to his. "Learn your manners well, your Prince does not take kindly to uprisings." With all the energy in her body she wanted to resist him, but at the same time her thigh demanded to be scratched and her fingers burned with the disgusting urge to touch his royal features. "I bow to no one." She would die before she was forced into being someone’s slave. "But you already have. You've bonded with me, you low class wench." His voice was seductive and deadly, purring in her ear. With his free hand he pulled her next to him and tapped the rash on her leg.

The brief contact with her leg send her mind spinning with surreal emotions. The world spun and she felt waves of alien feeling come over her: isolation, loneliness, anger, vengeance, hatred and spite. She was in his mind and it was a dark place, consuming everything into the negativity that dwelt in its endless depths. She knew he'd felt it too, his mind was there on the edge of hers, softly prodding methodically, deciding what she was. Walking through the darkness she felt something or rather saw it, a sphere of golden light. She reached out with a shaky hand to touch it but was met by a sharp stinging pain in her own mind, he'd built a mental wall around whatever the gold sphere was, it was deep and thick impossible to reach.

They came out of their transfixed states and glared at each other, neither happy about this arrangement. Bonding meant they were fused together for life and all of eternity. Set on breaking this bond, Bulma resolved nothing was permanent and neither was this. "I refuse to 'bond' with you." Dark eyes glared at her. "You cannot refuse a bond, baka! It is already happening, it’s unstoppable." Angered but ready to accept what he said for the time being she tentatively formed her first query, "What's you um name?" It was the wrong question to ask, he turned on her, "How can you NOT know who I am? I'm the royal Prince of Vejiitasei, Vegeta; treat me as such and halt your questions." He sneered with royal indignation, this was not what he was told bonding was, it was far from it.

* * * * *

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