In order to support this site, and buy prizes for contests, I'll sell things from time to time. Most of the following will be linked to auctions, so you can bid on them through ebay. If you have any questions or comments, email me at


I have an extra copy of The Prince and the Showgirl 2, which I'm auctioning off. Auction ends March 5th, so if you want to bid, go here: Showgirl Auction


All prices for the following doujinshi are in American dollars and INCLUDE shipping costs. For the most part, they are $5-$10 more than what I paid for them. The profit is being used to support this site. To order, email me at with the subject "Merchandise" and tell me which products you'd like. Everything is on a first come, first served basis. For payment, I accept US Cash (at your own risk), International Postal Money Orders (US and Canadian residents only), and PayPal (as a last resort - add $1 for every doujinshi ordered due to credit card fees and a poor PayPal exchange rate).

If you have any Kuri doujinshi I am open to trading or negotiating with what I have here.

A Gag doujinshi by Westpole & Allergy House
6" x 8" - 58 Pages
Funny doujinshi centered on Vegeta. Artwork is excellent - very much in the style of Toriyama.
Front Cover
Back Cover
Wild Life by Furufuru World
6" x 8" - 66 Pages
Novel Doujinshi (Japanese) but has very nice pictures of the men of DBZ throughout - some yaoi (Trunks/Gohan). There is one drawn story in the end (17 pages) and is VxB but the art isn't that good.
Front Cover
Back Cover
Sample 1
Sample 2
One Last Kiss
7" x 10" - 72 Pages
Romance of Bulma/Vegeta, Gohan/Videl, and Goku/Chichi. Many stories have adult situations - including the hilarious condom story in the hidden section. It's in good condition with a bit of wear on the spine.
Front Cover
Back Cover
Sample 1
Sample 2

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