Warnings: Some Violence, Profanity and an unexpected ending!

* * * * * * * *

Chapter IV


Vejiita listened carefully as a third class soldier spoke of an ideal he had hardly heard mentioned. The truth about Odin and Bohen finally revealed and the mysteries of Vejiitasei’s first god, Tyr, unlocked. Since as long as he could remember his father squashed any ideas that Tyr was superior to Odin and he was always taught that the Western Clans had merely tried to gain political power, but it was truly the Eastern Clans that had brought forth prosperity to Vejiitasei.

When Kakarott had finished, he waited for the Prince’s response. For a few moments, the only noise was the gentle lapping of the bath waters as Vejiita pondered his words. "Tell me, soldier, why should your words mean any more than Bohen’s?"

Kakarott paused for a moment, "My father was called a prophet of Tyr; he was given the ability to see the future. He was the one who had convinced your father to ignore Freeza’s requests for a treaty. My father even predicted his own disappearance and Vejiitasei’s downfall. Now, Bohen has the King’s ear and your father has forgotten the warnings of Bardock. I suppose father new this would happen, that is why he called you the savior of Vejiitasei."

Vejiita’s head shot up, "Why did he call me that?"

"You are the legendary Vejiita, you are destined to rise up and lead the Saiyajin’s back to glory, but you can’t do that hiding like a coward while Freeza takes control of Vejiitasei and leads it to its doom! Today, you let Bohen take control of your emotions. Don’t let him kill the woman or you will never rule over a living Vejiitasei."

The Saiyajin Prince glared at him for the insults, "That woman does not concern me, she was nothing but a foolish mistake. Why should I risk my honor for a slave?"

Kakarott shook his head, "You have already lost your honor by allowing Bohen to make a fool of you and insult your rank. You are stronger than he is, and yet you allow him to overpower you with lies. That woman is merely a pawn he is playing to get you out of power. He will be Vejiitasei’s murderer if you don’t stop him." He turned and pointed to the hidden exit, "Please, face your destiny and save Vejiitasei by saving the woman. Defeat Freeza and give the Saiyajin’s their honor back."

* * * * * * * *

Freeza smiled as he watched the King oversee the preparations for the execution later that evening. Bohen quietly approached Freeza "You wished to see me, my Lord?"

Freeza didn’t turn to face him, "Yes. Explain to me the exact details of the execution."

Bohen nodded and pointed to the pool of water just below them. "That is the cleansing pool. It will be heated until it is boiling hot. It is said to cleanse her, but it is more for torturing purposes." Freeza smirked, "You are quite cruel Bohen, please continue." Bohen then pointed to a tiny circular building, "I then take her in there and execute her with my own hand in the name of ‘Odin.’"

Freeza nodded, "So I can be certain you will deliver her death and the treaty along with it?" Bohen nodded, "I will be the only one present at her death, but if you wish I can make arrangements for you to watch."

"As tempting as that may be, I believe I will sit this one out. I will, however, have Zarbon with you. You may underestimate her, but I believe even now she is devising some plan to kill you and escape." He paused, "She could pull it off."

Bohen brushed off the warning, "I am not worried Lord Freeza, but Zarbon will be present if you so desire." Freeza frowned, "I do."

* * * * * * * *

Bulma grasped the capsule in her sweaty palm; sunset was near and she new she had little time left. Her gun could possibly buy her time by killing Bohen, but it would take much more than that to keep her alive. After killing Bohen, she would face an angry Saiyajin mob and Freeza. She would not survive unless Rettich was true to his word. He promised Vejiita would be there and that she would watch Freeza die at his hands.

She had wanted to kill Freeza herself, but she would take whatever she could get. She sighed, closing her eyes and leaning against the wall. She wanted Vejiita more than anything, but that may never be possible. Even if Rettich was right about Vejiita’s feelings towards her, they could never be together because of Saiyajin custom. Bulma buried her hands in her face and wept: She could no longer remember what it was that had kept her alive for so long.

* * * * * * * *

Vejiita followed Kakarott, silently wondering why he was following the directions of a third class soldier. What choice did he have? It seemed this Saiyajin was the only one who had the answers he needed to save Vejiitasei and the woman. Kakarott motioned for him to stop and Vejiita watched as Rettich appeared and whispered words to Kakarott. Vejiita clenched his fists, this had gone on far enough, "Tell me what the fuck is going on!" he hissed, "I refuse to be treated like a third class warrior. I will do what needs to be done but I will not be excluded from anything!"

Rettich sighed, "Of course my Prince, I just wonder how blind you are because of your anger. You have no plan, my Prince. You just intend to walk in there, go Super Saiyajin and claim your throne and your woman. I assure you, Vejiita, it will not be that simple." Vejiita bit his tongue, clenching and unclenching his fists "The woman has a weapon with her, she is quite a genius. She believes it can kill Bohen; this will kill two birds with one stone. She will be alive and her worth is proven. You, Vejiita, must not worry about her safety; I will take care of her. You will not see her until after the battle. You must focus on Freeza and becoming the Legendary. Any distractions will lead to your demise."

Vejiita inhaled, he hate to be scolded like a child. "I have no intention of being distracted from pounding the shit out of Freeza."

Rettich nodded, "Then let us continue. The sun has set and even now, the woman is being cleansed."

Vejiita closed his eyes and thought of the weak little female: Could she even survive the cleansing? How Freeza must enjoy seeing her tortured. He continued onward. No distractions. He told himself, She is strong enough. If she is not strong enough to fight, than I will be strong enough for her.

* * * * * * * *

Bulma bit back the screams of pain as the boiling water seeped through the thin fabrics of her dress and bit at her skin. She had no clue how long she had been in the water; it had seemed like an eternity. She had tried swimming to the edge of the pool, but the guards kept pushing her back.

Tears streamed from the corners of her eyes as her skin turned red and began to blister. Please come soon Vejiita. The world was fading and the colors were blurring together and she would have welcomed the darkness, but a sharp tug at her hair brought her back to focus. She was drug out of the water and thrown at the King’s feet. "She has been cleansed, Your Majesty." Bohen’s baritone voice echoed in her ears, "She is ready to die." The King nodded and Bohen brought her to her feet, pushing her towards the circular chamber.

Bulma noticed there were few observers present-just the council and Freeza with his sick smile on his face. You haven’t gotten rid of me yet.

A sharp thrust into and empty room and the slam of a metal door; Bulma realized time was running out. A movement in front of her caught her eye as Zarbon appeared from behind a tapestry. This is definitely not what I need. Rettich had told her that it would just be her and Bohen—she wasn’t sure she could handle Zarbon as well. There were no words, just a sudden blow to the face. "Your master Freeza has requested that I make this particularly slow and painful for you." Bohen sneered.

Zarbon watched for a while as Bohen attacked Bulma viciously. Suddenly, a smile crept to his lips. "I always wondered if we should have just put her in the harem where she belonged. It seemed the Prince enjoyed her, maybe I’ll try myself." Bohen grunted, glancing back at the girl, "Be my guest."

Bulma breathed, her chest hurt every time she inhaled, I have to live. I have to live. I have to live… Zarbon was standing right in front of her. She slid her hand under her skirt and clicked the capsule. Zarbon slid down to his knees and grabbed one leg with his hand, squeezing until the bone snapped. Bulma screamed and arched her back. I have to live! She drew forth the gun and shot Zarbon straight in the heart. She sat up, gasping for breath as she watched Zarbon’s body slump over lifeless. That was easier than I thought. I just have to wait for the gun recharge before I shoot Bohen.

Bohen snarled in anger and lunged for Bulma. He stopped in mid-flight and choked in surprised before falling to the floor, clutching his bleeding side. Bulma sighed in relief as Rettich pushed past Bohen. His eyes were trained on Bohen as he spoke, "I will not let you murder Vejiitasei by spilling her blood. Tonight, you will see Odin die with you as the Prince claims what is rightfully his--the throne"

Bohen rose to his feet, one hand still clamped to his injury. "Freeza will not allow that to happen. If anything, you will be responsible for the Prince’s death."

* * * * * * * *

The King had no warning when the blow came. Suddenly, the world was spinning and he was at his son’s feet. "You have outlived your time, old man. You have led the Saiyajins away from the truth that is found in power, not money. You have dishonored the Saiyajin race and heritage and I will no longer stand for it. With your death I claim your throne!" The King sighed and bowed his head, his son had lost his mind and no one could stop him.

Such a coward. Vejiita thought, He won’t even die with honor. He raised his hand, palm facing his father. "One moment, Vejiita Ouji." It was Freeza, " I don’t think I like what is about to happen." Vejiita turned, "You are not prepared to rule."

Vejiita smirked, "Just try and stop me." Freeza cocked his head to one side in curiosity and completely missed the attack from behind. Freeza turned around stunned to face his attacker; "I believe Kakarott will keep you busy for a moment."

Kakarott barraged Freeza with an onslaught of punches and kicks. Shock quickly turned to anger and Freeza began to counter-attack. Kakarott fought hard to hold back his power. I have to control it. The Prince must… He realized too late that he had let Freeza slip through his grasp. Vejiita had never seen it coming. It wasn’t really painful, just like a needle prick, but by Tyr he couldn’t breathe. Vejiita collapsed to the floor next to his father’s corpse. He could see the pool of blood at Freeza’s feet. So much blood. "There’s a new King in Vejiitasei now."

Vejiita could hear Freeza’s mechanical laughter. Tyr, make it stop. He caught a glimpse of Kakarott just as the world was becoming dim. He was glowing a glorious color of gold and his teal eyes shone with hatred. "The Legendary…" he slid into darkness.

* * * * * * * *

Shit, shit, shit, shit…this was not supposed to happen. In front of the council and the Prince. Maybe he passed out before he saw it. Doesn’t matter, though. Gotta focus. Freeza was still focused on Vejiita. He’s still alive, gotta save him. He struck Freeza from behind, tearing his tail off. Freeza screamed in agony and whipped around to see his attacker. "I should make you suffer, but you’ve breathed our air long enough."

He tore off Freeza’s arm and then ripped off his head, tossing the tyrant’s limbs aside. He breathed a sigh, and returned to himself. Bending down to pick up the Prince. The council stared in awe as he walked silently out of the chambers to the med lab.

* * * * * * * *

Vejiita woke in the med lab angered and confused. He quickly placed the details together and proceeded to tear the lab apart in anger. "Damnit! I was the Legendary! Not some third class fool! It was supposed to be me!" He marched into an adjoining room and found himself facing Rettich. "You!" he hissed, "You planned this so that Kakarott could claim my throne! You are no better than Bohen."

Rettich knelt down in front of him, "You are my King, and always will be. The council declared a tournament between you and Kakarott for the title of King. Kakarott felt guilty and has since vanished. Though I argued heatedly against it, the council has sent out a search party for him. Until then, you merely bear the title of King, but your power lies with the council. I beg of you, train, do whatever it takes. Become the Legendary and prove yourself to the council. Kakarott will return when you do."

Vejiita clenched his fists. "Is he that much of a coward not to face me now?" Vejiita screamed as his fist smashed into the wall behind Rettich, inches from his head. Rettich breathed as Vejiita regained his composure, "Follow me, my King." He murmured.

Vejiita hesitated as Rettich opened a door into one of the other rooms. She was there, sleeping. "What has become of her?" Vejiita questioned, concern dripping from his voice.

Rettich smiled slightly, "She had slain Freeza’s strongest soldier, Zarbon. The council cleared her of all charges. No one cared about Bohen’s accusations. Bohen was found guilty of fraud and deceit and awaits further punishment. They have offered her a paid position in the tech labs and she has accepted the offer. She’s still resting from her injuries, but perhaps you should speak with her. Forget Kakarott for now. He is gone, but she wishes to see you. You will rule over Vejiitasei, my King, and perhaps she will even be by your side."

Rettich dismissed himself and Vejiita watched Bulma’s chest slowly rise and fall; it was hypnotic. He reached over and shook her lightly, watching her lips part and her eyes crack open. "Vejiita!" she cried softly, it was the most beautiful thing he had ever heard. He leaned forward and lightly kissed her lips. By Tyr, she was sweet! She wrapped him in her arms and pulled his head against her chest. He breathed in her scent and melted against her. "Don’t leave me." He whispered.

She gently ran her hand through his hair and over his cheek. "Never." She breathed. Vejiita slid his arms under her and shifted so she was lying on his chest. "Sleep, now." He murmured. "I’ll still be with you in your dreams."

Bulma nodded, burying her face in his neck. He watched as her eyes slid shut and her breathing slowed. "I promise I will become the Legendary." He vowed, "I will be King, and you will be my Queen." He sighed, "Someday…" his voice trailed off as sleep overcame him. "Until then, we have our dreams to keep us together."


La Fin (For now)

* * * * * * * *

Almost a year after Freeza’s death, Vejiitasei is still under the rule of the council. Vejiita has vanished and Bulma and Rettich await his return, hoping that everything will be restored. Meanwhile, both the council and Vejiita are in search of Kakarott who is looking for his father. And while Vejiitasei is left vulnerable, several opportunists take a chance at conquering the mighty Saiyajins. And meanwhile, Bulma and Vejiita are being hunted…

Coming this fall: Ashes to Ashes

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