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Dreams of Thee
By: Meiko

* * * * * * *

Chapter I

The council rose as the King entered, his crimson cape trailing behind him. The King took his position at the head of the table and nodded, everyone took a seat. "You all know why this session has been called. Two weeks from today, a tournament will be held. This tournament will decide conclusively who will serve as the ryoal guard under my son's rule. I trust that every clan has one superior fighter ready to represent himself and his nation."

There wer nods of the affiramtive and murmuring through the seventeen men present. "Good." the King continued, "Then I have important news for everyone. For many years we have denied Freeza and his empire access to our alliance. Over the years, the alliance has turned to Freeza, and we shall do the same."

There were murmurs of discontent from one side of the room, while the other side nodded in agreement. One leader rose, "My clan will gladly support a treaty with Freeza. As said many years ago when Freeza first proposed a treaty, it is in Vejiitasei's best interest. The great god Odin will surely send his blessings on this treaty!"

Another Saiya-jin rose, "Feh, I suppose all of the eastern clans will support this ludicrous offer! My clan will not support this! Have you Easterners forgotten the great teachings of the god Tyr? Beware of those whose reasons are purely for profit! Freeza only desires this alliance because he can profit from our labor. And you Easterners are no different. You look beyond power for money. What is a Saiya-jin without power? Nothing!"

There were whispers of appreement as another stood, "Bohnen, you are a fool. None of the eight western clans will support this treaty if it is ratified!"

No, Rettich, it is you Westerners who are the fools! Tyr is dead, the great Odin is the supreme god!"

Arguments broke out across the table, the King rose and all fell silent. "That is enough!" he barked, "No decision will be made tonight. Freeza and his men will be arriving shortly and will stay until after the tournament. I will hear nothing more about the manner." he turned to Rettich, "I never want to hear the name of Tyr again. If you westeners want to cleanse your souls, you must accept Odin!"

Rettich shook his head, "No, my King, it is you who have strayed from the true path of Tyr."

The King turned sharply on his heel and quickly esited, leaving the divided council to itself.

* * * * * * *

Bulma watched as the soldiers stepped out of the ship; she would be among the last to exit and greet Vejiitasei. The slaves held little rank in Freeza's camp, though she often was given more leeway than the others. Still, she knew it would only be a matter of time before Freeza would catch on to her and have her killed.

It had been three years since she had been taken. She was eighteen when the alien ships landed on Chikyuu and began to collect its natives. She was among those taken and sent to Freeza. Her original purpose was in the harem, but that never happened. Before she had arrived to Freeza, she had proven her real worth.

Never before had any soldier seen such a promisisng technician. They had more need for her in the labs than in the haram and Freeza quickly agreed. She was soon made head of the tech slaves, and wielded much power. She made many friends, and many enemies. She didn't really pay much attention to this, though, her real desire was to kill Freeza and be free agian.

She heaved a sigh as she stepped out of the ship and followed the others to their part of the palace. They passed Freeza who was speaking with the king of Vejiitasei. Standing next to him was a young Saiya-jin. There was no doubt that this was the Prince that Freeza spoke so much about. The Legendary, the Foreseen One, someone Freeza wanted to snuff out quickly.

Bulma felt her heart jump gazing at his perfectly sculpted face, his raven eyes seemed endless and she began to wonder what lay hidden behind that face and those eyes. His hair flared back like a fire that needed to be tamed. Could this fire represent his soul?

A shove from behind brought her back to reality and she continued to move, quickly forgetting about the handsome prince.

* * * * * * *

Vejiita watched disgusted as his father spoke with the shifty lizard. Completely bored, he turned and began to walk down one of the halls with no real interest in where he was going. No one even noticed the young prince had vanished.

He continued down teh hall until he ran into two guards, seemingly baffled as they studied the wiring of a communication console. Vejiita stopped and watched them, amused as they studied the wiring, it was obvious they had no real experience with the matter. "Idiots" he chuckled, the two forze and slid into a kneeling position, too stunned to speak. "What seems to be the problem?"

"We're not sure sire." one spoke bravely, "The console froze and none of the techs know who to fix it."

"You're all a buch of bumbling idionts!" Vejiita muttered under his breath, "Who can fix this?" he demanded to no one imparticular.

"I know of one." a quiet voice from behind responded. Vejiita turned and found himself facing Freeza's line of slaves. Vejiita glared with utter contempte, "One of the Freeza's tech slaves is quite good at these things."

The line of slaves parted and out stepped the most beautiful creature Vejiita had ever seen. She stood confidently, bowing politely to Vejiita. "I can surely fix this your majesty, if you will allow."

Vejiita had lost his voice as he gazed at the goddess. Her skin was a soft ivory, her face radiant, her cheeks a light rose color. Her eyes were deep sapphire pools that one could drown in for an eternity. She had beautiful aqua curls that cascaded down her back like a waterfall. She was wearing a two-piece dress. An alluring shade of midnight blue that complemented her natural coloring quite well. The top was low-cut, tightly fitting around her well rounded chest. Her midriff was exposed and her flat stomach and curved hips were revealed. The skirt was long, but two slits displayed her long, slim legs and bare feet. Around her left ankle was a silver anklet, a marker worn by all of Freeza's slaves. He began to imagine how soft her skin must have been. If only he could touch her...

Suddenly, he felt his stomach turn with disgust. It was unclean for him to thinks about an alien woman like this. The teachings of Odin always stated that for a Saiya-jin to be of pure power and honor, his mind and body must be clean. To even lust after an alien was considered unclean. But, by Odin, she was beyond beautiful. He realized the woman was staring at him curiously, awaiting his orders. He found his voice again "Do what you can, but be careful. Not everyone in this palace welcomes Freeza."

Bulma nodded, slipping to the ground and examining the console. Vejiita began to feel uncomfortable; he fought to tame the desire burning inside of him. He knew there was only one thing he could do. "When she is finished, you will all go on your way. YOu are guests in this palace, but you are still slaves and will be treated as such." With all that said, he turned and left to cleanse his mind of its imprure thoughts.

* * * * * * *

Radditz fell to the ground, clutching his side and gasping for breath. His younger brother stood over him triumphantly smirking. "I beat you again brother." he bragged, "Are you still going to question my worth?"

Radditz staggered to his feet, "Brat." he cursed, "You are not worthy to fight in the tournament. You are not worhty to serve the Prince as he ascends the throne as well!"

Kakarott smile, "Apparently, Lord Rettich thinks differently. He chose me to represent our clan, not you."

Radditz groaned, slipping down to the ground again. "Bastard," he cursed, "It doesn't really matter, does it? No matter how hard you fight, you will never make it. The positions of the royal guard will be filled by the nine representatives from the eastern clans. That's the way it works." he snorted, "It seems the royal line has forgotten that their lineage descends from these western clans, our very own in fact. Also, the Legendary came from our clan."

Kakarott slid down next to him, "You're right, but I could still fight, that's all I want." he thought for a moment, "Do you think that the clans will ever unite again?"

Radditz shook his head, "Not peacefully. Rettich always speaks of the next Legendary. When he arises, he will chose his side and the war will begin. Whose ever side the Legendary fights for will be the winner and their god will be triumphant."

Kakarott nodded, "I need to go. All of the contenders meet and begin training at the palace until the tournament."

Radditz smiled, patting his brother on the back, "Enjoy your time there, it will be short lived."

Kakarott laughed as he collected his things. He did not even cast a farewell glance to his brother as he flew off to the palace.

* * * * * * *

Vejiita cautiously entered the small chamber, thankful all had retired for the evening. The room was filled with steam from the salt bath, but he could still make out the golden statue of the god Odin. Vejiita stripped and stepped into the baths, dipping under the water and scrubing his face. He began to chant the ancient words of prayer, asking for Odin to cleanse his thoughts and give him strenght again.

After three excruciating hours, Vejiita dried himself off and headed to his chambers to rest hoping that he had finally escaped the spell of that beautiful goddess he had happened to encounter earilier.

* * * * * * *

Freeza smiled politely down at Bulma as she knelt before him. "Is there anything else you wish to discuss my lord." her voice sickly sweet, the false tone she always used with Freeza. Her attempts to fool him may have been in vain, but it was pleasing to know that she was still forced to attempt to please him.

"No, my dear, that will be all." he said softly, his voice to calm for her liking. She rose and quickly to her exit. Freeza turned, his smile faded as Zarbon emerged from the hidden door in the wall. "It's very convinent that the Saiya-jins have a intricate maze of hidden passages." he glanced back at the door, "I'm afraid I cannot trust her too much longer. I want you to follow her and tell me her doings. Don't make yourself noticable, I want her to hide nothing."

Zarbon frowned, "Of course my lord, but I still see no threat from the woman. Why does she worry you so?"

Freeza sighed, "A simpleton such as yourself could not possibly comprehend how damaging that woman could be. True, she lacks physical strength, but her wit makes up for it. Intellegence is just as dangerous as strength. She is too smart for her own good, we will have to silence her when she truely emerges as a threat. Now, go before she is out of sight."

Zarbon bowed and quickly exited to follow the Chikyuujin native.

* * * * * * *

She stood before him, taunting him with that alluring body of hers. She giggled playfully as she wrapped her arms around him, drawing his body closer to hers. He fought to push her away, but all of his physical strength was gone. "Surrender, my Prince." she whispered, her warm breath teasing his face. "Take me."

Vejiita pulled away, only to find himself once agian entranced by those beautiful eyes. "Stay away from me witch." he warned, his breath ragged. She chuckled as her arm snaked around his waist and stroked the base of his tail. "Tell me," she purred, "Tell me you want this." Vejiita opened to speak, but found his voice had been stolen. Her face leaned in towards his, he was lost in the blue depths of her eyes- drowning forever...

Vejiita bolted up from the sheets, sweat drenched his body. 'She haunts even my dreams.' Could he not escape her? Could Odin not cleanse his mind from her spell? He stood and growled, "I will take these matters into my own hand then. Odin may damn me for this, but I have to stop this maddness."

The Prince quickly dressed and cautiously exited his chambers in search of the woman.

* * * * * * *

Kakarott walked slowly down the halls, taking in the sights before him. The palace was quite large and glorious. The dark halls were lit by the dancing flames of the torches, shadows danced across the walls. Perhaps they were spirits of those long dead. He shook his head, such silly thoughts. He continued, wishing to see more.

It was forbidden for him to be out at this time, but he had discovered that the security was weak at this hour. He continued down another turn, curious as to where this one would take him. His breath caught in his throat and his heart began to beat furiously as he caught a glimpse of the Prince. The young man seemed quite determined to reach his destination. His interest piqued, Kakarott quietly followed the Prince, carefull to stay out of his sight.

* * * * * * *

Zarbon peeked carefully around the corner, the Chikyuujin had yet to realize his presence. He cursed inwardly: He, one of Freeza's greatest warriors, was reduced to following a lowly slave around in the ungodly hours of night. There had better be some compencation for such humility.

The woman had paused for a moment, a small sound had caught her attention. Had she heard him? All was quiet, except for a soft scrapping of feet. The slave didn't even have the chance to scream: Zarbon watched as she vanished from his sight. Worried there was danger, he investegated. He carefully peered around the corner where she must have gone to. He smirked at what he saw, 'Freeza will find this quite interesting.'


* * * * * * *

Bulma found herself pinned between cold stone and warm flesh. She opened her mouth to scream, but rough fabric silenced her voice. Her vision came into focus and she was able to decipher the face of her attacker. She stared into those bottomless black pits, the flames of the torches danced in the reflection. Her wrists were pinned above her body, her thrashing form had little affect on her captor.

He leaned over and pressed his lips lightly against her ear. "Don't fight this." he whispered, his lips lightly brushing her ear causing her body to shiver in delight. "I do not intend you any harm if you do not fight me."

Bulma stilled, her knees became weak as his tail slithered up the inside of her thigh. He removed his hand from her mouth and pressed his lips against her own. Bulma pressed her body against his, her tongue slidding into his mouth. She felt his body stiffen, then relax again. He released her hands, freeing his own. He longed to touch her, feel her soft skin. "We can't do this here." he murmmured, reaching over and pulling one of the tourches. The wall opened and he escorted her through. He quickly led her down the hidden corridors to his chamber.

When they reached the safety of his room they kissed furiously, only breaking the kiss to tear away their clothes. They pressed their bodies together, nothing but skin between them. Vejiita gently pushed her to the bed, throwing the covers back and pressing her against the silken sheets.

His warm lips carressed every inch of her body, her tiny fingers wove into his hair. His calloused hands carefully exploring her, lightly brushing her soft skin. She moaned loudly as his tounge lightly flicked over a nipple. Her hand snaked around his waist and sqeezed his tail. She felt his body stiffen as he groaned softly. Unable to hold back any longer, he slowly entered her.

He paused for a moment, gazing into her eyes, "Do you want this?" he asked. She nodded, unable to find her voice. He began to move slowly inside of her. Carefull to to damage her fragile body. Her cries were soft and she wrapped her legs around his thighs, pressing her hips to his. He replied to her silent request, gradually picking up the tempo. She leaned forward and kissed his lips. The sweat on their bodies mingled and they reached their climax, neither one holding back their cries.

Vejiita pulled away from Bulma gently falling next to her. She rolled over so she was facing him and lightly kissed his forehead. She buried her face into his chest and allowed his steady breathing and beating heart lull her to sleep. Vejiita sighed, his tail curling around her waist, lightly stroking her hair. She could stay for a while, but they could not be discovered. Hell would descend upon both of them if that ever happened.

He leaned forward, gently pressing his lips against her temple; his eyes slid shut and he drifted off. He could allow himself to forget his sins and lay with her for a little while. But, he could not pretend forever, sins cannot be hidden for that long.

* * * * * * *

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