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Warning: Sex is pretty much the main factor of this story, and there is a quasi rape scene as well. If such things disturb you then why the heck did you click this story when you saw the NC-17 rating?

Note: I decided to write this up as a side project, but it still will be a number of weeks before I continue with 'Consequences.'

The Entertainer
By: Jita-Kun


Bulma looked at the mass of muscle beneath her. Rubbing her lotioned hands together, she brought them down on the Saiyan's back and began her ministrations. Low moans could be heard as her soft digits kneaded the knotted muscles; she being perched on his lower back.

"Mmmm, I'm glad you suggested we do this first, mmm . . . so . . . good," he said drowsily.

Bulma just smiled as she poured more oil on his posterior. The blue haired vixen continued to massage the Saiyan's neck, shoulders and back with a gentle rhythm, and in time, all that could be heard was a light snoring.


Quickly, the little human got up and put away her special lotions and oils. Turning to the naked Saiyan on her bed, she spent half an hour trying to roll him to one side of the mattress. When she completed her task, she unclasped her robed dress and let it fall to the ground. Grabbing a bed sheet, she wrapped it around herself, turned off the lights and slid into bed (on the opposite end from the Saiyan). She laid there silently, staring at the ceiling, until the sound of spaceships passing by outside the station lulled her into dreamless slumber.


Bulma awoke the next morning just as the Saiyan was roused from his sleep. Sitting up, she turned towards him, plastering a smile on her face.

"Well good morning! I hope you enjoyed your night because I certainly did. I must say, you were so amazing that I almost feel guilty for charging full price. Tell you what, you only have to give me 500 denari, not the 600 like we discussed."

Slowly, Bulma got out of bed and sauntered over to her dress, swinging her hips slightly. She let the sheet drop as she picked up her dress, giving the Saiyan a wonderful view of her backside. Slipping the clothing on, Bulma looked at her 'client' expectantly.

The Saiyan sat there dumbfounded. He couldn't believe it; he had slept with this glorious creature and could not recall one detail of their night together, save for the massage. Of course, he had been drinking but . . . DAMN! However, there was no way in hell he was going to admit his 'amnesia'. Apparently he had been very satisfying and that would bode well for his reputation. He could imagine the mockery from the other soldiers if any of them found out he couldn't handle his liquor enough to remember having sex. With this in mind, he went to his wallet to get the money.

Bulma smiled, Stroke a man's ego and he's putty in your hands. Works every time, no matter what species he is.

"Well, here's your money, you earned it. I hope I can see you again, the next time my squad is on leave perhaps?"

"Now, now, you know my policy; 'Never the same customer twice.' Although, I could do just a massage the next time you're here."

Trying to hide his disappointment, he agreed. Dammit, I blew my one chance.

"Oh," Bulma said as she gathered her things, "Turles was it?"


"Well, Turles, don't forget to tell your friends about me, I'll be very grateful."

"Don't worry," Turles replied, "I won't."

Bulma smiled, blew Turles a kiss and left his quarters.


Bulma squealed as she entered her apartment. Pretty soon, she'd have enough money to leave this Kami-forsaken station to begin a new life and pay off her late father's debt. Perhaps she'd even be able to get work on one of the new science stations.

Calm down girl, you don't want to get ahead of yourself, just pray that Turles does his job right.

When Bulma first came to work at the station, she knew she had to be known as "the best" if she wanted to make the most money. Granyon Station was the most popular place for relaxation among warriors who were just passing through or on breaks between missions. Here, food and women were plentiful to them; they just had to pay.

After coming aboard, Bulma had come up with a plan that would make her money AND keep her self-dignity. She created a potion she was immune to, and added it to the common lotions and oils she was given. This potion would seep into the pores and senses of her customers and basically knock them out during their massage. Bulma would not degrade herself to become a prostitute, just make everyone think she was . . . and a damn fine one as well.

The scam had worked so well that she was one of the most asked for 'entertainers' on the station. As such, she could command her own prices, as well as clients. Because of the Planet Trade, warriors made the most money, and Saiyans were the best warriors. They were also well known for their sexual prowess and so, just recently, Bulma began another policy of "Only Saiyans." She was pleased with her decision too. Saiyans were incredibly macho and stupid, hence, stroke their ego and they'd believe anything. All she had to do was show a lot of cleavage, wiggle her ass and they came running. It was just so easy!

There was never an intention to make this a career. After Bulma's father died, his boss, Togul, claimed that Dr. Briefs left him with a very sizeable debt because none of his inventions were completed. As his heir, all obligations were passed to Bulma and she was given three choices: go to jail, marry Togul or pay off the debt. The first two were out of the question and the only way to get fast money was to 'entertain.' Besides, Togul would make sure Bulma couldn't get a decent science job until he was reimbursed.

Bulma sighed, he was coming in a couple of days to collect his money and then he'd be out of her life forever!


Turles was back on the main spaceship waiting to give his Prince a report on the planet of their next purge. A group of soldiers walked by, grabbing his attention.

"Hey Radditz, I've got to thank you man. That woman was beautiful and boy did we have some fun."

"What did I tell you? Wasn't she worth every penny?"

Both went on and on about how good it was, never admitting that neither of them could remember actually sleeping with her. The group with Radditz also knew Bulma and they began their bragging as well.

"This is a command ship, not a locker room, I suggest you get back to work immediately!" a low voice boomed. Not wanting to incur the wrath of the Prince, the Saiyans obeyed.

"So Turles, you enjoyed your time off? Do you want to make it permanent?"

"Yes sir, I mean no sir."

"And this woman you were all blabbering about, how was she?"

"Uh, well . . . I honestly don't remember," Turles admitted stammering, knowing he couldn't lie to Vegeta.

"I thought as much. The way you all carried on led me to believe you were lying. Nobody is that good, now, stop wasting my time and give me the report!" the Prince snapped.

After Turles left, Vegeta began to think about his suspicions. This was not the first he had heard of this woman; he has had other soldiers reluctantly confess to not remembering their night. This is a dangerous game she is playing, scamming my men. Vegeta smirked, Of course, they are idiots and deserve it but maybe I should get to the bottom of this; give her a worthy adversary. His thoughts were interrupted when a soldier informed him that the planet was in view.


The complete purging and selling of slaves took only a couple of days. Everyone on board was in a party mood, so Vegeta allowed a stopover at Granyon as a reward and celebration.

Bulma heard that a shipload of Saiyans was coming and went to get ready. Togul would also be coming later and she hoped she could make a bit more money before paying him off.

As she finished primping herself, it was announced that the Saiyans were on board, so she made her way to the lounge.


Vegeta laid back in the cushions and declined the offer of a drink. It disgusted him to watch his men fawn over the women present. Already, men were leaving to go to private quarters when they had only just arrived 10 minutes ago. Even worse were the ones in the corners who couldn't be bothered to find a private place and got down to business immediately with their whores.

The Prince looked around for an exit; he wanted to leave. Just as he saw one, the doors opened and in walked the most breathtaking creature he had ever laid eyes on. She had long blue hair that cascaded down her back in soft curls, her peaches and cream complexion was smooth and her rather revealing outfit betrayed no fault with her body. Her light blue, knee length skirt had slits on both sides up to the waist band, and her satin halter top, with an extremely low neckline, was cut short to expose her flat stomach.

Turles, who was sitting next to Vegeta and being fed by two buxom twins, tapped the Prince on the arm and pointed to Bulma. "That's her, she's the one we were talking about."

In the thrill of purging the planet, Vegeta had forgotten all about the sneaky woman, but now, seeing her for the first time, his interest was definitely revived.

Bulma scanned the room, recognizing half the men as past customers. She saw Turles and he was talking to a Saiyan she had never met before . . . a rather handsome Saiyan. In fact, he almost stood out among the rest, as if he was different. For one, he was scowling, not seeming to enjoy where he was, and for another, he had an air of arrogance around him, maybe even importance. He turned his head slightly and their eyes made contact!

For Bulma it was like looking into a black abyss. So deep and dark they were, trapping everything with their gaze. Who knows what horrors they have seen, what secrets they locked away, and it perplexed Bulma that she felt both afraid and fascinated in the Saiyan's glare.

Gathering back her nerve, Bulma smiled as she seductively walked over to Turles.

"Turles, how nice of you to come back and bring your comrades with you. Now who's your friend here?" she indicated to Vegeta.

Turles choked at the word friend. "He is the Royal Prince of Vegitasei, Prince Vegeta."

Bulma smiled, Wow a Prince, this is perfect. Daintily, she made her way on to the cushions and placed herself in Vegeta's lap.

The whole room went quiet in shock. To touch the Prince was to do so at your own peril, yet this woman had plopped down onto his lap without a care. It was also known that Vegeta didn't fraternize with prostitutes and they were waiting to see what he would do.

Vegeta looked just as surprised as everyone else, especially since the first thought that had entered his mind was how good she smelled. But he gained back his wits as he realized he was under the scrutiny of his soldiers' gazes.

"You vile whore," he bellowed as he flung her off him. "Show proper respect for a Prince!"

Bulma landed with a thud, on her butt. "You asshole, what did you do that for?"

In a flash, the Prince had risen from his seat and picked up Bulma by the back of her neck, bringing her to him. "Take care in what you say woman, I could kill you faster than you can blink. Now make yourself useful and bring me some food."

The soldiers chuckled in the knowledge that Vegeta was going to punish the disrespectful woman, while finally learning to indulge, and they went back to their own business. Vegeta released Bulma gently, and she spat back at him.

"What makes you think I'm going to serve you?"

The Saiyan Prince merely smirked. "You have to make a living woman, and unless I say the word, no other Saiyan will ever come to you again."

"Bastard." Bulma muttered.

Vegeta arched an eyebrow, "What was that?"

"Nothing . . . your Highness. I was just going to get your food."

"That's better."

Vegeta sat back down on the cushions as Bulma went off. That was quite a temper she had, and he knew she had expected to win him over on her charms. Not tonight wench, although I will find out what you have been doing to my men. And if that meant playing the temptress' games, he would.

Bulma came back with a tray of food and set it down next to Vegeta. He looked up at her.

"Well . . ."

"Well what?"

"Aren't you going to feed me?"

Bulma growled as she dropped to her knees, and began taking berries from a bowl. Vegeta frowned at her distance, so he pulled her into his lap.

"What are you doing?" Bulma said angrily, since it was because she had sat on his lap the first time that she was in this degrading predicament.

"Do not question me woman, but if you must know it's easier for you to feed me this way. Now, peel me a grape!"

"My name's not woman, it's Bulma," she said, while shoving some berries into his open mouth.

Vegeta just chuckled, "Do you really think I care?"

Bulma fumed as she sat feeding the Prince. She began to relax a little, thinking it could be worse as she watched the drunken Saiyans in the room groping and grabbing at the women.

She reached for a cream pastry off the tray, and set it at the Saiyan's lips. He ate it in three bites, but the cream had gotten onto Bulma's fingers, so he began to lick it off, subconsciously wrapping his tail around her thigh. Bulma sat entranced by the way that Vegeta would meticulously suck on each of her fingers to rid it of cream. She felt tingles every time his tongue lapped at her digits. When he was done, he leaned back and gazed at her.

"Woman, why did you throw yourself at me earlier?"

"I don't see you complaining about having me in your lap," she said, indicating his tail, in which the tip was now gently stroking her inner thigh.

"Hmph," was his only reply.

Bulma smiled, Perhaps tonight will not be a loss after all. "Besides," she purred into his ear, "you looked so lonely over here and I thought I could cheer you up."

Vegeta turned Bulma's face to his; their noses barely touching. "And how do you plan to do that?" he asked huskily.

The human shivered under his voice and gaze, however, she was getting extremely hot being to close to him and having his appendage wrapped around her. She brought her eyes down to her hands, which were drawing patterns on his heavily muscled chest and said, "Well, we could go back to your room, and I could give you a massage . . ."

"A massage is not exactly what I had in mind," he whispered.

"Of course we would do other things after the massage . . . for a fee."

"Money is no object."

Bulma pulled back flustered as his hand slid up her side. "Ok then. Just let me get my oils and we can go back to your room."

"There is no need for that, I can do without a massage." Vegeta smirked as a brief flash of panic crossed Bulma's face. This is not going to plan, is it wench?

"B-but, you're so tense and I can really loosen you up. My massages are spectacular, just ask anyone here."

Vegeta eyed Bulma; he was starting to figure everything out, so he went along with it. "Ok, but tell me where your lotions are and I'll have someone get them. I don't want you out of my sight," he said nipping at her neck. He smirked as he saw how uncomfortable she was beginning to get. You no longer are in control are you?

Bulma smiled bleakly and gave him directions. They both stood up and walked to the door, Bulma getting their first as Vegeta stopped to talk to a guard. He was planning a little surprise.

"Listen very carefully. When you get those oils and lotions, I want you to empty the contents of the bottles and fill them with suitable substitutes, is that clear?" The guard nodded and went on his way.

Vegeta turned to see Bulma in the hall, arguing with a man.

"Togul, you will get your money when I'm done."

"No you slut, I want it now." He grabbed her arm, "Or I'll just start deducting payments by your going rate. What is it? 500 denari a fuck? It would take a long time, but we can get started right now, you'll be surprised at how long I can last."


"No, you're coming with me, bitch," he said, grabbing her arm.

Bulma struggled against him, and then fell to the floor as the force that was pulling her seemed to cease. She looked down at her arm and screamed. A hand was latched onto it, but that was all, a solitary hand that had been cleanly cut off. She looked up to see Togul spewing curses as he clutched his blood soaked arm that was minus a hand.

Vegeta grinned at the cowering man before him, "The woman is mine for the evening, you had no right touching her."

"S-s-s-she o-o-owes me m-m-m-money," Togul sputtered, trying not to pass out from the pain.

"I believe she said she would pay you later, now get out of here before I feel like blasting other things off."

Togul's eyes widened and he turned, running down the hall as fast as he could.

Vegeta smiled cruelly as he raised his hand, "Too late, I changed my mind!" A steady stream of ki left his palm and blasted the man to oblivion. He turned to Bulma, acting as if nothing happened and had them continue on to his room.

Bulma tried to let the events of the past few minutes sink in. She was shocked at how Vegeta executed Togul so callously, but she couldn't say she was not overjoyed. Togul was now dead, meaning she was free. All the money she was saving was hers and hers alone; she could do whatever she wanted now. She eyed the spiky haired Saiyan, somehow doubting he'd just let her go without being satisfied. No matter, I'll just knock him out with the oils, and take the next ship out of here. By the time he wakes up, I'll be long gone. She had somehow doubted that she could have gotten him to pay without questioning why he had blacked out. He wasn't like the others, he definitely was sharper.

They entered his room and Vegeta closed the door. He walked up to Bulma and tried to untie her shirt.

"H-hey, what do you think you're doing?" Bulma said backing away.

Vegeta grinned, wrapping his arms around her waist, bringing her back to him, "I like to have my women naked when we share a bed." He placed gentle kisses on her neck as his hands came up to cup her voluminous breasts. Bulma groaned as he rubbed her nipples through the fabric causing them to harden. Then, without warning, he grabbed her shirt and tore it off her body. It had been an impulse, he hadn't planned on doing it. He wanted to make her suffer as he slowly seduced her, but Kami, she felt so good, he wanted her now.

Coming to her senses, Bulma backed off, covering her breasts. She couldn't believe she enjoyed the way he was touching her. She shook her head, No this isn't what you want. Just give him the massage and then you can leave. Where the hell is the guard?

As if on cue, there was a knock on the door and Vegeta went to answer it. The guard nodded to him, and gave him the lotions and oils. When Vegeta returned back to Bulma, she was smiling at him, her hands at her sides, exposing her breasts.

She's confident now that her oils are here. She thinks she's in control, that she can trick me. Boy is she in for a surprise.

Try as he might though, Vegeta could not control the bulge in his pants as Bulma strolled over, her breasts jiggling with each step. She took a hold of his hand and led him over to the bed. Warning bells went off in his head, signaling the danger of what this woman could do to him if he continued down his path. He may surprise her, but Kami, he could still lose control. No, she means nothing to me, I'm just teaching her a lesson, that's all.

Bulma instructed that Vegeta remove his clothing as she went to pick up her oils. He did so, but remained standing as she returned. She couldn't help but gaze in wonder over his body. He was just so compact yet muscular, and incredibly endowed, she blushed.

"Well, aren't you going to lie down?"

"Only when you removed that skirt."

"I-I'll remove my skirt when we're done."

"As I said before, I like my women naked when they're in my bed."

Hesitantly, Bulma relented, and slid off her skirt and panties. With a satisfied smirk and a momentary 'once-over,' Vegeta got into bed and laid face down. Bulma picked up her ointments and climbed into bed after him. Mindful of his tail, she sat on his upper thighs and lotioned up her hands. She grabbed one of the oil bottles, and gently poured it onto his back. With cool hands, she spread the oil over his olive skin and began a combination of squeezing, kneading and caressing on his back. She rubbed his neck and shoulders, feeling proud when she caught a near inaudible moan. She made her way down with her ministrations, pinching and teasing the flesh around the base of his tail. This time the reaction was louder, and he wound his tail around her thigh. After awhile, Bulma realized that Vegeta's breathing had calmed down and was at a steady rate. Unsure, she said his name out loud, but got no answer. A feeling of disappointment washed over her, but she scolded herself. You knew this would happen, so let's get your money and leave this place.

Bulma tried to get up, but realized she couldn't get very far. Vegeta's tail remained wrapped around her like a shackle. She tried to yank away from it, but it still held firm. With cautious fingers, she tried to uncoil it, but to no avail.

Vegeta could barely contain a moan as she worked her fingers around his furry appendage. He was trying to pretend to be asleep, but she was making it very difficult as she ran her delicate fingers through the soft fur. Enough is enough, I'll end this now.

Bulma let loose a scream as she was flipped over and pinned beneath Vegeta. A very awake Vegeta. Oh Kami, no!

"So you little wench, you thought you could get away with this? Play your little games with my men, take their money, and have a big laugh about it. Well, I was on to you from the very beginning, you and your little game of seduction. I bet you thought you hit the jackpot when you met me, that you could humiliate me along with the others. You little whore, it's time someone taught you a lesson. You lose, and I win!"

Bulma gazed in terror as she saw the feral look in Vegeta's eyes. He kissed her roughly, bruising her lips, and then started down on her neck, making his way to the valley of her breasts. Against her protests, he squeezed her ample mounds and suckled them violently, teasing the buds with his tongue.

"Please," Bulma sobbed, "Vegeta please stop."

The Saiyan paused momentarily at her plea, but his eyes hardened and he continued his course down past her navel. He grabbed her hips and shoved his tongue into her entrance. Bulma gasped as a jolt of pleasure ran through her, but then started to cry for this was not what she wanted, at least not like this.

Vegeta lifted his head from between her thighs and climbed back up to face her. His face was a stone mask as he looked down on her, but a small ache began to form in his heart when he saw her tears.

"Please . . . " she whispered.

No . . . NO! I have to teach her a lesson. She means nothing, I won!

With that last thought, he grasped her hips and plunged deep into her depths. Bulma screamed in agony as her barrier was broken, tensely wrapping her limbs around Vegeta to try and ease the pain.

Vegeta staid still, shock and confusion overwhelming him as Bulma's sobs pierced the night. That was a cry of pain not of protest. I didn't enter her too roughly, she should have been able to handle it. There's only one other explanation . . .

Vegeta felt Bulma trembling in his arms. That's not possible, she's a whore, a prostitute. She can't be a virgin, she can't . . .

With a renewed tenderness, Vegeta laid Bulma back down onto the mattress, gently unclasping her arms from around his neck. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she turned her head to the side. Vegeta lightly stroked away the water droplets and Bulma looked back in wonder at his actions.

He spoke softly, "You fooled us all little one, I did not know you were untouched."

Bulma nodded her head slightly, and this time Vegeta used his lips to caress her face. He placed kisses everywhere, from her forehead, her eyelashes, her cheeks, her nose, her chin, and finally, he pressed them softly to her own lips. An unexplained wave of happiness came over him, as he felt her respond. He had wanted to hurt her, yes, but he had taken it too far, and knew he had to make it up to her.

Shyly, he dipped his tongue into her mouth only to be met with hers, and they gently lapped at each other. He started to rock slowly within her, but stopped and pulled back from their kiss. He looked down at the beautiful angel, and brushed away strands of blue.

Bulma noticed the regret in his eyes. "What's done is done," he whispered and as she nodded, he flipped onto his back so that she was on top. "It's less painful for you if you . . . if you're in . . . control." he struggled to get the words out, but Bulma understood. He was sacrificing his pride for retribution.

Bulma smiled slightly at Vegeta as she sat up and he gripped her hips. She placed her hands on his lower chest for support, and took a deep breath. She started to sway to and fro, gasping at the sudden pleasure that was jolting up her loins. Vegeta grimaced and tightened his grip, trying to keep himself from going over. Bulma's pace increased as she now leaned back, digging her fingers into Vegeta's thighs, her vibrations threatening his desperation to keep control. Bulma's eyes rolled back into her head, she could feel the heat building inside her, the fire in her center was going to explode.

"OHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh . . . " Bulma screamed in release, arching her back and thrusting her breasts into the air. Vegeta came immediately after, grasping Bulma's hips for support as he thrusted his pelvis up.

Completely exhausted, Bulma collapsed unto Vegeta's chest. The Saiyan laid there in complete contentment, absently stroking the human's hair until he heard the quiet sobbing. With concern, he lifted her and brought her underneath to hold her. His tail stoked her back comfortingly, and he brought his lips to kiss her forehead.

"I'm sorry."

Bulma looked up surprised. Then she broke out into a smile as she stroked his cheek. "I know you are, but that's not why I'm crying."

"You're crying because you enjoyed this, that what I did was wrong, and yet you have no guilt for taking pleasure in it."

". . . Yes."

"Silly woman," he said affectionately and leaned in to once again kiss away all her tears. "This time, we'll do it the right way," and he began his tender assault on her senses as his lips and hands fed the flames of her passion.

For the rest of the night, their bodies remained in constant contact. Climax after climax was experienced, each one greater than the last, their lips were locked in heated embrace, and their souls sang out to one another.

During their final release, Vegeta sank his teeth into Bulma's neck, claiming her mind, body and soul, and she did likewise. They collapsed together, falling asleep in the safety of each other's arms, the dawn of a new day quickly approaching.


In the late morning, Vegeta was the first to rise. A bit disoriented at first to find another person in his bed, in his arms, he smirked as he recalled their passionate night. Bulma awakened soon after, greeted with a pair of ebony eyes. Before she could even say anything, their lips were locked in a slow and leisurely kiss.

Pulling back, Vegeta smiled a rare smile at his mate. "You will accompany me on my ship back to Vegitasei?"

"Yes." Bulma replied, her future now evident.

"Good. But our ship doesn't leave for another five hours and then it's another 36 hours until Vegitasei . . ."

Bulma giggled and she pulled Vegeta back down to her lips, knowing exactly what they would be doing for the next 41 hours, and probably more!

The End

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