Chapter 8

Yaumcha was eating lunch in Linna's kitchen, she having taken a break from work to eat with him. He smiled at her; she had been so good to him the past week, he appreciated her friendship.

"Wow, Linna, this is great as usual, my compliments to the chef."

"You're most welcome Yaumcha. Maybe I should have worn my 'Kiss-the-Cook' apron."

Yaumcha blushed, Linna was the biggest flirt he had ever met, but he was flattered. Sometimes though, he'd get the feeling that she wasn't completely joking.

A knock on the door distracted him from his thoughts and he went to answer it. He was shocked to find Bulma on the other side.

"B-Bulma?! I, well uh . . . what brings you here?"

"Can I come in?" she asked quietly.

"Oh, of course," he stepped aside for her to enter.

"Bulma!" Linna exclaimed, coming from the kitchen. "What's wrong?"

"I'm pregnant," she blurted out. There, she said it, straight, simple, to the point.

"Oh Bulma, that's wonderful. Congratulations." Linna gushed running to hug her friend. Yaumcha had paled considerably, Now I'll never get her back.

"Don't celebrate too soon Linna, there's more."


"Yaumcha," Bulma turned to her ex, "You-you're going to be a father."

As realization dawned on him, a huge smile broke across his face. "You mean you're carrying our child? Oh wow Bulma that's great, we're going to have a family," he exclaimed, rushing to hug her.

"Yaumcha honey," Linna spoke up. "There's some wine in the back room, why don't you get it so we can celebrate. I've got to talk to Bulma alone."

"Sure, I'll be back quickly."

As soon as he was out of earshot, Linna angrily turned to her friend. "How could you!?"


"For the past week do you know how hard it has been for Yaumcha to accept that it's over between you two? Did you see how happy he was just now, he thinks he has a second chance. What does Vegeta think about this pregnancy? No wait, don't tell me, he dumped you didn't he? So now that you can't have your Prince you're going to fall back on your ex-boyfriend. How can you use Yaumcha like this?"

"Whoa! Ok, I'm not sure where all that's coming from but you're definitely wrong. Yaumcha is the father of my child, what am I supposed to do, not tell him? He is a good friend of mine and I know he'll be a wonderful dad. As for second chances, Yaumcha should know better than that. It's not about Vegeta, it's about me not loving him. I'm sorry if I've given you a different impression, so maybe I should leave before I give Yaumcha anymore ideas. When he comes back tell him I'll see you guys later."

"Where are you going?"

Bulma sighed, "Things are sort of up in the air right now between Vegeta and me. I'm not sure what's going to happen but I'm determined to find out."


Vegeta sat in his room sulking. His woman was having a brat - a brat that came from that weakling human. What was he going to do - well he already knew that answer, but would he be able to live with his decision?

Just outside his room, both Leeka and Bulma were going to see him, each coming from a different direction. Leeka saw the blue haired human and quickly hid behind a wall, curious as to what she could possibly have to say to Vegeta. Bulma didn't even bother knocking on the door and entered with Leeka sneaking up behind to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"What the hell were you thinking, leaving me like that?" Bulma spoke to Vegeta's turned back.

The Prince glanced over his shoulder, ignoring his guest's question. Walking to the window, he looked outside for a minute and then turned to Bulma. "What are you going to do with it?"

"What do you mean what am I going to do? We are going to raise this baby together. I love you Vegeta, regardless whether this baby is yours or not and I want you in my life."

"Bah, love, tell me woman, did you ever tell that weakling you loved him?"

"Yaumcha? Well, when we were together . . . yes, but I was wrong, with you it's so much more . . ."

"Save it," he sighed. "I . . . don't doubt your feelings woman, if I did we wouldn't even have made it his far. The way you label your emotions confuses me but that is beside the point. I cannot give you what you want."

"But why?" she questioned, stepping closer to him. "Why can't you accept this baby?"

"Do you know what I was willing to sacrifice for you?" he growled. "I would have went against my people, given up my crown, turned my back on my heritage. But even then I'd still have some pride. You want me to raise another man's son. A man who still desires you and because of this child will always be in your life. That is too much, I will not raise a rival's spawn. I do have limits woman, I've shown enough weakness around you."

Outside, Leeka was disgusted. To even consider going against his father for a mere woman should be treasonous. How could Vegeta be so weak? I was right to be worried, but it looks like that's about to be over. Vegeta is young, he can be foolish, just as long as he rights himself.

"The only way you can have me in your life woman," Vegeta continued, "is if you get rid of the brat." He immediately regretted saying that because of the look on Bulma's face.

She slapped him.

"I will not have an abortion Vegeta, no matter how much I love you."

He chuckled, "No, I didn't think you would."

Silently, he drew Bulma to him, wrapping his arms around her waist, pressing her body against his. Reluctant at first, Bulma brought her arms around his neck, clinging to him as if he were a life preserver. Slowly, he dipped his head to catch her lips and gave the only being he'd ever call an equal, a tantalizingly deliberate and time-stopping kiss.

He pulled back and looked at his beloved's closed eyes and parted lips, engraving into his brain her look of pure bliss.

"Tomorrow I will marry Leeka."

Bulma opened her eyes, "No no no no no," she pleaded. "You don't mean that Vegeta, please . . ."

"My mind is made up, there's no other choice for me."

Tears splashed down her face, "Noooooo, there is another choice, why can't you see that? Please Vegeta, look at me. I love you, don't do this to us."

The Saiyan Prince turned his back on Bulma no longer being able to look her in the eye. "You are a fool to love someone who can never return the favour," he stated cruelly. "Your tears are a sign of weakness woman, they disgust me. Leave now while you still have some dignity left."

All was quiet and then he flinched as she slammed the door. Goodbye little one, it's better this way.


Leeka had quickly hid again as Bulma came closer to the door. She watched with a feeling of triumph as the human started to run down the hall, desperately trying to hold back her tears. Pathetic. Vegeta did well to get rid of her. She's a bigger fool than I thought, going and getting herself pregnant by another man. I guess all my fears were unfounded, it was nothing but animal lust. The Prince will get over her soon enough, especially now that I'm around. I guess it would be pointless to ask him to join me in meeting Father now, I'll just see him later tonight.

Vegeta's betrothed turned on her heel and headed towards the docking bay. Her father's ship should have arrived a few minutes ago and she had much to discuss with him.

Just as she expected, he was already waiting for her when she entered. Lord Choi was a large man, tall and strong with a regal demeanor. It was no surprise that he was the Chief of the rebel colony, his noble blood and elite power merely an asset as just his presence seemed to command obedience. It was a smart move King Vegeta made in bringing about the alliance, rogue Saiyans could always pose some future threat.

"Daughter," Lord Choi greeted Leeka. "How have things been holding up without my presence?"

She bowed, "Everything is fine Father."

"And that little problem you were worried about?"

"It has been taken care of, nothing will stand in my way of the throne. Once I am Queen and have secured an heir, the plans of a New Vegitasei can begin."

"Excellent, the old system has been going on for long enough. There are countless galaxies out there that Vegitasei has yet to conquer. The Saiyan Empire must grow . . . must make new alliances."

"I haven't forgotten Father."

"I seriously doubt you would Leeka, seeing as how all that power would fall into your hands. Stay smart my dear and all that we wish will come true. Now, where is the old fool we are supposed to call 'King'?"

"Quiet Father, here he comes now."

The said Saiyan had made his way to the docking bay upon hearing of the arrival of Lord Choi.

"Your Highness," Leeka's father bowed, with the slightest hint of mockery only his daughter picked up on. "I have been anticipating this day for a long time now."

"Yes, Choi," the title purposely left out to further the King's feeling of superiority. "I must say, you have raised your daughter well. You came just in time, since the union will be taking place tomorrow."

"I cannot say I'm disappointed that it's so soon, but you're sure your son is fine with this?"

"Whether he is or isn't is irrelevant, I am King and what I say goes," snapped King Vegeta. "But if you must know, it was his idea to move up the ceremony." He turned to Leeka his expression brightening, "I trust you will be ready?"

"Of course Sire, I am always ready to serve Vegitasei," her tone hinting at a second meaning.

"Ah . . . yes, excellent. Well, it is time to feast and celebrate; our guests are waiting. My son will be there too, I'm sure you'll be most impressed with his power. Our grandson will be an incredible warrior."


Linna opened her door to find a sobbing Bulma on the ground.

"It's over. He doesn't love me. V-V-Vegeta's getting m-m-married," she cried.

"Oh Bulma, that's horrible I-"

"Bulma?" Yaumcha appeared at the door, interrupting Linna. "Oh Kami, what happened?"

The broken hearted woman told her tale, sobbing into her ex-boyfriend's chest. They had made their way to the living room and were sitting on a couch; Yaumcha holding Bulma and stroking her hair in a comforting manner. After awhile she had settled down to choking back tears and eventually she fell asleep.

Linna came from the kitchen bringing out some tea and noticed the forlorn look on Yaumcha's face as he stared at Bulma.

"Yaumcha," she whispered. "Can we go into another room, I really need to talk to you?"

Reluctantly, he released his hold on Bulma and they made their way to a spare room down the hall.

When they were alone, Linna started, "Yaumcha, I think you should just back off a little here. It's obvious you're still in love with Bulma but this road can only lead to disaster. No matter how hard you try, you'll never be anything more than the back-up guy."

"You're jealous aren't you?"

"I . . . I am not jealous. I'm telling it like it is because I am your friend."

"Look," he interjected. "I appreciate the advice, really I do. Some part of me still loves Bulma, I won't deny that, but I'm no longer disillusioned enough to think we'd get back together. Did you see her out there, the way she's crying over that Saiyan? Kami, how am I supposed to compete with that? I will never hold her heart the way he does and I'll always wonder why. But Bulma is my friend and I promised I'd always be there for her, even before I knew she was carrying my child. She's in a whole world of hurt right now and I just want to comfort her. There's nothing wrong with that."

Linna sighed, I've been really selfish, she thought, though a small part of her still doubted some of Yaumcha's words. "No, there's nothing wrong with comforting Bulma, she's my friend too remember? Come on, let's go check up on her, she most likely is going to spend the night."

Yaumcha agreed and grabbed a blanket before going back to the living room. He gently placed it upon Bulma, noticing her restlessness and pain stricken face.


The mating ritual itself is a very short process, but with Vegeta's heavy heart, each motion he made, each word he recited, dragged the ceremony on much longer in his mind. He felt grief so powerful it almost bordered madness. He didn't understand; this feeling felt so magnified, like he had the grief of two people inside him. How was that possible?

One time, towards the end of the ceremony, Vegeta almost ran out on everyone because he had had a vision of a crying Bulma being comforted by Yaumcha. He managed to keep himself in check. Bulma was no longer his, that had been his decision. At first he thought the little temptress had stolen his heart but he later amended that, How can she steal something I do not have? She was bewitching, a beautiful woman . . . and he was a man. As he stood in front of his people, his resolve became stronger, chalking up all his weak behaviour to lust.

He was a Saiyan Prince, the prophesized Legendary, nothing should matter but power and expanding his empire, and it was with these final thoughts that he completed his union with Leeka.

Elsewhere in a dark corner of Linna's apartment, Bulma Briefs lay crumbled on the floor sobbing. At that moment she had felt her heart break completely.


Vegeta entered his chamber, exhausted from the day's festivities. He had not enjoyed any of it, he was just emotionally drained. Shortly after the ritual he had been separated from Leeka - not that he cared. He doubted he'd see her any more often than usual, thankful she had her own separate quarters.

He then noticed the ale on one of the tables and felt a strong desire for a drink. Not even bothering with a glass, he took a swig from the bottle feeling an amazing head rush overcome him. This was just what he needed, an escape to forget about recent events.

Pretty soon the bottle was empty and Vegeta staggered to his bed, flopping down on the mattress. It was rare for alcohol to hit him this hard but he just laid there, his mind dazed and cloudy, letting his eyes close shut.

In the dark, a figure entered his room. It surprised Vegeta because he had not noticed it until it had literally crawled up on him. His dilapidated senses picked up a sweet scent, and realized it was Bulma's perfume. In his half conscious state he didn't question what possible reasoning she might have for coming here. He smiled wanting to see her but his eyelids were so heavy he couldn't lift them, it didn't matter though because he felt her start to undress him.

He almost protested when her body broke contact but a minute later she came back, her flesh upon his. She trailed kisses along his body, every so often her tongue darting out to taste him. She came to his aroused organ and took him into her mouth, Vegeta being able to suppress his moans at her tongue's ministrations.

Somehow he had found the power to flip the woman underneath him and entered her in a dazed state. For some reason she didn't feel as warm nor as tight, her skin under his palms was not as soft and her hair felt a tad bit coarse. But once again, he never questioned it, rational thought did not exist, he just wanted release with his angel.

He started to move against her, slowly building a gradual tempo. It was taking longer to reach his climax he realized, but Bulma's moaning was driving him on, harder, faster, he was desperate for release, she already coming at least three times - odd since they were always so in synch, but he had no time to think about such silly matters. He detected a difference in smell now, something that the perfume had covered up but at that moment he was too preoccupied with going over the edge.

He moaned Bulma's name and the woman underneath him screamed his.


Shocked, Vegeta took all of his will power to force his eyes open and came face to face with a panting Leeka.

"My Prince," she grinned wickedly, licking her lips. "You are most delicious," and she brought herself up to kiss him.

* * * * *


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