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Chapter 4

What the hell? Vegeta thought, shocked at the sudden turn of events. No way was he letting her go that easily and ran out the door after her. The halls were empty and Bulma hadn't made it very far, seeing as how she kept tripping over the sheet wrapped around her body.

"WOMAN, STOP!" Vegeta commanded.

Bulma obeyed, but turned around in anger. "I have a name you know, but it figures that you would never bother to ask me it, even after fucking me three times."

Vegeta growled, "It takes two people to do what we did, woman, and unless I'm mistaken, you didn't even know who I was until just now."

"Believe me, had I known, I never would have done anything with you. I can't believe I let you touch me."

"What the hell is your problem? Only last night you were all too eager to jump in my bed and now you run out of my room screaming your fool head off."

"My problem? You want to know my problem? FINE! I spent the better part of the year building a machine that could save billions of starving people on overpopulated planets. And in one fell swoop, you go and destroy all my work because you couldn't stand that a woman got the upperhand over you. It's not enough that my work was ruined, but I had to find out that the man I've been screwing is the same man that's been making my life a living HELL, ever since I came to Vegitasei!"

Vegeta's eyes narrowed as he let the identity of the woman before him sink in. Faster than Bulma could see, the Prince grabbed her by her neck and pinned her against the wall.

"You're that Briefs bitch! I should kill you for the humiliation you caused me." He noticed how she was trembling even though a look of pure hatred was being emitted from her eyes. An evil smile spread through Vegeta's face. "No, I have better methods for revenge. Know that I can have you anytime I want little one. I own you, you are mine. No matter how much you hate me, nor how much anger you have inside, remember that I am the one with power over you. Let that thought eat away inside you."

He released her and she sank to the ground, gasping for air.

"I am no one's property asshole."

"We'll see about that . . . woman." Vegeta smirked and went back to his quarters, leaving Bulma still curled up on the floor.

Inside, Vegeta began processing all that had happened. Surprisingly, his plans for her had not changed; in fact, he wanted her even more. She would make an excellent pet; she had enough fire in her to keep him entertained at night as well as keep him on his toes outside of the bedroom. Controlling her would be a challenge, but that's what made it interesting.

An image of Bulma looking at him with hate-filled blue eyes flashed into his mind, but he dismissed it, not acknowledging how much it had disturbed him.


Bulma had gone back to her room, crawled into bed and started to cry.

For the past couple of nights, she had been recklessly making love with the one man she felt she hated. It figures that the one irresponsible thing I have ever done in my life blows up in my face. But that was not the reason she was angry. She was mad at herself because she had enjoyed his gentle touch, she had liked the way he would look at her, and by Kami, she loved the way he made her feel. As much as she hated the arrogant Prince he was by day, she longed to be in the comforting arms of her nighttime lover.

"WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BE THE SAME PERSON?!!!!!!!!!!" she screamed to the air. She was once again alone, but wasn't that what she had wanted? Just a harmless fling to get over Yaumcha and be done with it. So much for being harmless. Never had Bulma ever felt so cheap. She had managed to convince herself that all of this had just been a game to the Prince. His true self was the arrogant jackass he showed to the world, and all the softness and gentleness he had displayed had all been just an act. Another one of his twisted ways to gain control over people. She then cried even harder, because what he had said was true.


Bulma didn't return to work until the next day. Linna would ask her questions but Bulma just ignored her. She just concentrated on her work and wouldn't talk to anyone about anything else. Linna finally gave up, but told her that the replacement parts her father was sending from Chikyuu would be arriving by the end of the week. Bulma nodded an acknowledgement and then went back to reading her schematics.

She was jarred out of her zombie like state when she realized that it had grown unusually quiet. The chatter that was common among the scientists in the lab had completely stopped. Bulma stopped what she was doing and looked out her office, shocked at what she saw.

The scientists had shut up because Vegeta had entered the lab.

He smirked when he saw her, but said nothing. He merely walked up and down the many aisles looking at the many trinkets scattered about, and smirked even more as each scientist he passed would bow their heads in respect. Peasu and some other guards stood by the door, looking as confused as the others as to why they were even here. Finally the Saiyan Prince spoke.

"Ms. Briefs, why don't you show me how the NEXUS project is coming along?"

Bulma couldn't believe the audacity of Vegeta coming here, not to mention questioning her on the project he had destroyed. "I would my Prince, but a couple of days ago, some asshole decided to mess up my lab and as such, much of the project had been caught up in his vandalism. There is not much to show as of now. Some replacement parts are being sent, but they won't get here for another couple of days."

Vegeta did not flinch at the "asshole" remark. "Well, whatever is available I wouldn't mind seeing. A lot of money is being sent to this department, and if there is nothing of value here, I might as well cut your budget in half."

Bulma grew angry, "You can't do that! We provide invaluable research to the scientific community. Everything we do here benefits races of all kinds . . . and our training equipment can help Saiyans get stronger." She added the last part, knowing that it was the only thing that would appeal to him.

"Then show me!"

Bulma grumbled, but told everybody to get back to work as she proceeded to show Vegeta all the different machines and equipment they had been working on. It was unnerving having Vegeta follow her. He was always right behind her and when they stopped to look at different objects he would always be within an inch of her body. He never physically touched her but Bulma could feel the heat his body was radiating. Though she couldn't see, something told her that Vegeta wasn't even paying attention to what she was saying. After her little 'tour,' Vegeta left with his guards without saying a word to Bulma.

For the next two days, Vegeta would always come by after his sparring session and just watch Bulma work. The human scientist knew he was up to something, so she never acknowledged his presence. This of course confused the other scientists, who were baffled that the Prince was suddenly interested in their work, even though all he did was stand in a corner and watch Bulma. For these visits, he was always alone.

On the third day, he once again came in alone, but was treated with the dirty looks Bulma sent his way. He merely chuckled and continued with his observation, leaving a few hours later. Shortly after he left, Peasu came in and entered Bulma's office.

"The Prince wants you to dine with him tonight," the guard stated.


"You are to wear something formal, and in two hours a guard will meet you at your quarters to bring you to the Prince's."

"I should say not!"

"He told me to tell you that if you refuse, he will personally eliminate half of your division, and he's not talking jobs here."

Bulma gulped, Why that blackmailing bastard . . . "Two hours you say? Fine, I'll be ready then."


Bulma stood outside of the Prince's quarters as the guard knocked on the door. She silently cursed herself for owning such slutty clothes; modest was never part of her wardrobe vocabulary. Her hair had been swept up in curls, accentuating the very low neckline of her long and very tight black dress. A single slit made its way up Bulma's right thigh, and everything was supported (if support is the right word), by two very thin spaghetti straps. Any sudden movements and her breasts would threaten to break the straps. What the hell was I thinking when I bought this? She lightly fingered the mark Vegeta had left on her neck during their last night together, thankful that she had been able to cover it up with make-up.

The guard opened the door and Bulma walked in, once again greeted with the sight of piles of food laid out on a long table. The guard exited and closed the door behind him, leaving Bulma alone, or so she thought.

She once again felt the warmth from the day Vegeta followed her around and she turned. Looking very much like the Prince he was stood Vegeta, less than two feet from her face. He was wearing his decorative Royal Armour and for a moment, Bulma was impressed that he went to all this trouble for her. That thought was quickly pushed aside as she remembered what a horrible man he was, and was probably up to something.

He looked her up and down, smirked, then pushed his way past her to go sit at a smaller table that was next to the 'buffet'. It was set for two and he merely nodded at her to join him. As soon as she did, a servant entered the room and began serving them, even though the food was two arm lengths away.

Halfway through the quiet meal, Vegeta surprised Bulma by asking her about Chikyuu, more specifically, if there were any warriors. She told him about the Special Forces and he snorted, insulting the 'pathetic weaklings.' This in turn made Bulma angry, and she provided her own barrage against the Saiyan race. Amused by how flustered he had made her (quite the opposite of the calm exterior she had been posing the last couple of days), he exchanged quips, barbs and insults with her until dessert was served, at which time the servant left them alone.

After she finished, Bulma stood up and walked to one of the huge windows on the west wall.

"Why am I here Vegeta?" she asked.

The Saiyan in question had made his way to the blue haired woman and embraced her from behind. His tail slithered through her dress' slit as he brought his lips to her ear. "I should think that is quite obvious little one."

Bulma tensed as the familiar warm feelings threatened to overtake her. "You're trying to seduce me?"

"Trying? Ne, little one, I am succeeding."

Vegeta slowly turned Bulma to face him, pressing his body against hers. She was about to say something but he quickly silenced her with his lips.

At first he was a bit forceful but slowly eased up as he felt her respond. He slid his tongue into her mouth and she wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her fingers into his thick hair. His hands roamed up and down her semi-bare back, one arm eventually crushing her to him as the other hand squeezed her buttocks. Bulma moaned as Vegeta pulled away only to gaze at her face. He glanced down at her neck and noticed the half-covered bite mark. Some of the make-up had rubbed off in their passionate embrace, and he removed the rest with his hand. Smirking, he lowered his head to the wound and began licking and kissing it. Bulma shrieked at the unexpected puncture as he reopened the wound, but he just chuckled as he made his way to her shoulder. He slid off one of the spaghetti straps as he started to devour every square inch of exposed skin.

"I told you you were mine," he murmured into her skin.

Bulma heard this and backed out of Vegeta's loosened grip. "Excuse me?"


"I can't believe this, you still just think of me as property. Well I'm not your whore Vegeta, so find someone else who's interested!" Bulma turned and walked away, holding back her tears.

The Prince let her go, realizing that nothing he could say at this point would bring her back. But he was fine with that, for he knew she would come around sooner or later, it was only a matter of time.


The next day, while Bulma was in her office, a message came in telling her that the ship with her replacements was coming in for a landing. Arrival would be in 20 minutes, so Bulma hastily put her work away and headed for the docking bay.

Other ships were coming in and she saw Vegeta with his entourage waiting for one. She pointedly ignored him, though she could feel him watching her. She breathed a sigh of relief as the ship she was waiting for landed. The sooner I'm out of here, the better.

The doors opened and crewmen came out carrying boxes full of replacement parts. She checked to see if everything was in order.

"Is this all the cargo from Chikyuu?"

"Actually there's one more."

Bulma turned toward the owner of the voice who was standing on the ramp from the ship's door.


Yaumcha grinned as he ran to embrace a shocked Bulma.

"Oh my God, Yaumcha, what are you doing here?" Bulma exclaimed as she was twirled in his arms.

"Well, when I found out your dad was sending some stuff here, I just had to come and see you. Bulma, we parted badly when you left Chikyuu and I didn't want to leave things like that. You're very important to me, and I know I've hurt you but I just had to come and apologize, clear the air between us."

Bulma smiled, touched that he would do this. "Oh Yaumcha, I missed you too," she squealed as she gave him a hug. This was definitely a wonderful surprise, almost making up for her miserable week.

"So, are you going to give me a tour or something?"

"Of course, we also have some catching up to do." Bulma took Yaumcha's arm and led him to the exit, only to be confronted by Vegeta.

The Saiyan Prince had been watching their 'reunion' from the moment the scarred human had gotten off the ship. He ignored the knots that formed in his stomach the moment Bulma had wrapped her arms around Yaumcha. It took all his control not to rush over and beat the baka up. He attributed his hostile feelings to the fact that the human was touching his property (no one touched Prince Vegeta's property), not even aware there might be even deeper reasons.

"So woman, who might this be?"

"Vegeta, Yaumcha. Yaumcha, Vegeta. Do you mind getting out of our way now?"

"Not so fast. You, human, do you have a passport to be visiting Vegitasei?"

Yaumcha paled. "I didn't know I was supposed to get one."

"That's because in your case you don't need one. He's staying with me Vegeta, he is my guest. I can vouch for him, he doesn't need to go through your bureaucratic bullshit! Now, if you don't mind, we have plans. So move it your highness!" Bulma sneered.

"As long as you're on this planet, I am still your Prince, woman, so watch your tone with me."

Yaumcha grew uncomfortable with the way they were glaring at each other. Almost as if there was something they were hiding, something that was deeper. "Listen Bulma, maybe we should leave the Prince alone, I mean, I'm sure he has all these duties to attend to and I'm sure it doesn't help him with you yelling at him."

Bulma turned her gaze to Yaumcha, "WHAT? I wasn't yelling, I was merely telling him to mind his own business."

Yaumcha got on the defensive, "I know, I'm sorry, it's just that you know how excitable you are and getting the Saiyan Prince angry isn't the best thing to do . . ."

Vegeta looked at the groveling weakling, disgusted at the way he was backpedaling and begging for forgiveness. Worst of all, the woman was actually falling for it.

"That's ok Yaumcha, just forget about it. Come on, lets go on that tour you wanted," Bulma said, linking their arms once more and giving Vegeta a haughty look as they pushed passed him.

Vegeta looked at the retreating figures, the way they were laughing and talking. He saw how Yaumcha wrapped an arm around Bulma's waist and the adoring way he looked at her. His lips curled up into a snarl.

This was not good. This was not good at all!


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