Chapter 3

~The Following Morning~

Bulma grumbled as her alarm clock went off. She tossed in her bed and hit the snooze alarm. She then bolted upright.

I'm in my room? She looked down, Oh Kami, I'm naked. What happened?

A smile formed on her face as realization dawned on her and she fell back onto the mattress. He must have brought me back here, Bulma thought, a little disappointed he didn't decide to stay. She snuggled up in her blankets, sighing, remembering his touch, his scent, his feel. Tingles of electricity ran up and down her spine; she was giddy.

Eventually, and quite reluctantly, Bulma arose and headed for the shower. As she washed herself off, her thought once again drifted back to her mysterious lover. He was a magnificent creature. Those muscles, that body, his eyes. Endless pools of black set in stone features. The sharp lines of his face only enhanced his beauty. And his lips, those wonderful lips. Bulma shivered as she recalled his breath on her body.

She was brought back to reality by an urgent beeping coming from the other room. Stepping out of the shower quickly, Bulma grabbed a towel and ran to answer the page.

"Hello? Linna what's wrong?"

A near hysterical Linna replied, "Bulma, you've got to come down to the lab NOW! Oh Kami, something terrible has happened.


Vegeta was in the training room doing his warm-up exercises. He thought back to his triumphant night. That wench should be getting a surprise right about now. Then he thought of his other conquest.

She had been even better than before. Oh how her soft limbs gripped his torso, her delicate hands caressing the surface of his body. When he had been in her, he briefly remembered never wanting to let go, but he quickly dismissed it as a sign of weakness. She was beautiful, definitely. Never had he seen eyes so brilliant, nor felt skin so soft or hair so silky. And her lips, so sultry and full. The next time he was with her, he would be sure to taste them.

Next time . . .

Vegeta cursed slightly as he felt his pants begin to tighten. But he smirked. There would be a next time. He knew where she lived now; he could make nightly trips if he wanted. Come to think of it, that's exactly what he wanted. Who cares if he was to be married off, he was allowed one concubine. So what if she wasn't from the Royal Harem, in his mind she was worth them all and more. Yes father, you may think you've gotten the better of me, but it is I who will get the last laugh.

It never once occurred to him that she might object.


Bulma ran down the hallway, a feeling of dread building in the pit of her stomach as she neared her lab. She saw a group of people by the doors - or what was left of the doors. It looked like they had been blasted open.

"What in the world?"

"Bulma, thank Kami you're here," Linna greeted her. "You better brace yourself, everything is exactly how we discovered it this morning."

The human's eyes widened as she entered the lab. Nothing could have prepared her for this. Cables were dangling from conduits above. Papers were strewn about everywhere, there were scorch marks every which way she looked. Computers and lab equipment lay broken on the floor.

"Oh Kami, NEXUS!" Bulma ran to one of the separate lab rooms. The project that she had put her soul into lay shattered on the ground, with her heart. Months of building down the drain. She had back up of her research in her quarters but that hadn't been updated for at least 2 months.

"VEGETA!!!" Bulma cried as she sank to her knees and sobbed. Linna wrapped her arms around her, trying to calm her friend down.

"Oh come now, we don't know if it was him. All the security tapes were destroyed, it could have been a vandal for all we know."

"No, it was him, of that I'm positive. This is all just a game to him. In his sick and twisted mind he enjoys tormenting me, he likes to see my reaction. Well, this time he loses. I'm not going to react, not even say a word to him. I will NEVER give him the satisfaction of knowing he hurt me."

"Shhhh Bulma-chan, calm down," Linna brightened. "At least this isn't a complete waste. Your father was following your progress remember? Whatever we can't salvage, I'm sure he could send us from Chikyuu."

But Bulma was beyond comforting. "Just do whatever you want," she muttered. "I just need to be left alone." So saying, she exited the lab and wandered around to her heart's content.


It was late afternoon and the Saiyan Prince had yet to hear from the Chikyuu Scientist. Usually her responses were immediate, and oddly enough, he had been eagerly anticipating her next move. The day had been quite boring and uneventful. He had beaten his trainers quite effortlessly and he craved a challenge (in one form or another). Perhaps if he made his way down to the lab, he could goad a fight out of the human.


The Prince sighed and turned to face his father. "What is it old man?"

"Have you thought anymore to your marriage arrangement?"

"What's to think about? You obviously had this all planned from the beginning. I know what I'm entitled to, so leave me and go do whatever it was you were doing."

He is taking this way too easy, the King observed. "Have you any thoughts on your mistress?"

Vegeta gritted his teeth. "That is none of your business. Since when do you care so much about my affairs? All you need to know is that I know what the law is and even against my better judgement, I will obey it."

"Good, I want nothing to go wrong with the reunification of the Tribe of Gitasei and us."

The Saiyan Prince said nothing as his father turned and left. How that man infuriated him! Now he really needed a good fight, so he continued towards the science/public wing.

By the time he got there, it was already the evening, and save for a clean up crew, nobody was there. He cursed to himself, wondering why the woman hadn't come to yell at him. Vegeta then thought she might have left one of her messages for him back at his room. Muttering another curse he turned and headed for his quarters.

As he rounded a corner, he ran into somebody. She immediately fell to the ground and he looked at her in annoyance.

Annoyance turned to surprise as he realized who she was. Bulma looked up at him, her lip trembling. Water droplets had dried on her cheek and more tears were threatening to come. She had been wandering around all day in self-pity.

Vegeta couldn't bear it as he looked into her sorrow filled eyes. The only thoughts on his mind were how to ease her pain. He gently picked her up and went to sit in a chair against the wall. He didn't care that he was out in the open, but fortunately, the hall was deserted.

Bulma buried her face in Vegeta's chest as she silently sobbed. The baffled Saiyan just held her tight and stroked her hair. Vegeta waited until she stopped crying and while still cradling her, he turned her face towards his.

His right arm supported her neck and back, and his left hand came up to caress her right cheek. Using his thumb, he gently wiped away her tears. He leaned in so their noses were barely touching and gazed into her shimmering eyes. Bulma had relaxed completely in Vegeta's arms, and was in awe of his every move.

Slowly, he moved in some more, and very tenderly he took her lips with his. Bulma slid her eyes shut, relishing the sweet taste of the Saiyan, whose soft lips were pressed against her own. Shyly, she slipped her tongue into his mouth, catching him off guard. She grew bolder and deepened the kiss, running her tongue along his teeth and then exploring the rest of his mouth. He returned his tongue in kind, holding her face with his left hand, savoring every passionate moment.

Eventually, Bulma needed to come up for air, and Vegeta realized this. He drew back slightly and licked his lips. Bulma smiled and touched his face. He brushed his lips against her eyelids, then gently clamped his teeth on the tip of her nose. Guided by instinct, Bulma brought her teeth onto Vegeta's chin and she felt him give a satisfied sigh.

His tail unwound from his waist and came up to brush her soft cheek. Bulma giggled at the feel of soft fur and ran her fingers through it.

"Thank you," she whispered to the Saiyan.

Vegeta smirked and stood up, "You have the whole night to thank me, little one."

Still in the Saiyan's arms, Bulma smiled at his term of endearment. She had grown to love the way he said little one. "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get started."

Bulma squealed as Vegeta floated into the air and then took off towards his quarters.

In his preoccupation with the blue haired beauty in his arms, Vegeta had failed to sense the presence of another Saiyan who had arrived ten minutes ago. As soon as they had taken off, the Saiyan stepped out of the shadows. Remembering his meeting with the King, he turned to go, storing everything he had witnessed into his bald head.


Vegeta entered his quarters with Bulma still in his arms. How fitting that the only light came from the stars and the only thing made visible was the king sized bed.

Laying her among the satin sheets, Vegeta quickly removed all of his clothes. Bulma sat up and gazed in awe of his incredible body. She looked down at her 'prize,' noticing he was already beginning to harden.

Joining her on the bed, Vegeta reached out and brought her to him. Lying her down, he gently kissed her, then began to unbutton her shirt. He straddled her as he removed the shirt and bra. Vegeta ran his palms up from her flat stomach to her breasts in a massaging motion. He descended on each breast, licking and sucking hungrily. Bulma cooed under him and he kissed each nipple before going further down.

He ran his tongue all over her stomach while he fondled her breasts. Vegeta lifted his head and looked at his trail of saliva. He brought his lips in close, but not quite touching her skin, and blew. Bulma squirmed under the cool and ticklish sensation but loved every minute of it.

Vegeta then removed Bulma's skirt and panties, reveling in the feeling of having this naked woman under him. He gazed at the soft thatch of blue curls at the juncture of her legs and grinned. So beautiful.

He moved down and parted Bulma's legs. He kissed her inner thighs, smirking at her growing wetness, and sweet scent. Vegeta brought his mouth to her womanhood and began exploring with his tongue. Bulma gripped Vegeta's head as she moaned. It felt like sweet torture what he was doing, and had he asked her to do anything at that moment, she would have gladly obeyed.

Vegeta continued his actions, surprised that a woman could taste so good. He found her clitoris and lightly flicked it back and forth. Then he closed his lips over it, sucking and moving his tongue in a circular motion.

Bulma felt herself going over the edge as she clamped his face with her thighs and tangled her fingers in his hair. Vegeta greedily lapped up her love juice and kissed his way back up to her neck.

She could feel his arousal playing with her entrance while he waited for her to catch her breath. She looked up at him with need and with one swift movement, he moved in, completely filling her up. She could feel him pulsing within her but he still waited. Vegeta looked into Bulma's eyes and went in for a kiss; she being able to still taste herself on him.

Bulma entwined her legs around Vegeta's thighs, and with their limb's interlaced, they squeezed each other in rhythm. He moved slowly with deep, smooth strokes, and she moved up to meet each thrust. Their sweaty bodies slid seamlessly together; their unbreaking rhythm, their unending momentum were like that of a beautiful machine.

Vegeta felt both their climaxes coming, and at the last second before release, he broke the kiss and sank his teeth into her neck. Bulma cried out in pleasure and in pain, the pain quickly receding and bringing a rush of ecstasy. On her pleasure high, Bulma also bared her teeth and drew blood from the Saiyan's neck. He merely chuckled at her feeble bite, then returned his attention to sucking on her wound.

They both went in again for another heated kiss, and continued to make love well into the night.


Vegeta opened his eyes, aware of the warm body pressed against his. He looked at the sleeping woman nestled into his side and smirked. The only thing covering her naked form was his tail, which he had possessively kept wrapped around her waist all night.

One arm was already under her and he brought the other to encircle her. He rolled over a bit so that he was slightly on top of her.

Vegeta gazed at the sleeping angel beneath him. He studied every part of her perfect features as he caressed her face, brushing away strands of blue hair. He smiled as he noticed Bulma's slightly parted lips, and bent forward to taste them. She moaned into his kiss and responded as she was awoken from slumber. She wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck, not wanting their bodies to break contact.

Vegeta withdrew his lips and nestled his face into her neck. "Good morning," he murmured.

"Good morning," Bulma replied as she nibbled on his earlobe.

He brought his face back up to meet hers and rubbed noses. Bulma giggled.

"Are you hungry?" he asked.

"After last night, you better believe it."

Vegeta stood up and wrapped a sheet around his waist. Bulma wrapped a sheet around herself too and followed Vegeta as he led her out of the sleeping chamber.

She gasped as they entered the main area of his quarters. It was huge with lush tapestries and exquisite furniture - things no guard, short of an elite, would have. She then focused on the center of the room and noticed the table filled with plates, upon plates of food.

"What did you do, order room service?"

Vegeta smirked, "I don't have to order anything. If the servants know what's good for them, they'll have food at this table for every meal. Now come, eat!"

Bulma stayed put. No one but royalty is treated that well. Dread entered her stomach, royalty . . .

Vegeta noticed that Bulma hadn't moved. He went up to her and wrapped his arms around her waist.

"What's wrong?"

Bulma looked up, almost afraid to speak. "Prince Vegeta?" she whispered.

Vegeta looked surprised. So, she found out who I am? Well, it was bound to happen sooner or later, now I can tell her my plans for her.

He met her gaze and paused a moment, searching her eyes.


One word. Just one simple word that confirmed her suspicions and sent her world crashing down.

"No," she whispered, confusing Vegeta as she tried to get out of his arms. "LET GO OF ME!" she screamed, and in shock, he did.

"Just stay away from me," she said, choking back a sob. "Stay away."

Bulma turned and ran out of the room, leaving a bewildered Vegeta behind.


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