Chapter 2

~The Next Day~

There was something different about Bulma that morning. Her steps were light, her head held high, and of course there was that goofy grin.

"You had sex last night!"

"Linna," Bulma gasped, glancing nervously at the workers around her. She then grabbed her friend's arm and pulled her into her office.

"You DID didn't you?"

Bulma giggled and nodded her head.

"Well...who was it?"

"I...I actually don't know," Bulma confessed. "It all happened so quickly, and all I was thinking was 'Bulma, for once in your life, just go for it,' and I did. It was just ... wow."

Linna stared incredulously at Bulma. "I can't believe it, you're starting to sound like me. So this mystery lover was good huh? Was he a Saiyan?"

"Not good...great! And yes, definitely Saiyan."

"See, what did I tell you? All you needed was to get laid."

"I will never doubt you again. Man, I can't remember the last time I felt this good..."

Their chatter was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"Come in," Bulma called. "Oh Peasu, it's you. Well you know what, not even His Royal Pain in the Ass can get me in a foul mood today."

"The Prince has decided to scrap the Nexus Project."

"WHAT! But it's almost complete. Just think of all the overpopulated planets we can help by accelerating the growth of seeds."

"He's not interested. Look, if you actually made something useful for us Saiyans, then maybe he wouldn't be out to get you so much."

"So he wants something useful, eh?" Bulma growled; the wheels in her head were spinning, her angry thoughts fueled by the fact that the machine she had been working so hard on for the past year was never going to be completed. "Where is he now?"

"The Prince is busy training, and you won't be able to get ahold of him later either, because of the Intergalactic Tournament taking place."

An idea!

"So, where is this tournament?"

Peasu looked at Bulma suspiciously. Since when was she interested in the fights? "In the new arena at the West End of the Palace."

"Ok, well you can go now Peasu. I have things I've got to do since the Nexus Project has been cancelled."

The Saiyan looked a little uncertain, but left. As soon as he was out of sight, Linna eyed Bulma suspiciously.

"Ok, spill it. What are you up to? That was the calmest response you've ever given Peasu and that was probably the worst news he's ever relayed."

"I'm that transparent huh? Well if you must know, do you remember the request that came through for us to increase the gravity field in certain Palace areas?"

"Yes, and you decided it was too trivial a matter to waste your time on."

"Yep, but now I feel that I've got to give the Saiyan no Ouji exactly what he wants."


King Vegeta watched his son's sparring session. Most impressive, he should do quite well in the tournament.

The said Prince was presently kicking the crap out of Nappa. It was sort of his payback after his trainer had ruined his fun time the previous night.

She was quite the creature, not one to play the helpless female. Vegeta almost shivered at the thought of what her hands had done. Never in his life had he felt so satisfied and unsatisfied at the same time. She had taken him to new heights of pleasure, yet left him wanting more - no, not more - just more of her. He had never desired the same woman twice, yet this blue haired, fragile but intoxicating nymph, made him feel as if he would never tire of her.

Kuso, I'm going weak! I must find her again and test out my theory.

Amazingly enough, even with all these thoughts circling Vegeta's head, he was still able to strike down Nappa.


Everyone stopped and paid attention to their Sovereign. The King saw that towards the end, Vegeta had seemed distracted. He halted the sparring session so that Vegeta could collect his thoughts before the big match.

"The other contestants will be arriving shortly and the stands are already filling up. Do whatever it is you need to prepare and then man your stations. Vegeta," the King shifted from the guards to his son, "do not disappoint me."



Vegeta smirked at his opponent, a rather large pink alien, named Dodoria. They were in the semi-finals, Vegeta having defeated his other opponents quite easily. A large energy dome surrounded the ring, allowing the arena audience to look in with the limited risk of being hurt. Normally, the Saiyans would have cared not for such things, but the King thought it a good gesture towards all the delegates coming in to watch the fights.

The match began and Vegeta rushed Dodoria. The pink alien blurred away and ended up above him. Bringing both arms together and swinging down, Dodoria managed to graze the Saiyan lightly, as he was able to dodge and fly to the side.

With both opponents airborne, they flew in to meet each other and exchange blows. Uppercuts, right jabs, left hooks; each tried to fend off the other while trying to do damage.

With a satisfying whack, Vegeta managed to drive Dodoria to the ground. He dove in and pummeled him, dirt starting to swirl everywhere. When the dust cleared, Dodoria had disappeared.

Vegeta looked around frantically but got booted in the back. He was able to flip and land on his feet but Dodoria phased in behind him and locked the Prince in a full nelson. Vegeta started to power up, hoping to drive the pink lug off of him. It was starting to work as he felt the hold weaken, but the something went wrong.


Bulma sat in her office, waiting behind her desk. She glanced at her watch and smiled. The countdown had begun.


At first, Vegeta thought that Dodoria was strangling him. He was struggling to stand up, but then he realized that so was Dodoria. Vegeta tried to move, but he couldn't. He felt himself being slowly pulled to the ground. He was now kneeling and was able to look out at the spectators. They were standing, looking on in confusion. Some were jeering, others cheering. Then the Saiyan Prince collapsed completely, along with Dodoria on top of him.


Bulma hacked into the arena's control room from her workstation. She switched on camera 3, which was at ground level. When the image came on, she thought her plan had backfired. All she saw at the center of the ring was a huge and hideous pink alien, lying face down. As she looked closer, she let out a laugh of triumph. Bulma saw two spandex legs, with white, gold tipped boots (standard Saiyan armour) sticking out from under Dodoria. She was certain it was the Prince; no other Saiyan but he would have made it this far.

She turned on the ringside intercom, thankful for the privacy of the energy dome.

"So Vegeta, how do you like the new gravity enhancements you asked for?" Bulma cackled.

A bit groggy at first, Vegeta was able to focus and hear the woman's voice. He growled at her mocking laugh.

"WOMAN!" surprisingly, he was able to yell. "When I get out of here..."

"Ah, ah dear Prince. You won't be going anywhere for awhile. That's 100g's you're in, and if I feel like it, I can up the force."

Vegeta was furious and to make matters worse, Dodoria started laughing.

"D-d-do you piss off women everywhere you go Vegeta? A female was able to bring you to the ground."

"Shut up Baka! Have you forgotten that you're in the same predicament that I am?"

Dodoria stopped laughing. He called out, "Hey lady, why don't you set everything back to normal. I'll be happy to wipe the floor with this scum for you."

"I don't want him dead. I just want him to admit he was wrong."

"WHAT!" Vegeta wheezed. Breathing was starting to become difficult.

"You heard me. Say that you were wrong and I was right. Say that everything I do is extremely important, more important than fighting."


Bulma sighed, "I figured your pride wouldn't allow it. Fine, then give me your word, on your Saiyan Honour, that you will reinstate the Nexus Project."

"You can't be serious ::cough:: Do you know what I'm going to do to you..."

"You won't do anything, now PROMISE ME!"

".....Fine. The Nexus Project will be reinstated."

Bulma smiled and set the gravity back to normal. She cut off all communication links and gave control back to the arena.

Dodoria and Vegeta stood up, aware of everybody's eyes on them. The crowd was silent, they hadn't heard what had taken place and had been incredibly confused with Dodoria and Vegeta just lying there.

The silence ended with the sound of a bell. The match had ended! Half the crowd started cheering while the Saiyans booed. Dodoria was declared the winner because he had landed the last blow before the bell.

Vegeta stood there humiliated. He didn't dare say what happened because that would be worse. He had been at the mercy of a woman...a woman! He swore he'd make her pay somehow, after he dealt with his father.


"YOU BRAT!" The King screamed as he threw his son against the wall. "WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?"

Vegeta stood up, wiping the blood from his cut lip. He glared.

"That was the most humiliating display ANY Saiyan has ever shown. Losing by the bell! That has never once happened in the history of Vegitasei. You either win or die trying! It would have been better if you were beaten to a pulp!"

Vegeta just stood there.

"I swear ... what has gotten into you boy? I try and do you favours but you throw them back in my face. First it was the harem and now it was allowing you to compete in the tournament."

"What has the harem got to do with anything?"

"Ah, you've finally found your voice. The harem was a gift brat. I merely wanted you to enjoy as many females as you could before it's too late."

"Too late?"

"Your marriage brat! Or did you forget that too? Of course, it was supposed to be a number of years to come, but after today, I think I'll move it up."

"That's ridiculous, I'm not getting married!"

"You will do as I say boy! The colony on Gitasei is starting to feel a little rebellious. As our largest colony, the want their own leader. After your performance today, I wouldn't blame them if they wanted to revolt. You will be wed to their Chief's daughter and I will have control of them once again. And if you had been paying attention more in your history lessons, you would know that it's law for the King to have only one concubine until the Queen gives birth to an heir apparent. Enjoy your bachelorhood brat. Pretty soon you'll have to make a choice between monogamy and fatherhood. In my case, I'm beginning to wish I had chosen the former." The King roared in laughter at the expression on his son's face.

In rage, the Prince left the room, slamming the door behind him. He could still hear his father's laughter. This was all that Briefs woman's fault. I'm going to get my revenge, she will pay dearly! He headed toward the wing that housed the science, public, and offworlder sectors.


Bulma turned off the computer and stretched. It had been a long but rewarding day. She smirked. She knew the Prince was extremely angry with her but at that moment, she felt invincible. She had gotten what she wanted AND knocked Prince Vegeta down a peg or two.

Life is good. I think I'll call it a night.

As Bulma locked up, she once again remembered what happened only 24 hours ago. A warm sensation spread over her, especially between her things. Oh great! Now I need a cold shower, she thought as she headed towards her quarters.


Vegeta was lost. The fact that the stars shining through the windows were the only source of lights also did little to help. He had never been in this sector of the Palace before; he thought it beneath him. He cursed to himself as he rounded another corner that led to a hallway that looked exactly like the one he had come from.

The sound of light footsteps met his ear. Vegeta stepped back into a dark corner, waiting for the person to pass. Few offworlders living in the palace had ever seen the Prince and he didn't feel like answering stupid questions.

The owner of the footsteps came to light and Vegeta held back a gasp. What are the odds? It's her!

Bulma stopped when she thought she heard something but dismissed it. She continued her walk and after a couple of minutes she thought she heard something again. She turned around but saw nothing.

All of a sudden, a hand clamped over her mouth and she was pulled into a starlit nook. Bulma tried to scream, but her captor was too strong. She heard him chuckle as he bent down and licked her ear.

"Time to finish what we started little one."

Bulma's eyes opened wide as she realized who it was. She stopped squirming and Vegeta released his hold on her. She leaned back into his body as he kissed her neck. His hands moved up her sides, gently squeezed her breasts and proceeded to unbutton her blouse.

Bulma's breathing grew heavier as all articles of clothing were removed. Vegeta faced her, mindful of her naked splendor and brought her to him. He started to lick and nip at her neck and shoulder but she pulled away. He looked up confused.

"Now I hardly thing that's fair. You undressed me, I should undress you!"

Vegeta smirked and raised his arms signaling for her to get on with it. With a bit of trouble, she was able to lift his armour and shirt off. He kicked off his boots impatiently as she traced the muscles on his chest. Bulma noticed he seemed very tense and agitated, so she took his tail and stroked it, waiting for him to calm.

When his breathing had slowed, Bulma made a trail of kisses from his neck to his stomach. She then grabbed the hem of his pants and pulled down, revealing his already hardening state.

Vegeta stepped out of his pants and Bulma looked up at him. When eye contact was made, she gave a smile and licked the tip of his manhood. Vegeta shivered inwardly as her eyes never left his. He gently cupped her chin in his hand and brought her up to standing.

"There's no time for that," he whispered. He wanted her and he wanted her now.

Leaning her against the wall, Vegeta gave Bulma a very tender, very soft kiss on her forehead, making her heart flutter. She drew up one leg and nestled her heel behind his knee. Vegeta embraced her forcefully as he caught her knee in his hand.

He entered her, each thrust pushing her against the wall. He kept his head in the hollow of her neck; she could feel the hot warmth of each pant. He started to moan as Bulma explored and caressed his body, her own need for him overwhelming.

Each felt the fire inside of them building up until it exploded in climax and their juices mixed together; their cries echoing in the night.

Vegeta held Bulma to him as she caught her breath. She ran her fingers through his hair as she gazed at his face. Her smile turned to a look of concern as she saw the cut by his lip. Gingerly, she touched it.

"What happened?"

Vegeta frowned when he realized what she was talking about. "That is none of your concern!" he said gruffly.

Perhaps a little too gruffly as Bulma looked hurt and drew her hand away. But Vegeta caught it and brought her palm to his lips. She relaxed, then smiled at his tenderness.

He brought his lips back to her neck, this time his hands finding her buttocks. Bulma realized he was still inside her as he gently nudged his hips against hers, and began to grow hard again.

Bulma wrapped her arms around Vegeta's neck and then drew both legs up around his waist. He was still cradling her rear when he looked at her questioningly.

"Turn around," Bulma whispered huskily. Enchanted by her voice, Vegeta obeyed and this time his back faced the wall.

Bulma's thighs gripped his waist and her feet started pushing back and forth against the wall.

Vegeta grimaced as he struggled to hold on. Bulma's hands were now on his chest as she wildly slid up and down on him, her inner walls squeezing him more and more.

"Oh, oh, uh .... please.... uh..."

Bulma screamed as she tossed her head back, Vegeta letting loose inside her, triggering her own release.

Vegeta leaned against the wall and slid down, still holding Bulma in his arms. She straddled him as she sleepily gazed at his face. She ran a finger down his nose and giggled as he tried to nip it. She leaned her head on his chest and felt slumber overtake her.

The Saiyan Prince looked at the sleeping form in his arms. He closed his eyes and breathed in her sweet scent.

He opened his eyes as the cold floor reminded him of where they were. If only my father could see me now, he smirked.

Vegeta lifted Bulma off of him and gently laid her on the floor. He felt a little guilty when he heard her whimper. Gathering his clothes he quickly got dressed, then picked up her garments.

Out of one of her pockets fell a key. Vegeta picked it up and noticed the number; it was for her living quarters. He looked at the sleeping blue haired beauty and picked her up. 5 minutes later he found her room and let himself in. He laid her on her bed, pulling the covers over her. Bulma gave a satisfying sigh and turned on her side. Vegeta ran his fingers through her hair and smirked.

He was beginning to think he was right after all.

"Until next time," he whispered as he left her apartment.

Vegeta stepped into the hallway, noticing it was lighter than before. The sun was starting to come up, and he remembered what he had originally intended to do.

He had to find the science lab.

He had to have revenge!


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