Author's Notes: Ok, I originally was just going to write a mindless lemon, but as I thought about it, a plot formed in my mind. If you don't like lemons, then don't read the first couple of chapters. There will eventually be a plot, even if it doesn't seem like it yet.

Disclaimer: I don't own Dragonball, nor am I getting any profits by writing this fic.

By: Jita-Kun

Chapter 1

A tall, burly male made his way down the Palace corridor. A mane of black spikes crowned his head, while the customary tail of his race kept tensing and relaxing around his waist. He was a Saiyan! A Saiyan guard of the House of Vegitasei to be precise, but to him, lately it seemed like he was nothing more than a lowly messenger.

The guard, Peasu, gritted his teeth. Once again he was going to have that human scientist yell at him. This had been going on for weeks. Never had he any good news to report to her, and today was no exception. It wasn't as if he couldn't snap her neck in a mere fraction of a second, but then the King wouldn't like that, and he would be flash fried even quicker. Therefore, all he could do was stand by and let her carry on with insults against the Royal Family, an act considered treasonous by the Saiyans. I wonder why the Prince hasn't ordered her death by now.

Peasu came to a halt in front of the electronic doors. He was given authorization and entered the lab as the doors slid open. He made his way to the human scientist's office. Humans, bah! What a weak species, although, it is a shame that the Briefs woman isn't Saiyan. It was no secret that she was beautiful, exotic even by human standards. Something just has to be done about that mouth of hers.

The brawny Saiyan never bothered to knock and as he entered the room, he was greeted with two cool, brilliant blue eyes. Long, aqua hair framed her porcelain face and the tight jumpsuit she was wearing accentuated her very ample curves.

"Ah, Peasu," she spoke. "Did my request for more lab workers go through?"

"No, Prince Vegeta vetoed it. He believes that too much money is being wasted in the science department and he will not grant any more funding for employees."

"WHAT?! Why that pompous, arrogant . . . . How am I supposed to get any work done if I don't have enough technicians?!"

"I am only relaying to you what the Prince said."

"Screw the Prince." Peasu stiffened. "What about the King? What has he to say?"

"Prince Vegeta personally handles the science division now. The King has given all control to him."

Bulma Briefs grew with fury. "The King himself, saw the need for Capsule Corporation's technology. In the negotiations with my father, the King guaranteed that my father's representative, meaning ME, would get whatever I needed!"

"It is out of my hands."

"Dammit. When can I meet this Prince and tell him face to face what an asshole he is?"

"You should not say such things," Peasu warned.

"Oh yeah, then when can I meet the King and tell him what an excellent job his son is doing?" Bulma said sarcastically.

"The King is a very busy man. As usual, I suggest that you leave a message for the Prince."

"A message? That's all I've been doing for the past few weeks, but fine, I'll give him an earful."

She called the Prince's personal line (a number she had gotten used to), and as expected, he was busy. She then proceeded to leave a message that would make even a sailor blush.

What have I gotten myself into? thought Bulma after Peasu had left. After the deal was made with the Saiyans, Bulma had decided to head up the mission to Vegitasei personally. She saw it as a wonderful opportunity for someone as intelligent as she, to gain even more knowledge and when she arrived, she was appointed the Science Advisor. Her accommodations were luxurious and she had made friends with different species of aliens. But she still felt like something was missing. Was it respect? No, in fact her intelligence and station had given her the respect she so richly deserved from everyone, even Saiyans . . . . . Ok, so maybe not EVERYone.

Just then, Linna, a fellow scientist and friend of Bulma's, came in. For the next hour, Bulma vented her frustrations of the Saiyan population, all her generalizations stemming from one particular individual.

After listening silently (not that she could get a word in edgewise), Linna deduced the real problem. It was simple.

"You need a man."

"W-what?" Bulma sputtered.

"You heard me. You just need a wild fling, nothing but crazy sex. Ever since you've come to Vegitasei, you've buried yourself in work; you haven't had a chance to play. Might I suggest taking a Saiyan . . . . distraction? Now, I know I'm not human, and I'm hardly Saiyan, but your physiologies ARE similar. Let me just say that Saiyans are VERY compatible."

Bulma secretly smiled at her experienced friend. Well, SHE would know. She stopped and considered what was said. Her last lover had been Yaumcha, and they did not part on good terms when she left Chikyuu.

"So how about it Bulma?"

"Huh, what?"

"Weren't you listening to what I said? I'm going out tonight with two guards from the private sector. I can easily change that into a double date."

"Thanks but no thanks Linna. While what you said earlier may have some validity, I don't think an orgy will solve my problems."

Linna smiled wickedly, "You don't know what you're missing."

The blue haired woman just laughed. "Good night Linna, I'll see you tomorrow."

Linna left and Bulma tried to finish up her work (or what she could of it).

Sighing, Bulma decided to relax and head towards the public baths, knowing that no one would be there at this hour. It was actually closed, but no one would know if she went for a little dip. She thought back to what Linna had said. Maybe she's right. After the whole ordeal with Yaumcha and leaving him on Chikyuu, I don't want a relationship right now. Hell, all I want is an emotionless fling, with a god of a man, who'll give me great sex. Is that too much to ask?


Prince Vegeta entered his quarters, not surprised to find a message waiting for him. In fact, the compact, incredibly muscled, Saiyan had been expecting it. He played the message, hearing the shrill voice of the human woman come on. He chuckled at first, her fury quite evident on the tape, but soon, he in turn got angry as her string of insults never seemed to cease.

"Baka woman. She doesn't know who she's dealing with."

The Prince never cared much for the way his father ran the less physical aspects of Vegitasei. The cut backs Vegeta had made to the science division had originally come about by accident. The King had made his son sit in on talks one day, and told him to make the decisions. Vegeta was angry he was missing valuable training time (actually, any time was more valuable than this) and so he merely said "no" to everything.

The following day, he had received an angry complaint regarding one of his decisions. Vegeta realized how little it took to anger this woman, so from then on, he had gone out of his way to annoy her.

In her apparent lack of respect for him, Vegeta could have easily had her killed. But she was the first to ever dispute the Prince, and this amused him greatly (that and the fact that his father would not be too pleased in having the so-called 'brilliant' scientist disposed of). However, the insults were starting to get out of hand, and he didn't want the guards to thing he was weak by not 'disciplining' the arrogant woman.

A guard entered his room, saying that the King had arranged his harem of pleasure slaves to join Vegeta tonight.

The Prince scowled. For one, he didn't like receiving his father's hand-me-downs and for another, he wasn't impressed with weak-minded fools. He was the Prince of Vegitasei. He could have whatever woman he wanted, when he wanted them; he didn't appreciate being told what to do. It wasn't as if women didn't interest him, he just didn't want them handed to him on a platter.

"Feh, tell my father to stay out of my personal life. I am going to train."


It had grown quite stuffy in the training room, and the now shirtless Vegeta was very hot and sweaty. After such an intense work out, he needed a bath. He started towards the Royal Chambers and remembered the pleasure slaves. They'd probably be there waiting for him. Vegeta frowned, "I'm not about to let my father dictate who my partners should be."

The Prince then recalled that there were public baths near the training facilities and they were closed by now. He decided to go there, hopefully guaranteeing his privacy.

Upon entering the dimly lit chamber, he heard someone splashing around. Staying within the confines of the shadows, he walked around to get a fuller view of the pool.

For a moment, the breath was caught in the Saiyan's throat. Rinsing her blue hair under the makeshift waterfall was a beautiful, voluptuous, and very naked Bulma.

Vegeta smirked and decided to have some fun. Crossing his arms over his bare chest, he called out to her. "Woman, these baths are closed, what are you doing in here?"

The Chikyuu native's eyes sprung open, suddenly aware of the male presence in the room. She sunk lower into the water, attempting to shield herself from prying eyes.

"Who's there?" she called out.

Vegeta stepped into the light. "I asked you a question, woman."

Bulma gaped at the Saiyan before her. He had a short, cocky stature and a head of flaming black hair. She saw he had no shirt on and blushed at her thoughts as she surveyed his sculptured body. Aquamarine met obsidian as she gazed into his eyes and retorted:

"I'm taking a bath, what's it look like?"

She knew he wasn't a lowly Palace guard or else she would have been reported by now. A Royal guard or Elite perhaps? But then, what were his intentions?

"You want some company."

Ah, well that answered that.

"Actually, I was just finishing up, you can have the whole pool to yourself." Bulma turned around and headed for the pool steps.

She stopped when she felt warm breath grace her neck. She turned to face the Saiyan, who in mere seconds had disrobed and jumped in behind her.

"I wasn't asking a question."

Bulma's heart started pounding faster in her chest. She wasn't sure if she was afraid or excited at what would come next.

Vegeta locked eyes with Bulma for a minute and then he let his gaze wander over her body appreciatively. She was suddenly aware of standing in waist deep water and threw her arms up to cover herself. Vegeta merely chuckled as he drew closer to her and reached out to unclasp her arms.

Surprisingly (even to herself), Bulma barely struggled as she was pulled to him, her arms held firmly at her sides. Vegeta couldn't help but look wide eyed at the curves of her very ample breasts.

Giving Bulma a mischievous smirk, he slowly lowered his head to one of her nipples. Flicking it a couple of times with his tongue, he then brought his whole mouth onto it. Gently, he sucked on the already aroused nub, pausing only to kiss or nip the underside of her breast, and then returning his attentions back to the nipple. Not wanting to neglect the other breast, he released his hold no one of her arms and brought it up to massage the mountain of flesh. Then he'd switch sides, eventually resting his free hand on her lower back.

Little jolts of pleasure shot through Bulma's body, as she made no move to escape. She entangled her fingers in his hair, trying to hold back her moans. However, one made its way to Vegeta's ears and he grinned into her bosom.

Kissing his way up to Bulma's neck, his tongue took over as he traced her jawline. He then let his teeth graze her soft skin, enjoying how she wiggled in his arms.

He drew back, much to her protest, to gaze at her beautiful face. She gave a shy smile, as this time, she was the one who advanced. She let her hands brush over Vegeta's chest and stomach, exploring the ripples of muscles on his body. Her hands dropped lower still; sensing Vegeta's aroused state. He tried to control himself by taking a deep breath, but Bulma giggled as his eyes slowly slid shut.

In the water, her hands explored every area of his manhood; fondling, tickling, massaging, with swift, smooth movements. She teased the tender part of the bottom side, then brought a flat palm up to the head and spun. Lightly stroking the erection, she stroked from bottom to top, always alternating hands.

She stepped closer and kissed his neck, releasing his shaft and finding the base of his tail. Vegeta groaned in delicious agony as Bulma rubbed the most sensitive part of his body.

Not being able to stand it anymore, Vegeta grabbed Bulma and brought her to the pool's steps. Seating her on one of the ledges, he kneeled before her, grabbed her hips and pushed up, entering her. Bulma's legs wrapped around his waist as she threw her head back and arched her back, supporting herself on her arms. Vegeta's thrusts were hard and deep, and he leaned in to grab and kiss her bouncing breasts.

"Ohhhhhhhh......Kamiiiiiiiiiiiiii..." Bulma screamed as she came, the water sloshing around her.

At the same time, Vegeta shuddered in release and let out a rumbling growl. Vegeta squeezed his eyes shut, savouring her warmth, then slid out of her and laid beside her on the steps.

After several moments of heavy panting (mostly on Bulma's part), Vegeta wrapped an arm under her waist and brought her on top of his lap as he sat up.

"Such a weak little thing," he murmured into the hollow of her neck as he kissed her. He brought his eyes back to meet hers and smirked.

"This is hardly over."

Bulma trembled in his arms, thinking about the wild ride he was about to give her again. Her thoughts were interrupted by a sound from the outside.

"Shit!" cursed Vegeta, as he felt his trainer's ki. Nappa was coming down the hall. The Prince was more irritated that his fun was interrupted, but he didn't want the bald Saiyan blabbing to his father about this recent sexual escapade. Vegeta didn't want the woman to be placed among the pleasure slaves. She belonged to him and him alone.

Bulma released herself from Vegeta's embrace, afraid of getting caught. As she stood up, Vegeta grabbed her arm.

"I will find you again little one. You can be sure of that."

Bulma quickly picked up her clothes and ran to a separate exit on the other side. She cast one last glance back at the smirking Saiyan. Secretly, she smiled to herself.

I sure hope so.


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