..:Vejiitasei Ascendant:..

We are talking about the Alternate Universe. One of the first DBZ A/U's ever, Vejiitasei Ascendant has influenced much of the direction of DBZ fandom (even 'Til Death Do You Part' was heavily inspired by this fic). This is the original Vejiitasei-is-still-around-and-Vegeta-is-sent-to-Chikyuu-to-discover-what-happened-to-Radditz-and-gets-together-with-Bulma. However, that's only part of Book 2. VA is divided into 4 books, with only up to part of the 3rd book written. Book 1 deals with Vegeta's young life, Book 2 is his journey to Chikyuu and Book 3 is about life on Vejiitasei (with Bulma ^_^). Of course all of this is mass generalization since there is just so much to the story.

Unfortunately, the author decided to password protect her story a few years ago, and the only way to read it is to get a Virtual City ID (which you have to mail away for). You have to be 18 to get an ID, though there is no "mature content" in it.

..:Katchan and Nora Jemison:..

As mentioned in the FAQs section, the "bond" can be attributed to these ladies. They are also some of the first people ever to post DBZ fics on the web and their stories should be remembered. Unfortunately, Nora moved on from writing DBZ fics many years ago, and Katchan has left Saiyajin unfinished (but with a promise to one day continue it).

..:Dragonball Super Z:..

The ultimate Mirai timeline epic. Mirai Bulma, Juuhachigou, and now Marron (the authors), plausibly lay out what could have happened in Mirai Trunks' time. They managed to bring the Z-warriors back to life and fused together romance, action and humour into their writings. The stories are not listed in the order in which they were written (as preludes and interludes were continually added), so I recommend starting with 'Walk This World.' Originally started in 1996, the authors only post complete stories, and are still active in the DBZ community.

..:The Madhouse:..

Celine is probably the most celebrated B/V fanartist on the web, as her pics seem to be used on every other B/V (and sometimes non B/V) site. Not only was she a great artist, but she entranced others with her incomplete 'Soul Under'. Celine seemingly dropped off the face of the Earth (well, the Internet), November 1999, but many still hold out hope that she'll return.

..:Evil Orange Crayon:..

It may be hard to believe, but at one time, lemons in fics weren't as common/standard as they are now. EOC really opened that door. Not only that, but one of the most often used themes in B/V A/U fandom (Bulma is taken as a slave) can be traced back to her. Not only did she write the first Bulma-is-taken-as-a-slave lemon, but she wrote one where Vegeta was a slave as well - spawning two incredibly wonderful continuations. She deserves recognition for igniting creativity and opening our imaginations up to a fantasy lemon-filled world ^_^.

..:Mikami's Temple:..

There were only a handful of Bulma and Vegeta sites on the web when I first started getting into fanfiction back in 1999. Mikami's Temple wasn't the first, but it was the best one out there, and the inspiration for FOREVER. Mikami was also one of my favourite authors, continuing one of EOC's above mentioned fics, and writing beautiful one shots with glimpses into Bulma and Vegeta's relationship. It's hard to imagine a time when B/V fics were rather rare, but the collection she had at her site was enough to feed a B/V fanatic ^_^! Unfortunately, Mikami has decided to close her site for good, so the link below will only lead to her message, but some of her stories are in my Fanfiction section.


If you've never heard of B-chan before, then you really need to open your eyes. Known not only for her wonderful art, but also for her extremely creative and imaginative fics, she was one of the first to really base fics around the old *and* next generation of DBZ. Her lemon chapters also further enforced the idea of biting as part of the Saiyan mating ritual.

..:Epic Fics:..

There are also exceptional epics around the Net that aren't hosted here. Dragoness Eclectic's fics mainly revolve around Radditz, but the romance she depicts between Bulma and Vegeta is incredible. SSJ Trinity's Dominion Reprise is equally great, with an is-all, end-all finish that's perfect. And of course, many of you should know Prime Minister and her 'Epic' with incrediby moving scenes between Bulma and Vegeta.

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