Chapter 30 – Death and Discovery


"I think I am going to be sick," Kakarrot covered his mouth to prevent the putrid smell of Nappa’s decaying body from forcing him to regurgitate his most recent meal. "Nappa is not an easy man to take down; it would have had to take one hell of a well trained warrior to beat him like this."

Radditz nodded silently as he too averted his eyes from the graphic sight to contemplate the situation. "Well, if I were a betting man, I would wager a large sum that the man who killed Nappa was the same one whom attacked Bulma a few nights prior."

Raising an eyebrow, Kakarrot questioned, "how could you possibly make such a deduction!?"

"Several factors actually," he scanned the area before walking in a set path towards some undecipherable destination. "Firstly, Bulma described the man who attacked her as being of similar in build as Nappa, so physically he would most likely be a worthy challenge. Secondly, Vegeta assured me that whoever attacked Bulma, had done it on Juunanagou’s order, so a perfect scene would be played out for him to be the ‘rescuer,’ which means that Nappa’s killer had to be ordered under some motivation of Juunanagou. And I am willing to bet that Juunanagou would have very good reason to want to see Nappa dead; that is if he mistook him for me."

"You?" Kakarrot questioned as he followed his brother to the location he had sought. "But why would he wish you dead?"

"To ensure my silence," the elder man glanced at his brother suggestively, before the younger man quickly caught on. During their ride through the woodlands to return to the location Chi-Chi had been found, Radditz had confessed to the events surrounding Bulma and Juunanagou, along with confessing his night with Kakarrot’s former lover. The younger man’s reaction had been somewhat mixed in hearing the news, but he was mostly concerned that he brother’s life could be placed in a grave danger should word get out. It seemed exactly that had happened.

"Nappa picked the wrong night to bask in an early morning indiscretion." Kakarrot frowned as he observed the disorder of a soft-patched area of grassland that had appeared to have been recently occupied. There was little doubt in what had happened previously, thus the reasoning for misinterpretation.

Turning back to his brother, Radditz quietly advised, "If Chi-Chi’s breakdown was the result of witnessing Nappa’s death, then she must have seen his assailant. So let us get Nappa’s body back to the castle; perhaps seeing him may snap your mate back to reality."

"Or it could make her worse!" Kakarrot warned as he followed his brother back to Nappa, and helped him wrap the body with a blanket he kept in his knapsack.

"I doubt she could get much worse," Radditz sighed as he and his brother heaved the dead man’s body onto Karyudo. Then hoisting themselves back onto their mounts, Radditz and Kakarrot silently road back to the palace, hoping their discovery would bring them closer to the associate Juunanagou seemed to have been using to carry out his calculating deeds.


Dear Diary,

I am in love. I know how ridiculous it must sound, being of merely seventeen years of age, but I am certain. It is not some simple crush, a passing interest, or adolescent need for male attention. This is the real thing, I am not certain how I know, but I know. I am utterly and completely in love.

Feeling his chest tighten, Vegeta began flipping pages again as he tried to forget the words he had just processed. The early entries had been touching to read. Most of her previous scribing had been devoted to praising him, mainly out of gratitude for small luxuries he had awarded her, but also vivid descriptions of her delight in his emotional support.

He was surprised to learn she had documented every night he had slept by her side for console. He could not help but wonder how he had been so oblivious to how much the comfort had meant to her. Yes, she had frequently thanked him, but never as passionately as she writes in her entries. It was as if he was learning of a side that she has kept hidden from him for so many years.

But the blissful reading quickly turned painful as he came upon the first entry where she begins speaking of her love for Kakarrot. It seemed peculiar to him that his onna would vow, just the night prior, that her feelings for Kakarrot were merely an ‘infatuation,’ when she described them as so much more in her entries. ‘It seems she lied to me again,’ Vegeta realized glumly as his thumbing through pages slowed until he reached some of the most recent entries. Thinking the answers he sought would most likely be there, he opted not to pain himself with any other early passages.

Finding one that was within the last fifteen or so pages, he began to read once more.

Dear Diary,

I don’t have much time to write for I promised Kakarrot to go riding with him this afternoon. He has told me that he needs me to discuss something of the utmost urgency with him. I haven’t the faintest idea what that may be, but he has piqued my interest nonetheless.

Of course, I do not wish to write about my activity with Kakarrot. No, I have much more exciting news to write about as Vegeta has finally returned. I cannot express in words the joy it brings me to have him back. Four months is far too long for him to evade my presence… I sigh as I write this. To be honest, when I came to live here I never anticipated that I would see so little of Vegeta. He travels quite often for ‘royal’ matters that he must attend to. In the past few years his trips have increased almost three fold. I frequently wonder why that is, though I try not to let the reality affect me too personally. It is not as though the man is purposely trying to avoid his own home.

Vegeta paused to laugh as he read the selection, that he realized was written just before the conferences he had returned for. ‘You have no idea how wrong your assumption is, onna.’ Allowing the thought to drift, he continued again, pleased that the writing was more focused on he than Kakarrot.

He informed me that he returned only for the assembly these next few days and then he must return to his business afterwards. I tried to act indifferent to the news, but I think he noticed my depression in hearing it. He could always read me so easily. I suppose my attempt was doomed to failure in the first place. I have never been able to hide anything from him… well… almost anything.

Raising an eyebrow, Vegeta curiously wondered if it was her feelings for Kakarrot that she was referring so ominously to. ‘Or could I be missing something else?’ Deciding to continue his investigation, he returned to his reading.

But I am still happy to say the least. I shall not dwell on his leaving, but focus more on his presence. He has agreed to escort me to the assembly tonight. Though I know it is for selfish reasons, I am looking forward to it nonetheless. I hope to steal a dance with him even though he, along with the rest of the Saiya-jin population, deplores the futility of dancing. I am sure I can challenge him into one.

I smile now as I write. I cannot help but think back to the first time we danced together. It was the evening of my twentieth birthday celebration. He had been away on business again. I was so hurt he failed to show the simple courtesy of at the very least sending word of his regrets for his absence. I had my pen poised to write a nasty letter expressing my disappointment in his blatant disregard when that leather pouch floated onto my desk. I quickly dropped my pen as I opened the pouch. I had never seen a piece of jewelry as exquisite as the necklace that shined before me.

I will never forget that arrogantly knowing smirk displayed on my gift giver’s face as I turned around to thank him. I hugged him affectingly in gratitude before I excitedly handed him the necklace and spun around for him to attach it for me. I remember feeling so weak as his breath tickled my sensitive flesh. My eyes slid shut as he kissed the back of my neck with his soft lips, whispering how perfect the jewel looked on me. The moment seemed so perfect before he broke from me; explaining that he had to be leaving once again, that he had only stopped by for these few minutes to bestow my gift and then leave.

Knowing my temper, a fight erupted between the two of us. I have to say sometimes our arguments are even more exciting than when we are civil. He may possess the only temper that could ever match mine. The argument ended with harsh words that brought me near tears. Though I wish not to dwell on the crude insults exchanged, the fight resulted in his staying a few minutes longer. His guilt had gotten the better of him, making it easier for me to get him to do as I asked.

That was when we danced. As an unspoken apology he agreed to my request for one dance before he left. He seemed surprised by the appeal; yet he walked me out onto my balcony and wrapped his warm arms around me nonetheless. I nestled my head in the crook of his neck as I rested my hands lightly atop his shoulders. I am not sure how long we stayed like that, swaying in the calm of the night. But when we stopped I remember feeling dazed. He kissed my forehead and said goodnight before he left me once again. I wouldn’t lay eyes on him for another two months. By then I was certain our night was long forgotten. At least by him...

Vegeta paused his reading as he went back to scan over a few choice sentences. ‘I remember feeling so weak as his breath tickled my sensitive flesh… I am not sure how long we stayed like that, swaying in the calm of the night. But when we stopped I remember feeling dazed... By then I was certain our night was long forgotten. At least by him...’ It stunned him to realize his advances had invoked such passionate responses from her. ‘I had for so long thought she was repulsed by my touch, how could I have misinterpreted her so?’ he wondered while skimming the last few lines of the entry before moving on to the next. The opening sentences immediately sparked his intrigue.

Dear Diary,

The evening was more interesting that I would have imagined. I met a man tonight. I have to admit he took my breath away. Dare I say he was almost as handsome as Vegeta, which knowing how greatly I admire Vegeta’s appearance I must say that is a compliment of the highest form. Of course, I must clarify that looks can be deceiving judging by Vegeta and Kakarrot’s reaction to this man. Both spat fury when they laid eyes upon King Juunanagou. I am currently waiting for Vegeta to come to me, and offer his explanation for his actions. I am of course already inclined to believe that if Vegeta hates this man, he must truly be some kind of evil. Yet, in the same breath, I must admit that when I met Juunanagou, away from Vegeta’s guidance, I found him quite charming.

After nearly gagging at the thought, Vegeta tried to comfort himself with the fact that she cited him as being more handsome than the fiend Juunanagou. ‘At least her taste is not completely in disarray,’ the proud Saiya-jin thought with a half smile before forcing himself to read on.

Yes, he was very charming indeed. I feel a flush coming on as I remember how his crystal blue eyes bore into mine. I had never felt a man, besides Vegeta, gaze upon me with such intensity. His manner was incredibly cordial, and his affections seemed entirely appropriate. I must admit that I secretly hope Vegeta is overreacting in his accusations about this King. After all, he is the first man to have captured my eye where I actually felt his affections returned. It was a nice feeling. I must admit that I wish to feel that again… of course the Adajinzoun king might not be my first choice for evoking such feelings… But I suppose a lady must be realistic when it comes to her desires.

Pausing once more, Vegeta reread the passage curiously. It was bizarre how in one breath she would seemingly be projecting her affections upon him, and the next be reminded of her desire for Kakarrot. It is not like Bulma to be so scatter brained in thought. Needing further examining to clarify this disparity, the king continued.

As a result of my encounter with Juunanagou I had an interesting moment with Vegeta. We fought and I stormed away from him. I suppose a part of me knew he would follow, but I hadn’t expected his gentle apology when he found me. He embraced my arms, and it took all of my strength not to fall against his powerful chest. Gods, if he only knew how weak he can make me with the slightest touch… I sometimes wish, if only for once, I could put him through the same sweet torture he inflicts upon me. Make his skin burn under my touch in the same way he ignites my own flesh. But I am not foolish enough to wish for something that will never occur. I have had my soul beaten and battered for the greater part of my life; I feel no necessity to further my torture with delusions, no matter how incredible they may seem...

A second, a third, a fourth, and a fifth time Vegeta reread her words, but not once did he believe his eyes. ‘Gods, if he only knew how weak he can make me with the slightest touch… I sometimes wish, if only for once, I could put him through the same sweet torture he inflicts upon me. Make his skin burn under my touch in the same way he ignites my own flesh.’ Was he misinterpreting this? Was he reading her words wrong? How could she possibly feel such desire for him while she craves another? It simply made no sense! Skimming once again, Vegeta searched for a passage, sentence, anything that would clarify what he was reading. And he finally found it, merely a few pages later.

Dear Diary,

Where do I start?

I probably should not be writing in this thing considering that not even my warden finds it sacred enough to refrain from reading it without my permission! I still cannot believe he had the audacity to invade my privacy as he has! Thank the gods he at least was not invasive enough to read a more incriminating passage, but still, the damage has been done. He has already spun some ridiculous scenario in his mind where I spend all of my time pining over dear Kakarrot, my most brotherly of relations. Though now, looking back over older entries I could see where his misconception could have been made, but it is still not right that I should even have to humor his lie. He is the one who has manipulated me in the first place by reading the damn thing!

‘A more incriminating passage? Some ridiculous scenario about Kakarrot? Brotherly of relations? Misconceptions? Humoring my lie!?’ Vegeta’s breathing became rapid as he studied this new development. ‘But it cannot be! Yes, she did not say the name of her lover, but it was implied by her earlier writing! Where could my interpretation have gone wrong?’ he wondered as he reflected back on the passage he had read just a few days prior. Her description of the man she was in love with had been clear.

She had described him as being of a difference race, having somewhat of a substantial age gap between them, and that his sole duty since her arrival has been to protect her – Vegeta froze as if a bolt of lightening had suddenly struck him with the all too shocking truth. "It can not be," he whispered in disbelief as his eyes returned to the pages and began skimming through earlier passages. He was stunned to realize that all of her previous descriptions of affections upon her ‘mystery man’ had made more sense in regards to him than her former guard. ‘How could I have been in such ignorance of her feelings?! How could this secret be kept from me for so long!?’ He sprang from his chair as he began pacing back and forth across her room for a repetitious number of times.

Everything suddenly all began to make sense to him. Her anger towards his constant departures, his standing her up, and his admission of being married; gods, it was from his obliviousness that he had caused her so much pain! The way she seemed so disillusioned when he had rejected her, and then even last night, gods, she had fucking told him point blank that she loved him and he had not realized it! Had he truly been so fearful of his own emotions that he blinded himself to hers?

‘Gods, what have I done?’ he demanded of himself as he collapsed once more back in his chair. ‘No wonder she feared telling me the truth of her liaison with Juunanagou,’ he released a cold chuckle as he turned back to the journal. Flipping to her last entry, he hoped to find another set of clues to her most recent state of mind. Continuing his streak of luck, he found more than he had bargained for.

Dear Diary,

All hell has officially broken loose, and since I am forbidden to tell a soul, I can only seek comfort in writing the truth. I have led Radditz and Vegeta to believe I am carrying Juunanagou’s child. A meticulously plotted absurdity considering I have never lain with the man, or any other for that matter, but I suppose I am the only one who now believes that.

Vegeta surely hates me for ‘bearing’ the spawn of his enemy, and even worse for ‘lying’ to him about not having been with Juunanagou. The entire set of circumstances is utterly dismal. I now only have minimal time to write because soon I must go to my future husband. He wants to make the current lie of my being with child a reality. The thought of being with him disgusts me after all he has put Vegeta and I through, but I know I must do as he asks. I would suffer an eternity with him if it ensures Vegeta’s safety.

My love’s death is what he has promised should I not do as he asks. Gods, how I wish I could simply tell Vegeta of the blackmail and have the son of a bitch tried for entrapment and the plotted assassination of a fellow king, but that too has been forbidden of me. Any attempt at alerting him of the truth could result in the death of the man I owe my life to; I would never risk it.

I wish I could write more, but I suddenly have no more energy to. My fate seems certain, but I cannot be too pained in knowing the truth. Vegeta will be safe, which is all that matters; all that ever mattered to me.

End of entry.

Dropping the book where he held it, Vegeta sprang to his feet and bolted out of her room, racing towards Juunanagou’s. He could not let her make such a sacrifice for him. Not now, knowing all that he had so desperately wished he had been sooner alerted of. She was in love with him! For years no less! He could not allow his ignorance to force her into such horrid circumstances. He had to stop her, stop Juunanagou. His life was not worth a moment of her misery. However ironic it was, that very belief was leading her to willingly give herself to a man she despised merely to protect the one she loved.

Praying that he was not too late, Vegeta finally reached the door that housed Juunanagou’s room. As was a developing tradition in the castle, he grabbed the doorknob and intended to storm inside, when the tip of something sharp pierced his neck, breaking his stride and bringing him slowly to the ground as darkness rapidly conquered his body.

* * * * *

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