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Chapter 8- Destiny

Bulma hummed softly to herself as she read over the readings her research on the mysterious objects had given her. From what she could decipher the large football shaped object was a computerized "brain" designed to run and control machines and store data. Why it was no longer functioning was still a mystery to her.

The small device appeared to be nothing more than a receiver for transmissions. From this fact she deduced that both probes had been controlled from one source. The "brain" was probably part of the main ship and responsible for controlling the movements of both probes during the battle. It sent its instructions to the probes via the receiver. She could see why the "brain" would be important to save after detonation, so the creator's of the probe could still retrieve all the data collected if the opportunity presented itself, but why the receiver was saved was beyond her grasp at the moment.

Her current project was to restart the "brain's" functions and study it's circuitry in more depth. She had just discovered that she could open the shell with a high powered laser and was nosing around it's inner workings looking for what might be the switch to turn it on.

"Bulma honey" she heard her mother's voice from behind call her. She turned her attention to her mother with a bit of annoyance.

"Don't look at me like that young lady!" her mother scolded. "You told me to come and get you at 5:00 so you had enough time to get ready for your date."

"Oh" Bulma exclaimed looking at her watch "Thanks mom." She began tiding up.

"Who is this guy anyway?" her mother asked.

"He's a sales representative that's just started working full time in the marketing division"

Bulma answered. "His name is Yoshi Takihasi. He's been asking me out ever since it

became common knowledge that Yamcha and I had broken up and I thought I'd give him a chance."

"Oh" Mrs. Briefs answered "I remember meeting him not too long ago. No offense Bulma but I didn't think he was your type."

Having finished straightening things up she regarded her mother. "Oh really mom" Bulma said "and just what is my type?"

"The manly, muscle bound and handsome type" her mother teased "particularly those that

engage in the martial arts."

"Well," Bulma answered smiling at her mother's truthful observation "maybe I'm finally

growing up. My taste hasn't been that good in the past so I guess it's maturing now."

"Oh I don't think it's changed that much" Mrs. Briefs said. "Not the way you've been acting around a certain boarder of ours."

"Mother!" she exclaimed, "You have to be joking. You know, as well as I do, that I can't

stand Vegeta. All that we ever do is fight."

"Oh come now" her mother teased "a mother notices things sweetheart. Like how you're

blushing right now."

Bulma sighed. She should of known her mother would notice something. Since that day in the canyon, when Vegeta had kissed her, her attraction to him had grown and she had been fighting it every step of the way. "Okay" Bulma admitted, "You got me mom. I think he's attractive but that doesn't mean anything. It just goes to further prove I have lousy taste in men. I go from admiring a former out-law turned lady killer to a former assassin who has yet to turn-over a new leaf."

"If you like him why don't you go for it?" her mother encouraged happily.

"Mother have you gone crazy?" Bulma asked in disbelief.

"Besides I think he likes you too" Mrs. Briefs continued ignoring what her daughter had said "and he's really cute!"

"I don't believe you mother!" Bulma said. "This is Vegeta we're talking about. He's a

cold-blooded killer!"

"Seriously dear you're so much alike it's as if you were made for each other." Mrs. Brief's

persisted. " It's like its destiny or something!"

"I can't believe you can say that!" Bulma exclaimed defensively. "Vegeta and I have

absolutely nothing in common."

"Sure you do" her mother replied, "You're both stubborn, proud and have the worst tempers."

"I DO NOT HAVE A TEMPER!" Bulma shouted.

"Whatever you say dear," her mother said with a giggle at her daughter's clear demonstration that she indeed had a temper.

Bulma grew embarrassed, realizing that she had indeed just lost her temper and stalked

angrily out of the room. "I'm going to get ready for my date" she declared.





Mirai Trunks gasped for air as he broke the surface of the water. He kicked furiously with both feet to propel himself towards the shore without his arms, which were occupied by holding onto the Dragon Ball. When he reached the shallow part of the lakebed he walked the rest of the way to the dry land. After carefully setting down the three-star Dragon Ball he lay down, turned onto his back and rested. He closed his eyes and took in large regular breaths as he enjoyed feeling the sun's warmth against his skin. It had taken him 4 hours to locate the Dragon Ball on the lake bottom and retrieve it. He had had to brave the freezing water in nothing but his boxer shorts and pushed his lungs endurance ten-fold in diving for the ball.

This ball would join the two others now resting in his time machine. These three balls would then shortly join the other two at Kami's Lookout. In a few weeks time he had managed to gather all but two of the Dragon Balls. He smiled to himself as he thought about all that he had accomplished. "Only two more and it will be within my power to erase my future," he thought.

His satisfaction was short-lived as he recalled his mother's words to him when he relayed the situation and his plan to her before he went on his Dragon Ball Hunt:

"Mother" he had pleaded, "I don't understand why you are upset about this. It's really not

that different from what we originally hoped to do."

"But Trunks" Mirai Bulma had said, "It is different. The way we originally planned it our

future never would never have existed because the circumstances never would have arisen to make us, and our world, what they are. This way it's like committing suicide. We would be ending our lives because don't want to face the future in which we live. Maybe we should just forget about it and make the best out of our situation. We've been running from it and hiding from it. I thought we could change things so we never had to suffer but I guess I forgot how foolish it was to play god."

"Mom" Trunks assured her "I can't just give up. I need to know that we accomplished all

that we set out to do. When the time comes to make that decision I promise to make that

an option."

"Thank you Trunks" Mirai Bulma had said, "I know that you'll keep your word.

Remember what Kiao-sama told you. The destiny of an entire universe lies in your hands. If you decide to make that wish we will cease to exist."

Trunks sighed as he felt the weight of the world on his young shoulders. "Destiny" he thought, "I wonder how much of it is in our power to control and how much of it is set in stone?" He opened his eyes and looked at the orange orb thoughtfully. "Just because it's in someone's power to change destiny doesn't always mean that they should. I have no idea what path to take when I'm ready to make the wish. Will the decision that I make be the right decision?"

He sat up now completely dry and dressed in his clothes. He was hungry and tired and decided to drop these three Dragon Balls at Kami's and renew his hunt for the remaining two Dragon Balls on the following day. He looked up in the sky and wondered what everyone in this past and his future were doing with their respective struggles.


Vegeta rummaged through the refrigerator. He had been training in the gravity room non-stop all afternoon and was starving. He slapped together a sandwich piled high with everything he could fit onto it and began to devour it when he heard the doorbell.

"Forget it. Why should I answer it?" he thought taking another bite from the sandwich. "I'll only answer it when I'm forced to by the woman or her stupid blonde mother."

He heard Mrs. Briefs high-pitched chatter and saw her pass by the entrance to the kitchen with some man in a suit with a bunch of flowers. He was curious but even his superior Saiyajin hearing couldn't make out every word of Mrs. Brief's chatter so he merely "humphed" and continued eating choosing to ignore it.

"BULMA YOUR DATE'S HERE!" he suddenly heard Bulma's mother scream down the hall.

"Date?" he thought, "Isn't that what that weakling Yamcha used to take the woman out on? A human courtship rite of some kind?" He took another bite of his sandwich and found his curiosity steadily growing along with another unfamiliar feeling the more he thought about it.

"Damn it," he thought, "I'll never have peace unless I get a look at the baka." Vegeta, leaving the remains of his sandwich on the table, stealthily crept into the doorway of the room in which he knew the Briefs family usually received guests. When he reached the doorway he stood there and observed the strange man within. He had his back to Vegeta and appeared to be looking at the family pictures on the far wall oblivious to the fact he was being watched. He started when he finally turned around and saw Vegeta.

"He's as skinny as a stick with absolutely no muscle tone at all" Vegeta thought in contempt sneering at the weak human who looked like he was about to faint. "I've never sensed a more pathetic Ki than this baka's. He has a handsome enough face but all the blood has drained out of it. He's scared stupid proving that he's a coward. I can't believe that this is courting Bulma. A weakling like him doesn't deserve a fiery and spirited woman like her."

Since the baka still did nothing and just stood staring dumbstruck Vegeta decided to speak. "Who the hell are you?" Vegeta asked menacingly stepping into the room. The man's only reply was to turn even paler. "I asked you who the hell you are!" Vegeta barked at the man who jumped. The whimp began to stutter a reply when something behind the Saiyajin Prince appeared to catch his eye. The man caught his breath and the color rushed back into his cheeks.

"Leave him alone Vegeta" he heard Bulma's voice say from behind.

Vegeta wheeled around to sharply reply but the sight that met his eyes made him stop cold in his tracks. Bulma was clad in a tight, blue mini-dress that clung to every curve of her figure. It's plunging neckline gave a tantalizing peek of her cleavage and the color set off her already gorgeous blue eyes so that they stood out even more. Vegeta found himself awestruck with her beauty and his heart began to race. "She's breath taking," Vegeta thought letting his eyes wander over her frame "That dress leaves nothing to the imagination. Well maybe there are few things I could think of…"

Bulma suddenly found herself face to face with a bare-chested Vegeta. Naturally when she came up from behind him she had noticed he was only clad in a pair of black spandex workout shorts but she had been so preoccupied with rescuing her hapless date at the time that only now did she get the full impact of his undeniably awesome physique. "Kami he's beautiful," she thought unconsciously running her eyes up and down over his well-defined muscular build. She had seen him like that only a few times before from a distance and she couldn't help but notice how much better the view was up close. It was then that she noticed that he appeared to be undressing her with his eyes. She pulled her eyes away from Vegeta and looked at the floor trying to collect her composure but she could still feel his eyes on her and it made her nervous. "This is not fair" she

thought to herself "I won't let him ruin this for me. I have to get over this school-girl crush and move on with my life."

Vegeta looked at Bulma's downcast face and smirked cockily with the knowledge that she had been admiring his body as he had been admiring hers. She then, without a second glance in his direction, turned and began to walk toward the baka weakling with an effortless, swinging gait. Vegeta frowned when he saw the man's face light up as Bulma approached him with a sexy half-smile on her full lips.

"Hi Yoshi" Bulma said as she approached the man. "Are those for me?" she asked pointing to the flowers. Yoshi nodded vigorously and handed the bouquet to Bulma. "Thank you!" Bulma said before she inhaled their aroma.

"Look at that yaro drool over her" Vegeta thought watching the scene unfold before him. "Why does the woman look so pleased with the way he's ogling her? She can't want to attract this baka's attention, can she?" Vegeta looked on in disbelief as Bulma leaned over and kissed the weakling on the cheek. "What the hell did she do that for?" Vegeta thought as he felt his blood begin to boil and feel a powerful surge of that strange new emotion he'd only felt moments ago. The only thing he could think about was ousting this pathetic interloper out on his rear. He began to advance with every intention of acting on his impulse until Bulma caught his eye and gave him a steely glare.

"What a gentleman" Bulma said to Yohsi and, with a weary glance in Vegeta's direction to make sure he wasn't advancing on them once again, she then added, "unlike some people I know."

"You're going out on a date with this" Vegeta fumed "dressed like that!"

"So what if I am?" Bulma said calmly with yet another glare at the Prince.

"He's even more pathetic than the last baka you called your boyfriend" Vegeta snapped.

"That just goes to show what you know about women" Bulma retorted. "Just because he's not a muscle bound moron like you doesn't mean he's any less of a man." She then turned to Yoshi, who was looking slightly bewildered, with another smile "I'll just go and put these in water and then we can go."

When she exited Vegeta turned and evilly grinned at Yoshi making him swallow nervously. At first the Saiyajin Prince thought about throwing him out as he had wanted to before but he realized that this pitiful yaro just might come back again with a little encouragement from Bulma. He then considered blasting him but then thought of something even better. "She'll eat you alive" Vegeta said darkly making Yoshi's blood turn cold.

"Wh-What do you mean?" Yoshi squeaked.

"She's too much for a whimp like you" Vegeta said crossing his arms over his chest. "Just wait until she looses her temper."

"Temper?" Yoshi parroted questioningly.

"Don't worry" Vegeta said with a smirk "just don't say anything to upset her and you'll be fine."

"It won't work Vegeta" he heard Bulma say as she reentered the room with the flowers in a vase and set them on the coffee table. "You can't scare him away."

"I was only giving him a little friendly advice," Vegeta said with a veil of innocence.

"And what might that be?" she asked planting her hands on her hips.

"To stay on your good side" Vegeta said matter-of-factly.

"Meaning what exactly?" she pressed feeling her anger begin to rise.

"Meaning to stay away from your temper" Vegeta said with a smirk.

"I DON'T HAVE A TEMPER!" Bulma shouted at him.

"Like hell you don't" Vegeta retorted.

"Listen you reject from a freak show" Bulma shouted angrily "just because you bring out the worst in me doesn't mean everyone else will. I could never get angry with someone as mild-tempered as Yoshi."

"You're always yelling at that moron Kakarrot and he's as mild-tempered as they come" Vegeta answered smugly provoking her further.

"Get out of here or else" Bulma screamed in rage and frustration at the still composed fighter.

"Or else what?" he asked.

"Or else I'll find something to hit you with that will crack open that thick skull of yours!" Bulma shouted.

Vegeta looked over at Yoshi who was pale once more and smiled. "Have it your way" Vegeta said with a pleased laugh as he exited.

"Sorry about Vegeta" Bulma said apologetically to Yoshi as she watched the Prince retreat. When she turned to look at him she was shocked to see him look at her with fear. "Yoshi" Bulma said soothingly "what's wrong? Why are you looking at me like that?"

"I'm-I'm sorry Bulma" Yoshi stammered "but I don't think that this will work." He turned tail and ran for the front door.

For a moment Bulma stood there in shock and then she felt her anger skyrocket. She screamed at the top of her lungs in rage and frustration and spouted a string of profanity that would have shocked her parents if they could of heard it from where they were.

"Bulma" her mother said entering "I just saw Yoshi run by me as if his life depended on it and heard you scream! What happened?"

"Vegeta's what happened!" Bulma raged. "And this time he's gone too far! I won't let him get away with this!"

"Getting rid of the competition eh?" her mother giggled delightedly. "I told you he liked you!"

"WHY DON'T YOU JUST SHUT UP!" Bulma shouted at her shocked mother and stormed out of the room.

"My, my" said Mrs. Briefs staring after her daughter as she disappeared down the hall "he really touched off a nerve this time."


When Mirai Trunks entered the time machine he heard the distinct crackle of the radio.

"Trunks," he heard his mother's voice plead in a whisper "Trunks! Damn you pick up!"

He rushed over to the radio and fumbled with the control in his haste before he finally turned it on.

"Mom I'm here" Trunks said, "What's wrong?"

"Trunks!" he heard his mother say with relief in her voice "Are you still in the past?"

"Yes. Why?" the teenager responded.

"Trunks" Mirai Bulma explained in continued whisper "they found us hiding in the Capsule Corporation building."

"What!" he exclaimed in worry "are you okay? Do you need me to come?"

"No you don't need to come" she reassured "I'm hiding in the secret underground chamber right now. I'm perfectly safe. I just wanted to contact you before I moved everything."

"What are you talking about?" he said with worry as he heard the determination in his mother's voice.

"Capsule Corporation isn't safe to operate out of or live in anymore now that the androids have found it" Bulma began. "I managed to snag the communications equipment as I ran but there are still some things I need to get. When I'm sure they're gone I'm going up, grabbing them and finding another place to set up shop. "

"I'll come right now and help you," the young man said strapping himself into the seat.

"No you can't" his mother answered " Until I set-up a new camp you're not to attempt to come back. Now that the androids have reason to watch Capsule Corporation they might notice you if you return. I need to find a safe place and give you the coordinates so that you can land there."

"I know a deserted field near Capsule Corp" Trunks persisted "I can land the time machine there and sneak in."

"Trunks," Mirai Bulma said with the strength of maternal authority in her voice "You know as well as I do that you can't risk showing up in the open. If one of the androids saw you and they got a hold of the time machine who knows what they'd do."

Trunks sighed in frustration. "Mom" Trunks said, "Just be careful. I'm really worried about you there all by yourself."

"Don't worry" his mother reassured him "I'll be just fine." After a moment of silence she spoke again. "I'm turning off the communications now. I'll contact you again in 48 hours with a progress report. Until then we won't be able to talk."

"Okay" Trunks said looking at his watch and marking the time "I'll be here to receive your call." Trunks heard his mother giggle and couldn't figure out what would make his mother laugh in the middle of such a serious situation. "What's so funny?" he asked.

"It's just" Mirai Bulma began "We sound like a couple of spies in the movies I used to watch. I'm sorry I can't explain it better than that. You can't really understand unless you've seen one."

"Oh" Trunks answered. He hadn't but seen a couple movies in his life and he was very young at the time. There was no time or resources to spend on entertainment in his future. There was so much he had missed growing up.

"Well," Mirai Bulma said "I'll talk to you soon. Keep safe."

"I will" Trunks said "You too."

"That's a promise," his mother said. "Bye for now."

"Mom" Trunks ventured quickly before he heard the radio go dead. "I love you," he whispered although he now knew she couldn't hear him.


"Vegeta!" Bulma yelled outside of the gravity room's door pounding on it with all her might. "Come out right now! There's no use ignoring me I know you're in there!"

"Woman how many times do I have to tell you to leave me alone when I'm training!"? Vegeta's irritated reply came from within.

"Open this door NOW!" Bulma shouted.

"Go to hell" was the Prince's reply.

"For the last time" Bulma ranted "open this door now or I swear I'll make you regret it!"

"I seriously doubt that" Vegeta said amid laughter.

"I'm serious you baka!" Bulma said "I can tap into the gravity room's controls from out here and I can make it very uncomfortable for you in there!"

"I don't give a damn!" Vegeta yelled in reply.

"You will" Bulma began cagily " when you suddenly find yourself slamming into the ceiling due to a sudden loss of gravity and then find yourself plummeting toward the ground in gravity that makes you weigh approximately one ton. The force of an impact of that nature just might even crack a few of your superior saiyajin bones."

After a moment of silence the prince replied, "You wouldn't dare!"

"Sure I would" Bulma said evilly "and I'd enjoy it too." After another moment a perturbed Vegeta opened the door to the gravity room and leaned against the frame regarding her with what appeared to be a mixture of anger and amusement.

"Why the hell did you scare my date off like that?" Bulma questioned angrily.

"I thought it was you who scared him off with your temper" Vegeta replied with an imperious smirk.

"I wouldn't of lost my temper if you hadn't prodded me!" Bulma shouted back. "Just because you are lonely doesn't mean I have to live in isolation too so your ego isn't damaged."

"I'm not the one who's so desperate that they're willing to settle for a pathetic weakling like the baka that just left here!" Vegeta snapped back.

"At least I'm not so self-absorbed I'll give people half-a-chance" was Bulma's acrid response. "You'll see, Vegeta, I'll be married and have five kids and you'll still be alone with nothing but your pride."

"I could have any woman I wanted if I was interested in your weak and pathetic race!" Vegeta shouted back.

"Oh really," Bulma said "I don't see flocks of women throwing themselves at your feet!"

Vegeta smiled condescendingly at Bulma. "What about that little group that watches me when I warm-up on the front lawn every morning from the third floor window. I'm sure one of them would jump at the chance. If memory serves me correctly you've been a part of that little group once or twice yourself."

Vegeta looked pleased when Bulma blushed slightly. Her next remark wasn't half as feisty.

"So maybe you're a little attractive" Bulma said "but a woman would drop you like a hot potato when she realized you are a self-serving, arrogant baka."

"Just like your date left when you showed your true colors?" Vegeta smugly replied.

Bulma stumbled for a reply but was perturbed to find she had no reply. "I hate you!" Bulma screamed in frustration.

"Oh no you don't" the Prince replied confidently "You like me because I'm the only baka with guts enough to stand up to you. Just like I like you because you're the only person on this damn backwater planet without sense enough to be afraid of me. A yaro like that doesn't deserve a fiery, stubborn woman like you."

Bulma stood aghast at what he had said. It amazed her that he admitted to liking her. She realized that was probably the closest thing to a complement that she'd ever receive from the Saiyajin Prince.

"Thank you" Bulma said feeling her anger melt away "That is I think you meant that as a


Vegeta's only reply was a humph. They stood in silence for a moment regarding each other with puzzlement.

"I guess I didn't really like the baka anyway," Bulma at last ventured.

Vegeta couldn't help but laugh and smirk at Bulma. He was then surprised to see her smile back and look at him with a look that could only be described as begrudging fondness.

"I don't know why I decided to go out with him in the first place" Bulma said, "My mother was right he wasn't my type. The truth is I go for the muscle bound moron you." When she said that Vegeta blushed. He looked so awkward all of the sudden Bulma couldn't help but giggle. "My mom was right about something else too," Bulma said with a mischievous glint in her eyes "you are cute." With that she quickly kissed him on the cheek, gave him a flirty smile that made him grow a shade redder, turned on her heels tossing her aqua hair and walked away with a seductive strut.

The only thing Vegeta could do was watch her as she left. He almost felt like going after her but he didn't. A smile played across his lips. "She really is something else," he thought as he slipped into the gravity room once more.

* * * * *

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