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Chapter 7- Mysterious Objects

Bulma tapped the end of her pen on the desk. No matter how hard she tried the Vice President of the Capsule Corporation (also acting President in her father's absence) just couldn't keep her mind on work. Too much had happened the day before and she keep replaying everything over and over in her mind. Even when she tried not to think about it her sore body and unusable arm served as a constant reminder of it.

She also was worried about Gohan, who she left in the hospital after the cast was put on her arm. Chi Chi was so upset that she had considered staying with her when Goku left for Korin's to get some Sensu beans for Gohan and Krillan. Chi Chi wouldn't hear of it because Bulma was so obviously stressed and upset so she made her husband take her home.

Bulma was also sick because she realized she had lost her toolbox with all of her instruments and tools in it. The city had already sent in a clean-up crew and investigation team to look over the site of the mysterious explosions. They had all probably been either confiscated by the authorities as evidence or junked with the rest of the debris. They obviously had found something with the Capsule Corporation's Logo on it because they called her. She told the secretary to tell them she wasn't there and that she would call them back. That was three hours ago and she still hadn't called them because she still had no idea what to tell them yet.

Her mother and father were on their way back home. She called to tell them about the incident so they wouldn't see it on the news and worry. They had insisted on her relating everything and she was up half-the-night explaining it all to them in great detail. Well, she had left a few things out mainly things about Vegeta.

" Vegeta!" Bulma cursed to herself, "Why do you have to be such a contradiction! I can't decide whether I want to kiss you or kill you!" Bulma put her head in her hands and rubbed her temples. Up until yesterday Vegeta was nothing more to her than an arrogant, self-serving bastard that happened to have a body that could stop traffic. She could temper the fact that she found him physically attractive with the fact he she couldn't stand his personality. Now he was also the man, er saiyajin, that had risked his life to save her own. This new side of him she saw intrigued her. Then there was the further complication of the kiss. She couldn't deny the chemistry she felt at that moment. She'd even had a dream about him last night and what a dream it was. "Oh Kami!" she said out load "Why can't I be attracted to a nice normal man for once in my life?"

Suddenly her intercom buzzed. Bulma hit the button with a sigh. "Yes Ms. Shortcake what is it?" she said in a monotone.

"Ms Briefs" her secretary began "I know you said that you didn't want to be disturbed but there are some people here that insisted I buzz you. They said their names were Goku and Chi Chi."

"Don't forget me" Bulma heard a young boy's voice in the background. Bulma brightened when she recognized the voice.

"Oh" said Ms. Shortcake "and their son Gohan."

"Show them in" Bulma said with a smile. She rose from the desk just in time to see the door open and Gohan peek in. "Hey Kid" she said, "You look pretty good for someone who got fried yesterday!"

"Dad gave me a senzu bean," Gohan said, "so I feel great!"

"Hi Bulma" Chi Chi said cheerfully pulling Goku in by the arm. Chi Chi nudged her husband who looked a little overwhelmed.

"Hi Bulma," Goku said with an awkward smile. "I never knew that this place was so big." Goku had wanted to see Bulma when she got home but Chi Chi had insisted they go to see her immediately. There was something that scared him about anything that had to do with businesses.

"Hi guys" Bulma said with a smile and a laugh. Just then she noticed a very familiar looking box under Goku's other arm. "What is that?" she asked.

"Oh," said Goku with his carefree laugh "it's your toolbox. I thought you might like it back."

"Oh Goku," Bulma began with delight "I'd hug you if I had both arms. I can't believe you went back for it!" Bulma was amazed. She hadn't said anything about it and Goku wasn't the type to think about tools and electronic gizmos. Yet he had had to of made a special trip just to get them for her to cheer her up.

Goku laughed uncomfortably and rubbed the back of his head. The reason he had gone back was because he had remembered that Bulma usually kept the Dragon Radar in her toolbox. He had been really afraid that it had been destroyed in the battle and he wouldn't be able to keep his word to Trunks. Now, he realized, Bulma thought the reason he went back was just for her.

"We also have something else for you" Gohan said. He smiled at his dad who looked blankly at him for a moment.

"Oh yeah!" Goku said handing the toolbox to his son and reaching into a sack on his belt "We thought you deserved a Senzu bean after everything you went through." The Saiyajin walked toward his friend and put it in her hand. "Eat it and it will heal your arm and any other injuries you have."

"They always do wonders for my boys" Chi Chi said with a grin.

"So these are the fabled Senzu beans" Bulma said turning it over in her fingers "it doesn't look like much but here goes." She put the bean in her mouth and chewed it thoroughly before swallowing it. She suddenly felt a surge of energy course through every muscle in her body. When it left all her pain was gone along with it and she felt reenergized. "Wow this is great!" she said with a laugh as she jumped up and down "now I can get this dumb thing off my arm! Thanks guys!"

"I thought we could all go to lunch," Chi Chi said.

"Oh that sounds great!" Bulma said, "I really need a break. In fact I think I deserve to take the rest of the day off."

"Oh good" Chi Chi said, "maybe we could do some shopping afterwards. I'm sure Goku

won't mind watching Gohan for the afternoon."

"I'm sorry Chi Chi" Goku said apologetically with a downcast look "but I can't watch him. I promised I'd meet someone at Kami's Lookout this afternoon"

"Oh Goku" said Chi Chi obviously disappointed her plans for the afternoon were being


"Sorry Chi Chi" Goku said "but a promise is a promise."

"Can't I go with you Dad?" Gohan asked.

"I'm sorry Gohan" Goku apologized "but I'm afraid that you can't."

Gohan looked crestfallen but he nodded his understanding. "Great now I have to spend the whole afternoon being dragged from store to store by Mom and Bulma," he thought to himself.

Everyone fell silent.

"Well, now that that's settled" Bulma ventured taking Chi Chi's arm "Let's get going!"

"Wait a minute Bulma" Goku said uncomfortably "I do have a favor to ask. You wouldn't mind lending me the Dragon Radar, would you?"

"The Dragon Radar?" Bulma questioned in surprise. "I don't mind you taking it but I'm not sure why you need it. What do you want to wish for?"

"Oh" Goku said, "It's not for me. You see" he stumbled trying to pick his brain for what Trunks had told him. "The guy I'm meeting is collecting them for Kami. They're putting them in the Lookout in case they're needed."

"In case they're needed?" Bulma asked worriedly "Something's going to happen isn't it?"

"Oh no, it's not anything like that. Don't worry Bulma" Goku said with a reassuring smile. "I'm sorry but I can't tell you anymore."

"Okay" Bulma said. Ever since Goku had had a visit from that guy in the future Bulma had the uncomfortable feeling that he knew more than he was letting on. She also had the feeling that what he knew had something to do with her. He was the only who didn't seem surprised that Vegeta had saved her life and she couldn't help but wonder if Goku knew that it was going to happen in advance. "Gohan can you put the box down and open it for me?"

"Sure" Gohan answered setting it down.

Bulma knelt down in front of it as the half-saiyajin boy opened the box and she stared in

surprise at the two items on the top of everything else. "What are these?" she questioned

picking up one of the objects. It was metallic, had a dome shaped top from which descended three long metallic tentacles all wound up tightly around each other, and fit comfortably in the palm of her hand. The other appeared to be a metallic capsule of some kind and was about the size and shape of a football.

"Those aren't yours" Goku questioned " I found them in the rubble along with everything else."

"Well, they aren't mine" Bulma said "but I have a pretty good idea about where they came from." After a pregnant pause in which she further examined the objects she spoke again. "I think these came from the probe that you destroyed or maybe even the spacecraft."

"You really think those could have survived the explosion?" Goku asked peering down at the objects with the others who had now gathered around Bulma.

"Sure" she said, " I think they were made to. The question is why" Bulma said looking at the others "and my friends I intend to find out the answer to that question."


Goku stepped off Nimbus onto Kami's Lookout. It looked like Trunks was already there

because the Time Machine was parked on the Look Out as well.

"Hello" he shouted.

"Hello" Mr. Popo said sticking his head out from the temple entrance "Come on in Goku."

"Hello Goku" Kami said standing up to greet his guest as he walked in.

Goku's eyes fell on the teenager who turned and merely smiled and nodded to him. "I hope that I didn't keep you waiting too long Trunks but I stopped to have lunch with my family and your Mom."

"I haven't been waiting long" Trunks assured him. "Were you able to get it?"

"Oh" Goku said reaching into his pocket and pulling out the Dragon Radar "Here it is."

The young time traveler reached for it expressing his thanks.

"Are you going to look for the Dragon Balls by yourself?" Goku asked.

"I have too" Trunks explained "I can't get anyone from this time involved in my search because it might damage the future."

Goku smiled at the boy trying to understand his plight. "Just remember that I'm more than happy to help if you need it."

"Thank you," the young man said glancing sideways at Kami "but the most important thing that you can do right now is train for the upcoming battle."

Goku nodded his head to assure the young man that that was his intention as he followed him outside.

"Uh Trunks" Goku asked, "Did you know that we were going to have to fight those probes?"

"Yes" he answered, "My mother often told me the story."

"I don't suppose you know what those things are that I picked up with your Mom's tools are by mistake, do you?"

Trunks smiled at Goku in a way that reminded him very much of Vegeta. "I do but I can't tell you that" he replied.

"Oh," Goku said more than a little disappointed "I suppose I should have guessed that. I guess you can't tell me if it was the androids that sent them, either." After Trunks shook his head no in answer Goku quickly changed the subject. "Well, good luck on your Dragon Ball hunt."

"And I wish you luck in the challenge that you are about to face" the young man replied over his shoulder as he entered the time machine once again.

"I wonder what he means by that?" thought the Saiyajin as he watched the craft rise into the sky.

* * * * *

Just what did Goku find and what will it mean for the Z team? Bulma makes some puzzling discoveries about the objects and about she and Vegeta’s feelings for one another. Plus Mirai Trunks gets a disturbing call from Mirai Bulma during his hunt for the Dragon Balls in…

Chapter 8: Destiny


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