Chapter 3- Probe

Bulma squinted trying to make out the object through the remaining dust that still hung in the air. She had already used her instruments to determine no life forms were inside the cylindrical structure so she decided to approach the object to investigate it a little more closely. She brought along a high-powered laser blaster, just in case, and her toolbox containing her instruments and tools.

As she approached the object she could see that it was indeed metallic and judging from the loud hum that it was a machine of some sort. When she was just ten feet away from it she set down her toolbox, hefted the large blaster onto her shoulder and cautiously approached it. It was large rising at least 10 feet above her head and its circumference was wide enough to park two cars end to end on it's flat roof. As she slowly walked around it she marveled that it appeared to be made entirely of one piece of metal. The only seams present appeared to be surrounding a door. It was a strange door however, hanging at least 5 feet above the ground and oval in shape. No engines were visible, no weapons were evident and no windows were in the object at all. Just as Bulma began to relax and consider getting her instruments the door opened with a hiss. She stepped back and aimed her gun at the door.

"Easy Bulma" the frightened woman told herself "Don't shoot unless you have too. You don't want to make a bad impression if what-ever-it-is is peaceful and friendly."

A large egg shaped metal object floated out the door and descended until it was hovering about a foot off the ground. It appeared to have a round lens of some kind near the domed top and four seams running down either side. Bulma watched in astonishment as the flaps, delimitated by the seams, opened up and the object moved and transformed itself before her eyes into what appeared to be a robot.

"Wow" Bulma thought "this so amazing and I'm the first person on Earth to see it!"

The robot had two mechanical arms with pinchers on the end was now covered in a network of holes. She watched in fascination as a blue light shone through the lens and the dome slowly began to rotate allowing the beam to scan the area.

"It must be a probe" Bulma thought excitedly "a probe sent here to Earth to gather information and be the ambassador for it's people to the human race and I'm going to be it's first contact!"

When the light reached her it stopped and slowly began to scan her from head to toe. The object then began to whirr and beep and speak in a strange tongue.

"It's trying to communicate with me!" thought Bulma "Hi" Bulma said, "welcome to Earth!"

The object whirred and clicked and moment more and then a metallic voice spoke "Subject: Human, female. Height: 5' 7" Weight: 104 lbs. Power Level: 5. No detectable fighting powers. Dispose of immediately."

"Dispose of!" Bulma repeated worriedly. She let out a squeal of fear as artillery suddenly protruded from the holes surrounding its frame. "Okay you asked for it!" Bulma yelled and she aimed and fired at the probe. The kickback sent her sprawling on her back, knocking the wind from her lungs. As she gasped for air she watched the explosion engulf the machine. "Too bad… I…had to destroy… such…a wonderful…machine" Bulma commented between gasps setting the blaster down.

With horror she watched, as the robotic probe emerged from the wake of her assault totally unscathed. Desperately she reached for her gun and screamed in fear and frustration as the probe took it out with one of it's own laser cannons. She got up and began to run doing her best to dodge the lasers.

"I got to reach the air car!" She thought in desperation. As she neared the car it suddenly went up in a powerful explosion that knocked her down and almost rendered her unconscious. She heard the robot begin to draw closer.

"It's probably coming to see if I'm still alive so maybe if I play dead it will leave me alone," Bulma thought to herself keeping her eyes closed. Suddenly she heard a familiar buzz and realized that it was scanning her.

"This is it," she thought squeezing her eyes tight "I hope it's quick and painless." She heard it's guns lock and fire a volley toward her and she held her breath as she waited for it to hit her.


"You need me to bring you the Dragon Radar?" Goku asked Mirai Trunks one more time. They were in Goku's bedroom so they could speak in privacy.

"Yes," Trunks said "my mother probably won't mind lending it to you. I'll give it back to you as soon as I'm done with it."

"But what do I tell her?" Goku asked.

"Just tell her an emissary is collecting them for Kami in case they're needed," Trunks said looking at the Saiyajin that stood in front of him. "It's hard to believe this simple and gentle person is the most powerful fighter in the universe," he thought. Suddenly the sound of a far off explosion caught Goku's attention before he could answer. A loud knock came at the door.

"Dad," Gohan's muffled voice came through the closed door "there's been another explosion Krillan and I are going to check it out!"

"Go with them" Trunks said opening the door "you're needed. I'll meet you tomorrow at Kami's Lookout to get the Radar."

"I'll be there," Goku promised before running out after his friend and his son.

Trunks stepped out of the room and came face to face with Chi Chi. "I'll let myself out" he said to her before she could open her mouth. He wanted to avoid conversation with everyone he could.

As he stepped out of the doorway he watched as the three fighters hurriedly flew to the site of the explosion.

"Help is on the way mom," Trunks whispered with a smile.

* * * * *

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