It was late (a little past twelve) and as far a Vegeta knew, everyone in Capsule Corps was a sleep. Vegeta had decided to finish his training early and quietly stood beside his sonís crib. He was watching his son sleep and noticing how his little body seemed to inflate and deflate as he breathed. Vegeta would never admit this to anyone but skipping out early on his training was becoming a secret habit of his since Trunks was born. This was his time to be alone with Trunks. He couldnít help but admire his son. Trunks was so tiny so fragile and pure... Vegeta tilted his head to the side, in awe, and smirked. He loved this child soo much. It was funny, a few years ago he had no idea what love was, and now he couldnít imagine his live without it. Giving or receiving it. He had changed so much since the first time he came to earth. He had been a resident of this planet four years. And only heard of it five years ago! He smirked as he remembered his first encounter with this planet. It wasnít a pleasure trip the first time he arrived here.. Well in a way it was. He was going to find the warrior who killed Radiztu and have him either join him or kill him, and purge the planet as a warning for all others who dared to refuse his offers. It was his right. It was his planet. (but thatís a secret that not even Bulma knows.) So either way it was a win win situation. Only this time, he lost.

He smiled at his sleeping son and quietly chuckled to himself. "That defeat was the best thing that ever happened to me."

So he thought it was to himself...

"It was? How so?"

Vegeta stiffened his eyes were as big a saucers and he slowly turned around toward the voice. There he saw Bulma. She was leaning against the doorway with her arms crossed. She had a complete smug look on her face, for she knew that she had caught him by surprise. Her stance was a mirror image of his, when he sneaks up on her, and scares the crap out of her.

He narrowed his eyes at her and playfully glared daggers at her. "Itís dangerous to sneak up on me woman" He growled with no real venom.

"Oooo Iím so scared" She said shaking, with mock fear. She walked into the nursery and began to loosen her robe. She knew that Trunks would wake up any moment and would be hungry for his midnight feeding. As if on queue Trunks woke up.

Vegeta was surprised that she was so in tuned with Trunks needs. He never knew that a mother could know what a child needed. He only had a vague memory of his relationship with his mother, but he never thought about it. Too painful. He smirked as he watched his wife and child interact with one another. He never would of guessed that his wife and child would have a close relationship. It was forbidden on Planet Vegeta. Heck, he never thought he would be bonded to a female and have a wife. That too was forbidden, for royals anyway. And those two rules were the main rules that thought he intended on maintaining when he started his new kingdom of Vegeta. He sighed and shook his head. This was not how he planned his life. He was supposed to have killed Freza by now.. but that purple haired boy got that honor. He didnít mind though. Frezaís death was still on schedule, and it enabled him to continue with his other plans. Which was, after Frezaís death, he was going to rebuild the kingdom of Vegeta, take over the universe, and rule it under an iron fist. It was plausible. Especially now, since he was a SSJ and the strongest warrior in the universe. He had even started his plan when he searched universe for Kakarot and when he left on his quest to become a SSJ. He was getting rid of the warriors who were loyal to Freza and making alliances with those who werenĎt. But for some reason (emotion/love) that he didnít understand, he kept putting those plans on the back burner. It was an enigma to him, but he kept coming back to this pathetic ball of dirt (earth) He sighed again. He thought that his life was going to be a lot of different. This was not his plan. To be a husband. To be a father, at such a young age. To be happy in this role! He inwardly winced as he watched Bulma pick up their son and make her way over to the rocking chair. He couldnít help himself, he was happy.

"Sooo..." She began coyly as she made herself comfortable in the seat. "Are you done training for the night?"

Vegeta just nodded. She smiled. She was glad. Usually heíd drag himself out of the gravity room around 3 or 4 am and then wanted to make love before he went to sleep. And by then she wasnít really in the mood because she was sleepy. Although he didnít have to do much to make her horny. She smiled and blushed at the thought of what he would do to entice her. It didnít really bother her if he trained all day and most of the night. Honestly, she didnít mind. She understood how important it was, but mostly, how important it was to him. However, it was always a pleasant surprise when he would finished early.

"Whatís up?" She asked in a cheery voice. "Whyíd you quit so early?"

"I wanted to see my son." He gave her a sarcastic expression and rolled his eyes. "Is that alright with you?"

She giggled. She knew he hated to explain himself or give reasons for his actions. He only tolerated her questions. And she knew that too. He felt that since he was a prince, no one had the right to request such information from him. The only reason he would answer her, was because she was his Bulma. She was, after all, his princess.

Her presence in the room made him feel uncomfortable. He could tell by the way she was looking at him that she was in one of her talking moods. Usually he didnít mind talking to her, but today he had a lot on his mind and she always had a way of making him reveal more than he wanted to. He narrowed his eyes. He knew that if he stayed in here, it wouldnít be long before she had him confessing all his feeling to her. He decided to leave. Yes, he felt that was the best choice and the only way he was going to keep his thoughts to himself. He started to turn around and walk out the door but before he could make his first step to leave, he decided to stay for some unknown reason (emotion). He turned towards Bulma direction stood there an watched her breast feed Trunks. It still amazed him that she could make nourishment for their child. He remembered when he purposely sucked on her breast and drank some of her milk when he was making love to her. He was curious of what it tasted like. He scrunched his nose in disgust at the memory. It wasnít his cup of tea. But he loved her breasts and there was no getting around it or away from the milky liquid. So now he takes great pains to caress and suck on it as gently as possible, to ensure that he doesnít get any of that liquid into his mouth, again.

He stood there and watch them as if he were in a trance. He had beautiful his family. And he knew it. He thanked Kame for it. He was great full that Trunks wasnít ugly like Kakarotís kid. And Bulma wasnít ugly like Kakarotís wife. Just the thought of looks that graced the Son family brought an icy chill down Vegetaís spine.

"Are you ok Vegeta?" Bulma asked in a concerned voice when she noticed her husband shiver.

Vegeta gave her a cocky nod and returned to his thoughts.

He was great full for his family; even though, he rarely said it. I was hard for him to express outwardly the devotion toward things and people. The way he grew up...cherished things were usually destroyed, in spite. Because of other peoples jealousy or hatred or ignorance. Again his thoughts went to his mother, then he blocked them from surfacing.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Bulma whispered lovingly.

"Itíll cost you more than that!" He retorted playfully.

"Ummm how about a kiss then?" She poked out her lips.

Vegeta walked over to her, bent down and kissed her passionately. When he slowly pulled back he gazed into her eyes and stated "Nope. Thatís not enough."

She giggled "I think I know something thatís worth your while, but you have to talk first and get paid later."

She had a seductive chime in her voice.

Vegeta raised his left brow. He was indeed interested in her offer. "I was think about my life.. my destiny."

Her brow furrowed. "Are you worried about the androids?..."

He shook his head. Now that he was a SSJ, he felt like he was invincible. "I was thinking that five years ago I could not be persuaded by sex to reveal my thoughts."

She smiled. "So what could persuade you?"

"Nothing." He stated absolutely. "Iím not the same person I was five years ago.." His brow forked as he made an intense frown. "Maybe itís the low gravity or something .. I heard that it can turn your brain into mush."

She couldnít help but laugh. Vegeta looked so serious about his last statement. She could tell that he actually believed it. "Is that why you stay in the gravity room so much?"

Vegeta just shrugged his shoulders. It wasnít the main reason he stayed in there, but it was one of the reasons. Just look at Kakarot for crying out loud!

"Vegeta that is the stupidest thing I ever heard! Do I act like I have mush for brains?"



Vegeta still didnít respond. He knew that she was intelligent but sometimes... she would act so flaky that it would make him wonder. It would also make him stay in the gravity room a little longer just to make sure....

"VEGETA!!" She shouted interrupting his thoughts. She wanted an answer and she wanted it now. And it better be that he didnít think she had mush for brains!!

"You canít make me lie woman."

"I canít believe you! You actually think Iím stupid!!" She was seething.

"I never said that I thought you were stupid!" He interjected a little too loudly, Trunks was starting to get upset because of all their talking. So he decided to finish his statement mentally. ĎAnyways being stupid and having mush for brains is too different things!í

She was in complete shock. "Thatís it buddy! Your sleeping on the couch!"

"What?! Whatíd I say." Vegeta mentally recapped the conversation. He didnít say anything that wasnít true. So whatís her problem?

"Whatís my problem!" She heard his thoughts. "You said I had mush for brains!"

Vegeta was going to defend himself but instead he put his hand in the stop position..

"What?! Are you going to blast me now?!" She had a sarcastic, unafraid, yet angry tone in her voice.

"No." He growled. "I want you to stop talking..." He waited for her to say something else but instead she bit her bottom lip and glared daggers at him. "Now tell me.. when did this conversation become about you?"

She was about to tell him, then he put his hand up again and shook his head. "You asked me what I was thinking so remember this Bulma-chan, Itís not about you .. Itís all about *me*."

Her eyes became as wide as saucers. She was pissed. "How dare you say that to ..."

"Nuh huh..." He interrupted with a sadistic satisfaction because it made her angrier. "Itís all about me." He raised he eyebrows as if this action was going to make it easier for her to understand the point he was making.

He returned to his regal stance with his arms crossed in their usual manner. He noticed her press her lips together until they made a white line. Vegeta knew that she was going to stay quite until he finished; even though it was killing her to do so. He gave her one of his victory smirks. Her blue eyes glistened like two blue infernos of anger. He couldnít help but chuckle to himself. Her anger amused him.

About two minutes went by without a peep from Vegeta, mentally or verbally. Bulma narrowed her eyes at him. She new that he was doing. He was aggravating her on purpose. He was trying to make her upset. It was working.

"VEGETA!!" Her boisterous voice scared the crap out of Trunks (literally) and he started to whimper. Bulma immediately started to soothe her son. "Itís ok baby. Mamaís here."

"He knows your there. Thatís why his crying" Vegeta teased.

She looked up at him and glared rusty daggers at him hoping that he would get mental tetanus. ĎVegeta whatever it is you have to say... I donít care..í

"Ok, ok I tell you sheesh" He laughed and rolled his eyes.

Bulma rolled her eyes right back at him. She really didnít care anymore. She mentally mumbled to herself ĎHe acts as if what heís about to say is the most important thing Iíll ever hear!í

"It just may be, Bulma-chan" He said sarcastically. "It just may be." He turned and walked out of the nursery.

Bulma narrowed her eyes at him as she watched him walk out of the room. Sometimes it sucked to have a mental bond. No privacy! She huffed. "Why does he always have to be soo difficult!!"

About fifteen minutes went by before she was able to put Trunks back to sleep. When she finally walked into their bedroom she heard Vegeta in the shower. She had to wait another 55 minutes for Vegeta to get out of the shower.

She growled to herself. ĎHe never takes this long!í She could of swore she felt him mentally smirk.

In anger, she tried to go to sleep. But it was a hopeless venture, she had a curiosity that rivaled her husbands. So she ended up involuntarily staying awake. When Vegeta finally came out of the bathroom, she watched her husband half dry his hair with a towel and get into the bed, while his body was still wet. She hated when he did that! Not only did he get into bed while he was still wet, he didnít even bother to put on any clothes. Not even underwear! However, that she was used to. He had told her once that he had nothing to be ashamed of, so why should he cover up! With logic like that it was futile to argue against his choice of sleeping attire. Or lack of it. She watched him slide under the covers, and then, just to aggravate her, he laid back and closed his eyes as if he was going to go to sleep. That was the last straw! She had waited over an hour for him to get out of the bathroom to listen to whatever it was he had to say, and he now heís going to act like he was going to sleep!! ĎNuh uh, I donít think so!!!!í

She sat up in the bed and glared at him. "Vegeta!! Stop acting like a Baka and tell me what you were going to say!!"


She wanted to take her pillow and smother him. "Youíre impossible you know that! IMPOSSIBLE!!"

Slowly he opened one eye, looked at her, and smirked ĎSo you really want to know what I have to say, hai?í

"No!" She growled. She really did. He knew she did! He was just being a jerk and she was being stubborn.

ĎOk then.í He closed his eye and pretended to go back to sleep. He could feel her pathetic ki rise and he couldnít keep himself from chuckling. Almost instantly after he started laughing, he felt her jump on top of him and straddle her legs on each side of his waist. Then he felt her pillow whop him in the face. He started to laugh harder. He opened his eyes just in time to see her pillow hit him again. "Ok... Iíll tell you" he laughed out as he grabbed her pillow out of her hands and tossed it on the floor.

"You better!" She warned and she started to get off him to retrieve her pillow. But she found herself unable to move. Vegeta had grabbed her by her hips to stop her. She looked down at her hips and the grasp he had on her and then gave him a warning look.

He laughed as he looked up at her. She was threatening him! Her face was pink with rage. Her short hair feathered around her face in disarray, but she was still beautiful to him. He loved her soo much. She was the only one he could be silly with. She was the only one who understood him. She understood that he was inertly evil, and that he liked being that way. He loved her because she didnít try to change him. She accepted him for what he was and what he wasnĎt. She was his best friend as well as his wife.

"Can you imagine your life without me?" He asked with a smile and a joking tone in his voice; although, he was completely serious.

Bulma narrowed her eyes at him. This question was a bit cryptic for her taste. Especially since the androids where coming in less than three months. "Why?"

He shrugged "Just wondering."

She sighed. She thought about this all the time, but she knew the reason why she thought about it, was not the reason he was asking this question right now. She feared the future. Something in which Vegeta was totally confident about. Vegeta was asking her if she would be as happy if she had never met him.

"No. I canít imagine my life without you." She smiled and started to giggle. "I was even going to make a wish with the dragon balls, so that I could find, my prince!.... Sooo I guess in actuality, I was wishing for you all the long!"

Vegeta raised his eyebrows "Ahh so youíre the reason my planet was destroyed, and I didnít win that battle the first time I came to Earth!"

"NANI?!" Her brow forked.

"Hai! Your wish forced me to come here!" He said playfully. "You forced me to scour the universe until I found you!"

"As romantic as that sounds Ve-ge-ta.." She crossed her arms and frowned at him. "I never made that wish!"

"You never made that wish?" He asked her skeptically.

"Not with the dragon balls! No,"

"Ahh so you did make that wish!" He perched himself on his right elbow. "You probably made that wish on every first star and morning star you saw for who-knows-how-long!"

That remark hit home. She did do that. For years, it was almost ritualistic. She did it faithfully since she was a little girl until... well, until she met Vegeta on Namek. "Forget you, Vegeta!"

"Forget me?" He said with mock hurt. "You destroyed my planet!" .

"I did no such thing!" She tried to get off him but he held her in place with his left hand. She knew that he was just playing around, but the thought of her wish destroying a planet. A whole race of beings just so that she could meet one man.. The tears started forming in her eyes.

Vegeta noticed her unshed tears and started feeling bad for teasing her. Not. "Are you going to cry?" He mocked a baby voice and poked out his bottom lip.

She grabbed it and pinched it "No Baka! *sniff* Iím not going to cry!"

With his left hand he grabbed her hand and made her release his lip. He laid back and tugged her closer to him. He gave her a soft peck on her lips and gently forced her head to rest on his chest. She didnít resist too much. She loved to cuddle. He wrapped his arms around her and they both laid there until they had a comfortable breathing rhythm.

ĎSo are you going to tell me what you were thinking about?í Bulma finally asked mentally.

Vegeta sighed. (might as well)ĎI was thinking that every thing that has happened in my life was supposed to happen.í

ĎLike fate?í

Vegeta shook his head and answered ĎNo. More like destiny.í

ĎSo are you saying that we were destined to be together?í She asked a bit dramatically.

He paused before he answered. His thoughts never went that deep! He had to think about it. His thoughts usually consisted of the fact that he would have never realized that he wasnĎt SSJ until he lost that first battle. Not about love or being bonded.


Vegeta sighed heavily "Stop being so impatient woman! Iím thinking."

"Well excuse me!" Bulma tried to get up but Vegeta held her close. She couldnít move. She struggled for about 30 seconds but she quickly got tired. He was just too strong. So she finally relented and relaxed. When there breathing complemented each other again he started to mentally speak.

ĎIím sure of it.í

A huge grin spread across her face ĎSure of what?í She teased.

She heard him growl a little after her question and she started to giggle.

ĎIím sure we were destined for each other.í He mentally sighed.

She was overwhelmed with joy. Sometime he could be soo kawaii "I love you Vegeta"

"I know" He sighed.

Bulma raised her head and glared into Vegetaís eyes. He started to laugh.

ĎI love you too womaní

She shook her head. ĎWoman!í He knew that got on her nerves. Thatís why he said it. She huffed. He was in such a playful mood tonight. She was never sure whether to be happy or annoyed when he acted this way.


She looked up at him. She noticed a libidinous twinkle in his eyes.

"I held up my part of the bargain... so Iím ready for my payment now."

"Umm Iím tired. How bout a raincheck?" She teased. She was more than ready to pay up.

"Tsk tsk tsk foolish girl. Do you not know who you made a deal with?" His voice sounded playfully evil. As if she made a deal with the devil.

He released his embrace on her, and perched himself on his elbows as she sat up and sat over his waist.

"Yes I do." She said melodramatically "The man I would go to the ends of the earth for!"

At her words the lust in his eyes disappeared. "Only the earth?"

"What do you mean?" She asked. She was a bit taken back by his question and the seriousness of his face.

He ignored her question and quickly kissed her. Passionately. As he kissed her, he gently caressed her legs and sliping his hands under her silk nightgown. When they parted for air. She still looked at him quizzically.

ĎWhat do you mean?í Usually she would ignore a statement like that but he looked so serious. She knew that this question had a hidden meaning.

Again he ignored her question and kissed her. He heard her pepper his brain with that question again. He pulled back from the kiss and stared at her. He wasnít sure if he should tell her. She already had enough to worry about with the androids coming.

"I havenít decided yet." He quickly answered and kissed her again. It wasnít exactly a lie. It wasnít exactly the complete truth either. But he had other things to worry about right now. This would just have to go on the back burner, again.

Until the time was right that is..... ^_~

The end.


*Hehe* Yep Thatís the end of Bondís of Destiny!! Thank you everyone who read my fic. ^_~ Thanks for all the emails too. It made feel... special *sob* sniff sniff ^_^ Iím being serious! Thanks! I hope you liked the ending. What? You didnít *sob* I worked so hard on it too... I know it kind of left you hanging but HANG IN THERE.. Iím writing a sequel ^_~ Yeh!! It all started when chapter 7 started getting off the subject and ... Well... I guess youíll just have to read it ^_~ ( Iím a little stinker. I know) *hehe* ^0^

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