chapter 6

A new prince in the midst


After the month of not training because of the third and fourth bond Vegeta decided that it would be more beneficial for him to go and train on a different planet...

"Why?" Bulma whined as she grabbed his arm when he started to get out of bed.

"There are too many distractions here!" He growled and looked at the grasp she had on his arm, then looked at her.

She understood the unspoken hint and let him go. "Vegeta. I promise I won’t bother you! Just... please don’t leave!"

"You don’t bother me woman. You distract me!" He went to his closet and picked out his old tattered uniform and put it on. ‘I’m leaving tomorrow and that final!’ (He had gotten more muscular since the last time he had worn it, and wanted to make sure it still fit comfortably)

Bulma fell back on the bed an cried. "Then, when will you come back?" She sobbed.

"When I’m a SSJ!" He answered in an agitated, absolute tone.

Bulma sulked deeper into the bed. sniff sniff "Don’t you have to have a pure heart to become a SSJ?"

"I do have a pure heart!" He said in a sadistically calm tone, and gave her a malicious smirk. ‘Pure evil’

She looked around the room looking for another excuse to keep him training on earth. "You can’t leave!... What if I’m pregnant?!"

"You’re not! So don’t even go there!" He growled, crossed his arms and frowned at her, shaking his head slowly.

"How would you know?! It’s my body! And we have been making love like jack rabbits!"

"Because it’s up to me!" He stated absolutely, and looked down arrogantly at her. "We won’t have a brat until I decide it’s time!"


He smirked. "Woman, I can control everything about my body. So what makes you think I can’t control that?"

Bulma fell back on the bed, defeated. Then popped back up with new determination. "Well you’re not going to leave in that uniform are you? It’s all broken and ripped!"

Vegeta turned and looked at his reflection in the mirror. She was right. His uniform looked awful. It even had the holes in it that told the story of how Freza killed him. Vegeta hung his head in shame. It was not so long ago, but sometimes (like now) he would forget all about that other life. It was like he had started anew when he was wished back with the dragon balls.

"I’ll make you new uniforms if you just stay a couple more days!" She pleaded.

After a long pause "Fine." He took off the old uniform and tossed it to her. He went back to his closet and put on a pair of tight spandex shorts and walked out his room. ‘Remember woman, you promised not to bother me.’

Bulma sighed out in relief "At least I have a few more days."

It took four days for her to analyze the materials in the uniform. Two more days to find, and substitute the necessary materials. And another day to successfully put them together. She wasn’t taking this long on purpose but she could tell that Vegeta was getting impatient.


‘Yes’ Bulma worked on Vegeta’s new uniform not even looking up to see if Vegeta was around. She was used to the mental bond and knew that he could talk to her from anywhere in the world.


"Eep" Shocked that he was so close, she whipped around to face him. "Vegeta you scared the crap out of me!.. Sheesh you know I hate it when you sneak up on me! How hard is it to..."

"Would you SHUT UP!" He interrupted in a growl "All I want to know is if you finished my uniforms!"

"Unless you maintain low tones with me, I’m not going to tell you!" She yelled putting her hands on her hips. Vegeta growled at her, and clenched and unclenched his fist.

He took a deep breath and calmly asked her in his usual grumpy voice. "Have you finished my uniforms yet?"

"Better" She said smugly and giggled as she saw the anger flash in his eyes "No! There not finished yet. But before you get all upset, I want you to know that the materials your old uniform was made out of, is almost impossible to duplicate! Most of the materials used to create it, are not even heard of on this planet!"

"So what are you saying? You can’t make it?" His patients were wearing thin.

"No. What I’m saying is that you are lucky I’m a genius!" She turned and picked up two pieces of blue fabric. "Here’s the original fabric and here’s mine. Do you want to see the similarities?" She held out the fabric to him. She was really proud of her work.

"I can see it just fine woman." He stated in an unimpressed tone, and didn’t to even attempt to really look at it. He crossed his arms and leaned against the door archway. He took pleasure when he saw the flash of anger flash in her eyes this time.

Her blood was starting to boil but she tried to hide her anger as she continued to speak. "I changed the design of your uniform. Do you mind?"’ She asked sarcastically. She didn’t care if he did. She liked her design better.

He shrugged his shoulders, telling her he could care less.

Her blood was boiling now. She gritted her teeth and spoke. "Here’s a picture of what it will look like!" She held it up for him to see it. He barely took his gaze off her long enough to even glance at it. This act coincidentally made her even more angry.

He smirked when her face turned pink with rage. He was doing this on purpose. ‘When will it be finished?’ He mentally asked in a royal authoritative tone.

"Tomorrow" She huffed.

‘Fine’ He turned to leave but stop in his tracks and began to speak. "Before I go, I want you to make a minor adjustment to the design of the uniform." He turned back around to face her.

"Oh, are you telling me that you actually saw what it looked like?" She asked him sarcastically.

He ignored her sarcasm and began his instructions "I want you to put a collar on the uniforms, and I want it to come up to... about here" He placed his hand at the mid of his neck. "Will that be a problem?" He raised one of his brows.

"No Vegeta that won’t be a problem" She was surprised and happy that he did actually see her design. "Actually I think that will look really nice."

He nodded his head back and turned to leave. She turned around and started on her work again. Only a minute had passed before she realized the reason for the change in the design.

‘VE-GE-TA!!!!’ She mentally screamed as loud as she could.

Vegeta almost instantly appeared back in the doorway. His eyes were pressed tight and he was tightly gripping the top of his head "Woman if you scream like that again, I swear I’ll blast you into the next dimension!"

She was fuming. "Tell me Vegeta! Why do you want a collar on this uniform? None of your other uniforms had a collar!!" Her eyes were shooting daggers at him.

"No particular reason! Woman!" He yelled glaring back at her. "I just want a collar." His voice sounded so calm it was scary. But Bulma wasn’t afraid.

"No! You wanted a collar so you could hide your bonding scar!!" She spat our bitterly.

His eyes grew wide. (The jig was up)

"This might come as a surprise to you, but I’m not stupid!" Her eyes began to water up. " I can’t believe you! Are you so ashamed to be bonded with me that you would cover up the symbol of our love?"

‘The only thing I’m ashamed of is not being able to turn SSJ yet! And that will soon be remedied!’ He mistakenly spewed out before he had the chance to put up his mental wall and keep that bit of info to himself.

"Then why don’t you want to show off your scar? I do. All the time..." sniff "It’s not like you got that scar in a battle..."

"Exactly!" He interrupted. "Woman, I have been in hundreds of battles, all of which have left no scars on my body what-so-ever! And your weak, pathetic bite have has left a permanent damage on my skin!" He turned his head away from her and mentally said to her in a more loving tone. ‘No, I don’t mind the bond. Nor do I mind the scar. But this is between you and me.’ Then he turned his gaze back to her, narrowed his eyes and roared. "No one else has to know our business! So put the @#@$ collar on my uniform, before you make me angry!!!"

"You don’t have to get loud Ve-ge-ta! All you had to say was you wanted a $%$^ collar! You didn’t have to bite my head off!!"

He paused before he spoke. He couldn‘t believe what she just said. "That’s what I’ve been telling you to do for the last....GRRRRRRR.. forget It!" Vegeta stomped out of her lab. But before he left the room completely, he turned and shook his finger at her. "Just be sure to put that collar on my uniform! WOMAN!!!" He then left her lab quickly.

"I said I will! And stop calling me WOMAN!"

‘WOMAN!’ He mentally shouted just to aggravate her.

Bulma stomped her foot on the floor and crossed her arms and screamed. "Your impossible Vegeta! DO YOU HEAR ME!! IMPOSSIBLE!!!"


The day needed to finish Vegeta’s uniforms went by way too quickly for Bulma. She knew that when they were done, Vegeta would leave to resume his training on another planet.

"Please don’t leave just yet, Vegeta" she pleaded as she gave him the capsules that contained a dozen new uniforms.

He just stared at her. The expression on his face was cold, but she could read his eyes like a book. She knew that leaving was just as hard on him as it was on her.

"Just one more night" She whispered and kissed his ear. He relented with a smirk.

In the middle of their love making Bulma asked Vegeta for a favor...

"Vegeta" she moaned as he pumped inside her.

Vegeta grunted into her hair.

"I want a baby" She was barely able to moan it out.

Vegeta stopped his thrusts and lifted his head up, so he could see her face. "Are you serious?"

"I’ve never been so serious in my whole life." She stated in an absolute tone and gazed deep into his eyes.

Vegeta just frowned at the thought of a child. He wasn’t ready to raise a brat yet.

"I’ve been hoping that I would get pregnant for along time now." Her breathing was still heavy from all their physical activity. "I didn’t know that it was all up to you."

His frowned deepened "Of course you want to have a brat! Because I’m the one who’s going to be raising it!"

"As if I’d allow you to have sole responsibility in raising our child!" She said in a dumbfounded angry tone. "Who knows what kind of spoiled monster it’ll turn out to be!"

Vegeta smirked than asked "Then who’s going to raise it?" in a condescending tone.

"ME!"..(duh) "Me and you.. Together!"

He looked at her like that was the strangest concept he had ever heard, in his entire life.

"Don’t Sayien mother’s take responsibility in raising their kids?" She asked quizzically.

Vegeta shook his head. "Unless you were a Royal or a bonded lowerclass you didn’t have a mother...Usually the fathers DNA was combined with an unknown females at a gene bank."

"Oh... But you had a mother. Didn’t she help raise you?"

Vegeta’s brow forked as he shook his head no. "It was forbidden to have split loyalties"

"Split loyalties!!!.." She spat our angrily "Vegeta, that’s ridiculous! It’s possible to have a relationship with both your parents without choosing sides.

He looked at her skeptically.

"Vegeta I don’t care what you say! I want a baby!! And you better not deny me this!!!" Bulma knew that Vegeta was about to say no to her request, and was furious.

Vegeta had to do a double take when her rage exploded. He smiled. (not smirked) "Yes ma’am" He said playfully. She was absolutely beautiful to him when she was angry.

She narrowed her eyes to him. She was still angry, and by his response she thought he was mocking her. "I’m serious Vegeta!" she growled.

"I know" He laughed. "What would you like, A boy or a Girl?"

"Are you serious?" She asked happily amazed.

He gave her a cocky wink.

"Surprise me!! I’ll be happy as long as it has ten fingers, ten toes.."

"And a tail." He finished her sentence for her and pecked a kiss on her nose.

She blinked twice very hard. "I forgot you used to have a tail.." She giggled "We’ll have to get the babies removed"

He slowly began his motions on top of her again. ‘We’ll see.’ He moaned, as he sucked on her scar and increased the pace of their love making. A blue white light began to surround his body. This was going to be the most intense love making either of them ever had.


Early that morning, Vegeta woke Bulma up to tell good-bye. Even though she had promised herself that she wouldn’t cry, she cried anyway.

"Shhh" he lovingly hushed her, and kissed her tears. "You have to be in good spirits or you’ll distress the baby." He unwrapped her from their sheets and cradled her in his arms.

"Huh" She looked up at him. Her head was resting on his chest.

"The baby." He smiled warmly at her. "Have you forgotten already?"

sniff sniff "I’m pregnant?" She asked quizzically.

"Yes" (duh) He smirked.


"Yes woman" He pecked a kiss on her forehead "Already." He lifted her up and put her back on the bed.

He started to walk towards the bedroom door. He turned and spoke before he left. "Whether I’m a SSJ or not I will be back for the birth of our child."

She tried to stifle her cries but couldn’t. ‘I love you’ she sobbed.

He nodded and left. About five minutes later Bulma heard his space craft power up and fly towards outer space. She just fell back in their bed and cried until she couldn’t cry any more. Hours had passed then days. Her parents tried to comfort her but to no avail. Bulma stayed in that depressed state for almost a week. Until..


"What?" She answered out loud, in a dejected tone. She was sort-of-out-of-it, due to her depression.

‘I can’t hear you woman! If you want to speak to me, you better do it mentally!’


‘Who else would it be?’ He asked with a bit of an attitude.

‘Where are you?’

‘What does it matter?! I‘m not on Earth!’ Vegeta felt that was a stupid question. Even if he told her, she wouldn’t even begin to know where he was.

‘I just want know!! Sheesh.. Why do you always have to be so difficult?!’ Her depression was replacing itself with anger.

He paused before he answered. ‘I’m in the Donnaray cluster’

‘Now was that so hard?!.... Umm Where’s that?’

(pause... another stupid question) He growled his answer. ‘About five galaxies from where Planet Vegeta used to be!’

‘Oh..’ (She had no clue where he was.) ‘Is everything ok? Are you ok?’

‘No and no! Bulma you’ve got to calm down! My mental wall can only take so much! Your sorrow is affecting my training and the longer you carry on like this, the longer it’ll take me to reach SSJ and the longer I’ll be away from you!!’

At his words, Bulma started to sob. ‘I’m so sorry Vegeta *sniff sob sniff* It’s just that I can’t live without you!’

‘Bulma, you will never be without me!’ He growled in a more compassionate tone. ‘But if you don’t get a hold-of yourself you’ll never be able to talk to me when you want to, because I’ll always have my mental wall up!’

‘You always have it up anyway! sniff sniff Because you’re always training!!!’ She sobbed.

‘Woman, if it will stop your blubbering, I will not train for the full 24 earth hours a day. Choose a time, and that’s when I’ll take my break! We can talk then!’

‘Really?!’ She stopped crying.

‘Yes’ he growled. ‘Better yet, why don’t I just meet you in your dreams while you sleep!’

‘You can do that?’ She asked amazed.

‘Dreams are only seen in the minds eye, right? Of course I can do it!’

‘Tonight?’ She asked eagerly.

‘Only if you let me train in peace!’

‘Ok Vegeta!’ Her mental voice happily chimed. ‘I’m better now!’

‘Ahh hmm we’ll see’ He said skeptically.

‘Vegeta.... I love you’

(long pause) ‘iloveyoutoo’ His mental wall instantly went up after he sped through his terms of endearment.

Bulma was excited by the idea that Vegeta could visit her in her dreams. "Thank Kame for this mental bond!!" She sang to herself and danced around the room. She no longer felt alone. Just speaking to him made her feel a hundred times better. Soo she really couldn’t wait until tonight!

She decided to go to bed early, around 9pm. But she quickly found out that she couldn’t get to sleep. She kept opening her eyes every five minutes. She couldn’t help it. She had butterflies in her stomach. And her mind kept racing with ideal dream locations to meet her prince. At around 3:45am she found herself staring at the clock watching the minutes go by, and sighed dejectedly. As much as she tried, she still couldn’t get to sleep. She sat up and screamed. "It’s not fair!" And angrily raked her hands through her silky blue hair. She was tempted to go down stairs, to the infirmary, and get some sleeping pills! She plopped her head back on her pillow and forced her eyes shut. After about a minute, she shut her eyes tighter and gritted her teeth. She couldn’t relax. She felt like a kid on Christmas eve waiting for Christmas morning! "I’ve missed him! I just know it!" she sobbed "He probably got tired of waiting for me and started training again!" Then she heard him.



‘Where are you?’ He asked in an uncharacteristic calm loving tone.

‘In our room’ She whined.

(he paused) He sighed out. ‘I know you’re in our room, Baka. I thought you were going to meet me in your dreams.’

She started to sob. ‘I can’t get to sleep... sniff, hiccup, sniff.. I’m too excited!’

He started to laugh. ‘Well then, I guess tonight, we talk!’

‘You’re not upset?’

‘At you?..’ He said playfully. ‘Never. Just calm down. Ok?’

‘Ok... sniff’

For the next three nights they talked. Bulma’s excitement at the thought of sharing her dreams with Vegeta kept her from getting to sleep in time to meet him. It wasn’t until she passed out from pure exhaustion that she was able to meet him in the dream realm.

It truly was a Kame given blessing that she had a mental bond with Vegeta. She was amazed that when she was with him, in the dream world, she actually felt like she was with him. It was just like when her mind made her feel Goku’s attack. Her mind, made her body feel Vegeta’s embrace, kiss, and other loving ministrations ^.~. Without this bond, she wouldn’t have been able to be separated from him for this long. Especially now that she was pregnant.

Luckily, the months of her pregnancy and their separation, passed quickly. And every day she seemed to show a little more. She loved being pregnant; even though, her pregnancy was a difficult one. Her face had a healthy happy glow. Her skin was clear, her hair and her finger nails grew quickly and strong. By the seventh month of her pregnancy her hair was past her hips. It was so shiny and healthy and beautiful that every one would touch it and comment on how jealous they were for not having hair like hers too. She looked absolutely radiant. The only thing that look odd about her were her eyes. The pregnancy made them take on the trade mark teal pupil-less appearance of a SSJ. Vegeta told that her that her eyes did that because she was bonded with a Sayien Prince, and her body was announcing the birth of the next Prince of the Sayien race. In all honesty, he didn’t know why her eyes turned teal. Maybe it was an omen of the future.

Unfortunately, along with being a ravishing expectant mother, she was always sick. It was more than morning sickness, she was sick the entire day. Just the smell of food would make her nauseated. She had to pee all the time. Her legs and her back hurt all the time. And she couldn’t swallow her own spit. I was quiet disgusting, but she had to keep spiting in a tissue. Her tiny feet were so swollen, she had to were sandals all the time. And her emotions were on haywire. But most of all, the baby was so strong. She was sure that she was going to have some internal damages, on most of her vital organs, before she came to full term. Amazingly through all this pain, she was still a happy pregnant person. She wanted this baby. And she had a good husband that kept his promise to meet her every night, in her dreams no matter how hard he was training or how close he was to SSJ. (as long as she wasn’t overly emotional. He didn’t like sharing emotions. He didn’t even like his own emotions) So since they only shared a limited time of each day together, she decided not to tell him how rough her pregnancy was. She didn’t want him to stress about it.

By the middle of the eighth month she started to freak out.

‘Vegeta you’re not going to be home in time for the baby’s birth... sob.. You're too far away!’ Bulma cried. She was too upset to sleep and meet him in her dreams. So they were just having a mental conversation.

‘What are you taking about? I’m only a month away. I have plenty of time!’

‘Nuh uh! There are only 3 trimesters! Three! That’s only nine months! He’s going to be born in about two weeks and your not even going to be there!’

(there was long pause) ‘Bulma is that what the doctors said?’ He didn’t realize that it only took humans nine months to be fully formed.

She paused before she answered. ‘No. But they’re idiots!! They freaked out when they saw our son’s tail on the ultrasound....Can you believe that they actually called NASA!! I think they wanted to cut me open and dissect our baby!!"

‘WHAT!!!!’ Vegeta’s voice was a mixture of rage and fear for his wife and child‘s safety.

‘Don’t worry, I ran out of there as fast as I could and had daddy call the President!! They put me and the baby under national protection!!’

‘Are you sure you’re safe?’ His voice sounded really concerned. ‘I’ll come back if you’re not!’

She paused before she answered, for she desperately wanted him back home. But she also knew how important this training was. ‘Yes.. I’m safe’ she sighed dejectedly.

Vegeta stayed quiet. He was proud of her. He knew how much she wanted him home. Part of him wanted to go home too. That’s why he asked her. But she understood the importance of his training and that made him love and respect her more. ‘Bulma’


‘You have about two and a half more months left’

‘WHAT!!’ she screamed in complete horror .‘Please tell me you’re joking!’

‘No. I have no reason to give you any false information.’ His voice became concerned. ‘Why, is something wrong?’

She paused before she answered ‘No. Nothings wrong.’ (she lied. The baby felt it was killing her and she wanted it out A.S.A.P.)

‘Well, ok then,..(he paused) You know what time it is’

‘Good night Vegeta.... I Love you’ She happily chimed.

‘Yeah’ He sighed and put up his mental wall.

What Bulma didn’t know was that Vegeta was going through the same pains of pregnancy that she was going through. He had morning sickness, nausea at the smell of food, he spit all the time, his back hurt, his feet were swollen, and his body could feel her pain each time the baby kicked her. And he felt like he had to pee all- the- time.(even when he really didn’t have to go at all) It was like he was pregnant himself. Although, he didn’t know that! He didn’t know what the HFIL was going on with him. He had no earthly or Sayien idea that his pains were directly linked to his bonds with Bulma. He thought he had some kind of space virus. So decided to go to an infirmary at the next fueling dock.

The next fueling dock was on Planet Revue. This planet also had one the best hospitals in that galaxy; although, only the extremely rich or royalty were ever admitted to be patients. Since Vegeta was both, there was no problem. (Being a Sayein Prince and working for Freza all those years, Vegeta had saved a pretty large nest egg) The only thing that was a problem was Vegeta’s notorious reputation. All the doctors were deathly afraid of him. They also knew that he wouldn’t hesitate to kill them if they brought him bad news. Eventually, (after the hundredth game of rock, paper, scissors) A lone brave doctor stepped in to the medical chambers where Vegeta was being held. Timidly the doctor walked threw the double doors. He saw Vegeta standing in the middle of the room with his arms crossed and scowling.

"What the %#&@ took so long!" Vegeta demanded to know with royal authority.

The doctor froze in his place and bit his bottom lip. He was of the Berrian race and their chemical make up made it impossible for him to lie to the Prince. "Um.. Um.." He started to stutter.

"For get it!" Vegeta angrily shook his head. "Just proceed with your examination!"

Slowly the doctor raised his hand. The servants in the shadows of the room appeared and began to undress Vegeta. This action did not shock Vegeta. He had servants all his life, which did such menial task as dress and undress him. He was a prince as well as a warrior and demand to be treated as such. Even on freza’s ships. It wasn’t until he decided to stay on Earth, did he give up all the spoils and pampering of royalty. But even there, to a large degree he demanded respect and servitude. It was a good thing that the Briefs had tons of work-bots to wait on him, or he would have left that planet for good long before he bonded with Bulma.

The doctor proceed first with a routine physical. "Mmm hmmm .. Well your Highness, every thing looks fine! You seem to be as fit as a fidd...." He stopped mid sentence when he glanced a Vegeta’s displeasure.

"I demand another physician!" Vegeta ordered roughly. "You’re incompetent!"

The doctor started to defend his medical capabilities until he noticed Vegeta raising his hand and start forming a ki ball. It was about 15 min before another brave soul tiptoed in to the room. He did a routine physical and came up with the same conclusion. "Umm, Sire you appear to be healthy.." He didn’t even finish his sentence before he noticed Vegeta’s frown and ran out of the room.

Vegeta was getting very up set. And he had to go to the bathroom again. When he walked out of the bathroom, an older doctor was in the room waiting for him.

"Prince Vegeta, Its been a long time." He smiled.

Vegeta nodded but he was in no mood for pleasantries. He just wanted a competent doctor, and his medicine to cure whatever virus he had. This doctor however was one of the best, in the known universe. He used to be Vegeta’s personal physician, while on Freza’s ships.

"So, you think you have a virus, my Liege?" The doctor spoke in a tone that expressed humility. He needed information to find out what was wrong with the prince. And he could tell by Vegeta’s face that the next one who told him that he was fine would be blasted into the next dimension.

"I don’t think, I know!!!" Vegeta growled in an authoritative tone.

The doctor nodded in agreement. He had known the prince for years and he knew the best way do keep your life was to agree. "What symptoms have you had?"

Vegeta told him about everything his body was going though.

"And how long have you had these symptoms?" He asked amazed. He was shocked that with so many symptoms, his physicals revealed that he was healthy.

"About eight months."

"I see." He wrote some notes down. "And how long have you been back in space, my Liege?"

"About nine months."

"Forgive me for all the questions, Sire, but where were you before you came back in space?" He could tell that Vegeta was almost out of patients and wanted a diagnosis.

Vegeta growled. He was out of patients. "On earth!"

The doctors eyes lit up. He was starting to understand what was going on. "Your Majesty, for give me for my impertinence...." He took a long scared pause before he decided to ask the next question "Were you sexually active while on Planet Earth?"

Vegeta scowled at that personal question. And his ki rose tremendously. "What are you saying?!! That I’ve acquired some type of Earthen STD?!!!" He roared.

"No Sire! That’s not what I’m saying at all!" The doctor quickly and calmly walked over to the prince and pulled down the collar of his hospital gown and looked at his neck. "Ahhh,... Just as I thought."

Vegeta hit his hand away and glared daggers at him. His bond was none of his business.

"Your Highness...." The doctor began as he rubbed his now injured hand and arm. "I’m sure you already know this, but your wife is pregnant and .."

"Of course I know this!" Vegeta spat out. ‘What the *&%@ was he trying to say! That Bulma was just another unfaithful human, pregnant with another mans child!!!!.’ He was about one second from blasting this idiot doctor.

"Sire.." The doctor quickly began to explain before he was killed by the now furious Prince Vegeta. "Your wife is pregnant and the bonds that you two share, is making your body respond to the exact same physical trauma, she is going through!"

"WHAT!!" He had no idea that Bulma had been through so much pain these past eight months. She had never told him.

"Yes, you are sharing her feelings and physical pain." The doctor stated in a calmer tone.

"But I keep my mental wall up!" His eyes narrowed angrily. "How.. Why Am I still affected!!"

The doctor bit on his thumb nail then began to speak. "Does she keep up hers?"

"Of course not! Why would she!" Vegeta spat out. He wasn’t sure if he questioning her fidelity. (he wasn’t)

"Then I believe that’s the cause of your suffering." The doctor raised his uni-brow in hopes that this action would help Vegeta understand "Her feelings are seeping through your wall."

Vegeta just stood there dumbstruck. This made sense. Bulma did have the control when it came to emotions. And no matter how hard he tried to fight it, he could always feel her pain like it was his own.

"Sire, if you ever want to feel healthy again, you’re going to have to tell her to put up her mental wall and keep it up."

Vegeta’s facial expression looked as if what the doctor said, was the absolute stupidest thing he had ever heard in his life and spat out "Then explain to me how the *&%@ am I supposed to speak to her, if she has her wall up!" By his own words and the agitation in his voice, he revealed that he was more upset by that bit of advice than he would have liked to admit. Even to himself. "Can’t you just prescribe me some medicine!!"

"My prince," the doctor stated in an apologetic tone "There is no medicine to cure what you have. It’s not an illness. It’s a bond."

Vegeta’s eyes narrowed and thought. ‘It’s not an illness? .....Hmph.... Speak for yourself!!’

"Just tell her to put up her wall. It’s only for two more months."

"Forget it!!" He did a royal dismissal gesture with his hands to the doctor. ‘I can deal with two more months of this!’ He thought to himself as the servants appeared out of the shadows to dress him. ‘Even if I wanted to tell her to put it up (which he didn’t,) how could I? She depends on our conversations and meetings every night in the dream world. Moreover, how can I tell her that I don’t want to experience the joys ( yeah right) of her pregnancy with her.’ This doctor didn’t know her. Bulma was a master when it came to laying on a guilt trip.


It was about two days before Vegeta had to start on his journey back to Earth. He had relentlessly trained for almost 10 months and still he wasn’t a SSJ. So many times he was close, only to be stopped from exhaustion, the pregnancy bond sickness, or the promise he made, on his honor, to Bulma. (to meet her in her dreams) This night was no exception. It was the worse day of pregnancy pain he ever had. He was tired, hungry (but couldn’t eat because the smell of food made him sick), and he felt like he had to go to the bathroom all-the-time, when he really didn’t have to go at all. But worse of all he still wasn’t a SSJ!!!!

‘Bulma’ he called out into her mental voidness.

Instantly a whole world appeared around him. It was all girly and lovey dovey. The sight of it turned his stomach but he was used to it. She was mushy like that. She tapped on his shoulder and he turned to face her. She was hovering above him. She had huge beautiful white angelic wings coming out of her back. She wore a sheer sleeveless gown that was made out of diamond fabric. (it’s a dream remember ^_~)

‘Looking for me?’ She playfully and lovingly chimed.

Instantly large black angelic wing appeared on Vegeta back. And his uniform turned into a black toga.

‘I don’t want to wear this!’ He growled as he pinched the fabric of the toga.

She poked out her lip and made a pouty face. Vegeta relented with a sigh. Bulma beamed. Vegeta spoiled her and always let her have her way (As long as they were in private. no one and I mean NO ONE was allowed to know how much power she wielded over him)

He held out his arms and Bulma flew into them. He kissed her passionately. When they parted he stared intensely at her face with loving eyes. He always stared at her, as if it were the first time he’d seen her in years. She loved it when he looked at her like that. She stared into his eyes with so much love and devotion that sometimes her gaze would overwhelm him. He didn’t understand how she could possibly love him so much. She wondered the same thing about him. She often asked herself what had she done to deserve so much happiness. It was their dream world and Vegeta looked happy as he smiled warmly at her.

‘You look pleased today!’ she chimed ‘Did you become a SSJ?’

He kept his smile and slowly shook his head no, even though her question ripped at his soul.

‘Oh.’ She tried to hide her disappointment. ‘I’m sure you’ll become one soon’

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t care. In all honesty, when he was with her, he didn’t care. He only took one hour of each day to be with her, and that also was the hour in which he rested. The remainder of the day, he trained relentlessly.

‘Vegeta.. bet you can’t catch me!’ She chided in a giggle and flew off.

Vegeta flapped his wings and flew off to catch her. It didn’t take long though. Her giggling slowed her down, and made it difficult for her to concentrate on flying. He held her close and with his mental prowess, he made their wings disappear. Then the whole scenery changed. They were in the bed chamber of a magnificent palace.

‘Wow!’ She said as she looked around. She ran to one of the floor to ceiling windows and looked out. The scenery was absolutely gorgeous. The sky was burgundy in color with cream puffy clouds. And before her and as far as her eye could see, laid a magnificent, perfectly, manicured garden. It was like nothing she had ever seen before. The grass was sliver and glistened and sparkled, The trees were large and magnificent. They looked like giant bonsai’s, there were labyrinths of all sorts, and there were thousands of exotic flowers. All of which sparkled and shined like precious jewels.

Vegeta slowly walk to her. He softly chuckled as he watched her press her hands and face on the window. She was trying to take in his entire mentally scenery. He wrapped his arms around her waist and started to kiss her on the back of her neck until his kisses reached her scar. He was in the mood and he was ready for her to be too.

She turned in his arms so that she was facing him. ‘Vegeta’ She moaned as she titled her head to the side so that his mouth had better access to her scar. ‘Where are we?’

‘We’re on Vegetasii’ He libidinously answered in a moan. As Vegeta sucked on her scar he gathered up her dress in his hands until he could feel the silky skin of her legs. He caressed her legs and then slowly and teasingly caressed the inner portion of her thighs.

Bulma’s eyes shot open. She could feel both of his hands caressing her legs but the sensuous caressing of her innermost region was being ministrated by... She looked down to see what it was. His tail. A sensuous smirk came on her face and she wrapped one of her legs around his waist to allow better entry to that furry foreign appendage. She caressed it and stroked it as it caressed and penetrated her. She could tell by Vegeta heavy breathing, moans, and the way he buried his face in her hair at the base of her neck that he was about to cum. So was she. It felt so good. She started to wish his tail wasn’t cut off. Then he stopped. He looked at her deep in her eyes and slowly shook his head no .

‘Not yet’ He whispered seductively.

Unlike Vegeta who liked to take his time, Bulma wanted to get started with the love making. But Vegeta always had to engage in foreplay. So Bulma used her mental ability to make their clothes disappear. He chuckled at her impatience, then moaned hungrily as she ravished his scar with her mouth and caressed and stroked his tail with her hands. He lifted her up over his head, wrapped her legs around his neck/shoulders and leaned her up against the large intricately designed floor to ceiling window and slowly inserted his tongue inside of her.

The coolness of the window pane made Bulma shiver but Vegeta’s insertion made her burn with desire. She looked down at him and watched him and his tongue as it explored every crevice of her womanhood. She loved watching him ravish her between her legs. His eyes were closed. He was enjoying the taste of her. The scent of her. And the feel of her in his mouth. He looked so libidinously content and satisfied. She had to fight the urge to shut her eyes. Vegeta could do things with his tongue that weren’t humanly possible. She wanted to watch him make oral love to her. His face started to look more intense as the penetrations of his tongue increased it’s speed and its thrust increase its force. Then his eyes shot open and looked up at her with a seductive gaze. He smirked. It was his turn to watch her. She ran her fingers through his hair, and grabbed a hold of it as she pushed his face and his tongue deeper inside her. She was cumming. She couldn’t control her natural urge to tightly shut her eyes as she arched her back and relented to a powerful orgasm. Her screams of ecstasy were music to his ears, and he increased the intensity of his oral ministrations. He wanted her to cum again. But she knew what he was doing and begged for him to stop. He hadn’t even started making love to her yet and at this rate she was going to die from too much pleasure. He slowly put her down but not completely. He wanted to feel himself inside of her. He wrapped her legs around his waist and locked them in place with his tail. Slowly and teasingly he slid himself inside her. She whimpered for she was already tender from her last orgasm but she didn’t, and wasn’t going to deny him. It was such tight fit. She always gasped when he inserted himself inside her. It’s always like her first time with him. She wiped her juices off his face and kissed him passionately. He started to build a rhythm in his thrust. Slow and gentle at first, then with her urges faster and more forceful. She matched and met his thrust. He slowly closed his eyes when she started to suck hard, on his scar. He was grateful for what she doing, and he knew why she was doing it. For when she did that, it magnified the intensity of the feeling she was giving his member. And he had to hurry if he was to get any satisfaction tonight. For their hour was almost up. He could now feel his own orgasm coming. Then it happened...

‘WHAT THE @$%^#^!!!!’ He mistakenly dropped Bulma as he was brought to his knees from a sharp blow in his stomach (it felt like someone ki blasted his internal organs) Slowly he opened his eyes to see Bulma with her arms wrapped around her flat tummy ‘Bulma!’ He gasped and ignored his own pain to tend to her. He slowly sat her up.

She had tears streaming down her face ‘I’m ok’ She whispered. Her pain was clearly audible.

‘No your not! I know, because if felt it too. And it hurt like HFIL!!’ He cupped the side of her face in his hand and wiped some of her tears away with his thumb. He kissed her and whispered ‘I always feel it.’ He gathered her in his arms and brought her to the humongous bed. He sat and cradled her in his lap and rocked her as if she were a baby. He comforted her like this until he knew that her pain subsided. (and he knew when it did because when his pain stopped, hers would have too.)

She rested her head on his shoulder and weakly looked up at him, when the pain went away. He was staring lovingly at her.

‘Did you say that you always feel it?’ She asked in a hoarse whisper.

He didn’t answer her nor did he change the loving expression on his face. ‘Are you ok?’ he whispered.

She nodded and slowly sat up, in his lap. She looked deep into his eyes as she asked him her question. ‘You always feel it?’ She said softly.

Once again he didn’t respond to her question, but that was ok. Bulma knew how to read the tattle tale shimmers in his eyes like a book. Her body stiffened at the answer they gave her.

‘So I see...’ she said dejectedly ‘Now I know why you haven’t reached SSJ...’ She leaned her face closer to his and gently and kissed him. ‘I’m still distracting you.’ And with that she disappeared.

He tried to grab her disappearing form. ‘Bulma’ He called out and ran searching around the enormous room, hoping that she was playing that cat and mouse game he loved so much. At the realization that she was gone, Vegeta slowly sulked in to a large plush chair. He was alone in the enormous, beautifully ornate, Vegetaen Royal bedroom chamber. ‘Don’t do this, Bulma!’ He whispered to himself. Then old familiar emotion began to surface. He hadn’t felt it since he was a child. It was the same feeling he felt when he learned that his planet blew up. This feeling was an enigma to him then, but now he knew exactly what it was. He started to scream as it started to overwhelm him.


Bulma woke up from her sleep when she disappeared off of Vegeta’s lap. She was crying hysterically. She was just about to make the hardest decision of her life and wasn’t sure if she had the strength to do it. Then she heard Vegeta’s soul wrenching screams in her mind, and felt his pain in her soul. For he knew what she was about to do. Her heart started to race but it wasn’t because of her own emotions; it was Vegeta’s. His feeling’s started to overwhelm her. And she now knew exactly how he felt every time she took control of the mental bond, and made him experience her emotions. She also knew that this was the reason he wasn’t a SSJ yet. She hated herself for what she was going to do to him. For what she was already doing to him. And what she was keeping him from, his chance to be the best. But moreover, She hated herself because she had to make him relive the feeling that he hated above all other feelings. The loss of control.


Vegeta felt it when she put up her mental wall. He couldn’t believe it. Not once, since they had these bonds had she put up her wall! And until know he didn’t know how comforting it was to know that she was always there. But now he was alone. Millions of miles away from her . And he had now way to communicate with her. Then just like when he was a child, a second emotion surfaced after the loss on control. Fear. Ever since they first became friends, he had always worried about Bulma. She was always doing something she had no business doing, and putting her life in unnecessary dangers. When he was on Earth, at least every other week he had to save her from herself. And now that he knows that the baby was causing her so much discomfort AND that the brat unconsciously uses her organs as target practice with its ki, he was really worried about her safety and health!! Vegeta’s mental world disappeared and he woke up scowling.

"#$@$ training!!! I’m going home!!" He spat, got up and walked over to the control panel He turned on the navigation part of the Gravity room/space craft. A mechanical female’s voice spoke after he punched in the command to take off.

"Malfunction. Electrical Disturbance. Malfunction. Electrical Disturbance. Malfunction. Electrical Dist...."

Vegeta growled. He was already angry but now he was beyond furious. He stomped out of the space craft and notice the sky. He could hear and feel the air hum and buzz around him. It was an electrical storm that was hindering his departure. It’s electrical fury of intertwining lighting bolts, and the charge and power that it released ,seemed to mimic his own feelings. For a third emotion was beginning to surface. RAGE! He was angry at everyone and everything. Angry at Kacarrott for becoming a SSJ before him. Angry at the purple haired boy for being one too. He was angry with himself for not being able to turn into a SSJ. Even though he trained so hard under 400+ gravity, to the point to where he felt like was going mad (crazy) He was angry at Bulma for cutting him loose for she was the only thing that kept his sanity. Angry at his son for putting Bulma through so much pain. But most of all, he was angry at the this God Forsaken Planet for trapping him here!!! Then as if just to taunt him, fate made a bad situation worse. A meteor shower began.


Bulma was in her/their room crying into her pillow. She was tired and extremely upset. But she refused to go to sleep. She didn’t want to let her guard down and allow sleep to make her mental wall disappear. She had to help Vegeta the only way she knew how. She had to let him be alone. "He’s been griping about his lack of privacy since he found about the cameras..." She softly giggled as she sobbed "He should be happy." After about two hours she made peace with her decision to mentally block Vegeta, and now it was a fight just to keep her eyelids open. They felt like they were weighted by bricks. She was just about to give up and close her eyes when her peripheral vision caught an image of a person at her window. It totally freaked her out! Her eyes shot open and she sat straight up! Who could this person be!! Her room was on the fourth floor! She pulled the covers over her head and hoped that the person would go away. (as if that was going to save her)


Vegeta had been fighting with meteors for two hours. He had to protect his ship as well as his life. He was already exhausted from all the hours of relentless training under 400+ gravity and only taking an hour break each day. He cursed himself for being so stupid and allowing himself to get in such a weakened and vulnerable state. Every time he blasted a meteor he had to push himself to knew level of power. He didn’t know how much longer he could keep this up.


The figure slowly started opening the window and crept in side the pitch black room.

"You better leave right know!" Bulma warned as she heard the person come closer. "My husband should be back any minute!!!" (she lied.) She was terrified. She wanted to open her mental wall and tell Vegeta what was happening . But what could he do! Listen to her get murdered and die!! He’s to far away to save her now! The person was now in front of the bed and tried to pull the blankets off of Bulma’s head. She held on tightly to the covers and cursed herself for being too afraid to run while she had the chance. Then the intruder began to speak.

"Bulma-baby stop being silly! Its me Yamcha!"


Vegeta was completely spent. He had no more energy to protect both himself and the ship so he concentrated on protecting his ship. He had to get back to Bulma if it was the last thing he ever did.


"YAMCHA!!" She screamed and turned on a lamp on the night stand. "You @$$%ing bastard!! You scared the $#!% out of me!!" She punched him hard in the arm. She could tell by the way he winced that it hurt him. She smirked like her husband. "What the HFIL are you doing in my home!!"

"Bulma I just came... I just wanted to say that I’m so sorry for all the times I hurt you." He quickly sat on her bed and tried to grab her hands. She hit his hands away from her, and tried to push him off the bed with her feet. "I love you Bulma... I never stopped loving you!" He managed to say right before he fell off the bed and onto the floor.

"Well the feeling not mutual!" She spat out. "Yamcha! Vegeta’s going to kill you when he gets back!!"

"VEGETA!!" He bitterly scoffed as he got up and back on the bed. "Bulma-chan are you still waiting for him to come back to you?!! Everyone knows that he left you as soon as you got pregnant! He’s a bastard!! With no honor!!"

"And what the %#@* would you know about honor!" She started to get up to stand on the bed so that she towered over him. "You say that everyone knows that I’m pregnant! And that they all know Vegeta left me!!" She mimicked quotation marks with her fingers "Well this is the first I’ve heard of it!! For no one has even bothered to call me and see how I was doing for the last ten months!!!!"

"Well maybe not everyone... but Chichi and Goku knew!" Yamcha yelled correcting his lie.

Bulma felt her rage consume her insides as she glared hatefully at Yamcha. ‘Vegeta was right! Chichi was jealous and envious that I was able to bond, and she wasn’t.’ She shook her head and growled to herself ‘So he was probably right about her hoping we’d break up too!!’

"Bulma, I love you! and I will never treat you like he does!" Yamcha yelled in a pleading voice.

"Excuse me?" Bulma glared at Yamcha and put her hands on her hips. The tone in her voice and her facial expression clearly said "What the %^%$!!!! How dare you even compare yourself to Vegeta!!" And then she said it, literally.

" I am not comparing myself to him! I’ve seen him!" his eyes were pleading as he was trying to convince her. "Walking around here like he owns the place. Ignoring you while you ask him question after question...."

"Yamcha! For one thing you don’t know what the *&^$ you’re talking about!! And for the second, when are you doing this?!! I’ve never seen you around!!"

"Bulma- bab..."

"Bulma- baby nothing!!!" She interrupted. "What?!! Are you *&^$ing stalking me know?!!"

"No I just wanted to make sure you’re ok!"

"You need to worry about yourself!!" Her tone was cruel.

Yamcha continued to try to convince her that Vegeta wasn’t good enough for her. And that she should leave Vegeta and go back to him. As he spoke, she became more and more angry. She started to feel a strange energy flow through the veins of her body. It was an energy like none she had ever felt before.


Vegeta barely had the strength to stay in flight, but he had save his ship from the meteor shower. He thanked Kame for his strong will and his determination to survive every time he had blasted a meteor, and still had enough energy to continue. When it was now over, and he knew that he had saved his ship. He felt for a moment, that all was right in the universe. He had pushed himself to new heights and was now more powerful than he could have ever imagined. And he still wasn’t a SSJ. And right now he didn’t care. He was alive, and he was going home. He slowly landed on the ground and tilted his head back in exhaustion. And that’s when he saw it. It was the biggest meteor he had ever seen in his hole life, and it was coming straight for him! He plopped himself on the ground (indian style), took a deep breath and shook his head slowly as he waited for it.

"I’m too tired for this crap!" He sighed in a growl as he crossed his arms.


Yamcha tried to grab Bulma’s hand again but she was too quick. She balled up her hands and crossed her arms in front of her chest.

"I said don’t %$@#ing touch me!!" She backed up from him until she was on the edge of the bed. But Yamcha didn’t listen.

He started walking, on his knees, to her on the bed and grabbed her wrist. "Bulma-baby please just listen to what I have to say!!"

Bulma couldn’t release her wrist from his grasp. She tightly shut her eyes and gritted her teeth together. She started to pray to her husband. ‘Vegeta give me strength!’ She didn’t mean to, but for a fraction of a second she let her mental wall down.


‘Bulma!’ Vegeta had heard her and it was all he needed to continue to fight for his life. Just moments before he had given up. The meteor that was heading for him was just too large to be destroyed with what remaining energy he had left. But now he had something to live for. He no longer cared about being a SSJ. And he really didn’t care about his own life, either. He just had to save his spaceship and get back to earth, so that he could be there for the birth of his son. But most of all, he had to get back to his beautiful Bulma. He slowly stood up, and with arm out and his palm faced up, he began to shoot ki blasts at the humongous meteor. Then something inside him awakened and a new power coursed though is veins. He smirked.



Bulma was completely and utterly fed up with Yamcha. She hated him for say such horrible things about her husband. She hated him for disrespecting Vegeta as well as herself, by sneaking into their bedroom in the middle of the night in hopes to turn her against him. ‘How dare he think that I would stoop so low to where I would leave or cheat on my husband!!!’ As her fury increased, a fiery ki started to form around her.

Yamcha quickly released her wrist so that he would not get burned by her concentrated energy (ki). With wide eyes he slowly backed away from her, until he was off the bed. He couldn’t speak he was too afraid. Her ki was emitting even more energy than he possessed.

The wind current of her ki made her long silky blue float around her. Her arms were out by her side. Her hands were balled up into tiny little fists, and she glowed. She would have looked angelic if her scowl and her icy glare, at him, wasn’t so demonically evil. She began to speak in a sadistic voice that could rival her husband’s. "Do you see my eyes?"

Yamacha nodded. He was terrified.

She narrowed her eyes, deepened her frown, and slowly began to walk toward him. "Do you have any clue why they’re like this?" She was asking him a hypothetical question. Actually she was taunting him as she slowly loosen the grip in her left fist. She was creating a ki ball.

Yamcha shook his head no and quickly started to back up. He noticed her ki ball and was headed for the window. He wanted to get out of there!

She shook her head no and yelled as she threw the ki ball at him. "It’s a warning to stay the #@$% away from me!!!

The ki ball hit Yamcha directly in the chest and sent him crashing through the window, taking a large chunk of the wall with him. Because of shock and the pain of her ki blast, he couldn’t fly and plummeted four flights to the ground.

She ran to the now destroyed window/wall, looked out, and screamed at him. "And If you EVER come near me again, I swear I’ll tell VEGETA about this night!! And not only will I LET him KILL YOU!!! I’LL WATCH HIM DO IT!!!!!!" She sent another ki blast at him just to make her point clear.


Vegeta started on his journey home the same day, he saved himself and his ship from the meteor shower. The month long journey was almost over. He was glad. He missed Bulma and missed their mental bond. Now he was the one that always kept his wall down. He hoped that maybe for a second, she’d drop hers. And he didn’t want to miss her if she did. To pass the time, as he gallivanted across the universe to be with some female (^_^ chapter 1 remember) he continued to train relentlessly. He was much stronger now, and his training was creating major havoc on the construction of the ship. He paused from his training and glanced at the navigational control panel. His eyes lit up with joy and excitement when he realized where he was. He floated to the single window on the ship and looked out. He saw that big, blue, ball of dirt that he now called home. He chuckled to himself and shook his head. He hated that planet soo much, and it amazed him that could he be so happy to get back to it. On his reentry, the already tattered spaceship began to malfunction for the last time. He turned around and notice the sparks that were coming from the control panel. The mechanical female voice said something but it wasn’t audible. Vegeta slowly walked and stood in the middle of the ship, powered up and watched the walls of the ship melt and break away.


Bulma was sleeping in Vegeta’s room. After the Yamcha incident she didn’t feel comfortable sleeping in her room any more. She had made an awful decision the day before to cut her long beautiful hair and had cried her self to sleep. And now she was having trouble sleeping again. The baby seemed too distressed for some reason.


As the intensity of the heat surrounding the ship increased, Vegeta powered up fully. "I didn’t come this far just to die now!" He blasted out of the remains of the flaming ship right before it crashed in to the Pacific Ocean. "It’ll be faster to fly myself there anyway" He said in a happy cocky tone to himself. He ki’d up even more and head for home. When he got to Capsule Corps he flew straight for Bulma’s window. It was locked. He was taken back by that. She had promised to always keep it open for him. He tapped on it but still no answer. Then like a pepping Tom, he pressed his gloved hands and face against the window and looked in. All her stuff was gone. All his stuff was gone too. The room looked like it had been abandoned for a while. Instantly fear struck him like a tone of bricks. He didn’t know if something happened to his Bulma!! It’s been a month since he last communicated with her. He closed his eyes and tried to concentrated and see if he could fell her weak ki.

"THANK KAME" He yelled in relief. She was in his room. He flew as fast as he could to his balcony. When he landed on it, he grabbed the balcony door handle and tried to slide open the glass door. It was locked. He frowned, and tapped on it as gently as he could. His touch cracked the glass creating a snowflake like patter were his finger touched.

Bulma eyes shot wide open with anger and fury when she heard the tap and the cracking of the balcony door’s glass. "That bastard!! He just doesn’t learn!!" She threw her covers off her and quickly got out of the bed. Skillfully she stomped, in the pitch dark room, over to the balcony window. She flung open the heavy curtains and glared at the person she thought was Yamcha. She blinked and stiffened. At first she didn’t recognize the person frowning at her. Gold hair...teal eyes? Then the person gave her a look that said. "What are you waiting for! Open the door !!"(but not that nicely)

"VEGETA!!!" Her joy and excitement made her fumble as her tried to unlocked the balcony door.

He was frowning at her. "Why did you lock me out woman!!" Vegeta growled as he waited for her to open the door.

"Oh, I just didn’t feel safe with it unlocked when you were gone!" She yelled back as she clumsily tried to get the door open. It was jammed and she began to whimper. She took her gaze of the latch and looked up at Vegeta. She looked completely distressed.

Vegeta gestured her to move out of the way with his hand. He pointed his finger at the latch and blasted through the lock with a small amount of ki. She quickly slide the door open, ran to him an wrapped her arms around his neck. He slowly and tenderly wrapped his arms around her. He didn’t want to hurt her. He was a lot stronger than he was when her left 11 months ago. But his grasp around her felt...... strange. Vegeta looked down at the obstacle that was keeping his Bulma from embracing him they way he wanted to be embraced.

With wide eyes he screamed "WHAT THE *#%$ HAPPENED TO YOU!!!!"

She frowned and released him. She placed her hands on her hips and yelled "What the &^%$ are talking about Vegeta!!"

With even wider eyes he gestured his hands toward her stomach.

"I’m having a baby!! What the #@^$ do you expect me to look like!!" She was furious. How dare he act like she wasn’t still beautiful to him. She was the mother of his child for crying out loud!

"I understand that we’re having a baby Bulma! But what happen to your body?" He gazed at her stomach. He couldn’t understand why she let herself go like that after he left.

She was about the give him the tongue lashing of a life time, but she could tell by his eyes that he had no clue that their baby was inside her! She calmed down and spoke. "How are babies born on Vegetasii?"

(duh) "In tanks!"

"Were you born in a tank?" She was really curious of his answer, since he was one of the few Sayiens that actually had a mother.

He looked at her like she was stupid "Of course I was. Isn’t everybody?!!"

She giggled at his naiveté. "No Vegeta. Everybody isn’t!" She grabbed his hand and placed it on her stomach.

His knees almost gave out when her felt the baby move. "IT‘S INSIDE YOU?!!! What kind of backwards planet is this!!!" He knew that Bulma was with child but he didn’t realize that she was with child! He figured her discomfort was due to a mental bond she had with the baby; just as his discomfort was due to the mental bond he had with her. He didn’t even fathom that the child was actually inside her! She never showed the state of her pregnancy in the dream realm! But moreover, Sayien mothers didn’t carry their children to full term, or to any term for that matter. They donated their eggs. And Vegeta only considered himself having a mother because he knew who she was. "THIS IS MADNESS!!!" He yelled out.

She laughed at his reaction.

"Bulma, I’m serious! This is dangerous! You’ve got to take it out!" There was fear in his voice.

"It will come out when it’s time, Vegeta" she laughed.

He looked quizzically at her "How?"

She pointed toward her womanhood and laughed. "The same way it got in!"

His eyes got as wide as saucers. "HFIL NO!!! You’re getting it taken out NOW!!" He quickly swooped and cradled her in his arms and flew off the balcony.

She started to struggle in his arms. "Vegeta! NO! I want to have a natural child birth! I’ve been taking Lamaze classes and everything!!"

Vegeta didn’t know what Lamaze was, nor did he care. "I will not allow it!! It is too dangerous to give birth they way you want to!!"

"What are you taking about?!" She protested. "Chichi did it!!"

Vegeta looked into Bulma’s eyes. He was completely shocked. "Are you telling me that Kacarrott allowed his mate to have a .." he used her words "Natural child birth?" To him, there wasn’t anything natural about it.

Bulma nodded. Vegeta just looked disappointed, shook his head, and sighed out "That just proves my point... the people of this planet.. don’t know what it means to love."

She knew that he wasn’t including her in his statement, but she still felt insulted. "You don’t know what you’re talking about!" She wiggled in his arms again. " Goku loves Chichi!"

He looked at her skeptically. "Woman, you want to know how much Goku loves his mate?!" He raised his eye brows as he stared into her glares. "When that idiot came back from Nammek, or where ever the heck he was, Do you know what he did to her?" He paused and waited for her answer. She shook her head, so he continued. "He hit her through a wall!"

"NANI?!!!" Bulma couldn’t believe it, but she knew that Vegeta would never lie to her "Did he do it on purpose?"

Vegeta shook his head. "No. But I love you to much to ever forget what I am, and what kind of damage I can do to you!" He then looked deep into her eyes and glared at her "But you Baka, don’t even love me enough to want to ensure your survival!!"


He sighed. "Then prove it."

Bulma stopped wiggling and sat quietly in his arms after his last words. She now understood that he was really worried about her. She figured it wouldn’t kill her to have her child through C-section. By the way Vegeta was acting, it might kill her not to.

She was early, by four days, from her due date. But the doctors were too afraid of Vegeta to protest. And she was admitted immediately and was taken into surgery. She was afraid of the surgery, so Vegeta held her hand as they put her under and assured her that he wouldn‘t let anything bad happen to her.

With a penetrating gaze he watched the doctors, as they operated on her. His gaze never left them, and his frown never left his face. The doctors were terrified. And they had ever right to be. Vegeta was pissed. He couldn’t believe that they would allow her to be this far along with a half Sayein child in her body. Everyone on this planet knew who he was, and how strong and powerful he was. He felt that they were writing her death warrant, by allow her have a natural child birth with his son!!. Vegeta started to growl under his breath and clenched his teeth. All the doctors and nurses began to tremble with fear. They knew that if they made even one mistake they would pay for it with their life. After about an hour the delivery was success.

He almost fried the nurse when she stuck that tube in his son’s nose and mouth (to get the goo out) and his son started to cry. His eyes widen, his frown deepened and a ki ball started to form in his hand.

"Mr. Vegeta sir!" The doctor said trying to get his attention. Vegeta glanced at him. The doctor stuttered out his words. "She has to do that! To make sure he can breath! And his cries tell us that he ok and he can breath ok!"

Vegeta let the ki ball disappear. The nurse fainted.

He walked over to his son. He was in complete awe. Another nurse cleaned off his son and timidly asked him if he wanted to cut the umbilical cord. He glanced at her and snorted when she held up the scissors for him. He pointed his finger and used the ki to make a clean cut.

"What are you going to name him?" The nurse looked up and asked him.

Vegeta looked down at his son and smirked. "Trunks. But when he’s five he’ll earn his rightful name of Vegeta!"

"Trunk, huh? That’s a nice name" She said as she looked back at the baby and smiled weakly. She was too afraid to ask what he meant by earn the rightful name of Vegeta.


While Bulma’s parents visited her in her hospital room, Vegeta stayed out. Her family was too touchy feely for his taste. Especially when they were happy. And right now, they were ecstatic! He waited for three hours before he showed up in the doorway. His face clearly showing his displeasure. It’s been almost a year, he wanted to see his wife! He wanted to see his son! His in-laws smiled at him and got up to leave. Just moments before they were commenting on how patient he was being by allowing them to have so much time with their daughter and grandson. Vegeta’s body tensed up a little when Dr. Briefs patted him on his shoulder as he left. Vegeta’s body went completely stiff when Bulma’s mom gave him a big hug and squealed something about being happy and how he’d be a great ...daddy.

Bulma giggled as she watched her husband brush off his uniform as if he were getting rid of her parents germ.

"Bulma, What the heck is daddy?" He asked in an irritated sigh as he walked to her .

She giggled.

As he walked over to his wife he gazed lovingly at her. She was holding their son in her arm. He titled his head to the side as he observed what she was doing. She was feeding him with her breast. "I didn’t know they could do that." He said innocently.

She giggled again and slowly sat up. "Vegeta this is your son." She said weakly and handed him.

Vegeta gingerly took his son into his arms and sat on the bed next to her. He couldn’t believe how something beautiful, pure, and innocent could have a part of him in it. His son was absolute perfection. And he had a strong promising ki! He felt his sons tiny little tail wrap around his wrist and he realized something. This child. His perfect little boy was the fifth bond. The Ultimate Bond! He gently cradled his son closer to his chest, and a warm smile crept up on his lips as he stared at him. This was his son. The new Prince of Sayien race.

Bulma watched her husband smile at their child. "Your going to be a good daddy" She whispered and weakly lifted her hand to caress Vegeta face with the back of her finger’s. Vegeta grabbed her hand and kissed it. "I bet your dad was just as proud when he saw you for the first time" She said lovingly

Vegeta looked back at his son and gazed deep into his infant son’s face and slowly shook his head. "I doubt it."

"I bet you're wrong Vegeta." she chimed in a whisper.

Vegeta glanced over at Bulma and smiled warmly her and whispered, so he wouldn’t disturb his sleeping son. "I was never my father’s son. I was his assassin. Born only to kill him and take over as the next ruler."

Bulma’s eyes widened and her jaw slightly went ajar. Most of the time when Vegeta would talk about his home planet, most of things he would tell her, didn’t shock her but sometimes... "Would you of?" She asked almost afraid of the answer.

He straightened and returned to his usual regal posture. "Of course. It was my destiny" He stated (a little to loudly) with royal arrogance. Then he felt his son wiggle in his arms. He looked down at him and smiled. His face once again became softer and more loving. He whispered "No... this is my destiny and this is MY SON!"


Ok This is chapter 6! I hope you like it! It was my hardest chapter to write. I went off into foreign territory (the pregnancy thing) I had to ask people what it was like. I was totally grossed out! I don’t think I ever want to have kids! Anyways tell me how you liked it! I’ll respond promise. Oh, I want to give props to Marau-chan, a very talented writer I might add, for the idea to put a little romance in this chapter and to BRING BACK THE TAIL!! I would have never thought of it ^_^ oh and before forget I don’t own anything DragonBalls Z, or GT. I’m just a poor kid with a computer and an active imagination ^_~

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