Chapter 4

Addicted to lust

A week had gone by since Vegetaís gravity room had been destroyed and everyday he had to wait for his new one made him angrier at Goku and increased his desire to kill Yamcha for his lies. Bulma hated the gravity machine because Vegeta spent so much time in it; however, she couldnít wait for his new one to be completed. Until now she never knew how much his training calmed his temper...

ĎItís finished Vegetaí She had just put in the finishing touches.

ĎBout timeí Vegeta growled. He had been training on a near by island.

Bulma made him leave the grounds and find some place else to train, until she finished building the gravity room. She made him leave because she said his constant nagging and his repetitive question of "Is it done yet" was going to make her blast him (some how) into the next dimension. It took about ten minutes before Vegeta arrived.

"I upgraded it for you!" She looked pleased with herself and her work.

He grunted and nodded his head back. He walked over to Bulma and swept her up in his arms. He was trying to get her out of the room before his desire for her out weighed his need to train. She became excited by his embrace and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. He tried to resist but he couldnít help reacting to her kiss. He moaned with desire as he walked to the gravity room door. When he got outside he gently put her down, embraced her and kissed her more passionately. Only for air did they pull away. Bulma tried to kiss Vegeta again but he pulled back and shook his head.

"I need to train" He groaned unconvincingly. He desired her more than he wanted to train but he was already a week behind. He needed to train.

ĎLater.í She hungrily embraced him in her arms ĎTrain later.í She kissed, sucked and nibbled on his neck and ear. One of her hands slipped to the small of his back to touch and caressed his most sensitive spot. With her other hand, she rubbed on his now swollen member. He groaned with a deep need and sexual frustration and kissed her mouth exploring every inch to it with his tongue. Lustfully he grabbed her legs and straddled them around his waist. Bulma pulled off of Vegetaís shirt and he put one of his hands under her tank top. They kissed, licked and sucked at each others exposed flesh. Both trying to satisfy their hunger for each other. They didnít even care that they were outside for the world to see. If not the world, Bulmaís parents

"BULMA!" Bulmaís dad called to her. He was disgusted by their public display of affection.

She wanted to ignore her dad but she slowly turned her head to look at him. He was furious. Vegeta slowly put Bulma back on the ground. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ear. He wanted to stop; her father was watching but he couldnít. He was obsessed with her and this desire to be in her. Bulma didnít try to stop him either; actually she encouraged his behavior.

"BULMA!!!" Her father called out again.

Slowly the two parted. Vegeta eyes never left hers. Both of them were soo utterly unfulfilled, their bodies ached.

"Later" Vegeta whispered in a lusty pant. Bulma seductively licked her lips, tasting his kiss and nodded yes.

Vegeta slowly walked backwards into the gravity machine never allowing Bulmaís lustful gaze to leave his.

Late that night or early that next morning Vegeta had finally stopped training. He could have trained longer but his body longed for a different type of physical exertion. A great grandfather clock chimed 3: 15 am when he got into the house.

ĎBulmaís most likely sleep alreadyí He grunted in his thoughts. He headed straight to the bathroom, to shower. He stayed in there for quite a while. He had to take up some un finished business with his right hand ^.^ When the got into his room he was happily surprised to see his beautiful sleeping Bulma on his bed. She had on a pale pink silk pj. The top was a tank top with lace spaghetti straps and knickers pants that were trimmed in lace. Vegeta made a disappointed frown when he looked at what she was wearing. It was one of her regular pajamas.

ĎI guess she only waited to talk to me not to seduce meí

He quietly walk over to his dresser and pulled out some black silk boxers and put them on. He walked over to his bed and gingerly got in. He didnít feel like talking to her tonight. So he was careful not to wake her. He gazed at her sleeping form for about 5 min until he couldnít resist her any longer. He wanted her, so he woke her up.

"Mmmm" Slowly Bulmaís eyes fluttered open to see her prince. "Took you long enough" She murmured as she stretched .

His dark smoldering eyes lit up with libidinous excitement. "I wasnít sure if you were in the mood."

"Oh.." She said licking her lips enticingly. "So you decided to let me sleep, ne" She gave him a devilish grin. "Vegeta, Iím always in the mood."

He seductively smirked back at her.

"Youíre not tired?" She asked as sat up, even though she didnít care if he was or not. The strap on her top fell lazily off her shoulder as she perched herself on her elbows.

"I donít get tired" He smirked.

"Weíll see" She coaxed.

He gently caressed her cheek with his hand and brushed away the few stray strands of hair that fell onto her face. As he brought his face closer to hers, he stared at her drinking in her beauty in his sensuous gaze. She parted her lips inviting him to kiss her. He placed his lips on hers, slipped his tongue into her mouth, and kissed her passionately. He embraced her in his arms, pushed her back her back and gently positioned himself on top of her. Bulma wrapped her legs around Vegetaís waist. Engaged in fiery kiss and he grinded his hips against hers, as she bucked her hips to receive him. Bulma moaned with delight as his member pressed against the innermost portion of her thighs. She enjoyed the sensations of it. This is what they usually did until they came or until they were both too raw, from all the grinding, to continue.

She looked into Vegeta dark sultry eyes as he motioned himself on top of her. Tonight they were different. Tonight they demanded satisfaction.

ĎFinallyí she moaned in her thoughts.

That morning at around 10:28 am Vegeta finally woke up.

He woke slowly, as if trying to escape from a euphoria type state. His body was sore yet satisfied. He wanted to just stay where he was, and sleep in, but something someone move from under him. It was Bulma. Vegeta slowly got up, careful not to wake her. He started to feel an exquisite sensation course through his body and looked down at this member. He had fallen asleep while he was still inside her, and now taking himself out of her was sweet torture. It started to stiffen again, for she was so tight. (Like a too small glove. ^_^)

She whimpered as he took out each inch. He stopped pulling out of her, as her eyes slowly fluttered open. "Good morning" she purred. She gazed lovingly at his face and into his eyes.

He smirked at her affectionately. It was a good morning. She looked so beautiful as she laid beneath him. Her soft silky hair haloíd her face. Her skin seemed to radiate with a healthy, happy, glow. And her eyes sparkled with devotion toward him.

As Bulma gazed into Vegetaís eyes she couldnít help but notice a change in the way he looked at her. It was soo.. happy. He actually looked happy. ĎSo thatís all you needed.í She moaned as she tightened her muscles around his member, making him groan and it jerk inside her body "A good @#%*!"

He smirked again and shook his head at her "You are such a %#@%@ foul mouth" he lovingly teased. She giggled .

She couldnít believe what a fantastic night of love making she just had. She couldnít dream of a better lover. He was soo good and skillful...too be a virgin. She narrowed her eyes at him "I thought you said you were a virgin!"

He was taken back by the accusation. His eyes went wide before he composed himself. "Was I that clumsy?" He warmly teased.

"Hmm mmm" she moaned and slowly shook her head no. Her body shuddered as she quickly remembered the nights events.

"Then where ever did you get a stupid idea like that? " He asked a little more seriously. He was starting to feel offended that she actually thought that he had never been with a woman.

"From you! You told me that you where a virgin!" She pointed her finger at him almost touching his nose.

"I said no such thing!" He quickly moved from on top of her. She gasped loudly as his movements caused the rest of his long thick rod to abruptly be released from her. He sat at the edge of his bed, naked and his back to her. He thought she was lying to him.

"Vegeta Iím not lying to you! You probably donít remember when you told me... It was in the kitchen when you looked into my thoughts for the first time..." She talked sweetly trying to soothe his anger. She caressed his muscular back. "Iím glad that we are each others first... It means a lot to me!"

He turned to face her. He blinked slowly as he stared at her. He didnít speak but the words were at the tip of his tongue. It was a long pause and she waited patiently for him to speak. "Iím not a virgin, Bulma."

"WHAT!!!..." Her heart sank. "Are you telling me that you already have a mate?" She sat up. Her knees straddled the messed up blankets. She sat a little over eye level to him. She wanted to kill him for making her an adulteress.

"No!" He answered her as if that was the absolute dumbest thing she had ever said.

"But you said that if you had sex with someone, you were mated!!!" She screamed making wild hand gestures.

"Thatís what I read about you...... Earthlings..." He raised his eyebrows as if that action would help her understand what he was telling her. " Donít Earthlings only have sex after marriage?"

Her brow forked angrily even though she was majorly relieved. "Vegeta, were on Earth did you read that?"

"I didnít read on Earth. I read it on one of Freza battles shipís... When I was doing research on this planet."

(He had told her once, that he liked to research the planets he purged before he destroyed them. He liked to know what he was up against before commencing in battle. He also took joy in knowing what and who he destroyed. )

"Well your source of info was out dated! #@*$ Yamcha wasnít married and he slept around all the time...."

He interrupted her. "I attributed that to humanís not being able to be completely monogamous."

She tightly shut her eyes and gritted her teeth. She was getting pretty sick and tired of him bashing human fidelity. She opened her eyes and shot an icy glare at him "We just had sex! What do you attribute that to?!" She seethed.

His face went pale and his mental wall went up as he talked to himself. ĎDid she not know? Maybe she isnít really bonded to me.... No that canít be it. She exhibits all of the signs of being bonded. I think. %$#@ I should have paid attention when I was kid...í

"Vegeta do you hear me! I just asked you a question!" She yelled as she cupped his face angrily. By the look in his eyes she could tell that he was lost in thought.

ĎI know.... I never told her.í He nodded comfortingly at his conclusion. His eyes focused on Bulma, whoís face was directly in his. "Woman what do you think being bonded is?"

"Nani" now her face when pale.

"Itís marriage.... without the divorce" He smirked.

She just sat there in complete shock. She was married?... Yep she was married; without a proposal, without a ring, and without a wedding. She didnít even get to elope for crying out loud! Slowly she came back to reality... "Vegeta if we were married all this time... Why was last night the first time we made love?"

"Woman! Do you have sex on the brain?" Vegeta was shocked by her question. He thought that she was going to yell and be upset because she was married and was cheated out of that stupid earth ritual, ceremony, thing.

She lunged at him, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Yesss" she hissed lustfully. She pushed him on his back and straddled his waist. She slowly allowed him to enter her. "Ahhh" She started with slow movements. He matched and met them. His look of complete lust (eyes cocked/breathing seductively out of his mouth) made her increase her pace. She was already raw and tender from last night, so her climax was coming quickly.

He shook head slowly. "Not yet" he groaned. He rolled over, never exiting her, until she was on her back. Her hair fanned on the pillow. Thatís when Vegeta saw it. "WHAT THE %@#*!!!!!" He abruptly pulled out of her and backed up until he was off the bed. His eyes were as wide as saucers.

"What! Whatís wrong?" His look of fright, terrified her.

He paused before he spoke in a hoarse whisper "I did I do that to you?" He pointed toward her face( her neck)

She ignored the pain between her legs, and ran to a mirror to see how bad Vegeta maimed her. What she saw was a healed scar at the base of her neck in the shape of two half crescents, It almost looked like a complete circle. Her eye were wide and furious. "YOU BIT ME!!" She screamed and spun around to him to yell some more.

He just stood there shaking his head no, like a five year old in trouble "I didnít mean to" He whispered sadly.

She placed her hands on her naked hips and stomped over to him "Whatís wrong with you? How could you leave a scar on me so close to my beautiful face!"

"I didnít mean to" he whispered again.

"Nan de mo! Vegeta!" She angrily pointed at her scar "What is this?! A mark of possession?!"

His eyes stretched wider and he whispered in a small voice that was uncharacteristic to him "yes"

"YES!!!!" She screamed as loud as her throat allowed. She was about to continue to voice her anger but stopped before she uttered a word. She smiled devilishly, walked to the bed, wrapped herself in the covers and sat on the bed. "Vegeta" she said calmly "This scar.... It symbolizes our bonds. Doesnít it?"

He nodded slowly.

"Like a wedding ring. Right?"

"I guess so" He narrowed his eyes and tried to figure out why she was suddenly so calm.

"Good." She said smugly.

"Good!?" He asked suspiciously

"Yes, Good... Because you have one too" She beamed one of her victory smiles at him.

"WHAT!!!!" He ran to the mirror and stared wide eyed at the smaller almost identical scar at the base of his neck and poked at it with his finger. "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! This canít be! I just canít believe it!!"

She giggled.

"I must be the only Royal in Sayien history to have ever had a physical bond! Or any bond for that matter!" He shook his head dejectedly ĎI canít believe it!í "Not only do I a have physical bond. It was given to me by an alien!"

"ALIEN!" She snorted " Your on my planet bucko! Youíre the @#$*% alien!"

As Vegeta continued ranting, she sat wrapped in his sheets and watched her prince have a conniption fit over the new bond. She innocently rubbed her scar (the one he was complaining about) and felt a surge of exotic pleasure pulsate through her body. She almost came again from the feeling it gave her. Vegeta heard her moans of pleasure, looked at her and shook his head. He had felt the same sensation too when he poked at his scar, but he wasnít going to make a big deal about it. He narrowed his eyes as he watched her rub it again and again. He noticed that her breathing raced, her back started to arch and her eyes rolled into the back of her head. She was about to cum.

"Would you like to be left alone!" He shouted.

"Oh shut up" She moaned. She gestured with her hand for him to come to her. She was in the mood again. He reluctantly when to her. He was upset about the outward expression of their bond but, her little performance made him really, really horny.


Ring ring: the telephone

Bulma groggily woke up and glanced at Vegetaís clock. It was about 5:47pm. She delved under Vegetaís bed with her hand toward the noisy ring of her cell phone.

"Mooshi mooshi"

"Oh yes hello Bulma! Is Vegeta home?"

"No Chichi, he left to train this afternoon." Bulma voice was kinda grumpy.

"Oh I was afraid of that..." She started to sob. "And Goku just came home from the hospital yesterday too."

"Chichi what are you talking about?" Bulma sighed trying to maintain her patients.

"Vegeta just came over looking for Goku....I was hoping he had went home...." sniff "Iím afraid heís still out for Gokuís blood"

Bulma tried to stifle a laugh "Chichi, Vegeta will always be out for Gokuís blood, but today I think he only wanted to talk to him."

"Talk?.." Sniff sniff "What could they possibly have to talk about?"

"Who knows... but I think I have an idea. Why donĎt you come over and weíll talk about it over tea."

"Are you sure?"

"Of course Iím sure. Iíll be expecting you in an hour. Ok?"


Bulma slowly got out of bed. Her body was still raw from pleasure.

Vegeta had found Goku training in the woods with Piccolo and Gohan. Vegeta hovered above them staring down at them with royal arrogance.


The three below instantly stopped training and looked up toward Vegeta.

"Hi ya Vegeta!" Goku smiled and waved at Vegeta. Vegeta snorted.

"Kacarott, I am allowing you to train with me today!" He said it in the tone of royal permission. He still looked arrogantly down at them.

"You have some nerve Vegeta!" Piccolo roared. "After what you did, How dare you.."

"After what I did?" Vegeta scoffed in a bitter laugh "Kacarrott should be thanking me! For he is now stronger because of the beating I gave him!"

Piccolo and Gohan looked at Goku to see if Vegeta was telling the truth. Goku nodded.

"Lets go, third class!" Vegeta started to fly away.

Ignoring the insult, Goku started to follow Vegeta until Gohan cried out and grabbed his hand "No dad! You donít have to go!"

"Heís right Goku. Vegeta canít be trusted!" Piccolo warned.

"Donít worry Guyís. Vegeta said he only wanted to train. He has way to much honor to go back on his word." He looked at them but they didnít looked convinced. "Anyways Iím the one who attacked Vegeta last time because I thought he was ..." He stopped mid sentence and looked into Gohanís eager eyes. He forgot that Gohan didnít know about Bulma and Vegeta. And he couldnít tell him until he knew Trunks was born. Gohan was like his mother; he liked to gossip but unlike Chichi he couldnĎt keep a secret. Goku looked at Piccolo. Piccolo nodded knowingly.

"Come on Gohan, weíll train together while your father trains with Vegeta" Piccolo said impatiently.

"Oh-kay" Gohan said in a tone that expressed that he was still afraid for his fathers safety.

Vegeta waited for Goku in the quarry where they had their first battle.

"Wow this place sure does bring back memories!" Goku said looking around.

"I didnít invite you here to reminisce about old times Baka" Vegeta got into a fighting "And before we get started I want to remind you that you didnít defeat me in that battle!"

"I know Vegeta" Goku got into a fighting stance too. "If wasnít for Gohan turning into a ooozuro and your tail getting cut off by...." Goku stopped mid sentence. He almost forgot that Vegeta still didnít know that Yajarobe cut off his tail.

"Who? Who cut off my tail?" Vegetaís face stayed calm but his eyes narrowed. His fury was raging for revenge inside him.

"Umm... it doesnít matter. It was a long time ago." Goku rushed and attacked Vegeta to change the subject.

Vegeta and Goku trained viciously and attacked each other mercilessly. Though neither one of them was taking it easy on the other, Vegetaís mind was not in the fight. He wanted to know about Kacarrottís bonds. He wanted to see his bonding mark. He wanted to make sure that bonding with earthlings was possible.

Vegeta flew to Goku and grabbed at the collar of his gi. Goku hit his hand away and punched him in his side. Vegeta fought for another hour before he had the opportunity to grab at the collar again. He took advantage of the opening Kacarrott left around his neck and gave the collar a tug but was hit away before he had the chance to see the mark.

Back at Capsule Corps (C.C.)

Bulma and Chichi sat in the family entertainment room eating cookies and drinking tea while they talked about old times.

"Bulma may I ask how you and Vegeta got together?" Chichi asked while nibbling on a cookie.

"I guess it was love at first sight..."

"Love at first sight!.. Bulma the first time you saw him, he was going to kill you to get your dragon ball! Remember?.... You were getting them because you were trying to wish Yamcha back to life! Remember?.... He killed Yamcha and he was going to destroy the earth!!!"

"Yes but that was just his job! He never really had any thing against the earth or..." Bulma tried to convince her friend.

Bulma!" Chichi interrupted "Do you hear you self? You are taking up for a cold blooded murder!!"

Bulma quickly stood up and glared down at Chichi "Chichi you may be one of the strongest women in the world but I will not have you talking bad about my man!"

Chichi stared up at her friend dumbstruck. "You would fight me for him?" She couldnít believe it.

"Chichi, I would kill for him." Bulma said in a deadly serious tone.

Chichi stared up at her friend for along time then smiled at her and nodded "I understand. I feel the same about my Goku."

At the quarry:

Vegeta made another attempt at Gokuís collar. This time he was successful, but he saw no mark. "^&%* it must be on the other side!" The two fought for another 30 min before he had another opportunity.

At C.C.:

"Wow Bulma Iím so jealous." Chichi squealed "I canít even imagine my Goku having enough nerve or self control to give me two hours of foreplay...." she continued dejectedly "Goku and I donít even engage in foreplay."

"Youíre kidding me.." Bulma couldnít believe what her friend was telling her " You mean you guys never.." Bulma made oral sex gestures.

Chichi sadly shook her head no " Bulma, letís just put it this way. Goku still blushes, giggles and turns away like a school boy when he sees me naked."

"Oh Chichi Iím soo sorry. So how do you...."

Chichi sighed "We donít do it that often, and when we do I usually have to drug him"


At the quarry:

Vegeta grabbed his collar and looked at Gokuís neck and saw not mark. He couldnít believe it. How could Kacarrott not be bonded to that earth woman. They had a brat together for crying out loud. They had been together for years. Did Kacarrott have more self control resisting bonds than he? Vegeta was so wrapped up in this thoughts that he didnít notice Goku gently peeling his grasp off his collar.

"Vegeta, I like you an-all but I donít swing that way." Goku said, as he slowly floated backwards away from him.

"Baka, what are you talking about?" Vegeta spat out as he came back to reality.

"This is the fourth time youíve tried to take off my shirt. Iím not sure if want to spar with you anymore." He said innocently but with a touch of fear. "Youíre creeping me out."

Vegetaís jaw dropped and his eyes almost popped out of his head, at the realization of what that idiot Kacarrott accused him of being. He blasted him into a mountain. Then flew to him and blasted him again "Iím not a #%^$^% yoai you $#%$^ bastard!!! I was just trying to see your bonding mark!!"

Goku slowly pulled himself out of the rubble. "My what?"

At C.C.

"It's my bonding mark. You donít have one?" Bulma displayed her mark proudly. She wore a tank top so everyone could see it.

Chichi shook her head no "It looks painful"

"Oh it isnít. It feels wonderful!" Bulma moaned as she rubbed her finger across the mark. Her body twitched as it sent a feeling of ecstasy rushing through her body. "Mmmm.... Chichi, I think thatís why Vegeta went to talk to your husband. He wanted to see what side effects this bond has before he or I get hurt again.

"What do you mean this bond. How many bonds are there?"

Bulma was totally shocked "Are you serious Chichi? You really donít know anything about the bonds?"

At the quarry

"What do you mean you donít know what a bond is?!!" Vegeta yelled making exaggerated hand gestures "A bond Baka! A bond!!"

"Iím sorry Vegeta. I donít know what youíre talking about?" Goku shrugged his shoulders.

"If you donít have a bond, why the *#%@ did you stay so many years, with that woman!!"

"I love her."

"LOVE" Vegeta laughed bitterly. "You are so stupid Kacarrott. Love doesnít last!"

"I think you're wrong, Vegeta."

"Third class... You would" Vegeta scoffed and started to fly off.

"Hey, donít you want to spar anymore?"

"No." Vegeta kiíd up and headed for home.

At C.C.

"You guys have three bonds?" Chichi asked

Bulma nodded and giggled " Yes we have a mental bond, a blood bond and a physical bond or bond of the body" She rubbed her mark again and shivered. "I canít believe you and Goku are not bonded Chichi. Who woulda believed that Vegeta would bond with me before Goku bonded with you! Are you sure youíre not bonded?"

I twinge of jealously ran through Chichiís blood. "Yes Bulma! Iím sure Goku and I havenít bonded yet. Anyways, we donít need a bond. We love each other"

Bulma ran her fingers over her mark again and tilted her head back to enjoy the feelings it gave her "Mmmmm.... What Vegeta and I have is more intense than love." She said in a lusty moan.

"Bulma should I go and leave you alone with your scar!" Chichi said bitterly.

"Oh Iím sorry. Here let me explain the bonds to you, since you havenít experienced them yet."

Chichi narrowed her eyes at Bulma. Her jealously was keeping her from being completely happy for her friend. Bulma explained the bonds to Chichi and told her the stories of how she received them. She started with the blood bond first, to clear up the mix up when they though she was being abused by Vegeta. Then she explained the physical bond. Because she liked bragging about Vegetaís skills as a lover. Chichi couldnít help but be turned on by Bulmaís graphic details about their lovemaking. Bulma and Vegeta did things that she knew she could only dream of doing with Goku. When Bulma started explaining the mental bond Vegeta walked into the room.

His face was in his usual mean stone expression. He sat in a chair directly across from Bulma and Chichi. He sat there with his arms resting on the armrest and stared at Bulma. His gaze was so penetrating and so seductive Chichi wondered how Bulma could ignore it and keep talking to her.

"Now the mental bond is.." Bulma stopped in mid sentence and looked at Vegeta. She nodded and pushed a button so a work-bot could bring Vegeta some orange juice. "Wait! Chichi before I tell you about the mental bond let me go back to the blood bond I forgot to mention the best part of that bond.."

"You mean thereís more?" Chichi asked with a dumbfounded expression.

Bulma nodded eagerly. "Yes! I age slower. My body fights viruses quicker and I heal quicker. Just like a Sayien...."

Chichi noticed Bulma stopping in mid sentence again to look at Vegeta. She was shaking her head and making hand gestures as if she was talking to him but she wasnít uttering a word. Vegeta on the other hand was calm and still.

ĎYour body is not reacting like a Sayiens! So stop spreading your stupid lies!í Vegeta was talking to her mentally, but he didnít move nor did he make any facial expressions that would show to any one else what he was doing.

ĎHow can you say that Vegeta!í She pinched her bottom lip and tugged it forward ĎHow do you explain this. Huh!í

Vegeta slowly stood up and walked toward her. Before her got to her, he passed a desk and picked up a letter opener. ĎBulma...this his how quickly a Sayien healsí He stabbed his lower arm with the letter opener and made a deep, long cut.

Bulma and Chichi gasped with disgust at what Vegeta did and at his bloody arm. Bulma narrowed her eyes at Vegeta who was staring at her with a smug smirk on his face and letting the blood from his wound drip into his gloved hand. Chichi ran to get something to wrap up Vegeta arm in. In less than a minute Chichi was back with a clean cloth. Because she was afraid of him, she timidly walked over to Vegeta to help him. He slowly shook his head to her, and wiped his bloody arm with his other gloved hand. Under smeared blood they could see that the wound was almost completely healed. Wide eyed in amazement, Bulma and Chichi watched as the wound heal right in front their eyes. It didnít even leave a scar.

His gaze was on Bulma the entire time. He smirked and held out the letter opener for her to grab ĎCare to see if you really do heal like a Sayien

She crossed her arms, "Hmphed" and turned her head from him.

He laughed and walked back to his seat. He took off his bloody gloves and threw them on the coffee table ~splat~

"Whatís going on?" A shocked Chichi asked Bulma. She was completely clueless about want just happened.

"Oh that show-off Vegeta was telling me that I donít heal like a Sayien" She turned and glared at him "You are such a jerk!"

He laughed louder as he stared at her.

"He told you? I didnít hear him say a word!" Chichi slowly stated.

Bulma looked back at her friend "We can speak through telepathy. Itís an ability acquired through the mental bond"

"Oh ....really?" Chichi said as she desperately tried to hide her jealously.

Bulma nodded and began telling her about the mental bond. As Bulma spoke Chichiís mind started to wander, and her gaze went towards Vegeta. She started thinking about the stories Bulma told her about their love making. Vegeta seemed so different to her now. Sure he was scary but now the threat of him was enticing and seductive. She started admiring his handsome features and the royal way he cared himself. She looked at Vegeta as he stared at Bulma. She wished that Goku would, just once, look at her with that same seductive intensity. Her cheeks started to blush. Vegetaís eyes whipped toward her direction and he frowned at her . She quickly turned her gaze away from him. Bulma stopped in mid sentence and looked at Vegeta as if he had said something to her, then noticed the guilty looked on her friends face.

"What were you doing Chichi?" Bulma narrowed her eyes at her friend. Her voice was serious.

Chichi looked up at friend and answered in a guilty whisper "I was wishing Goku was more like Vegeta."

"Oh Chichi" Bulma felt sorry for her and embraced her friend. Vegeta laughed at her.

"How pathetic!" Vegeta laughed louder and Chichi started to cry.

"Shut up! You ##%@ jerk!" Bulma yelled at Vegeta as she tried to soothe her friend.

Vegeta ignored her command "Chichi if youíre really desiring Kacarrott to be like me, youíll be waiting an eternity....Hmm" He raised one of his eyebrows then gave her one of his seductive glares "Maybe you werenít desiring Kacarrott at all!..." He made a V shape with his index finger and middle finger, brought it to his mouth and flicked his tongue at her, mimicking oral sex .

Chichi had raised her head to glare, at him for his last remark, just in time to see his sexual gesture. Her face turned beet red and her lower extremity started to burn with desire, for him.

Vegeta laughed even louder as Bulma hissed at him for taunting her friend.

Chichi stood up. "Bulma, I think I better go!"

"Yes! Please do!" Vegeta did a royal waiving dismissal gesture with his hand. He was tired of her presence in his home.

"Call me. Ok?" Bulma told her friend. Chichi nodded and quickly started to leave.

"Oh Chichi" Vegetaís voice evilly chimed as he called out to her before she left completely the room "Donít bother trying to make Kacarrott bond with you. Because you have to be an adult to bond with your mate."

"What are you talking about Vegeta?!" Chichi spat out. "You know as well as I do that Gokuís an adult!"

Vegeta slowly shook his no as he got up from his seat. He tapped the side of his forehead with his index finger. "You have to be an adult mentally" He laughed at her as she fumed and stomped away. He walked over to Bulma embraced her and kissed her neck and sucked on her scar. "I thought she would never leave." He moaned between kisses.

Bulma embraced him back. His touch was making, creating a libidinous need in her. With one of her hands she caressed the small of his back and with the other she rubbed and pressed against his member feeling it stiffen and jerk at her touch. "Mmmm....That was mean, Vegeta" She groaned.

ĎSo.í He slid his hand up her inner thigh, under her mini skirt and into her panties.

"AHHHH" She arched her back as his fingers caressed her folds. "Is it true?...Mmmmm... What you said about her never being able to bond with Goku?.. AHHH..AHHH"

Vegeta shrugged his shoulders and groaned "How should I know" He kissed her fully on the mouth.

"Youíre soo mean" She moaned when they parted for air.

He looked intensely in her eyes ĎWould you have me any other way?í

ĎNo... No I wouldnítí She kissed him passionately as they fell onto the couch.


Ok that was chapter 4. I know it was a bit much, but it just wouldnít be a B/V without the lemon would it? Anyways it fit with the story so I decided to leave it in. I donít really want comments about this chapter. Iím kinda embarrassed by it. But if you feel you must...

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