Chapter 2


Radditz was not happy, the bitch Prince Vegeta had ordered him to take was kicking him, and hitting him with all her might. But that was not bothering as much as her screaming, the Prince said not to harm her, but did not say he couldn't scare her to death. Radditz smirked at the idea. "Shut up you little whore! Or I will drop you!" He growled as she screamed out of fright.

Bulma was released and was falling toward the ground, she hadn't noticed how far they had flown. She screamed and sobbed, she was seconds away from the earth as Radditz caught her, but her head hit his armor, and it hurt. "Now shut up!" Bulma shut up and laid still, watching the ground pass from under them. She watched them pass a beach and fly over another ocean. The sea turned black with white light, Bulma noticed there was a full moon. She panicked. TWO apes running like mad, uncontrollable and unstoppable over the world!

They were landing, but to Bulma it was more like falling! She screamed as they landed, Raddtiz dropped her, and she backed away in fear. Radditz only humped and crossed his arms waiting for something. Bulma saw his back turned in the full moon light, and was about to take a run for it. Radditz lifted his head and looked at the full moon. He began to transform. Bulma was scared and ran.


Prince Vegeta had watched them land, more like heard them land. From two miles away he heard her cry, and scream as they landed. He was about to step in and punish Radditz, when he saw Radditz just drop her. As Raddtiz began to transform, she took a run for freedom. Vegeta was going to let her run and then find her, she would die without him, and she would find no other way to live. He didn't expect thick head Nappa to step in as he saw and heard Nappa's tail come at an alarming speed at her.


Bulma ran with all her strength, and then heard a deep voice that scared her. "Where do you think you are going!" A large object was heading right for her. She screamed and tears broke out more than before. Another being came to her rescue, "Nappa you dare!" Another large ape came into view, swatting the oncoming..tail out of harms way! Bulma felt as if she was going to faint, but a roar made her come to her senses. Radditz had fully transformed. She ran, as fast as she could go.

Vegeta had seen her take off. Watched her go into the forest, he turned, "Nappa don't ever try to even touch her again." With that he walked on. He could hear her, run falling but getting right back up. Even in this form he could smirk, that smirk which only he could.

Bulma ran on and on, but could barley see in front of herself, but felt the ground tremble. Fear grew, one of them was after her. She ran then fell, under. She had fallen in quick sand, she screamed and tried to pull herself but the ground shook more. Who ever was after her had heard and was running toward her. She reached for something, anything to pull her self out from the death trap.

Vegeta heard her scream and looked frantically to find her. He could no longer hear a running sound of her, just normal sounds. He heard a water slap sound and move toward it, he had to find her. He moved the trees, nothing. He roared in anger. He heard more of it, water sound, but then it stopped before he could find her.

The more Bulma moved, the more she sank, she halted her attempts. The ape that saved her from another was looking around and was close enough for her to see his eyes, his roar made her freak out. She stopped again, his head was pointed in her direction. She saw him move trying to find her. She remained still, but she was now neck in the quick sand due to the beast's large footsteps. Every step made her sink a few inches faster.

Her mind was in debate. Either she allow her self to be captured, or die slowly here. Bulma's was nearly so far in quicksand she could only have a few seconds to scream now, she made her choice," HELP!!!!!!" Her mouth went under she had a little air left in her, she held it.

Vegeta moved he had heard her, and was looking, he knew she was there, but where? His ears pointed in the area she was in but nothing. He knocked down trees cleared the area fast as he could. But nothing just more earth and animals. He saw an animal run the fall through the earth, into wet ground. That was it! She was stuck somewhere in a pool of the wet earth, and was sinking as he figured by the animal drowning.

Bulma's head sank into the earth. Only her hand was now above she could no longer hold the air, she released it, and blacked out. He body laid limp and forever to be in the depths of the quick sand.

Vegeta heard something, slowly turning his head, he saw something. He reached for it. The was something in the wet earth, he gently grabbed it, it was...Bulma. He lifted the form of the girl he was chasing, and she lay limp in-between his fingers he thought frantically on how to help her in the form he was in.

An idea can to mind, with the slightest pressure he squeezed her chest. Afraid he had broken her instead, he didn't move. Her body convulsed her eyes flew open, she coughed hard and her breath raged. Bringing in more air. Vegeta watched her. She was a mess and needed to be cleaned. he smirked, walking off in the direction he had seen a waterfall earlier.

* * * * *

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