Chapter 12


Bulma bit her lip from the pain of seeing her friends about to fight whatever these Saibamen things were. Tears wished to come to her eyes, but she would not allow them. She was not going to look weak in front of her friends, or Vegeta. Why she didn't want to cry in front of Vegeta was beyond her, he already thought her weak, but she did not want any of the others to focus their attention on her. They had to have their full attention on the beings they were about to face, they knew it, and she knew it. Vegeta was also continuing to hold her tightly, not enough to do damage, but she knew there was going to be a red imprint once she was let go from his imprisoning arm. "Nappa, let's remove our scouters, they are useless here, remember how Radditz depended on it, look where it got him." She felt him shift, and soon felt his hot breath close to her ear, just breathing on her. She froze, scared as not to what he was going to say, but what she might do no matter how much she would fight it. "I suggest you stay close to me, little one. The Saibamen will sense your fear, and if you move, they will attack you." Bulma closed her eyes, she could feel him smirking evilly as he licked her ear. She heard him chuckle even so as he licked the side of her cheek before straightening again. Opening her eyes, she saw Yamcha's hateful glare.

His hands were clenched tightly at his side. She desparately tried, for some crazy unknown reason, to tell him not to bother so. "I fight first." He stepped forward near the middle of the imaginary arena that stood between the two groups.

Bulma turned her head, about to speak to Vegeta, but stopped as she saw Nappa rising from the ground. Moments later something began to sprout from where Nappa had been crouched, and watched in horror the green monsters that were no doubt the Saibamen Vegeta had spoken of. As their horrific noises grew, Bulma didn't care that she was putting Vegeta between her and those ... those ... things! She was terrified that they were not only next to Nappa, but on Vegeta's side as well. She desperately wanted to latch onto Vegeta, who had released his hold on her in her moment of horror. She trembled remembering Vegeta's words, and stood close as possible without making contact. Despite Vegeta's words, she fretted, and the closest of the Saibamen turned its attention to her, letting out a high pitched frightening wail that make Bulma instinctively shrink back. She knew then it was about to lunge at her, its talon fingers bared and ready. Bulma fell to the ground behind Vegeta and Nappa as she somehow knew it moved so slightly at her, but it didn't move anymore than that. Vegeta's voice snapped her out of her trance as she saw and heard him speaking again in a language she knew nothing of. The little monster actually cowered in fear as Vegeta continued to snap at him. After long moments of silence Vegeta turned his head from the being, toward the fighters and again spoke. The Saibamen grinned and jumped forward away from his kind to the middle arena.

Bulma didn't trust herself to stand, she sat watching from between Nappa and Vegeta. Though the other green things blocked her view some, she knew she wasn't going to be able to watch them with their speed. Minutes pasted before they exploded in movement, she couldn't follow, but could hear. Up and down, right and left, she heard both Yamcha's and the Saibamen's grunts and yells. Suddenly a ball of light erupted from the air and it was flying around in directions so fast Bulma could only see a trace of white to make it out. A high pitched scream followed instantly the ground erupted with shattering force as dust hit Bulma before she could close or shield her eyes. Screaming in pain as particles of dust stung at her from within her eye lids, she tried desperately to cry, not caring who saw, only knowing that the water would help clear her eyes. But the pain was awful. She heard Yamcha yelling her name from somewhere above, followed by yells from the other fighters for Earth. All Bulma knew was that she was hit by wind that could only come from something exploding and she was toppled over and sent backwards in distance she had no clue. Her arms and legs were scraped and scratched repeatedly as she tumbled over and over while trying her best to protect her head. Her eyes shut, Bulma knew only pain in a way she had never felt in her life. A pain engulfed in fear, for nothing could help her in the blackened world she was trapped in from her stinging closed eyes. Time had been slowed to hours before she finally stopped and came to a halt on the side of her upper body, her knees against the ground, bleeding she knew from the pain of grinding. Bulma was not thankful at all for the inability to open her eyes, the Saibamen filling her ears at such closeness Bulma could not hold back the blood curdling scream that erupted from within her.

Total chaos had erupted from the moment the woman had first screamed behind him. Vegeta knew when she had screamed the first time that Yamcha was a dead man, believed the Saibamen dead and focused his attention on her screaming form. His ears still rang from her pain filled screams, she was so damn close to him that he thought surely his Sayjian eardrums would be damaged. The seconds that followed however, no one, not even he, Prince Vegeta, could have expected. The Saibamen fighting Yamcha had exploded out of the ground, his speed traceable, but the moron had his attention on the woman. Allowing his supposed dead opponent latch onto him, securing ahold of his arms before self distructing. The blast was powerful enough to not allow the woman protection from him. Before he could have turned to glance at her he heard her form hitting the ground repeatedly as it was thrown back. Her friends had launched off the second they could, and the Saibamen attacked them in return. There was no way for Vegeta to calm the whole mass fighting down. He heard Nappa's laughter as he watched the humans, and the Namek fight the remaining ones. He turned toward the woman to see her reason for a scream of absolute terror, one of the Saibamen had been somehow knocked in her area, and she was its target. He knew she wasn't seeing the damn thing, hearing it was enough as it launched at her from twenty meters away. On impulse he phased before her body facing the attacking Saibamen, and calmly raised his arm, index and middle aimed at it. He fired and with a smirk, it was gone.

He then turn to the woman, who was still screaming in terror on the rocky terrain. "Woman!" He yelled down at her form, her body cringed, but became silent whimpers compared to her screams before. "Better." Vegeta left her laying on the ground, walking back to Nappa's side, who was grinning evilly. Vegeta could clearly see why, the weaklings had managed to kill the remaining Saibamen, he was now allowed to fight them. "Congratulations, you actually were able to kill the Saibamen. Now you can fight Nappa. All at once, or one at a time? Your choice, after all, its your deaths, I believe you should have the choice to go alone or as a group."

"What do you say Piccolo?" Krillin asked.

"I don't know, we need to still stall for Goku."

Tien looked at Choazu and then spoke up. "We'll fight Nappa. Me and Choazu, only us."

"What! You'll be killed, Tien! You can't take him on your own." Krillin said feverishly.

"We'll die anyway, but he'll toy with us, I know it. Just look at the moron. Its better a few at a time, like Piccolo said we need to stall to give Goku time to get here."

"All right, but I don't like it."

"We don't have a choice."

"Are you done over there? Or would you like to take votes? I'm bored and I feel like killing." Nappa grinned like a school boy bully taunting the kids he was about to beat up. Hunched down and about ready to dance on his feat - he wanted some action!

"Yeah, we're done you oversized freak!" Gohan screamed extremely irritated and angry that Tien and Choazu were going to be killed and there wasn't a thing he could do about it.

"What did you say kid!?" Nappa screamed back, turning red.

"I said-!" A green hand enclosed around Gohan's mouth.

"Calm down! We have to wait for your dad, Gohan!" Piccolo said quietly, knowing that it was the only way to calm him down. The boy would launch at Nappa when angry enough, but now was not the time.

"Stay with your keeper kid, or I'll finish you off first, order or not, you wish to die! Then you can join your sorry excuse of a father! A coward he is-"

"SHUT UP! You leave Gohan alone you oversized excuse of a pile of fat!" Everyone froze, Bulma was sitting up, still rubbing her left eye trying to get the rest of the sand and dirt out of her eye. "One of my best friends was just killed, and I will not let you taunt Goku's son! He is not a coward! He has never lost a battle in his life, no matter what odds! He's not about to let you destroy this planet!"

Nappa was steaming pissed, and Bulma knew she had dared too much. However, luck was on her side as before Nappa could take a step back towards her and try to pass Vegeta who was glaring at him not to even think about it, a ki blast hit him square in the back. Tien and Choazu were on the attack.

While Nappa was fighting Tien and Choazu, who were losing, Vegeta had moved his way over to her form. Stopping only a moment, he grabbed her upper arm painfully too tight and dragged her kicking and screaming form to about a dozen yards away, to a boulder with a tree behind it only a few yards more. He dragged her to the tree's shade, slightly tossing her ass onto the stone ground. Before she could continue to rant and rave at him, he was in her face. "Quiet!" Bulma snapped her jaw shut with a clink from her teeth, glaring at him before looking at another direction from him, crossing her bruised and scraped arms. "Better. You irritate me too much, and I will kill you in the form you have only experienced 'pleasure' so far woman."

Bulma's head snapped back towards him, her face a white sheet. Vegeta glared a few more moments before turning on his heel to sit upon the boulder only a few yards away, watching Nappa fight two warriors. He smirked as a male scream of pain that could only be identified as Tien's was heard echoing between the rock walls. "Seems one of your 'friends' has lost an arm." Bulma couldn't take anymore, her head spinned and the world went black. The last thing she saw, she believe created by her spinning world, was a slightly concerned and shocked expression on top of his frowning face.

* * * * *

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