Warning: This fic deals with mature subject matter, including sex. Do not read if this bothers you.

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Bulma and the Beast
By: Nova


Chapter 1


Bulma was at Kami Island awaiting Goku. It had been almost five years and their lives were finally settling down - Goku's more than any one. He had a wife, Chichi, and a young son by the name of Gohan. He was such a young boy when they first met. Well, if you call almost running over and then shooting him in the head meeting someone. Bulma chuckled at this. It would be nice if she had a Prince Charming she was going to wish for, but she had learned respect for the Dragon Balls. No, she would use the Dragon Balls wisely. She also learned having friends like she did to keep a capsule packet always ready in her pocket. It had become a habit she didn't need, but she always put it in her pocket no matter what day it was.

Bulma watched Krillen, as he had turned his attention to the window. *Was Goku already almost here?* she thought. "Goku's here!" Krillen suddenly shouted, causing Bulma to jump in the air. After composing herself, Bulma stood up to follow Krillen. She had been feeling strangely that day, but she simply pushed it aside, and walked out to meet her friend from so long ago. Her warm welcome to Goku stopped in her throat as she saw a child about 3 or 4 was with him, standing behind his leg while griping a fistful of Goku's gi. *Strange,* thought Bulma. She heard Krillin ask if he was baby-sitting, and it suddenly clicked in Bulma's mind that Goku had had a son with Chichi. She walked over to her rejoined friend to hug him.


Three space pods had landed only minutes ago, and now the three owners were floating above their pods. "Radditz go get your brother, and make sure you have your video scanner on. Kakarott hasn't wiped out this planet yet, and it hardly has any, if none, damage to it. Something is definately up." said the smallest one. But compared to the group, the one with the spiky hair was well more powerful than the others. The one across from him, Radditz, nodded, bowed, and took off towards his brother's power source. "Now Nappa, lets move these pods somewhere a bit more enjoyable, there is going to be a full moon tonight on this planet." Nappa, the largest one of the group, nodded and hooked their pods together to tow them somewhere else.


Bulma and her friend Goku watched his son Gohan play on Turtle's back. She smiled, Gohan had a tail, but deep inside she also was afraid. Goku didn't remember what he did as a child when he saw a full moon. She would die of fright if she ever saw her friend transform again. Goku turned suddenly causing Bulma to jump. He never did that unless something seriously caught his attention, and it was always dangerous things too. He dropped into a fighting stance, and Krillen did the same.

Radditz floated into her view and Bulma froze, he was as tall as Goku. Gohan was scared and grabbed Goku's leg. "Bulma, take Gohan!" Goku called. Bulma ripped Gohan from his father's leg, and Gohan started crying. Bulma held him tight, squeezing so he had a little trouble breathing. Then Raddtiz spoke, "Kakorrot, what are you doing?! Why haven't you eliminated all the lifeforms on this pathetic planet?" Bulma was suddenly angry at hearing her planet being called pathetic, but she was scared to speak up. Radditz looked at Gohan in Bulma's arms and noticed he had a tail. " Kakorrot! You have had offspring! Why! What the hell-" Radditz noticed now that Goku's tail was gone. " What happened to your tail?"

Goku was shocked, and then noticed Radditz had one too wrapped around his waist as he had a few years ago. " My tail? It was removed! I didn't have any use for it." Goku said and started to growl. " You fool!" Radditz bellowed," You have any idea what you have done? Your true power, your power to transform is gone!" Goku was a bit confused and didn't know what transformation he was talking about. "What do you mean my true power? I don't know what you’re talking about! What transformation?!"

Radditz growled," Your tail enabled you to transform at the sight of a full moon and with that you would be able to wipe out the planet of all inhabitants with in a few years! Why don't you remember your mission? You were to destroy all forms of life, Kakorrot! Why haven't you? Answer me!" But Goku didn't get the chance to respond. Bulma was fed up, and screamed at the alein "Because he bumped his head when he was a baby you block head!"


The other two Sayjins were now watching what was going on, and the smaller one was most interested in Bulma's uproar. She was beautiful indeed. But a bit bossy for her attitude "Nappa," he spoke to his comrade, "What would you say to me having a visitor?" he asked nonchalantly. "A female visitor." he added. Evil and devilish ideas ran through his mind.

"What are you saying my prince? She, the one in front of Radditz?" The prince nodded in an annoyed way. " I am sorry prince I don't follow in what you mean, beside the fact you could get some fun out of her. Well, before her body breaks due to your strength, that is." Nappa heared a growl and then sees a glare being pointed at him.

" Nappa, do you question my control? She will not be harmed, you baka! I swear, if it wasn't for my father keeping you around, you would already be in the next dimension." He growled some more once he was done speaking and turned his attention back to Bulma and Goku-san getting ready to fight his brother.


" Shut up or I'll do it for you." Radditz said, while Goku moved in-between Bulma and Radditz. " You leave Bulma alone, she's my friend and you're not going to touch her!" Goku glared at Radditz and attacked, but was easily outmoved and was knocked into the water. Radditz heard Bulma yell for Gohan as he escaped her grip, and she went after him.

Radditz raised his arm to strike Bulma who was only a few feet away from him, but a voice that even Bulma could hear came over the scouter. "Radditz, don't harm her!" The voice was clear and loud, making Radditz jerk his head side ways. " Grab her, but don't harm her!" Radditz did as he was told, picking up Bulma by her wrist, making her shout out in pain. Shocked by her outburst, he realeased her, causing her to land on her side, and also on her bruised arm. A voice screamed from the scouter louder and angrier than before, "RADDITZ! I said not to harm her! Do it again and you're going to have to spend the rest of the time on the earth in the space pod, very very injured. Understand???" The voice ended with a growl.

"Yes, my prince. But why-" he was cut off, "Radditz get your butt over here now with her, not harmed any more! And keep your eyes low, we have moved from earlier, as well as the fact the moon is full and it will be night by the time you reach here." Radditz nodded and pulled Bulma under his arm, propped on his waist. " I'll see you tomorrow, brother." With that Raddited took off heading towards the two highest power signaturers.

* * * * *

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