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Booted feet landed softly on the ground as Goku touched down on the scorched grounds of the Capsule Corporation, a woman under each arm. He set Bulma and Eriadne gently on their feet, breathing heavily from the strength that he had used to get them from the ship to their home. Around them the Corporation lay in ruins.

"Oh Kami! What happened here?" Bulma looked around her, wide-eyed and horrified at the destruction that met her eyes in the waning light of the sun. A cold feeling of dread slipped down her spine at the thought that her baby had been here when this had happened. "Trunks! Oh no! Oh no!! My son!" Panicing, she ran for the hidden entrance that led to the underground shelter, Goku and Eriadne hot on her heels. "Trunks!! Mom!! Dad!!"

Goku pushed down his own fear and felt outwards in an attempt trying to sense Gohan or Chi Chi's ki and came up empty save two low ki's somewhere deep within the mound of rubble. He felt the fear bubble up again, settling hot and heavy in his stomach. Kami, where was his family?

"Bulma, here!" Goku pointed to the area that he sensed the ki's under, reaching down to begin removing rock and rubble from the entrance. Bulma was by him in an instant, frantic to find her son, desperately afraid that something had happened to him and that she had failed in her job as his protector.

Together, heads touching, they dug through the rubble to uncover the hidden entrance, Eriadne beside them. What they saw shook them both with dread. The small hole had been blown wide-open, leaving a wide, gaping chasm that had exposed the vulnerable, inner hallway of the first level of the hide-away.

"Oh no,Trunks!" Bulma moaned in horror as they scrambled down the ladder. Not her son, this couldn't be happening. Kami what was she supposed to do? How could she have left him. If anything had happened to Trunks it would be her fault. No! She couldn't think that way. She had been left with few options thanks to Gero. She could hardly have left Vegeta and Goku on Maordi Prime and it had been far too dangerous to drag a small baby along with her. She had done what was best. If anything had happened to Trunks, it would be on Gero's head and if Vegeta didn't beat her to it, she would make sure he paid in full for all that he had cost them both. "Goku where did you sense those ki's?" Bulma's blue eyes pierced into his black eyes fearfully. She drew back on seeing the same cold look of dread mirrored in his black depths. "Oh Kami, Chi-Chi and Gohan!" She cried, shame flooding through her that she had not even thought of there well being and Ox King had been down there too.

Goku reached out a reassuring hand to her arm, resting it lightly on the smooth skin and sighing deeply at the contact. Bulma had a way of soothing him with her mere presence. Whatever had happened to their children, they would face it together as friends... no as brother and sister. She had been his family when he had been left with none. There was no force of nature that would ever be able to change that. "They are directly below us, Bulma." Speaking softly and aware of the young girl that hovered over both of them, Goku looked down, shutting his eyes and concentrating intently in an attempt to pinpoint the exact location of the two energy sources. "One is Trunks, the other one, I-I think it's your Mom." Goku sagged backwards from the strain of concentrating.

Bulma wrapped her arms around his broad shoulders in an effort to support his sagging weight. "The cellar!" She jerked upwards in remembrance. " I forgot all about the cellar. It runs underneath the entire house. My mother or my father would know to hide people there. Hardly anyone else knows it's there. I don't think even Vegeta realized it."

"Eriadne!" She called to the girl who hovered fearfully in the background. "Eriadne, stay here with Goku. I'm going in to check the cellar."

"Bulma, no, it's not safe." Goku struggled to get up, but fell down in exhaustion, drained completely from the days exertions. "Dammit! I can't even get on my feet. My wife and child are gone and I can do nothing but slide to my knees in exhaustion." He struck the ground with his fist, feeling the spark of something deep within him... something he had not felt since before the artificial humans had first shown itself. His power and it was so close to him he could practically touch it. If only he could envelope himself in it and let it flow through him into every limb.

"Goku, I know what Gero did to make you sick now. I can reverse the affects if you give me a chance. It won't take me long... but you can't give up hope on me. Chi-Chi and Gohan are strong, they will survive and you will see them again. " Bulma clenched his shoulder, nearly crying outloud as he swung anguished eyes to meet hers.

"Promise me Bulma that you will find something to end this hell that holds me back from regaining everything that was mine. I have to protect my planet and my people... my family. I can't go on like this any longer."

"I swear it, Goku. Besides," Bulma slid carefully down the ladder, mindful of any surprises that might be lurking in a darkened corner, "Vegeta told me that I have to find something for you so he can beat your ass in a tournament." She smiled gently at the memory. He'd been so self-assured and arrogant.

"I will beat Kakkarot this time and I will show him why I am the Prince of all Saiya-jin."

"Be careful Bulma. Something might still be down there. I don't want to have to explain to Vegeta how I let you get yourself killed while he was in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber." Goku attempted to get to his feet again, aided by Eriadne. "Let me come with you at least."

"Me to." Eriadne hovered close to Goku's elbow. "It's the least I can do for all you have done for me, Bulma."

"Well hurry up, both of you. I want to see if my child is alright." Bulma was already jogging down the corridor, hurrying to the room that held the small entrance into the cellar. It had been well-hidden by her father. She was almost positive that if he had been able to get anyone away from the artificial humans he would have put them down there. Oh please Daddy, please have gotten Trunks in there. He's just a baby, he doesn't deserve this. Goku had told her he had sensed Trunks and her mother. Let them be alright. That he had been able to sense them was a positive thing wasn't it? If they were weak or-- she could hardly fathom the thought--dead, he would have been able to sense it immediately. Behind her she could hear Goku and Eriadne. She didn't pause to wait for them. She had to get to her son, now. Throwing open the door to the pantry, she kicked aside the small rug that covered the trap-door entrance to the cellar and yanked up on the small ring.

"Momma, Trunks!!" She yelled down into the darkness. "Momma!! Are you both down here?"

"Bulma?" The soft voice drifted from a darkened recess in the cellar.

"Momma!" Bulma clambored down the ladder, nearly falling on the blonde woman that had moved to stare up at the light filtering down from the small entry. Goku followed behind her.

"Oh my goodness, I see Goku is with you. Here let me switch on the lights. I turned them off when the sensors beeped that someone was on the grounds. I didn't want to those horrible artificial humans to find us." Mrs. Briefs visibly shuddered.

"Oh Momma!" Bulma threw her arms around her mother, hugging the woman tightly to her. "Momma, where is Trunks? Please tell me he is alright." Pulling back, Bulma looked around frantically through the dim light, searching out her son.

"He's fine, dear. He is asleep in the wine cellar. I thought it might be safer if we moved as far away from the door as possible." It had actually been the most lucid thought she could claim to having in a long while. The desire to protect her grandson had seemingly inspired a practical thought. Bulma hugged her tightly again before darting towards the section of the cellar that housed the wine racks. She would find out exactly what had happened once she had seen her child, once she had held him to her body. Right now there was nothing more important then getting to her son, the son that stood for all that was good between her and Vegeta, and hold him--tightly.

Goku watched her disappear before he turning towards the blonde woman who stood smiling kindly at him. "Mrs. Briefs, do you know what happened to everyone else? Chi-Chi? Gohan?" He was trying to stay cool, but each moment that passed by drew him closer and closer into a panic-filled oblivion.

"I'm sorry dear. My husband threw me down here so fast that there was hardly time to breathe, let alone try to figure anything out." She laid a gentle hand on his arm and watched as Bulma walked back towards them, her lavender-haired boy ensconced happily in his mother's arms. "I do know that my husband was going to go back for your Chi-Chi... I never saw him after that." She sighed sadly, face falling as she thought about her husband. "I do hope he is alright."

Goku felt the lump of fear that he had been holding at bay break loose and slide down into the pit of his belly, settling hard and heavy, leaving him nauseous. Icy tentacles of fear wrapped themselves around his heart as he thought about all that Gero could do to them. Was this what Vegeta had felt when Gero had taken Bulma? Chi-Chi... he had taken her safety for granted, had taken Gohan's safety and now look at what had happened. "Gohan?" He whispered painfully.

"Oh dear, Gohan went out the day before with the rest of your friends." She looked at her daughter who had joined them, cooing softly to her son. "Yamcha was with them... they were looking for you, but we haven't heard anything from them and they never came back."

Goku felt as if his world had been torn away from him. Kami, Gero had both his wife and his son... not to mention his friends. Gero had nearly everything he needed to completely destroy his life. What in the hell was he going to do? He glanced at Bulma, feeling his fists clench in a rage that he had not felt since--since he had first gone Super Saiya-jin fighting against Frieza. She had to get an antidote ready for him, she had to help him so he could go and get his family back. There was no time left to spare.

Bulma watched her life-long friend carefully, wanting to say something that would alleviate some of what she knew he had to be feeling. In the end she knew exactly what he needed to hear. She laid a hand in his shoulder, massaging the tensed muscle lightly. "I'll start right away Goku, I promise. I will have a cure as soon as humanly possible."

Bulma turned towards the girl who had slipped down the ladder to join them, smiling at her as Eriadne cooed softly to Trunks. " He was cute even as a baby." She smiled lightly, meeting Bulma's blue eyes shyly. "There isn't anyone else on the premises. I checked it out."

"Eriadne, that wasn't safe." Goku swiveled his head to stare at her, reaching back to unconsciously rub the back of his head--a nervous habit from long ago. He hated being responsible for all these women. If he had been at full strength, keeping them safe wouldn't have been as big an issue, but with all his energy drained, he was as vulnerable as they were. "Never underestimate what Gero is capable of. I wouldn't doubt if he has some of his artificial army patrolling these damn grounds waiting for us to return. Bulma, can you get to your lab from this cellar?"

"No, but I can set one up with the right equipment. I just need to go and get the stuff I need."

"Let me, tell me what you need." Goku stepped away from her, turning to look around at his surroundings. They could make a decent shelter here until it was time to for Vegeta and Trunks to get out, then they could make their final plans on entering Gero's lab. As much as he wanted to rush out and snatch his wife and son back from Gero, he knew it would be pointless until Bulma had gotten an antidote that broke the hold this damnable disease seemed to have him in.

"No, I need to go with you... there is too much and you would never be able to remember everything I told you. Besides, I need to get to the computer that I have the plans for the time machine on. If I can save it to disk, I can use the laptop that is in my father's office to try to finish it for Trunks. He's had to wait for far too long. After this is all over he needs to get back home."

"Bulma, I can't protect you, please don't put yourself in danger." Goku pleaded with her to stay where she was. He couldn't take the risk of anything happening to her... she was his bestfriend, his sister... he wouldn't lose her as well.

"Goku, I have to." Bulma stared up imploringly into his black eyes. Kami, they were so vulnerable and full of pain. He must be going crazy knowing that Chi-Chi and Gohan were trapped with Gero and there was nothing he could do. " Let's get to it. The sooner we do this, the sooner I can get to work on your antidote."





Gero flipped the switch to his transmitter, noting with satisfaction that the transmission was originating from Eriadne. Good, now he would find out where Goku and Bulma were. Beside him the black-haired woman he had just finished drugging sat limply in the chair, observing him through narrowed, hate-filled eyes. She was such a temperamental thing... truly a spitfire. Goku had chosen well for himself . Soon, she would be experiencing the joys of his machine and he would break her, crush her and redefine her in his image. His mouth curved upwards slightly, giving his face the slightest hint of menace. This breaking would bring him great pleasure. It would bring Goku to his knees and when he had finished with her and their spawn, Goku would understand what it was like to have your world stolen from you by something far more powerful than he, something unstoppable. Gero's mouth curved wider, even as he spoke into the receiver.

"Eriadne? Where are you?" His voice was deceptively smooth and gentle.

"We're at Capsule Corporation, Doctor." Her lilting voice filled the air, heavy with weariness. "All of us except for Vegeta and Trunks."

Gero frowned ever so slightly. "Where are they?"

"They went to do some training; they left tonight. They'll be back tomorrow."

Gero leaned back in his chair, considering--weighing his options. How should he proceed now? Did he send Juunanagou and Juuhachigou to obtain Bulma and Goku or did he wait and lure them to him? He smoothed the bushy hairs of his moustache gently.

"Doctor? Doctor Gero? What do you want me to do now?" Eriadne's voice held a vague note of unease.

Her betrayal sat heavy with her, Gero realized, very heavy. She didn't want to do this, yet he had forced her hand. The knowledge that he held such power over her, that he would soon hold it over all of Chikyuu brought a smile to his face. It felt... good, very good.

"I will be speaking randomly at the Plaza later tomorrow evening, rallying the population to follow me so to speak. See that they are both there." He paused, his mouth curving upwards--wickedly. "I wouldn't want them to miss all the excitement."

"How will I get them there, Doctor?" Eriadne's voice was filled with resistance. "They are being extremely cautious, this won't be easy."

"Oh, I think it will. Merely turn on the television and let them watch it." He glanced again at the dark-haired woman whose glittering black eyes had never left him. "I think what they see will compell them to come."

"Alright, Doctor, I'll try." Her relunctance hung heavily in the transmission.

"You'll do more than try girl, you will succeed... if you want your dear brother and sister to continue to draw breath in this world.." He heard the sharp intake of her breath and smiled. The little fool was so gullible. She actually thought she could save her siblings.

"Fine, Doctor, I will have them there." She paused, coming back with a whisper. "I have to go now. Goku and Bulma are back from their trip to get supplies and equipment."

Gero smiled and switched off the transmission. Ahh, how good it felt to be so in control. Soon he would have this control over every living thing that existed on this world... and perhaps beyond. He turned to face Chi-Chi, smiling.

"I'm sorry for being so rude, my dear. That little call was important." He bent to fasten the wires that would connect her mind to his machine, smiling cruelly. "You see my dear Chi-Chi, that young lady is going to be delivering your wayward husband back into my hands along with your dear friend Bulma. We are all going to have such fun together." He leaned back,observing his handiwork. Perfect, now he could start the real fun--perhaps he could even do some creating today.

"What are you going to do to me, bastard?" Chi-Chi spat the words out, determined she would show no fear, not to this lunatic. Goku would come for her... she had faith in her husband.

"You will find out in due time what I have planned for you. It makes me very happy to know that you will soon be ready for my makeover."

"Makeover? What are you talking about?"

"Oh my dear Chi-Chi," Gero leaned in close, his nose nearly touching hers. "You will soon see... you will soon see."





Together, they had managed to encapsulate and get everything that Bulma would immediately need for her research. It had taken them the majority of the night, but it had been accomplished and they had even been able to get a bit of rest before the morning sun had made its appearance, not that she would have ever noticed in the bowels of the Capsule Corporation cellar. If it wasn't for the alarm clock that she had grabbed out of her room, she'd probably still be out like a light. Trunks had remained peacefully sleeping ,waking up only when she herself had rolled off her cot. She felt fairly well rested considering that she hadn't slept well in a week; now all she needed to do was get her shit together and find this damn antidote so Goku could get back to himself.

Bulma studied the sample of blood she had managed to obtain from Goku that morning before he had taken her plane and gone searching for some sign of his wife and son. She flipped the microscope to a higher magnification in an attempt to see the organisms of the virus more clearly. Goku had actually passed out cold when he had seen her coming with the needle, making it much easier to get the blood out of him. She would never understand how such a strong man could be so horrified by the sight of needles. Bulma shook her head and stood. Kami, she was thirsty. She was still making up for her time in Gero's captivity. It was a miracle that she hadn't gotten dehydrated.

Walking to the sink, she grabbed a plastic cup, filling it with water. Water sounded so good right now, something to rehydrate her. Looking down, she grimaced at the fetid, brown liquid that filled her cup. She had forgotten the piping was bad down here... fresh water was out of the question. There was no way she could drink this. Disgusted, she threw the cup in the sink, turning towards the main area of the cellar, she headed towards the refridgerator that sat next to the walls of food her father had stocked the place with. He had always been a believer in being prepared... maybe she would find a coke.

Opening it up, she wasn't disappointed as she was greeted with a plethora of soda's to choose from. Thank Kami and her dad. She felt a pang in her heart at the thought of her father at the mercy of Gero. What if Gero tried to break him or worse what if he remade him as he had done all those other poor souls. Forcibly she pushed the negative thoughts away. No, her father would be fine. Gero likely wanted him for his brain or to use against her. Vegeta would be out of the Hyperbolic chamber by nightfall, he and Trunks both. They would be ready and if she could get this antidote for Goku, well then it would be three Super Saiya-jin going up against Gero. She had to stay focused and positive or she would never find the answers she needed to unlock this damn virus. It was times like this she envied Vegeta the ability to remove himself from his feelings and focus on the immediate goal.

Grabbing a soda, she made her way back to the small desk that she had decapsulated, opening the can and taking a deep swig of the carbonated beverage, preparing her mind to tackle the problem of making an antidote to eradicate Goku's virus completely. Sitting down, she looked at the miscroscope wearily, shutting her eyes to concentrate, instead finding her mind occupied with thoughts of her mate and son. What was Vegeta doing now? Was he alright, did he miss her? Were he and Trunks working out any of their problems? She groaned, attempting to push the thoughts of Vegeta away. She would see him tonight--would actually be seeing him the minute he stepped out of the chamber since he had bade her to bring him a new training uniform... one of the many she had made especially for him at his request.

Smirking, she recalled the way he had flushed red during their final exchange before he had rocketed off to the Hyperbolic chamber. He had been left wearing nothing but his boots and training pants after the ordeal on Maordi Prime, but he had not wanted to take the time and get new ones, instead preferring to go straight to the Hyperbolic chamber. She had ran her hands up that gorgeous bare chest to encircle his neck, briefly, before he left.

"Bring me some new clothes, woman, at the end of the day. It is unseemly for a Prince to run around half-naked." He had smirked arrogantly at her, knowing how he affected her.

Her mouth had curved upwards in the smallest hint of a smile--suggestive and lazy and she had spoken carelessly, teasingly, giving little thought to how he might take her words.

"Why do that when I so enjoy the view of your naked body." She'd leaned in towards him, lips inches from his. "The sight of you makes me want to push you down now and..." She had trailed off seductively, watching him through downcast eyes as he flushed red. Swallowing hard, he'd hauled her to him rather roughly, holding her in a tight grip for the briefest of moments, his black eyes glowing with the feelings he had just admitted to her mere hours before. Kissing her hard, he had growled hot words into her mind.

"When this over, woman, your ass is mine."

Laying her head on the desk, she sighed, wishing she could close her eyes and banish all thoughts save those of Vegeta and those short, heat-filled moments on the ship... the two of them entwined around the other. How she would love to analyze every single moment they had been together since they had left Maordi Prime. Things had changed dramatically between them... all because of the strife that Gero had brought to their lives. Yet still, she was frightened. Vegeta had settled with her before--granted not the way he had now--but still he had led her down the road to security before, only to up and change his mind with the wind. Would his feelings continue after this threat was removed or would he leave her behind again, alone to pick up the pieces?

Raising her head in determination, she turned her attention back to the microscope and the task at hand. She had to stop thinking of the future and of Vegeta. Right now, all that mattered was the here and now and getting this damn antidote to work. The future would unravel itself without her worrying about it. Vegeta had seemingly made his feelings for her very clear, she would just have to hope that he didn't change his mind or revert back to seeing her as a distraction to his goals. He was with her now and he had said more in the past three days then he had said to her in the past three years... that had to count for something.






Goku had been searching in the mountainous regions that he had initially been captured in, for Chi-Chi; for his son. He had borrowed an airplane from Bulma, knowing that he would not be able to find his wife and son, but hoping that maybe--just maybe he would get lucky, that the winds of fortune would blow in his direction... there had been no such luck. "Chi-Chi," He whispered brokenly, breaking the silence of the cockpit. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to protect you, hang on... I will find you, I promise."

Gohan would look after her, if he was allowed to, if nothing had happened to him. He cringed when he thought about what Trunks and Bulma had been forced to endure at Gero's hands... and at Costa's, though he could thank Kamik that Costa was a million miles away, for now. Vegeta believed that he would be plotting a course back to Chikyuu as soon as feasibly possible. Goku had agreed, it had been patently obvious that Costa was short a full deck. They would be seeing him very soon. At least he had a few days to try to get Chi-Chi back before that happened.

"Bulma, you have to come through for me... it's the only way they will be safe." He sighed, finding it ironic that he now knew exactly what Vegeta must have felt when he had found Bulma and Trunks gone--held captive by Gero. It was yet another thing they had in common, though Vegeta would never admit it. Where as Costa's vendetta had been against Vegeta, Gero's grudge was against him and Goku had little doubt that he would employ Chi-Chi and Gohan to settling the score against him. Krillin and the others as well--Tien, Yamcha. "Damn you Gero, if anything happens to them..." Deep within him , he could feel his power stir, like a long dormant volcano on the verge of a powerful eruption. It wanted to spew forth, wanted to come out, he could feel it welling within him, pooling in every part of his body, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't tap into it, couldn't focus his energies in the least.

Frustration bubbled up within him, threatening to overtake him as he turned the plane back towards the city, finally allowing it a small outlet as he slammed a fist into the hard leather of the steering wheel. That he was so helpless to help his loved ones or his planet and the innocent people on it infuriated him in a way that he had never felt before. It was rage on a level that he had never experienced--not even when he had fought against Frieza and gone Super Saiya-jin for the first time and it frightened him in its intensity. How he wished Master Roshi was still around to to talk to. As big a pervert as the man was, he was still a source of wisdom that Goku had leaned on before--his teacher, his master. He was desperate for someone to talk to, someone that would help him deal with the feelings of desperation and anger that roiled so violently beneath his surface. He had never fully experienced it like this and the fear that he would not be able to control it or that it would never have an outlet scared him as nothing ever had before.

It gave him a completely new perspective on Vegeta, not to mention an even deeper respect for his strength of mind, spirit and body. Was this what Bulma had seen... did she realize what lay beneath the emotionally scarred man that she had taken into her home? Was this how it had happened to Vegeta: the fear of being helpless, the rage of being unable to help yourself, of having your hand forced at every turn, desperate to escape but not knowing how and finally hopelessness that it would never end, that you would never be free of the horror your life had become?

He forced the despondent thoughts away with near superhuman effort. The negativity wasn't him, the thoughts weren't him. That would not happen to him and if he thought about it he could say that there had been a relatively happy ending for Vegeta as well. It might not have been what the Prince had pictured for himself, but he knew deep down that Vegeta woudn't give Bulma up for anything, even if he could. And he was free of Frieza, free to make his own choices and to live his life how he saw fit. As Vegeta had prevailed, so would he. He was the strongest Saiya-jin in the universe, he would not be beaten by any of this and he would not allow his family or his planet to be destroyed by some sick madman. He would beat this virus, he would regain his strength and he would find his family. He had to, there was no question about it.

Sighing heavily, he realized that he had nearly reached Capsule Corporation. Maybe Bulma would have something for him, even if it was just the smallest glimmer of hope. Right now he would take whatever he got. He landed on the grounds of the ruined Corporation, encapsulating the plane and stumbling to the hidden entrance. With a little luck, she would have made real progress and he would be one step closer to being back to normal.




The plaza was situated in the middle of the city, a combination cultural center dedicated to the arts and sciences and recreational park that housed a stage for outdoor, summer plays--isolated from the city by a thick grove of trees and bushes, ideal in Gero's mind for his point of action. He had made his announcement on his previous broadcast... announcing that he was investigating the strange illness that so many were suddenly suffering from, that he was endeavoring to find a cure that would help people, asking where the local governements and military were and why they were not helping the people that had voted them into office. Apparently his ploy had worked like a charm, for before him stood hundreds of people, all massed together in hopes of seeing the man that had spoken so boldly to them.

Gero looked out at the tide of people that stood before him, taking in the myriad jumble of faces. Some were already sick and looked it, others had no clue they had been infected. All would be begging for his antidote before the night was over and they would be lining up to receive it along with whatever changes he deemed appropriate to make to their fragile human bodies. Why he himself was setting out to change the shape of his own human body and soon he would be the most indestructible force on the planet, with a little help from Doctor Briefs. He smiled, looking forward to his conversation with the doctor

He had planned this demonstation very carefully... ensuring that it was broadcast to all the people that were not at the Plaza and now that he had the full attention of every human on the face of Chikyuu, he would make full use of what he had planned.

"My fellow citizens, I come before you in a time of grave danger for our society, a time of danger for all humanity." His voice rose upwards in pitch, almost hypnotic in its cadence as he attempted to draw the growing crowd into his world. "We are under siege... our very freedoms, are very lives under fire and at risk. We live in fear, waiting for the inevitable attacks that we know will come... forcing us to take shelter underground, to hide from even the light of day, as if we were animals. There is no one to protect us, no-one to stop the demons that assault us for their own twisted purposes." He paused, letting his words sink in. "And now--now we are faced with the mysterious illnesses that are running rampant through all of Chikyuu. Where are our leaders?" He paused to look around, biting back a smile as he saw the first hint of growing outrage at his words. "Where are the military and the people that have dedicated their lives to protecting others? They have deserted us, they have ran away from their duties--shirked them in the interests of their own self-preservation and left us all to die. Innocent children killed or herded away from their parents... whole cities attacked and destroyed... and now, my fellow citizens... now we are left to deal with a disease unlike anything we have ever faced before. "

He paused, watching the ever growing throng with interest. Gero could see the malcontent and unease that was rippling through the swarm of people, sense the thick aura of resentment that his words had provoked and it almost made him smile. Yes, they were playing right into his hands, weak minded fools. How easy this was... he had hardly put any effort into it and already they were leaning in his direction.

"I am a scientist. My life's pursuits have been spent looking to better mankind, to futher our capabilities. I have studied this virus since its outbreak and I have learned from it, almost immediately. It is simple in form and..." Again he paused, finally adding quietly. " I can cure it. " Below him he heard the shocked murmurs that raced through the thick mass of people. He watched as they pressed closer to where he stood, almost all with rapt expressions on their faces.

"You say you have a cure! How do we know that's true?" The voice shot up from the crowd, quickly followed by the clambering of more voices, each insistent and seeking answers.

Gero smiled, staring down at the fools. Proof? They wanted proof? Well he could certainly give them that. "Proof?" He asked haughtily, breaking into the din of voices that had steadily risen since the first initial comment. "Oh, I can most assuredly give you proof."

Looking behind him, he motioned his hidden weapon to stand beside him--the weapon that would show these people just what he was about and the weapon that would lure Goku and Bulma straight to him: Krillin.

Krillin stepped forward, nervous at the prospect of speaking before so many people, yet knowing he must accomplish this final goal if the Doctor were to give him eternal life. He didn't want to die, didn't want to ever go back to the emptiness and hollowness--the blackness the Doctor had shown him--ever again.

No, he couldn't let the Doctor down, not now. He had been coached on exaclty what to say and do, how to act, how to present himself; he just hoped he could do it correctly and make the Doctor happy.

"Hello..." He said haltingly into the microphone that stood before him, locking his fingers together to hold them steady against the tremor of fear that ran through him. No, he must not displease his master, not now when he was so very close to his goal. He opened his mouth, speaking quietly. "My name is Krillin and--and Doctor Gero saved me."




Goku watched the broadcast in disbelief, turning wide black eyes to Bulma who stood beside him, clutching his arm tightly, transfixed by what she was seeing. She turned wide, blue eyes to him, and from where he stood looking down at her, he could recognize the same look of sick shock that he knew was burning brightly in his own eyes and the dawning realization that Gero had turned one of their own against them.

"Good Kami, Krillin... how?" Bulma trailed off, unable to finish the thought.

"I just don't know Bulma." Goku turned back to the screen to watch some more, horrified at all he saw and cognizant of the gnawing fear that he could feel growing in the pit of his belly. Was Chi-Chi there? Had the same fate befallen her, was she now an extension of Gero? No, even now, he knew she was too strong-minded to succumb to Gero that easily, yet he had thought that of Krillin too, but perhaps his friend had reached the limit of what he could stand; everyone had a limit. And Gohan, what had happened to his son? He had to know, he had to find out if they were there. He clenched his fists in fury at the sight of his best friend. Damn Gero, the bastard. He had messed with his family and his friends and he would be made to pay for his crimes, he, Goku, would see to it personally.

"What is this sickness he's been talking about?" Eriadne looked at Bulma and Goku, puzzled. She had done as Gero instructed and brought them to the small, portable television that Bulma had managed to rig up the night before--something to keep her mother and son occupied while she was busy. Still, Eriadne knew next to nothing about Gero or his plans... he told her only what he wanted her to know.

"I'm not sure," Bulma replied softly, "Knowing Gero, it is some variation of this heart virus... something he planted himself. I put nothing past him." She turned towards Goku. "What are we going to do now?"

"I have to go and see if Chi-Chi is there. I have to see," he paused, swallowing a thick lump that threatened to clog his throat and render him speechless, "I have to see what he has done to my wife and son."

"You are not going alone Goku." Bulma fixed him with a piercing blue glare. "You are in no condition to do anything right now, let alone face Gero by yourself. If you go, we go together."

"Bulma," Goku opened his mouth to protest, rubbing the back of his head nervously, "I can't let you go downtown with me. If anything happened to you, I would never forgive myself and I shudder to think what Vegeta would do. I can picture a cataclysm of Chikyuu were you to die on him." He smiled at her teasingly, though he wasn't too sure that his words were meant to be teasing. Vegeta would lose it.

"Nothing is going to happen to me, Goku." Bulma snapped irritaably. "I swear I get so sick of you and Vegeta acting as if I am helpless to care for myself. My Kami, you all left me alone to fend for myself on Namek and I managed to deal with it. I think I can handle this without swooning as well or being captured or having some other horrible fate befall me. "

Goku half-smiled at her, taking in the blazing eyes, burning cheeks and fists planted firmly against her hips. It was easy to see why Vegeta had chosen her for his wife, aside from the beauty. He had forgotten how strong she had become--mentally as well as what a mouthy pain in the ass she could be, had always been. His smile broadened... just like old times. Perhaps everything would be alright if they stayed together.

"Besides," Her own mouth curved upwards mischieviously. "Gero is going to have a hell of a time recognizing us if we are in disguise. "

"What do you mean?" Both Goku and Eriadne turned to stare at her.

Bulma smiled at them, beckoning them along to her small make-shift office. "Follow me."



"My army was created to destroy these demons that haunt your lives," He paused dramatically, eyes sweeping the crowd with fervent, blazing eyes, "that haunt our lives. My army will protect you, they will keep you safe from horrors such as Juuhachigou and Juunanagou so that you may live in a world of peace."

Gero's black eyes glittered ferally as they pierced into the crowd. Krillin had proven highly successful and now... now he had only to implement the final act in his little play. He watched a wave of excited murmurs sweep through the crowd at his statement. Yes, they were falling into place--like cattle herded to slaughter, going to their fate willingly. He need only push a bit harder and they would all be his. "You need never be hunted again," He paused once more for effect, letting every syllable of every word he spoke sink into their assaulted minds, "you're children need never be hunted again... they shall live, you shall all live." He took the small transmitter from his pocket, staring down at it. Now... it was time to enact his plan now.

"Juunanagou," he murmured, "it's time."

"Yes, Doctor Gero." Juunanagou's voice, smooth as silk, flowed through the circuits of the transmitters.

Gero smiled, clutching the tiny transmitter within the palm of his hand. Ahh, Juunanagou, you are so very naive, thinking you can outsmart me. It was time, now to end the gentle courting of the population. Now it was time for something far less subtle, the end of Juuhachigou and Juunanagou.

Lifting the transmitter to his mouth, he spoke again. "Kill them." He breathed the words into the small box, watching, pleased, as the small contingent of cyborgs he had brought with him, rocketed off into the sky to hunt down Juunanagou and Juuhachigou--all within sight of the crowds.




Juunanagou swooped down over the crowd of people that were massing together to watch the Doctor's speech--finger pointed to direct random, red-hot blasts, Juuhachigou hot on his trail. They had been allowed so much freedom these past few days... it had excited him, yet left him feeling oddly nervous and nothing ever made him nervous. It irritated him that he couldn't identify what was causing the feelings of unrest and he unleashed his frustration and irritation on the screaming crowds below.

Juuhachigou smiled lightly as she saw the mass of people scatter in every direction. They were--in all actuality--quite trapped and rendered helpless by their panicked flight to freedom, trampling each other in their haste to flee. "Humans." He scoffed. They were sitting ducks--the lot of them. Still, Gero had told them to not kill many, just enough to cause bedlam and hysteria.

From the corner of his eye, Juunanagou caught site of a dark blur as it streaked towards him. He sped up, heading towards the forest that sheltered the plaza area, before stopping and turning to face down whatever it was that was flying up on him.

"Juunanagou!" Juuhachigou rocketed towards him, fear etched into her beautiful face. "It's a trap! The bastard betrayed us... he's sent his army after us." She came to a stop beside him,turning to face the cyborgs that were closing in on them.

"Damn him!" Juunanagou's blue eyes shown bright with anger. "It doesn't matter sister, we are stronger than any of these contraptions he has invented. They will not pose a threat for long."

"He has the box, Juunanagou... he can shut us down at any time." Her normally vapid voice ran high with emotion. She swept a blonde strand of hair behind her ear, her fear growing in leaps and bounds as the cyborgs bore down on them, something she had never thought to feel. She was the one that instilled fear in people, who brought about their worst nightmares, yet in a fraction of a second the tables had been turned and she was quaking in her boots literally. What were they going to do?

"Do you remember our mother Juuhachi?" Juunanagou wrapped an arm around his sister, pointing another arm straight out at the approaching cyborgs and firing a red beam of light.

"What?" Juuhachigou fired her own blast before whipping her head around to stare at her brother increduously. "Do you remember her?"

Juunanagou stared into her blue eyes for a mere fraction of a second, before slowly nodding. Looking up, he fired another blast at the Cyborgs, smiling lightly as he blew an arm off of one. "So much for Gero's invincible army." He lowered his voice, whispering in her ear, feeling the thud of her heart against his arm. "I have vague pictures and memories, fuzzy and blurred, yet I can remember this voice, this smooth, feminine voice saying the same thing in my mind over and over again. It keeps saying, ' That which doesn't kill you, will only make you stronger.' I know it's her, though I don't how or why I know that or why she even said it to me to begin with."

"What does that have to do with us now?" Juuhachigou felt oddly calm considering her precarious position. Why had her brother brought this up now?

"Nothing, I just wanted you to know. Now let's fight!" Juunanagou sprang away from her, rocketing into the sky, leading two of the cyborgs away from her. He watched as his sister took on the remaining two, on her own, in a flurry of kicks and punches. "Come on you bastards. You'll never be as powerful as I am and you know it." He flew at the first nameless cyborg, throwing a hard punch straight into his face. He had planned to lift his arm and fire a blast, but as his brain sent the command to his arm, he found nothing but blackness and the slow fall of his lifeless body as he fell back to the ground.


Gero smiled as he slipped the black box back into the pocket of his trousers. They had paid the ultimate price for their arrogance and their willfullness. He had been waiting for just this exact moment--the perfect moment to deactive them. Now, once they had been safely delivered to his laboratory, he could open them up and reformat them and drive the human genetic fluke from their bodies and minds that left them so willful and dangerous. When he was finished, they would never question his directives again, of that they could be sure.

Grinning like a child at Christmas, he caressed the hard plastic of the box that lay in his pocket, relishing the feel of its hardness under his rough skin. In his mind's eye he could see the sudden shock of realization as their bodies ceased to function; the brief knowledge that he--Gero, their creator, had triumphed over them before the systematic shutdown of their bodies and the slide of their minds into a black oblivion.

"Bring their bodies back to the lab, encase them in their chambers." He breathed the commands into his transmitter quietly, smiling to himself before turning to sweep his black eyes over the excited, frenzied crowds that had watched the distant figures that fought the battle above the forest surrounding the sheltered plaza.. They had all seen their nightmares fall from the sky... apparent victims of his army. He was their savior. Yes, things were going just as planned, there was just one final thing to do. He spoke into the transmitter again. "Before you do that, sweep down over the crowds... let them see what you have caught for them."

It took only a few moments for the loud din of the crowds to amplify into a roar as two of the cyborgs of his army swept downwards from the sky dangling two distinct yet prone forms from their arms. The mass of people surged forward, jockeying for position as the cyborgs landed on the stage and dropped their conquests at Gero's feet.

"See, I have taken care of them for you. You will never be troubled by these evil demons again." Gero rested a booted foot, bringing it to rest on Juunanagou's body. "We have prevailed... not them and if you let me, if you follow my lead, I can end this sickness and ensure that nothing like this ever befalls any of you again. " Reaching down he jerked the red scarf off of Juunanagou's body and tossed it into the crowd.

He watched as the crowd roared its approval, yelling and shrieking with joy at the sight of the lifeless bodies of the twin demons that had stalked them and Chikyuu for so long.

Bulma stood up, dressed to the hilt in a blonde wig and round glasses, a ball cap pulled over the blond hair to hide her face, outraged at Gero's claims. These people were actually believeing it, they actually thought he could save them, that he was some kind of God. "Are you people fools?" She had screamed it out before thinking, oblivious to any immediate danger to herself. Beside her, she felt Goku's body tense, though she was heartened to see him stand up and face down the crowd with her. "He's lying to you, why can't you see that?"

Somehow she had caught some attention, as several people turned to glare at her. They were big, burly, rough looking men who probably shared a brain between them. It was little wonder that they had been suckered in so easily.




Eriadne had halted half-way to the stage at the sight of her brother and sister dropping from the sky. They had arrived just as the spectacle had began and she had immediately seperated from them, on her way to fulfill her obligation to Gero and direct him to Goku and Bulma in their disguises. She had sent him a short transmission from the grounds detailing the disguises and alerting him to their presence and general location, but she wanted to ensure that he found them. He would take it out on her brother and sister if she didn't. To her horror she had watched as her siblings had put up a valiant effort only to fall from the sky as if they had been shot down.

The crowd thought that Gero had helped them, that his army had defeated them but Eriadne knew she had been double-crossed. She had believed him, believed that if she played his stupid game, he would stick to his word. Oh Kami, she had been such a fool. She bit back a scream of horror as two of his cyborgs dropped her siblings like ragdolls at Gero's feet. Clenching her fists, she whirled in shock and anger to go back to Goku and Bulma, crashing into a slid brick of a man, dressed from head to toe in a loose flowing, black robe. "Excuse me," She whispered, looking up to see an indistinct face shaded by a hood that was drawn up securely around his head, hiding his features. "I'm so sorry." In a flash she had maneuvered around the man, suppressing a shiver and began to fight her way back to Goku and Bulma. She would tell them everything... admit everything she had done and pray that they would forgive her, that they would see fit to help her and not hurt her. She needed to get them out of here before Gero could spot them and take them. Oh Kami, what had she done?




Bulma looked over at Goku, whose own spiky hair had been forced under a hat as well. His traditional orange gi had been discarded for casual jeans and polo shirt. Some left overs they had managed to find amongst the rubble of his room. "We can't let him get away with this Goku." She said clearly. "This man is leading all these people to their doom and they are following along like damn sheep. We have to fucking stop them."

Goku looked around him, searching for any sign of Chi-Chi or Gohan, though he could have sworn Gero looked straight back at him. Glancing back at at Bulma, he nodded, suppressing the slow trickle of unease that had began to slide down his spine at the eye contact. He was being foolish. There was no way Gero could have spotted him in the crowd and known, not immediately anyway. "You're right, we have to try something." Cupping his hand around his mouth, he yelled. "He is a liar. I've seen how he helps people... don't believe what he says." He looked around at the crowd that surrounded them. They couldn't risk confronting Gero face to face... not right now. He couldn't battle off the army by himself and neither could Bulma or Eriadne. They would be long dead or captured by the time Vegeta and Trunks got out.

Bulma continued to yell, noticing that around her the crowd was beginning to grow more hostile, yelling at them to shut up and stay still. Undeterred she yelled on, hoping to convince anyone that Gero was a liar.

"Sit down and shut up, woman." One of the burly men yelled at her. "I just watched him destroy those two demons from Hell with his army. Those bastards killed my children... if he can kill them, then he has my loyalty for life."

"Don't you understand?" Bulma pleaded, angered at their refusal to see anything save the immediate gratification of having their wishes fulfilled. "It's a trap to make you think he wants to help you! You have to listen to me, I know him, I know what he's capable of. He is not your hero or your savior." She gasped as the man leapt forward, knocking her to her feet. She slid backwards, losing her blonde wig in the process.

The man did a doubletake at the mane of blue hair that spilled out across her chest. What in the hell? "I thought I told you to stay quiet, bitch. He just saved this entire crowd, including you from certain death at the hands of those two monsters. Don't tell me he's trying to trap us. There is no-one who could carry off something like that."

Goku leapt to her defense, swinging a fist at the man that had knocked her to the ground. It had the effect of a fly, but it turned the man's wrath on him and away from Bulma. Goku's eyes widened as he saw a meaty fist fly towards his face, cracking him in the jaw and knocking him back into a small cluster of people. He felt his arms grabbed and his body held immobile as the mountain of a man approached him. Glancing behind him, he saw two of Gero's cyborgs holding fast to an arm.

"Stand down." The detached voice vibrated up from the cyborg's chest chilling Goku to the core.

Was this what Krillin had become and his--his wife? He attempted to pull away but their grip was unbreakable. He saw two more haul Bulma up to her feet. He struggled harder.

The burly man had halted his approach, watching in curiousity as the troublesome pair were hauled up by the same people that had killed the two killers. What was wrong with these two? Were they in cahoots with the two demons that killed so many people? "Are these two criminals?" He asked roughly, stopping to turn and glance back at the blue haired woman who fought to escape her captors. "Are they dangerous?" She didn't look like danger, but he had fast learned it was always the ones that you didn't expect that turned out to be the ones to avoid.

"They are wanted for atrocities connected to the two artificial killers. Doctor Gero wants them brought into custody." The cyborg droned on, nodding to his counterpart who held Bulma and beginning a slow retreat with his own captive.

Bulma twisted and turned determined to break free of the damn cyborg. She couldn't be captured by Gero again. How in the hell had he found them so fast and so easily? He couldn't have heard the comments they were yelling and she had been wearing a blonde wig until it had fallen off. How? She dug her booted feet into the ground, attempting to at least slow the cyborg's process or force him to take to the air with her, but he did neither. He merely swung her up and over his shoulder as if she were a sack of potatoes and began to clear a path through the crowd.

Goku struggled to get free to no avail as the cyborg held tight, lifting him up as well and tossing him up over his back. Kami, not again. There had to be something he could do.

Eriadne tried to cut through the crowds to help them, but the more she pushed against them, the farther back she got pushed. Kami, what was she supposed to do? She had gotten them into this, how in the hell did she get them out? She glanced down at her watch. Trunks and Vegeta would be coming out in fifteen more minutes. If she could get to them and tell them, maybe they could stop this... maybe they could get Bulma and Goku out of this.

Eriadne grabbed the capsule that Bulma had handed her early, decapsulating it and leaping in. Kami, she had been so stupid, she had actually thought that she could manipulate Gero, that he could be trusted. Now because of her idiocy, her brother and sister were either dead or wishing they were and Goku and Bulma were about to be killed by that angry mob.

If she could reach Trunks and his father, things might be alright. As frightening as the man was, Eriadne had seen the way he had watched his wife, had seen the possession and love that he had not meant for anyone else to see as he watched her. If he could have seen the way she was being manhandled tonight, she had little doubt that he would have killed whomever he had to to get to her. She just hoped that when he found out the part she had played in all of this, that he didn't kill her as well.







Bulma stood on the stage, looking around her bleakly at the wild, shouting throngs of people that crowded and pushed to get a closer view of what was happening. She watched as Gero approached her and skittered back, banging into the solid warmth of Goku.

He slipped a protective arm around her, though he knew he could no more do anything to help them than she could.

"My dear Bulma... Goku." Gero smiled coldly at them. "Did you really think that you could escape me yet again... and with your pathetic disguises? You trusting fools gave your faith to the wrong person this time. The lovely Eriadne was very helpful in ensuring that I knew exactly how to find you today.

"Eriadne?" Bulma's eyes narrowed. "What does she have to do with you? Did you reprogram her as well?"

"Oh no Bulma, more to the point, I blackmailed her." Gero smiled, reaching up to stroke his white moustache with his fingers. "You see... Juuhachigou and Juunanagou are relatives of hers. Close relatives... she sought to protect them. It was very easy to procure her cooperation."

"Then you betrayed her too." Goku spat, rage boiling up in him. "You toy with people's lives as if they were your personal playthings." He nodded to the discarded artificial humans on the stage. You didn't even keep your word.

"Oh, they aren't harmed permanently... just in need of some fine tuning. They were growing far too bold for their own good." Gero smiled lazily, nodding towards his cyborgs. "Enough for now. We will all talk much later, back at the lab. Take them."

Clamping her eyes shut, Bulma reached out in a desperate attempt to reach Vegeta. Maybe he could get here in time, maybe he could save them. Wasn't he due to come out anytime now? She had purposely avoided even looking for him through their bond, not wanting to distract him from the training she knew was so important to him... to all of them, but maybe he was open to her.

Concentrating as hard as she could, she thought for a brief moment that she could feel him, but as soon as she had reached out to the distant flicker of his mind, it was gone and she was left alone to face her imminent capitivity.

"Vegeta..." She whispered.



Costa flipped the coordinates to Chikyuu into the computer. They would be there in three days. Three days and he would face Vegeta again and he would see him dead. No-one made a fool of him and lived to tell about it. He would grab a hold of the blue-haired bitch that Vegeta seemed to value so highly and he would break her in front of Vegeta before he killed her and the brat that Vegeta had spawned on her--then he would break Vegeta, one bone at a time.

"How long until we reach this Chikyuu?" Tannia leaned over his shoulder, her silky black hair trailing lightly over his forearm. He had to suppress a shiver at the contact.

"Three days. In three days we will ensure Vegeta's death." Costa leaned back, staring up into her black eyes.

Tannia nodded, disconcerted with this sudden close proximity between the two of them. She had no desire to encourage anything warm and fuzzy between them. The man was brutish and hulking and very much insane. How could her father had even thought he would make a good husband to her, let alone a fitting King for the planet. She shuddered at the thought.

Pulling away, she smiled at him coolly, fingering the golden chain that encirled her slim neck. "Good. The sooner we get to Vegeta, the sooner things will be resolved."

"Precisely, Tannia, and then you and I may continue with our plans to wed."

Our plans? She wanted to scream. More like you and my father's plans. Yes, things will certainly be resolved, but I will do what I must to ensure that things don't turn out the way you think they will, bastard. And oh, won't you be surprised.




Bulma felt the cold hands of the cyborg close around her forearm and she began to struggle, oblivious to the crowd, to Gero, to anything that surrounded her. All she knew was that she had to get free, had to get away from Gero. She couldn't suffer that captivity again... not now.

The cyborg's hand tightened around her arm, bruising the skin. She winced in pain. "No, I won't let you get me again." She cried brokenly. Even as she struggled she knew there was no getting free.

Goku fought against his own captor, trying to get free and reach Bulma. He had to get her free at least. If she could get free, she could get to Vegeta and then she could get an antidote together while Vegeta looked for him. If he went with Gero, there was a chance he could get to Chi-Chi.

The beam of light came from no-where. Goku heard the roar of the crowd as a wave of energy swooped down over them. "Get down!" He screamed at Bulma, before dropping to his knees. If he didn't know any better, he'd say it was a Kamehameha wave.

Bulma dropped to her knees, shrieking as the blast hit the side of the amphitheater sending debri and chunks of concrete flying everywhere. She felt herself clipped by a flying piece of cement and she collapsed as a lightening bolt of pain shot through her head. Vaguely, through the smoke and chaos that had ensued after the blast she felt hands heaving her up, carrying her away from the theater. She opened her mouth to speak, but found herself heavy and unable to move a muscle,slipping slowly into the welcome darkness that beckoned to her.

Goku coughed as the acrid stench of dust and debri filled his nostrils. He felt a hand on his arm, urging him up. Following the arm, his eyes traveled upwards following the robed arm up to stare into the hooded face. He knew this energy... he knew it.

"Master Roshi." He breathed, seeing Bulma tossed over the old man's shoulder. 'Master Roshi..."


It was too late, it had to be too late to save them. Eriadne had been standing outside the chamber for five minutes, waiting and watching for the massive doors to creak open; pacing the floor back and forth until she thought she would go crazy. Goku had detailed exactly what the room looked like--this had to be it and Bulma had programmed the coordinates into her plane thankfully. She'd come straight to it.

What in the hell was she going to do? She knew with each moment that ticked by Goku and Bulma were one moment further into captivity by Gero. What had she done? Why had she been foolish enough to think that Gero would actually keep his word? He was a monster and monster's weren't particularly known for their honor.

Maybe if she went back there with a gun. Surely she could get a hold of something to clear out the crowd. She glanced down at her watch and grimaced. They had been left alone to face Gero for over twenty minutes. The chances that they were still where she had left thm were slim and none. Oh Kami, how was she going to explain this to Trunks... and his father.

Eriadne hugged herself as a chill ran up her spine at the thought. He had been so intensely forbidding and dark, positively brooding. He would kill her.

She needed to get out if here, away from Trunks and his father... she was a smart girl, she would figure something out as she flew. It was her fault that Bulma and Goku were in the situation they were in, she would be the one that got them out of it. She knew her way around Gero's laboratory very well. There would be a way to break them out.

Turning she started back, moving to Bulma's airplane but the sound of a door creaking open halted her. She shut her eyes for the briefest of moments before she turned with aching slowness, to face the massive doors that were swinging open. She felt her breath catch as the two occupants spilled out of the room, one after the other.

She saw him walk out slowly ahead of his father, a bright ring of light shrouding him. His clothes were torn and tattered, and his lilac hair... Oh Kami, his hair, he looked so different, it was so long. She watched as he strode proudly out and saw her, his face lighting in pleasure. "Trunks." Eriadne whispered, a sob catching in her throat. "Trunks."

* * * * *

Coming next chapter: Eriadne reveals the truth to Vegeta and Trunks, the first battle between the ever growing army of Gero's and Vegeta and what happened to Goku and Bulma?

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