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Spectors of The Past


Costa trailed loving hands over the cat-o-nine tails resting on his lap. The din of angry voices that had been buzzing around in his head--like a chorus of maddened banshees-- had diminished a bit since their entry into Chikyuu's atmosphere; ceasing their half-crazed lament as he moved ever closer to reaching his final goal. Vegeta. His fingers trailed over the long, prickly briars that had been carefully inserted into the nine taut leather cords of the beautifully designed whip, trailing down...down; grasping the hard handle. He'd fashioned it by hand himself; carefully modifying it so that he would be able to inflict the worst possible pain on whoever was unlucky enough to warrant his special attention. It was a true piece of art, a marvelous design straight from his own mind. Yes, he would lay open Vegeta's Princely back until the Saiya-jin bastard couldn't stand, couldn't speak...couldn't breathe and then--when the fucking bastard couldn't take anymore, when he was so far gone he believed himself dead--Costa would flail him some more. Flail him over and over and over until he begged for death's merciful release; but he would not find it with Costa. No, he would show Vegeta the same amount of mercy that he had shown Nappa; there would be none and he would not stop until the ground ran red with blood...Vegeta's blood.

"We'll be landing on Chikyuu within moments, Lord Costa. I have Gero's specified landing coordinates locked in." Refallo's sanguine voice cut through the heavy, silent air of the bridge like a sword. He looked expectantly at Costa; awaiting some sign of acknowledgement or recognition that he had even spoken. He saw nothing; but then again Costa's face had been set in the same vacant expression since they'd broken through Chikyuu's atmosphere several moments before. He sat silent; the only motion the constant stroke of his meaty hands over the weapon he had fashioned especially for Vegeta; his eyes caressing the weapon as if it were a lover sent to pleasure him. Refallo suppressed a shudder at the sight of him--his hulking body near to shaking with a strange mixture of tension and excitement. Refallo supposed he could understand that. Costa had searched long and hard for the Prince; three years of looking for any trace of the Saiya-jin Prince. Hunting, pursuing, tracking any and all who might have some clue as to Vegeta's whereabouts. When others had proclaimed him dead by Frieza's hands, Costa had scoffed. Like a man possessed; fixated so completely on finding Vegeta he refused to even consider the Saiya-jin was dead by Frieza's hand. He had searched obsessively ever since the medical bay doctor serving on Frieza's planet had shared Nappa's fate with him. A tale the good doctor had received directly from the mouth of the Saiya-jin Prince himself. Costa had not known peace of mind since then, if he'd ever truly known it before. His obsession with finding and destroying Vegeta growing and growing and growing until-- Refallo thought--it had poisoned him; slowly, painfully eating away the man's sanity until nothing else existed but him and Vegeta and the terrible vengenance he must take upon the Prince.

Now here he sat, vacant--empty--his face devoid of any thought or feeling save one...making Vegeta suffer and somehow, Refallo thought, his fur-lined body growing cold despite the warmth of the ship; somehow Costa had crossed the line from slightly demented to criminally insane. His mind lost within the vengeful desires he had been clinging to for far too long. Once this was over; once Costa's debt discharged, there would be no going back to the general pirating and mercenary work they had dabbled in for a living. Things would be different, Costa would be different and their lives would be altered for good.

"Have you told Gero to have Vegeta prepared?" Costa's lip curled upwards into an ugly sneer. "I do not want to waste one moment of my time on anything else." He stood, setting the handmade whip carefully aside; his hand trembling with pent-up fury. "I cannot wait to see the expression on his face when he gets a look at Nappa--returned from the dead. A ghost come back to haunt him and his miserable life." Costa threw back his shaven head and laughed deeply; whatever rational mind that was left to him abandoning him, leaving him with nothing but a virulent--bitter-- hatred. "Oh yes... he will be very surprised."




Vegeta sat in silent captivity, unable to move yet again, Juuhachigou circling him like a hawk who had sighted her prey. He could barely look at her, knowing what had happened to his son, that she had...he could not even think it. It was too shameful; yet as much as he would have liked to blame Trunks, he couldn't. Not in the deepest part of his rational mind, the part that told him Trunks had been trussed up and helpless, unable to fight back when he needed to. He could lay blame at Bulma's feet as well. She had told him below in the cells how she had encouraged Trunks not to fight...telling them that she had thought they stood a better chance here at Gero's; a better chance here then fighting. She had thought he would fail her. The knowledge that his woman had so little faith in him, actually believed he would be defeated by these

mechanical pieces of trash enraged him to his very soul. She'd not trusted him and now they were all in a position of fucking impossibility. His son had been humiliated and violated and it was all because of her and her stupidity.

Vegeta had given her a scathing set down; ignoring the idiot Kakkarot's blathering about not being so harsh, that Bulma had done nothing wrong, that she had only underestimated Gero; something they had all done. It mattered little to him that Kakkarot might have had a grain of truth to his words, that he had underestimated the insanity of Gero, or even that he had been the worst kind of fool by driving her away from him the way he had on that fucking island. The only thing that mattered to him, the only thing that held any importance to him now was that the stupid, fucking woman had not had any faith in him, had not believed in him, had not thought that he might be able to fight his way out of that mountain with her and their son. For God sakes there would have been two of them...Trunks was a formidable enough fighter when he wasn't fucking drugged. Damn her!! Damn her to hell and back. He was through with her. If he managed to get out of this alive, and it was beginning to look like he wasn't, he was going to save her ass just to strike her dead himself.

She had cried too, deep wrenching sobs as he had told her in the coldest voice he had that he would never forgive her for what she and her weak, foolish actions had caused; that if she had shown some courage and backbone none of them would be in this position right now. Something both Trunks and Kakkarot had hotly disputed.

"You don't know that, Vegeta...none of us have been able to take the artificial humans. It is very possible that all of us would still be here right now except we'd be worse off. I doubt Gero would have healed us if we'd been injured. None of this is Bulma's fault. She did what she thought was best."

"Goku's right, Father." The boys voice had been solemn and hollow; his eyes haunted, yet he had stood up for his mother. Something Vegeta found laughable and he had made no secret of his disgust with all of them; his cruelty shining fully on her. What did she expect?

"You look so cute when you're mad, Vegeta! I wonder if you're as good a ride as your son was. What is the saying? Like father, like son? Maybe I should find out?" Her usually vapid voice held a hint of amusement; reminding him yet again if the damned precarious position he had found himself in..

Vegeta nearly choked in fury and disgust. If she so much as laid one artificial finger on him, he would kill her. Unlike his son, he was a true fighter...prepared to fight to the death for whatever he needed to and he would be damned if he would let her have any control over his body. He tensed as she moved closer to him, her blue eyes narrowing speculatively as they clashed with his raging black ones. Come on, bitch--bring it on. His mouth curled into a taunting sneer, urging her to make the attempt, to lay a fucking hand on him. Somehow, some way he would find a way to overcome this drug.

The door slid open, ending the brief staring contest. Juuhachigou broke off the contact gratefully. He was too much for her. Sheer black waves of intensity burned off of him, and she had a feeling that whatever touched him would get burned...badly. No the son was much tamer, though there was still that potent, feral quality about him as well; enough to make him just as compelling as the father. Juuhachigou would have a fun time breaking him. She turned her dispassionate eyes towards the door where the doctor stood--with a guest in tow.

Vegeta narrowed his eyes as he saw Bulma led in by the doctor; her body shoved into the room. Of all the people they had to bring in, it was her. He was too angry with her right now to even think straight. He attempted to meet her eyes, to scorch her again with the intensity of his anger, but she avoided them, keeping her eyes downcast; allowing the doctor to lead her like a dispirited dog. Such a coward. How could he have ever mated with such a spineless creature. It was a mistake he would soon rectify. Even as he thought it, his heart denied the very idea of it. As mad as he was now, as much as he hated her at this one moment in time; he would never be able to break the searing bond that existed between them. To even contemplate letting her go was more then he could tolerate; more then he could bear. How could he hate her as much as he did, yet want her with an intensity that dimmed everything else around him. The incongruity of his feelings drove him nearly mad with rage and confusion.

Bulma could not look at him. Not after the things he had said to her earlier. Vegeta had made his feelings for her very clear; had certainly not minced words, not even when she had broken down like a baby in front of him, sobbing for him to stop--her mind finally broken with all that she had suffered over the past few days. Suffered? Like I've even really suffered. Not compared to Trunks...oh, Trunks. She choked on a sob, forcing it down by sheer force of will. Not in front of Vegeta. Not in front of Vegeta. Not in front of Vegeta. She chanted the words in her mind, hoping that it worked and kept her emotions at bay. It was hard enought to face him now, let alone break down sobbing front of him; her heart and mind trying to forget the cruel, furious words he had thrown at her before he'd been brought up here. Bulma had begged him to forgive her, to understand. Undestand that she had thought her decision was the one she should have made, that she hadn't wanted to see him die that she...Kami, the look in his eyes when she had spoken; she would never forget it.

"Please, Vegeta, I only did what I thought would work. I didn't know he was so ruthless. I just didn't know. I didn't have a choice, have to forgive me. " Kami, she had begged like some dispirited slave asking their master for mercy. She'd thrown her pride and self-respect to the wind and he had shown her none. None at all.

"Why should I bitch? You deserve every word I throw at you. I gave you the honor of being my mate, the mate of Saiya-jin royalty; ignoring the fact that you come from this pathetic, piece of shit planet. And this is how you repay that honor?"


Kami, he had been so mad at her, so hurt. Bulma had seen that first before she had seen anything else. A deep, aching hurt that she had not thought him capable of defending her; that she had doubted his capabilities. He had masked it well, covering it with a veneer of anger and hate. Lashing out at her full force with his viscious tongue and cruel words; but she knew--in the deepest part of her heart. She knew exactly what she had done; the wound that she had dealt him and she knew Vegeta would never forgive her for it. Bulma forced back another rising sob. Not now, not again, not in front of the doctor and certainly not in front of Vegeta. He would never see her cry again, she had to be strong...strong enough to escape Gero's house of horrors, to find a way to get her beloved friends and family out of this. Bulma allowed Gero to push her into a chair. She sat quietly, hands folded gently on her lap, staring straight ahead. She could feel Vegeta's eyes burning a hole straight through her, but resisted the urge to look at him. She couldn't see that hatred right now, she didn't think she could take it. Right now, she needed to be strong.


"Doctor Gero, your guests have arrived." Juuanagou's detached voice filled the room. So smooth and and silky...yet edged with some quality that Bulma couldn't quite put a name to. Something beyond danger. Whatever it was, it made her shiver with unease.

"Aah, good. Your little surprise has arrived, Vegeta. Please direct them up to the lab. We'll be awaiting their arrival."

"What have you done, Gero?" Bulma could not sit still a moment longer; she had to know what in the hell he was up too now. "Who is coming for Vegeta?" She tried to keep her voice steady, smooth...and failed miserably. She didn't even want to contemplate the kind of people that would be interested in finding Vegeta. He'd told her awhile back-- in a moment of rare seriousness-- that there were any number of bounties on his head...leftovers from his days with Frieza. Forced or not, he had visited terror and destruction on more then his fair share of planets. He had always expected to face up to one of his old enemies, she knew that; sleeping light in their bed. The smallest sound sending him up and out of bed, prepared for battle.

"My dear, be patient...all will be revealed soon. After Vegeta is gone, I will explain to you the exact specifics of my little plan. A plan that you figure so prominently in." Gero smiled lovingly at her.

Bulma felt a burst of nausea swell upwards, rising, rising until she thought it would over flow. Oh Kami, she was going to be sick. Jerking a hand up over her mouth, she rolled out of her chair, landing hard on the floor. She stayed that way for several moments, her body heaving with deep, violent bursts of breath; her body braced on hands and knees as she waited for the inevitable bitter taste of bile to fill her senses. It never came. She stayed that way, eyes squeezed shut. A sad attempt to keep the outside horrors away from her mind. If she couldn't see them, then surely they couldn't be real. Slowly, slowly her breathing quieted though her chest heaved with the adrenaline that had pushed her out of her chair in the first place. Her body racked with small involuntary tremors as she tried to gather herself together.

"Bulma, my dear. You really should have told me you weren't feeling well. I'm sure we could have found something that would have helped you." Gero stood and approached her, his voice oozing with a condescending compassion that sickened her even more.

"Just leave me alone, you damn bastard. I don't want anything from you." Bulma shoved his arm away, scrambling to get to her feet. Kami, if she could just get away from him or knock him senseless for a awhile...

Gero landed ackwardly on his back side, lunging forwad with a growl of anger to snag her ankle and jerk her back towards him. She flinched as he hauled her up in front of him, ignoring the low, rumbling growl that emanated from deep within Vegeta' chest, his fingers biting into the soft flesh of her arms. His hand descended across her face, snapping her head back..

"You will find it unwise to fight me, Bulma." He shoved her away and stood up, turning his attention back to his desk, eyes glittering with anger. "Very unwise."

Vegeta shut his eyes, feeling the cold grip of pure rage beginning to flow through every vein in his body; settling in his bones; demanding a release. He had struck her. Gero had dared to strike his mate. Vegeta felt his inhibited muscles tremble with the aching need to break forth from their prison and strike down all who had dared to hurt him and his own. Why wouldn't they move? He was a fucking Super Saiya-jin, yet this drug that Gero had shot him with would allow none of his furious power to break through. Damn the bastard! He felt the growl erupt from his throat. A harsh, frustrated sound that filled his chest and burst forth loudly from his throat; raw and virulent, enraged at being held this way. Gero was a coward; a fucking coward whose only hope for victory was through underhanded means.

Bulma raised her head, her eyes watering from the blow that Gero had delivered to her, meeting the near glazed over black orbs of Vegeta. They burned brilliantly into her; his rage and frustration evident in their depths. She swallowed convulsively and pushed herself up, sitting quietly on the floor. She looked down, noticing the violent shaking of her hands. Kami, she couldn't let Vegeta see how terrified she was; how much she just wanted him to hold her and make it all go away. This was her fault, all of it. She pressed the the shaking appendages together in an effort to still them.

"What's wrong, Vegeta? Does it frustrate you to be completely helpless and at the mercy of someone you hate? I think you had..." Gero's mocking voice broke off as the door slid open, revealing what had to be the largest man Bulma had ever laid eyes on, his body swathed --head to toe--in black. A tail lashed wildly behind him, swinging back and forth as if he were in some kind of nervous frenzy. Something resembling a cat stood behind him--fur covered and whiskered--but every bit as dangerous looking. and Good Kami, their bodies were covered with weapons of every shape and size.

Vegeta felt the blood drain from his face in the silence that engulfed the room. How could it be? He had killed him with his own hand; watched him die. His shocked eyes met those of... No, it couldn't be Nappa. Nappa was dead. No.

"Prince Vegeta, why, you look so shocked." The baritone voice--filled with mocking amusement--rumbled through the room. "What's the matter? Seen a ghost?" Costa's booming laugh echoed loudly throughout the room. "Didn't Nappa mention he had a little brother?" Another round of raucous laughter, the sound of it driving Vegeta nearly mad with its mockery of him.

Little brother? Nappa had never said one fucking thing about a brother, yet he couldn't deny what he saw in front of his face. They were nearly identical. Same build, same face, and no hair. Vegeta shuddered at the resemblance. He had hoped to never have to set eyes on that ugly face again.

"Yes, I can see the look of shock on your face. Nappa and I share the same father. A saiya-jin just like yourself. My mother was a Maordian from Maordi Prime. That's where I was raised. Our father died in a purging campaign for your father's father. I suppose that would be your grandfather."

"Such an illustrious line you come from. A long line of Vegetas. I must admit it is quite a shock to see all that remains of the Vegita-sei royal family is Frieza's plaything. You were nothing more then a toy for him were you? His special one. Nappa could never quite hide his disgust from me when he mentioned how Frieza enjoyed you. He always thought you could have done more to fight him off. I think deep down he believed you enjoyed the attention. That's why he went out of his way to hide my existence from Frieza. Nappa lived in fear of seeing me used the way Frieza used you."

Vegeta felt the another spark of rage burning within him. How dare the bastard speak of such things! He had no idea what had gone on with Frieza, what he'd been forced to endure, or how he had fought. How dare he! He manged to flex his bicep, his whole body twitching with desire to kill Costa as he had killed Nappa.

Costa smiled ruthlessly at him, his eyes burning brightly, Bulma thought, with a near evil glint. Something manic and obsessed. The desire to enflict pain and suffering very obvious, almost as if it was a need.

"Doctor Gero, I must congratulate you on whatever you have slipped our little Saiya-jin friend here. It makes it very handy to deal with him." Costa handed a syringe he had picked up to Refallo. "This is it, isn't it? In this syringe?"

Gero smiled. "Yes, that is it. You will find it is very useful."

"I would like you to go now, Gero. I have things I must discuss with Vegeta and..." Costa's heavy eyes sought out Bulma, " ...his woman...alone."

"The woman is mine. Do not think of taking her."

Costa swung his searing gaze towards Gero. "I will be the one that inks out our conditions, Gero. Not you. Now go. No harm will come to the little bitch anyway. I mean only to have some fun with her."

Gero turned reluctantly to go, his eyes lighting on Bulma momentarily. He had little choice. Juuhachigou and her brother were out terrorizing the countryside. There was no one here to back him up and it was hard to miss the various pieces of weaponry that covered them like pieces of armor. He snarled in anger, before turning and stalking out.

Costa watched in amusement before turning back to his prey. "Did I mention how Nappa supported my mother and I, kept food on our table so my mother did not have to whore for a living? He took care of me, protected me and trained me how to fight and I swore to him on the day I found out you had murdered him in cold blood, that I would hunt you to the ends of the universe and kill you in the most painful way possible."

Costa regarded Vegeta coolly, not missing the flicker of surprise that had flashed within the depths of his eyes. He smiled. "You're surprised, aren't you. That Nappa could be so sentimental. Don't worry, he wasn't. He swore a blood oath to our father that he would care for us if he died. Nappa may not have been the most caring brother in the whole world, but he certainly kept his word. He served you faithfully, even though you were Frieza's personal whore, he lived up to his words to care for my mother and I; and how does he get repayed? You killing him because you could."

Bulma listened in stunned silence, wishing she could roll herself into a tight ball and disappear. He was absolutely insane. His voice...his voice was deranged and the way he was whispering the words. An evil, breathy sound in the silence of the room. She shuddered. How was she going to get her and Vegeta out of this? She inched slowly towards Gero's work desk, taking care not draw unwanted attention to herself.

"He kept me from Frieza, so that I would never have to suffer under his thumb. For that alone I owe him. I owe him your blood, and by the gods that protect me, he will have it. I promise you that."

Vegeta looked away in disgust, wanting nothing more then to be free of the restraints of the drug and kill him. His eyes sought out Bulma, standing quietly by Gero's desk. The things she had just heard. He felt the urge to be sick again. He had never told her a thing about Frieza, had told no one about Frieza, preferring to keep that final degrading humiliation to himself. He swallowed as her blue eyes swept over him, softening as they looked at him. God, how was he going to protect her? How was he going to explain Costa's words to her, the shame of what had happened? He glanced away from her, unable to look her in the eye, shuddering as a vivid flash of memory shot through his brain. Frieza...

"Have nothing to say, Vegeta?" Costa paused for a moment, his eyes glazing over with a sadistic pleasure as they swept over Bulma. "So this must be the 'little woman.' I have heard much about you, sweetling. Such a beautiful woman. How'd you get so lucky, Vegeta?" Costa smiled evilly at Vegeta; not missing the spark of fury blazing in the Prince's black eyes. The strain of muscle against the effects of the drug, obvious to the eye. Oh yes, he felt for this woman...deeply.

Bulma stood stock-still as the giant walked slowly around her, his hand reaching out to silently stroke her hair. She suppressed a shudder, not wanting the bastard to know she was frightened by him. Her eyes met Vegeta's, and for the briefest of seconds they shone with something incomprehensible to her; somethig gentle and sorrowful; quickly covered and masked by a searing red-hot rage. Bulma tensed as Costa's hand drew out a strand of her hair, fingering it gently; sliding through it to her scalp.

" soft and silky; just the way I like it." Costa pressed the blue strand to his mouth, kissing it lightly. "Your woman will come to love the feel of my hands sliding through her hair." Costa's hand fisted in the silken tresses, yanking Bulma's head back quickly; baring the fragile column of her throat. He smiled venomously at the seething Prince, their eyes meeting in a duel of wills. "She will learn to cry my name out in pleasure."

Bulma tried not to cry out at the pain his iron grip caused her. Kami, she felt like he was going to rip her hair out. She gasped in as his mouth slid up her throat, nipping and kissing its way to her mouth. She tried to turn her head, to fight him off, but he was too strong for her; his grip unbreakable. She pushed against him with all her might, struggling to free herself, as his mouth punished hers; his teeth sinking into the fullness of her bottom lip lightly, drawing blood.

Costa raised his head, his mouth curling into a taunting sneer. "You taste delicious." He swung his hollow-eyed gaze towards Vegeta. "I think she likes me."

Vegeta's rage and fury swelled within him, rushing from deep within his soul, bursting through the barrier that Gero's drugs had put on him. That he would touch her like that, put his disgusting mouth on her. Vegeta trembled with rage and anguish. No! He would not sit by and watch her used against him this way. No...nonono! Vegeta erupted to Super Saiya-jin with a roar.

Vegeta rushed Costa, a wounded, half-mad cry of outrage on his lips. How dare the bastard handle his woman that way. He had destroyed Nappa, he would kill his bastard brother as well. His fist connected with Costa's jaw snapping the half-Saiya-jin's head back. He raised his hand; the bastard was getting an honor today...he would use his new Final Flash blast on him.

"Vegeta, look out!" Bulma's voice cut through his rage. He snapped his around, seeing the glittering eyes of Costa's subordiante, Refallo. Refallo smiled, his whiskers twitching lightly.

"Not today, Prince Vegeta. Costa doesn't die today." He stabbed Vegeta's arm with more of the sedative, not flinching as Vegeta flung him away. Too late, the fucking bastard had already managed to inject him with the shit. His eyes met Bulma's and he saw in her blue eyes the cold dread that she was going to be alone and at the mercy of Costa. The knowledge that Vegeta had failed her and left her to defend herself. He stumbled towards her, his limbs already growing heavy. If he could only reach her, maybe he...

He fell heavily, hitting the floor a few feet away from her. Bulma bent to touch him, but Costa was on her, yanking her away; throwing her towards Refallo.

Through the fog of his mind, Vegeta could hear her shrieks, hear her fighting them. No, Bulma...He saw Costa's face as he bent down towards him, smiling cruelly.

"Not so indifferent now are you, Vegeta?" Vegeta could barely focus on Costa's face, not with the room tilting and spinning the way it was. Oh God he thought he might throw up. Bulma... "How does it feel, Vegeta, to know that she's mine?" Vegeta's head fell limply to the side, the world fading into silent blackness.

"She's all mine."




Trunks sat alone in his cell, shivering uncontrollably, his eyes resting on the prone figure of Goku. Kami, how long was he going to sleep? Hopefully, a while longer. Trunks had no desire to speak to him or anyone for that matter. He rested his head tiredly in his palms; fighting back the urge to sob again like a baby.

Kami, she had used him, like some kind of personal whore. Oh Kami,kami...he took a deep trembling breath; a mad rush of despair washing over him. He wasn't sure what was sicker--that she had done it or that he had responded to her; repeatedly. He swallowed convulsively, not fighting the sob as it bubbled forth. He choked in his attempts to keep it silent. Kami, how could he have responded to her? She had killed Gohan. Maybe not in this time, but in his future, she had killed Gohan. Her face, her hands...every part of her was the same. Kami, how could he have let it happen? He buried his hands in his arms, sobbing silently against them. What was he going to do?

A scraping noise caught his attention. What was that? Trunks lifted his head, hastily swiping away tears and looked back into the darkness of the cell; his heart pounding. It was coming from over in the far corner. He took a deep, trembling breath, attempting to still his raging emotions. Cautiously, on hands and knees, he approached the darkened corner; listening carefully. It was coming from behind the wall.

Trunks set back on his haunches, waiting...listening as it continued; reaching down and scratching at the rock himself. Maybe if he could form a small ki blast; blow some of the rock away. Enough so he could see what was trying to come through. He formed a small blue ball in his hand, aiming it carefully at a small section. He released it, blowing rock and dust everywhere; covering his head in protection.

Trunks glanced over at Goku who lay still, snoring his heart out in deep slumber. Kami, he could sleep through anything. Silently he crawled back to the small hole he'd blasted, peering in. He slipped his hand carefully into the hole; searching around and praying to Kami there were no wild animals responsible for the noise. That was just what he needed, to get his hand bitten off. Trunks bolted as he felt something warm and firm grasp his hand...another hand. Trunks jerked his head back down to the hole, peeking in again. He gasped as his eyes met the sapphire blue of another set, staring straight back at him. He jerked away, scrambling back from the rock; stifling a yelp. What in the hell? Who in the heck was in there?

"Hello..." The voice was soft and husky, but feminine. Unmistakeably feminine.

Trunks was on his knees again; peering back into the rock. He forced himself to stay still as a hand touched his face...soft and warm, gently tracing the contours of his face. He tried not to shudder with revulsion as a flash of memory--Juuhachigou--caressing his face laughing down from above him. Kami...he pulled back away from the touch; unable to deal with the physical contact. Not now. Not now.

"Hello..." The voice came again. Oddly soothing. Trunks put his face back to the hole.

"Hello?" Trunks spoke softly--gently; looking for the set of blue eyes that he had seen earlier.

The hand he could see clearly disappeared, replaced by as much of the face as he could possibly see with the size of the hole. A lovely face as far as he could tell; not that he could really see that much. He could only really see wide blue eyes and a fine, straight aristocratic nose.

"Hello?" He questioned again. "Who are you?"

"Can you get me out of here?" The voice deathly serious; fearful. She was scared.

"How'd you get in there?"

"I dug my way through, from Doctor Gero's holding cell. I need to get out of here."

"I can probably blast it open a bit more, but you need to get back...I don't want to hurt you."

The girl nodded, scooting herself back into the darkness of her dug out tunnel.

Trunks formed another ball of energy in his hand; glancing over at Goku who remained a prisoner in the world of dreams. He released it towards the small hole he had already blasted; covering himself as larger, more jagged chunks of rock fell around him. He sat up coughing as dust and debris filled the small cell. Kami, how was he going to explain this to Gero?

He sat back on his haunches and watched as a lithe figure eased her way out of the hole, her head swiveling round cautiously; looking for any sign of apparent danger. Kami, she looked like a boy, but the voice had been feminine. Lilting and soft with a low, husky quality to it. Sensual. It had made him feel oddly safe.

"Hello?" Trunks said again, quietly; cautiously. Not wanting to startle her. He watched as she looked at him assessingly; almost as if she was trying to guage whether or not he was a threat to her. He guessed not, because she dismissed him with a glance and stood; stretching out her long legs. Bending--swinging--working out all the kinks she must have accumulated on her trek through the stone. Trunks watched her in wide-eyed bemusement; his acute eyes taking in her tomboyish appearance. Dressed in cargo pants and a t-shirt, she was absolutely filthy. How long had she been digging through the rock? A cap completed her look and Trunks assumed that hair was tucked in underneath it. At least he hoped so.

"Hello." He repeated it again, his voice deeper; more insistent...filled with impatience.

The girl swung her head towards him, her blue eyes sweeping over him assessingly.

"What do you want?"

Trunks eyes furrowed in irritation. First, she had dug through to his cell and requested his help; apparently deciding she was going to stay whether he wanted her to or not, and now she had the nerve to get an attitude with him? He couldn't believe it. His eyes narrowed, the smallest spark of anger flickering in their blue depths.

"It might be nice if you told me who in the hell you are and how you got here." Trunks made sure his voice was harsh; deliberately taking the stringent tones that his father seemed so fond of using. It got results for him. Well, with everyone but his mother. His heart skipped a beat as he wondered what Gero was doing to them. He prayed they were alright.

"Well, if it means so much to you. It's Eriadne." Her eyes narrowed in irritation.

"If it means that much to me?" His eyes shot skywards in disbelief. Why the little hellion. He smirked, deciding to play her game. "Eriadne? What kind of name is that?" Trunks could have laughed out loud at the look of righteous outrage that infused her face.

"It's a beautiful don't even think of insulting it." Eriadne stepped closer; poking him in the chest with a finger. "Just who are you?"

Trunks smirked again, holding his hands up in defense.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. My name is Trunks...Trunks Briefs."

Eriadne smiled coolly. "Seems your name isn't much better then mine...Trunks." She emphasized his name in an attempt to irritate him. It worked, but Trunks refused to let himself be drawn into a war of wills with the little shit. He'd been through too much. He wasn't up to the task; not today.

"Look, I'm not really interested in arguing with you anymore. Why don't you tell me what the hell is going on and what you are doing here?"

Eriadne stared at him for a long moment, her eyes searching his; seemingly assessing whether she could trust him or not. Finally-- after obvious deliberation-- she bowed her head, nodding once.

"Alright Trunks, I'll explain it to you, but you'd better sit down; I doubt you're going to like it."



Vegeta came to slowly, his mind adrift on an open sea of pure fog. What in the hell had happened? Where was he? He tried to sit up, but couldn't; his head felt as if it had been ran through with a red-hot poker. He grunted; steeling himself against the pain and pushed himself up shakily onto his elbows. A quick glance around told him he was alone. No, not alone. There was someone at the window. He swallowed, his mouth suddenly dry as it all came back to him in a torrent of memory. Nappa's brother. Oh God, Bulma...he had Bulma...

"How does it feel Vegeta?"

Oh God, it felt terrible. No! Vegeta felt as if his heart was being torn from his body.

"Bulma." He croaked out hoarsely. He watched the figure turn and apporach him silently; moving with glacial slowness. Oh God, it was Bulma.

"Woman." He muttered as she came close, sitting delicately beside him on the couch he rested on.

"Are you awake now?" Her sharp blue eyes met his; watching him silently. Vegeta pushed himself up further, trying to touch her, but he fell back; his body still weak from the drugs they had injected in him.

"Bulma..." Vegeta whispered again. "Are you alright?" He could remember the sound of her screaming. The terrible despairing screaming and the cold, dreadful knowledge that he couldn't help her. He couldn't fight back. "Did Costa hurt you?"

Vegeta waited, his body numb with fear as she gathered her breath to speak.

"I think I have a broken rib, but he hasn't done anything beyond that." Her voice was cool, steady as a rock. Broken rib, what in the hell had they done to her?

"Did he...did he" Vegeta spat the words out through clenched teeth; a surge of rage beginning to travel up his spine. Broken rib? She had a broken rib?

"No, thank Kami, no!! I couldn't have stomached it." Bulma felt a quiver of fear run along her spine. She stood and moved towards the door; trying to put some space between them. "He threw us both in here and went to talk to Gero. I got the impression that they have some negotiating to do...." She paused, looking directly at him. "...for you."

Vegeta stared at her for a minute, memorizing the fine contours of her face.

"Woman, I...I..." His stuttering words stopped as she approached him. He needed to find some way to explain all that Costa had meant when he had spoken of Frieza...he had to figure something out; figure some way to tell her that Frieza had...

Vegeta felt sick. God, he was going to be sick. A picture of his son's face appeared in his mind; the same look of horror and disgust that Vegeta's own face must have held when he had... He had kept all that hidden from her to spare himself the shame, denied it had even happened for so long...and now she knew or at least suspected and he had to face it. He looked up at her, his eyes dark with shock, and she smiled; her finger coming to rest gently against his lips.

"Don't speak now, Vegeta. I'll be alright." Bulma turned her head in shame. "You're right. I deserve whatever happens to me. It's all my fault this is all happening. Kami, I was so stupid." She choked back a sob; feeling it slide painfully down her throat and lodge; burning a painful hole through her skin.

"Woman...I" Vegeta tried to apologize, to assure her he hadn't meant what he had said; he'd only been angry, but the words stuck in his throat...searing him.

Bulma leaned in, placing a gentle kiss on his lips.

"I'm sorry for getting you into this." Her tears broke through the dam, flooding his face with the salty taste of them. "You have to know that, and no matter what happens I will find someway to get you out of it. I promise."

"Woman..." God why couldn't he get his damn mouth to work. Vegeta stared hard at her profile; memorizing every detail, every contour...wishing he could just reach out and touch her. Allow her touch to wash away the painful memories he had kept buried and hidden away for so long. Why couldn't he just move?

The sound of the door sliding open jerked both their attentions away from each other. From somewhere deep within himself, Vegeta found the will to push himself up and off the couch; each movement more fluid then the last as he slowly ovrpowered the drug with his sheer will. He shoved Bulma behind him and waited as Costa's large frame filled the room. He smirked. If he could only keep them from drugging him again, he could easily destroy the half-witted bastard and be gone from here...Bulma and Trunks in tow. He supposed he would have to get Kakkarot as well; else he would never hear the end of it.

Costa smiled wickedly, his face showing his amusement as he walked towards them. "Do you really think you stand a chance, Vegeta? You aren't even going to be able to protect yourself, let alone her." Costa nodded at Bulma, smiling jeeringly at her. "Just give me a few moments, sweetling; let me put Vegeta down then I'll get right with you."

Vegeta growled in fury, but stayed put; fists clenched. It would be a cold day in hell before he even got one paw on his woman. Behind Costa he could see the cat-like body of his partner...he couldn't recall the name. His heart sank as he saw the tranquilizer gun. NO.

Bulma swallowed convulsively, her body trembling with an icy chill. Vegeta couldn't handle all of them in this condition, especially with the tranquilizer gun. Oh Kami, if he got shot with the drug again...Kami. She fumbled in her pocket for the syringe full of the drug she had stolen off of Gero's worktable. Yes...she still had it. It might be the only way out of this.

"Should I tell her, Vegeta, what is going to happen to you?" Costa paused for a moment, his eyes lighting with perverted pleasure, before continuing on. "Vegeta is a very wanted man throughout the universe and I'm going to give all the victims of his purges their day of judgement. We are going to return to Maordi Prime together--Vegeta and I--and a week after our return, he'll be executed in front of the masses that have so longed to see justice for themsleves and for their poor, savagely destroyed worlds." He snarled the words, growing angrier and angrier with each one spoken; a fine sheen of sweat popping up on his head and coating his face. "Let me assure you, Prince Vegeta, that until the day of your death comes, you will spend every waking moment of your time praying to God to release you from the pain and suffering I am going to visit upon your body and soul. " Costa stopped the tirade, his breath harsh and strained; his eyes glittering sharply with malice and hate.

"Oh Kami, Vegeta." Bulma breathed the word into Vegeta's ear. "He's insane." Her hand clutched his shoulder tightly, her nails digging in to his flesh as Costa strode toward them; his hand smoothing the small mustache that sat incongruosly on his evil looking face. Bulma felt Vegeta shudder under her hand; the muscle slowly tensing--flexing slightly-- as he prepared for battle.

"I'm not even going to waste my time fighting with you ,Vegeta. I'm going to give you exactly what you gave Nappa."

"Nappa was pathetic and weak. He died because he proven himself a coward and had disobeyed my direct order. Besides, he was already beaten by Kakkarot. It was my right to kill him." Vegeta sneered the words insultingly; his anger at Costa overpowering his reason. It was a maddening, boiling, hot fury that the bastard would even think of facing him in such a cowardly way; hiding behind a crazed man's sick inventions and worse using a woman to enact his revenge. There was no honor in any of it.

"Kakkarot? Another Saiya-jin?" Costa looked back at Refallo expectantly. "Didn't I hear Gero mention that name?"

"Yes, Lord Costa. I believe he is being held here as well."

Costa smiled evilly. "Well, it is my lucky day. Kakkarot had something to do with Nappa's death as well, hmm? I get two for the price of one. How extrordinary. The Gods must be sanctioning me on this quest, Vegeta. They must want Nappa avenged, as well as I."

"Are you insane? Why would you be so loyal to your failure of a brother? He was hardly worth the time and effort. I can assure you of that."

"You bastard." Costra's lips curled upward, twisting into an ugly--viscious-- sneer, distorting his face and his features into something near monstrous looking. Bulma shuddered, wishing she could wake up from the nightmare she seemed to have found herself trapped in.

"Nappa protected me, gave me clothing and food and everything I needed so that I would not have to end up working for Frieza. He was all I had and you took that from me. So I promise you this, I will show you exactly what you gave him...absolutely no mercy. Refallo," Costa barked, "Now!!"

In a second--without warning--Refallo aimed and fired the tranq gun, hitting Vegeta in the side as he attempted to sidestep it; his movements still sluggish and slow from the original drugging.

"No!!" Vegeta gasped as his knees hit the floor. Why had he been so stupid? "Bulma..."

Costa smiled. "Don't worry about Bulma, Vegeta. I plan on taking very good care of your little woman here. Tell me are you two bonded?" He stepped forward and grabbed her arm, yanking her towards him violently; smiling as he heard the snap of her bone. He grunted as she fought against him wildly, kicking and screaming and punching. Doing whatever she could to release herself from his revolting touch; ignoring the white-hot flame of pain that shot through her arm.

"Quite a little hellion you have here, Vegeta. She must be wild in bed. I am going to enjoy her very much. If you are bonded-- and I think you are--I want you to feel...everything." Costa bent his mouth down to hers, ravishing her mouth with a violent, savage kiss.

Bulma struggled mightily against him, Vegeta's roar of anguish urging her on; filling her ears and her soul with his rage. Kami, he was very...Kami, she could feel all his emotions; all of them as they flowed through her and into her and threatened to overwhelm her. Kami...Vegeta!

Bulma choked as Costa's thick, slimy tongue invaded her mouth, plundering it; his teeth grinding and gnashing against hers. NO...nonononono! She couldn't let this happen. She had to fight him. Had to fight...had to fight...fightfightfight.

A sharp pain flooded her senses and she collapsed unconscious against him; her body hanging limply in his arms. Costa swung her up and turned to leave.

"Refallo, why don't you take the Prince back to his cell for the time being. I have some entertaining to do." Costa strode out, his booming laughter echoing down the hall.

Vegeta roared in anguish; the feel of her fear and despair embedded onto his very soul, shooting through his heart and his body and his...

No, not Bulma...not Bulma. He had to beat this fucking drug now! He felt it, the power. It wanted to break through, it wanted to come. It had to come. His woman was going to be raped if he didn't. No!.No!

"AHHHHHH!!" He flung his arms upward as it broke through, his wounded, primal scream filling the air around them; his body helpless as his sought after power raged torrentially through him; flooding him after being long dammed up.

Refallo blinked in surprise at the golden-haired warrior that knelt in front of him, trying to will his muscles to move; the hackles of Refallo's fur raising in reaction to that cry of...of pure rage. The man was beyond enraged and if he kept this fight up, he would be moving and Refallo would be dead along with Costa. Refallo raised the gun and shot again; watching impassively as Vegeta's body continued to glow. Again with a shot, this time felling the warrior.

"My God, Vegeta. It took three shots to get you down." Refallo stared down at the now black-haired warrior, who lay barely conscious--dazed--despairing--completely unable to move. "You must really care for her to be this riled up. " Where had the blond hair come from and where had it gone? He holstered his gun and bent down, hauling the Saiya-jin's weak body up.

"We'd better get you back to your cell. With a little luck, you'll die sooner than Costa has planned and be out of your misery. I can't say the same for your woman. I believe she will be paying the worst for your crimes. God help her if she gets with one of Costa's little brats."

Vegeta felt a cold wave of despair flow through him. Bulma...Bulma...he had failed his woman in the worst possible way and now...he choked on his dread as it rose up from the pit of his stomach. Bulma...fight woman...fight with everything you have. Don't give up. I will find a way to get to you. He attempted with everything he had to rise his power up again; but the drug was too strong. The bastard had shot him three times while he had been close to breaking free of the drug's constraints; yet not quite through. Damn him. Damn his fucking soul to hell. Vegeta opened up the bond full force, allowing his emotions to flow into her. Maybe he could help her, help her fight. She was still unconscious...he could register nothing out of her. Oh God, what if that cowardly bastard raped her while she was unable to fight back, unable to say or do anything to help herself. BULMA!!

He screamed her name in his mind. A cry of heartsick despair and grief and rage and... Oh God, Bulma...Bulma.




Trunks stared at the girl in disbelief. "You're saying that Gero is making an army of artificial humans?"

"Yes, he has the matrix for them in his big laboratory room. The main army is all ready to go. He need only activate them." Eriadne' eyes were wide with fear and apprehension. "I think he plans on taking over the world with them."

"Kami..." Trunks glanced over at Goku; his eyes searching the depths of the Saiya-jin's coal black eyes for any sign of understanding. "Goku, why? Why would he be doing this?"

"Gero has always had an enormously large ego; believing himself on a level with our Creator. For him, it is more about creating and destroying and controlling what he created then actual world dominance. I think he wants to be revered, and if he isn't; if no one appreciates him for the talents he has...well then he will just destroy humanity and create new life. His own version anyway. A version that won't belittle his ways."

"Kami!" Eriadne stared in shocked horror at Goku. "It sounds like he has some kind of complex."

"What were his plans for you?" Trunks didn't really need her to tell him; it was patently obvious. He snarled at the thought of her being turned into something like Juuhachigou; twisted and evil. Trunks started as he felt her hand, warm and gentle on his arm, his teeth clenching at her contact; his body fighting against the desire to break the touch, to pull away. No, she had done nothing to him. Her touch was different then Juuhachigou's. Not cold and revolting and...he swallowed convulsively; gently removing his arm away from her and standing up, his back facing them. He wasn't ready for this yet.

"I think he wants another member of his army. He had his artificial bastard humans grab me when they attacked my town." Eriadne lowered her head. "I wasn't the only one taken, but I'm afraid I wasn't the first one to be experimented on." She shuddered in horror. "What he did to some of those people! I...I..." She stopped and took a deep, shuddering breath; attempting to fill her body with some kind of calm peace. "I couldn't let that happen to me, I just couldn't. So I stole some of his...his things." She spoke the words in disgust; the knowledge of what those things were filling her with a sick dread. Kami, that could have been her. She raised her eyes and stared hard at Goku. "I've been digging for two straight days with these." Eriadne tossed down two wickedly shaped claws; their ends sharp and pointed. Designed for killing. "They are h...hands for some of the..." She broke off, her eyes catching Trunks. "I think it was an old path that had been covered up with loose rock. It wasn't too hard to break through. I can't go back. Please, you have to help me. Maybe we can help each other. Please." Eriadne had never begged for anything in her life, but she would for this. To be turned into a monster like the other people, to be forced to do something you had no desire to do...Kami...Kami.

Trunks knelt beside her, his blue eyes piercing straight into her; filling her mind with whatever peace he could offer her. "We aren't going to make you go anywhere, Eriadne, but you are going to have to hide when they come down here. Back into the hole. I can cover it with something." He swung his head towards Goku. "We need a plan of action, some way out of here. Gero needs to be stopped and sitting here, allowing him to drug us and torture us is not going to get it done."

"I know, Trunks...we will think of something. Let's wait for Vegeta and Bulma; then decide together what to do." Goku tried to keep his own voice steady, soothing, but knew he must have failed miserably. Kami, how could he fight back when he couldn't even raise his power level to that of a normal human?

"There are other ways to fight, Goku...besides using your muscles and your brawn...there are other ways to fight. You have only to learn them." A voice from long ago...echoing through his brain.

How Kaio-sama? How? I don't know how to win anymore?

"Father will want to take Gero on in hand to hand combat. You heard how he spoke to Mom; it's a pride thing now." Trunks burned with rage at the memory of his father's harsh,cutting words and the look of anguish and despair on his mother's young face. She hadn't deserved that. Trunks shut his eyes, trying to still his pounding heart.

"Trunks, Vegeta was angry, his pride was hurt. He didn't mean one thing he said to Bulma. He just lashes out when he is hurt and she hurt him. No matter how well-intentioned her motives may have been. Vegeta has a completely different sense of honor then the rest of us. It is his gut reaction. Your mother knows this about him. Let her deal with that." Goku's voice was gentle and soft; fatherly. Trunks bowed his head and nodded.

"All right, Goku, I'll do as you suggest for now, but...but we don't have much time. How long until Gero misses her?" He nodded at Eriadne. "How long until he starts looking?"

"I tried to cover up my tracks. I didn't want it to be easy to trace me." Eriadne's eyes burned into Trunks. "I'm not stupid you know."

"No one said you...oh for Kami's sake." Trunks sighed and stood back up. "I'm not going to argue with you again." He peeked at her peripherally, smirking at the narrowing eyes glaring harshly at him. She was so easy to rile thoughts broke off as he heard the tell-tell creak and groan of the elevator.

"Damn it! Come on! We need to get you back in your hole." Trunks grabbed her arm and shoved her towards the blasted out hole, pushing her down and in; his hands everywhere in his desire to get her hidden.

"Hey!" She squeaked in alarm. "Keep your hands off my ass."

"Believe me, I have no desire to touch your ass. Now get the hell in there." Trunks snarled at her, giving her one last good shove; deliberately smacking her bottom hard. He hurriedly grabbed loose rock and shoved it in front, hastily moving to sit on the cot. Kami, he hoped he looked innocent enough.

Both Goku and Trunks watched as the elevator door slid open and a huge cat-like creature appeared; his father's arm slung over his hairy shoulder; his father's feet dragging and sliding with every step they took. Kami, what had they done to his father and where was his mother? Trunks glanced over to Goku who watched in alarm as the creature drug Vegeta to his cell.

"Father!!" Trunks cried out in alarm as his father's head rolled back, his eyes open and dazed and Kami...what had they done to him? His face! His face was filled with such broken-hearted despair and hopelessness. He shuddered at the sight. "What have you done to him! Where is my mother?" Trunks roared in shock at the cat thing that stood outside his cell.

"That pretty little thing is your mother? I suppose I can see the resemblance; though neither her or Vegeta look old enough to be your parents." Refallo smiled.

"Where is Bulma?" Goku's voice was hard and dangerous; the underlying menace clear in his voice.

"Oh, she's upstairs probably having herself one hell of a time right now. Wouldn't you say, Vegeta?" Refallo laughed dryly, opening the cell and shoving the Prince into it.

Vegeta landed on his hands and knees, his mind searching out his mate's. He felt her, a spark of life, of recognition. She was conscious and frightened. Woman...oh god woman. Please fight, please!

"Yes,she will be having herself a really good time when Costa gets started with her. I hear the women appreciate his methods of love very much." Refallo chuckled at the low moan of agony that emanated from the cell.

"Father!!" Trunks screamed at him. "Dad! What is he talking about?" His eyes sought out those of his fathers and he recoiled in shock as they connected. The pain and suffering, the look of...oh Kami. His mother. His Mother!!

"Bulma..." Vegeta whispered in despair. "Bulma."


Bulma sat ram-rod straight, her back firmly planted against the couch that Costa had tossed her on, injured arm cradled tightly against her chest. Oh Kami, he was going to rape her. No, no! She couldn't let that happen. She would fight to the death before she would allow herself to be violated in such a horrible, vile way. In her mind, she could feel Vegeta...raging and despairing. An equal mix of the two; fueling her with his fury and his despair, but there was so much to try to encompass. Kami. He was so very weak. Bulma bowed her head; choking back a sob . Not now, she couldn't cry now. If she had any hopes of surviving this, of finding some way out of it...she had to keep her wits about her. There would be time for a mental breakdown later...after the nightmare was past.

The metal door slid open, revealing the leering, mammoth figure of Costa. Bulma felt her throat move convulsively and she swallowed. Her eyes widened in remembrance. Wait a minute! She had the drug. She had that fucking drug! Her good hand moved towards the pocket she had stuffed it in; clenching and unclenching uncontrollably. Kami, it was there. All she had to do was use it.

"Hello, sweetling. I hope I haven't kept you waiting too long. I like my women to be awake and alert when I take them." He smiled maliciously and stepped in; the door sliding shut behind him. The sound resonating with a loud bang. Bulma jumped despite herself; a fresh wave of fear washing through her.

"I especially want the ones that happen to be bonded to the Prince of the Saiya-jin to be alert. I want to see you open up that bond for me; scream at hm through it. I want him to feel everything. Everything." Costa smiled perversely as she gazed at him in fear and horror. Dread--like a creeping chill--slowly taking over her body.

"Why are you doing this? Why does Nappa matter so much to you?" Bulma tried to keep her voice from shaking in terror. The look in his eyes, it was couldn't think of anyhting to describe it. Unholy...deranged. Those struck close; and the idea that she was alone, forced to defend herself against something so mad frightened her in a way that she had never been frightened before.

"Why shouldn't I?" Costa took a step towards her, his hands stripping off the clothing that he wore; exposing his chest for her to see.

"He wasn't around." Bulma attempted to reason with him, desperate enough to attempt any method that might free her from this hell she was in. " Taking care of someone and actually being there as they grow up are two different things. Monetary support doesn't make a relationship." Bulma felt her throat close up as his massive chest appeared, bare and sweating. Kami, please...she shut her eyes; her throat parched and dry.

"Oh, I never said it did, sweetling. I never said it did. What you seem to not understand is that Nappa and I swore a blood oath to our father. One would take care of the other. If one fell in battle, then the other would honor him, as I grew older that moved to vengenance as well. Nappa never suspected that it would be Vegeta that dealt him the killing blow. He thought only of Frieza and he made me swear on my mother's grave that if he ended up dead by treacherous hands, his life would be avenged; that Frieza would meet hs end in homage to our fallen Saiya-jin brothers. Nappa never had a chance. Vegeta was the last person he expected to strike him dead."

"You heard what Vegeta said. He was Nappa's Prince, he..."

"Shut up, Bitch!" Costa's hands smashed down on either side of her; his face, beet-red and angry, mere inches away from her; so close she could feel his breath--fetid and stale--against her lips. "I will hear no more in defense of Vegeta. If you do--if you so much as utter his name in my presence... it will only go harder for you." He trailed a finger down her lip, tapping it lightly against her chin.

Bulma nodded, squeezing her hand into a tight fist and swallowing hard. She made no move to resist as he gave her a peck on her lips.

"That's a good girl. I promise you, it will be fun." Costa smiled and withdrew away from her, shrugging off his pants. Bulma shut her eyes; nauseated at the idea of being forced to see him naked.

"It hardly seems fair, sweet, that I am naked and you are not. Why don't you remedy that?"

Bulma shrank back against the couch. " Don't do this."

"Do it bitch, or I will be happy to do it for you." Costa snarled at her, his teeth clenching in anger.

Bulma stood quickly, better she just do it and go from there. If he laid his hands on her in force, she would stand no chance. Better to lure him into a false sense of security and then he least expected it--bam! She snarled in her throat. Enjoy this, you fucking pervert, because it is all going to end for you very soon. I promise you that.




Vegeta sat in stunned silence, unmoving., saying nothing. Only staring unblinkingly at the wall; his face a cold, empty void . His mind was linked completely to his mate's--feeling...receiving...sending. His body flowed with more emotions now, he thought, then he had ever fully experienced before in his entire life. She had tried to kick him out once, had tried to close the link up, to spare him her ordeal; but he had not allowed it. No, if Bulma were going to have to go through this, then he would go through it with her; every part of it. He wouldn't leave his woman alone to face such... Vegeta shut his eyes in cold despair. The one thing he had been most terrified of, of being hunted by spectors of his past; of having her ripped from him in some violent fashion. Hurt and used against was happening, and there was nothing he could do to stop it. God, he had driven her away because the thought of it had been so horrifying to him; so overwhelmingly terrifying. He'd overlooked the fact that his heart--or at least what remained of a heart--was already hers; subject to breaking. God, having her killed would have been preferable to this torment. To know what she would go through, what she would lose; her fear and her suffereing and the horrible trauma that would follow. He choked on a sob. Oh God, that she would suffer that--the shame and degradation that would come. This was all his fault and what he had said to her this morning; vile, cruel things designed to hurt her, to break her spirit; to restore his damaged pride. He had actually told her she deserved everything that happened to her. Bulma, I didn't mean it...I didn't mean it, woman..

He jolted back to sick awareness as he felt a stab of dread. Deep and gut-wrenching. Oh God, Costa must be with her. It was growing and growing and growing until he thought he would... He fell to his knees; overcome with her emotions in his mind. Uncaring that they all stood staring at him, watching him, seeing him in a moment of weakness and vulnerability. His mate...

"Father?" Trunks questioned him with a shaky voice. The knowledge that his mother was...could be...that she was going throught he same thing he had gone through; that she would have to suffer what he had suffered. Trunks shut his eyes in despair. Mom.

"Shut up, boy. Shut up!" Vegeta's voice was a hoarse, dry rasp in the darkness of the cell. He didn't want to hear them, he didn't want to even acknowledge anyone else's existence in this godforsaken cell. He could hear Refallo's voice in his mind echoing and echoing; a crazed litany to suit his equally crazed mind. God help her if she gets with Costa's brat...brat...brat. He would kill it if she did. Vegeta would not allow her to carry the misbegotten bastard of her force her to endure that...he slammed his head into his hands in despair.

Oh God, he could feel her again...her terror, her determination, her dread swirling around and around in his mind until he thought he would explode with the magnitude of them. Fight, Bulma! Fight him. Her fear was growing again. Swelling and swelling and swelling; taking over his brain and filling his soul until he thought he would scream in torment. Bulma...God...fight. Vegeta felt his breath coming fast and harsh; his heart slamming against his chest. A flash of Frieza's face flew through his mind. NO, not now. That was long dead and buried. This was Bulma...his woman. She was the one suffering now. Her horror at what was happening, her anguish, her dread. Oh God, her dread. Vegeta staggered to the cell bars, clutching at them. His mind aflame with images conjured within his own brain. A maddening mix of Frieza and Costa and his woman and himself.

"NO!!" He screamed. A horrible raging, maddening sound emanating from deep within his soul; drug forth from him in a moment of sheer heart-rending madness.

" BULMA!!!" He shook the bars with all his strength, the drug draining him. "No!"

"Bulma..." Vegeta slid to the floor in quiet anguish and despair. She had broken the link. Somehow she had overpowered him and broken the damn link. "Bulma..."



Costa awoke slowly; sluggishly. How long had he been out? What had happened? He remembered...absolutely nothing. Costa sat up, looking around for the girl. He could remember her, the feel of her. Forcing her down onto the bed, covering her; touching her...then nothing. Costa glanced over and started the scowling visage of Gero instead leering in his face.

"What are you doing in here?" Costa's voice was harsh and dry. He could barely swallow.

"How dare you? Raping the girl was never part of our agreement." Gero's voice shook with rage. When he had come in here and seen what that monster had done, seen Bulma. Gero shook with rage. Bulma was to bear his progeny; not the brat of some brain-dead lunatic. "Take Vegeta and go. Your stay here is over."

Costa sat up threateningly, prepared to strike the mad doctor down in one blow; but stopped as two evil looking humans stepped into the room. A girl and a boy. Menacing...foreboding; their eyes glowing red.

"Be smart, friend. Take Vegeta and would be unwise to cross us." Juuanagou's toneless, vapid, voice sent a shiver of fear scurrying up Costa's spine. He looked from Gero to the boy silently. Finally muttering under his breath.

"Fine, I will go. Allow me to dress." God, why were his muscles so damn torpid? That must have been one hell of a romp. Costa could remember her pinching him, urging him on. He smiled...she had enjoyed it. Wouldn't that be a fun thing to torment Vegeta with? The idea that his woman had cried out another man's name in pleasure. Costa laughed at the prospect.

"Good, I will leave you to your business and pray I never see you again." Gero turned and walked out, the two terrrors following closely behind him.

"Damn old bastard. I should kill you and take the girl with me." Costa stumbled to his feet and dressed, staggering out of the room. Refallo stood waiting for him; silent, thoughtfully..

"Is Vegeta ready?" God, he could use a drink.

"I'd say. He is definitely ready to kill you." Refallo laughed; brandishing the tranquilizer gun. "I had to shoot him three times with this after you took his woman. I restocked our supply. I don't think we want him to be free to kill us as he pleases. I have a feeling after seeing his eyes, that it would be very painful."

"Good idea, Refallo. I want him at my mercy; I want to hear him beg."

"So boss, was she as good as she looked?"

Costa frowned, wishing he could remember. He could make it up. No one else had to know that he couldn't recall a damn thing about fucking the girl.

"She was even better, Refallo, even better."




Vegeta's head jerked up as he heard the groan of the elevator start up; he staggered to his feet, wrapping his hands around the cool metal of the bars. It was over and done with. He forced down the agony and despair that came rushing upward from his gut at that thought. Not in front of these people. He had already allowed them to see too much as it was; he would not break down now. He had his pride, or at least what remained of it. Only his mate would see it; only his mate and she would see everything...all his pain and sorrow for what had been done to her, for what she had lost. She wouldn't want anyone to look at her, or touch her. Not even him...he swallowed, trying to think of a way he could reach her. The link had been closed to him for awhile; silent and empty. Leaving him with a dull, hollow ache in his soul. He had taken her presence in him for granted; filling the void that had grown within him every year he had been forced to serve under Frieza. He had never even contemplated what it would mean if she wasn't there to fill it. How empty he would be. Vegeta thought perhaps she was unconscious. The suddeness of its disappearence from his mind. He felt a boiling rage ignite within his blood. The coward had taken her while she was unconscious and helpless. His hands clenched against the bars. Vegeta would rip him apart.

Costa smiled as the doors slid open; his beady eyes shifting straight to Vegeta's black, storm-filled orbs; he could see his death glittering in the depths of those cold eyes and he smiled. Not if I kill you first, Vegeta...not if I kill you first.

He stopped in front of the Prince's cell, eyes narrowed with gleeful malice. He smiled widely at Vegeta. "There is nothing quite like the fuck of a lifetime! Wouldn't you say, Vegeta?"

Vegeta roared in anguish and rage. A sound that chilled Trunks to his very bones. The bastard had touched his mother and dared to come here and rub that in his father's face and then laugh at what she had gone through. His lip curled in fury. If his father didn't kill him, he would.

Costa watched in amusement as Vegeta shook the bars in rage, growling like a madman. "My goodness, Vegeta. All this over a woman that enjoyed it. She called out my the end...right before..." Costa stopped in horror as Vegeta's aura ignited...his rage overcoming the drug's deathgrip on him.

"I will rip you apart with my bare hands, Costa, and when I am done you will understand suffering on new levels. I will kill you for what you have done to her." Vegeta was lost in his blood rage, ripping the bars apart from his cell. His hair alight with fire...a pure glowing yellow.

"Refallo, get down here and shoot him." Costa staggered out of the way; watching as Refallo hit him with first one then two shots of the drug. Vegeta seemed unphased. Flying at the half-saiya-jin and knocking him to the ground; his hand closing tightly around Costa's thick neck, lifting him in the air.

"Be sure to say hello to your bastard brother for me." Vegeta sneered the words in rage and hatred; his hand squeezing the life from the giant's neck.

"Re...fall...o." Costa gurgled, fear taking hold of his bones as he stared into the green depths that led straight into the Saiya-jin's black soul. How could Vegeta be so strong and why did he glow yellow?

"Father!! Look out." Trunks gripped the bars tightly, watching helplessly as Refallo shot his father over and over and over with the drug. "Damn you!! Father!!" He watched in hopeless despair as his father lost his grip on Costa; staggering back.

Costa took his opportunity; smashing his fist into Vegeta's stomach.

"That one will cost you extra, Vegeta...just you wait." Costa's lip curled into a sneer as he smashed a fist into the Prince's back. "Shoot him again, Refallo. Bring the fucking bastard down."

Refallo shot Vegeta once more; watching in horror as he fell to his knees and hit the cold metal of the floor with a thud. His hair fading back to coal black.

"Father!!" Screamed Trunks. He could see Goku beside him, shaking his bars, his own face lit in fury. "Father!"

"You monsters!!" Goku's voice rang with fury and shock. How could they have done that to Vegeta? He shook his bars in fury.

Vegeta could hear his son, screaming in the distance; the sound receding into the blackness of his mind. He had failed her. Bulma...Bulma, I have failed.

* * * * *


Coming...chapter six...Costa begins his torment of the Prince; Gero reveals his plans to Bulma;and Trunks, Eriadne and Bulma plan a daring escape from Gero and rescue of Vegeta and Kakkarot...the Z-warriors attempt to locate their missing comrades..

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