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Chapter 7- Ginyus night out

"Can I get a drink for the lady?" Goku asked, pulling up a stool for himself and Chichi. Yajirobe nodded, turning back to the bar to get a soda and a beer.

"So, what do you think is going to happen to those two?" Chichi asked him, referring to Bulma and Vegeta.

"Who knows? Though I wouldnít put it passed Bulma to give him a black eye."

Chichi giggled, popping a fry into her mouth. "So, Mr. Son. You never told me where you and Bulma come from. Care to share?"

"Oh, well we come from here and there. You know. Kind of like city dwellers."

"City dwellers? What does that mean?"

Goku tried to think of a way to put it to her so she wouldnít find out what he was.

"Here are your drinks," Yajirobe broke in, setting down the beverages. "Enjoy."

"So, what about you?" Goku asked when Yajirobe went to go service other people.

Chichi smiled shyly over her fizzing glass of Sprite. "Whatís there to know?"

"You tell me."

"Okay, well I moved t L.A when I was sixteen. That was afterÖ after my mother died." Goku reached across the table and grabbed her hand.

"Iím sorry," he said, eyes full of sincerity.

"Itís okay. I got over it a long time ago." But the look on her face said otherwise. "Anyway, to make a long story short, I got a job at Dieselís and now I can make enough money to support myself and my father."

"Doesnít your father work?"

She took a sip of her Sprite from a straw and looked at him suspiciously. "Not that itís any of your business, but my father got sick about three or four months back. Any more questions Mr. Secret Agent?"

Goku panicked. "Iím no secret agent," he said quickly. ĎMore like FBIí.

She gave him a skeptic look. But her eye caught something else. "Hey, where are Bulma and Vegeta going?"

Bulma was angrily stepping out the door, Vegeta following after.

ĎI donít know,í Goku thought. ĎBut I donít like it.í

A few moments later, Chichi had engaged him into more conversation, making sure to steer clear of too-personal topics. Their talk became even more interesting when Chichi brought up a group called the Ginyus.

"Ginyuís?" Goku asked, swigging his beer. "Who are they?"

"Only the biggest assholes this side of L.A. Them and Vegeta have sort of a deal."

"Deal? What kind of deal?" Goku asked, thinking he could get Vegeta busted for another drug ring.

"Well, for one, we donít snitch on them, they donít snitch on us. Secondly, we stay on our side of town, they stay on theirs."

Goku was desperately trying to remember all of the information. "Whereís Ďtheir side of towní?"

She made a back motion with her thumb. "On the other side of the Silver Dragon. In fact, this club is like the midpoint. The only place where the Ginyus and the Dieselís crew ever meet up. And weíve nevó"

Chichi couldnít finish her sentence as a bullet whizzed by, shattering random bottles at the bar and spraying pieces of glass everywhere.

"Oh shit!" someone yelled. The music stopped abruptly and people began to scream and run, ducking for cover. Most people ran out of the club heading for the safety of their vehicles. Goku grabbed Chichi as two more shots were fired.

They hopped over the bar, almost landing on Yajirobe who was muttering nonsensically about "insurance," and "who the hell was going to pay for this."

Chichi breathed a sigh of relief when Juu and the rest of the crew decided to hop back there also, out of range of bullets. They heard laughter and motors being revved.

"Who do you think it is?" Nappa whispered loudly.

"Who do you think it is numb nuts?" Jared asked. "Itís the fucking Ginyus!"

Jay shook his head. "We havenít done jack-shit to them. What the hell do they want?"

Juu stood up, bringing Launch, Chichi, and Rayven with her. "Letís find out."

The girls jumped over the bar, much to the malesí protests, and ran to the window. Once the men all felt it was safe to leave their hiding spaces, they joined the women. They didnít see anything through the window, but heard two car doors slam, and the sound of a car peeling out. Moments later, a black and red car zoomed by followed by at least 5 motorcycles.

"Wait," Piccolo said. "Is it just me, or was that Vegetaís ride?"

"Youíre right," Krillin affirmed. "The Ginyus must be going after Vegeta and Bulma! What do we do?"

Juu got up, heading for the door. "I say, we go out there, and kick some Ginyu ass. If youíre with me, letís go."

They all followed her outside. "Everyone, jump into your rides, strap up, and follow those Ginyus. Weíll be damned if something happens to Bulma and Vegeta.

They quickly assembled into groups of twoís and threeís, hopped into their cruisers, and jetted, hoping to get some action.


"Ginyus? Who the hell are the Ginyus?" Bulma asked angrily.

"Theyíre the fuckers that are behind us."

"Well, what do they want from us?"

Vegetaís hands gripped tightly over the wheel. "Damn, this is all your fault!"

"My fault? Vegeta, why donít you explain how this could possibly be my fault?"

"If you werenít so damned stubborn and would have stayed on our fucking side of town!"

"Please Vegeta, spare me. Are you telling me that those assholes are chasing us because I stepped onto Ďtheirí side of the city?"

Vegeta didnít respond. He was too busy running a red light.

"Geez, and I thought I had problems."

Vegeta growled as three motorcycles surrounded the car from the back and two sides, making it impossible for them to escape.

"Pull over!" they heard one of the guys shout, pointing to the huge parking lot. Even though it was still late, the lot was filled with light from the street lamps.

Vegeta shut the car off and looked to Bulma. "Come on woman. Just stay beside me." She nodded, opening her door and stepping out making sure to latch on to Vegetaís arm. They were surrounded by 6 men on motorcycles, each with a ho or two on the back with them.

One of the men with long green hair and tight fitting leather pants gracefully stepped off his bike.

"Vegeta," he said smoothly. "Fancy seeing you here. Long time no see, huh? Howís it going?" His voice held a tinge of British accent.

Vegeta growled. "Cut the shit, Zarbon. What the hell do you want?"

"Damn, Vegeta. I almost forgot you werenít one to beat around the bush. You like to cut straight to the chase, donít you?" The others around him chuckled.

Vegeta was impatient. He wanted to get the fuck out of there before something happened to the woman. The Ginyus werenít ones to fuck with.

"Just tell me, Vegeta. What are you doing on this particular side of my city?"

Bulma snorted, rolling her eyes. She still couldnít believe they were playing a juvenile game of Ďyour town, my town.í

Zarbon turned his attention to Bulma as if just noticing her. "Ah, Vegeta. Arenít you going to introduce us to your latest fuck toy?"

Vegeta opened his mouth to say something, but Bulma beat him to the punch. "Fuck you asshole," she spat venomously.

"Oh, and sheís a little spitfire too! You sure know how to pick Ďem Vegeta! Hope youíre taking care of the bitch!"

The men in the back laughed some more. "I know I could take care of her!" one of the men said.

Vegeta recognized himas Jeice, the arrogant, white-haired pretty boy. But he was blinded with rage by Zarbonís comments. Plus, he wasnít stupid. He knew he couldnít take all of them alone, especially not with the woman.

"Go fuck yourself Zarbon. We both know you need to."

"Such harsh words." He snapped his fingers. "Recoome! Burter! Get the bitch! Jeice! Guldo! Hold down Vegeta!"

The men did so quickly, making it impossible for Bulma and Vegeta to escape. They snatched Bulma, one of the men pulling her from Vegeta. The other three took hold of Vegeta making sure he couldnít escape. Bulma kicked and screamed, trying her damndest to get away.

"Get your hands off me you bastards!"

"Oh, so our hands are not clean enough for her," Recoome said to Jeice.

"Yeah, but I bet Vegetaís are," Jeice said, laughing.

Vegeta struggled against the three that were holding him, but to no avail. He growled, frustrated. "I swear Zarbon! When I get my hands on you, youíre a dead son of a bitch!"

"Vegeta, I donít think you realize how many of you there are, and how many of us there are."

As soon as he said this, a loud buzzing noise filled the air. Like the sound of a dozen motors. Everyone stopped their actions as the noise grew louder and louder until it seemed like it was coming straight from the lot.

Bulma gasped as she saw at least 6 cars screech into the lot, right next to Vegetaís Honda. She almost shouted with joy when Goku and Chichi appeared out of the first car, Juu, Jay, and Krillin from the second, and so on until the whole crew was visible.

Zarbon cursed. "Great. Now weíve got to deal with the fucking Power Rangers."

"Youíre damn straight!" Yamcha called, taking a step forward.

"Now let them go before you regret ever messing with us," Chiaotzu yelled.

Zarbon and his men laughed out loud. "Can you believe this? This little man wants to take me on!" The men roared with laughter once more. Chiaotzu steamed with anger. Where he came from, he was the baddest boy on the block.

While the Ginyus were busy laughing, Vegeta was initiating his escape. He lifted himself up, using the leverage from Guldo who was clutching his arm, and spun, kicking Jeice right in the jaw. The white haired man fell to the ground, bringing Captain with him, and leaving Vegetaís right hand free. He promptly punched Guldo in the face, dropping him to the cement.

Bulma took this opportunity to make her own escape. The two men holding her were too stunned by Vegetaís antics to realize what had happened to them until too late. She stomped down as hard as she could on Recoomeís foot, emitting a loud howl from his lips. He let go of her arm to grab his throbbing toe. With her free arm, she elbowed Burter in the gut, causing him to clutch it and try to soothe the pain.

Now free, Bulma ran to the safety of Vegeta, grabbing hold of his arm.

Vegeta smirked. "No, Zarbon. I donít think you realize how many of us there are, and how many of you there are."

On the other side, Jeice inconspicuously pulled out his A.K, aiming it at Vegetaís chest. He carefully positioned his arm, hoping for the kill. A loud ring filled the air as he pulled the trigger.


The first thing Goku did when he heard the blast, was pull out his own gun. The rest of them had already gone into action, grabbing whatever weapon in sight, and scrambling to get a Ginyu. Goku looked over at Bulma and Vegeta to make sure they were alright over all the commotion.

Vegeta sported a look of pain on his face as he clutched his arm. Bulma forced him to move his hand off, showing her his wound. Blood began to steadily seep out. She hurriedly bent down, grabbing a small pocket knife from her boot and tore a piece of cloth from her sleeve. She frantically tied it onto his arm, stopping the flow of red liquid.

Goku sighed with relief over the all out brawl that was taking place. ĎGood. Bulmaís alright, and Vegeta only got knicked. Looks like itís time for me to kick some Ginyu ass.í


Juu, Rayven, Launch, and Chichi had already caught themselves a victim.

Burter began to sweat as all four women quickly ganged up on him, covering him from all four sides. "Come on now ladies, we can talk about this," he said nervously.

"What do you think girls?" Chichi asked, advancing on him and twirling her knife. "Think we should give him a break?"

"Nah," answered Rayven. "Then, Iíll never get any action tonight."

Juu jumped up, kicking him swiftly in the chest and sending him right into Launchís fist. When he fell to the ground, Launch shook her fist in pain.

"Juu, the next time you do that, Iím gonna kick your ass." The four women looked down at the fallen Ginyu. Chichi shook her head. "That was just too easy."


Nappa held Recoome firmly from behind. "Go ahead Tinker. Free licks."

Jared smiled mischievously, positioning the bat over his right shoulder. He swung it right into Recoomeís gut, loving the sound crunch sound of a cracked rib.

Yamcha tapped Tinker on the shoulder. "Come on dude. Itís my turn," he whined.

"Wait, wait," Jared answered, swinging it twice more. He passed the bat over to Yamcha. Yamcha shook his head.

"See, now heís unconscious. Itís no fun that way. I donít even want it anymore."

Jared shrugged, readying himself for a few more swings.


Tien and Picollo held Jeice down to the ground, making sure he couldnít get up.

"Get off me you fucking assholes!" Jeice yelled, frustrated.

Chiaotzu looked down at him. "Not til I get through with you." He kicked him once in the ribs. "Thatís for messing with my friends!" He kicked him once more in the gut. "Thatís for disturbing my night out!" The man on the ground sputtered, trying to keep consciousness. Chiaotzu brought his leg back, forcefully slamming his foot into the manís stomach. "And thatís for calling me little!"

Picollo and Tien looked up nervously at Chiaotzu. "Whoa, man, take it easy," Tien said. "Youíve got a lot of hidden anger. Maybe you should do something about that."

"He messed with the wrong playa."


Krillin was pinned beneath Guldo, trying to get the upper hand. "No way, little man," Guldo taunted. "Youíre not getting away from me!"

Krillin began to panick. He was trapped. And on top of that, the little fucker was choking him! He scrambled to get a few breaths, but became frantic as oxygen wouldnít cooperate.

"Krillin! Catch!" Jay slid Krillin a metal bar. Krillin gladly accepted it. He swung the bar, smashing Guldoís jaw. The man toppled off him.

Krillin stood up, dusting his pants. Jay patted him on the back. "Good work buddy."

Krillin shook his head. "You know, you could have just hit him over the back of the head for me."

"Yeah, well that would have been too simple. Itís what best friends are for."

Krillin shook his head once more, looking at Guldo, heaped on the cement.

"What now, punk?!"


Vegeta cursed softly, angry that his arm was still throbbing. He spotted Captain a few yards away, trying to avoid the fight.

ĎThereís my victim,í Vegeta thought giddily. He grabbed the man, throwing a punch to his face. Captain recoiled, grabbing his nose in painful surprise.

"Shit Vegeta! Whyíd you do that for?!"

Vegeta was on the verge of attacking once more, when he heard a familiar female scream. He turned to see Zarbon behind Bulma, an arm around her neck, and a gun to her head.

All action stopped.

"Zarbon, get your fucking hands off her!"

"Or youíll what? Threaten me to death? I donít think so Veggie-boy."

Vegeta had to think fast. He grabbed Captain, holding him the same way Zarbon had Bulma.

"I swear Iíll break his neck Zarbon! I swear it!"

A quick flash of fear flew into Zarbonís eyes, but was expertly replaced with smugness.

"Do it."

"Heís bluffing!" Bulma yelled.

"Keep quiet bitch!" Zarbon warned, gripping her neck even tighter.

"Let go of the woman, and Iíll let go of him. Then, you can get on your damn crotch rockets and go!"

Zarbon debated in his head. "You let go first."

"Zarbon, if you think Iím foolish enough to fall for your idiotic tricks, you are highly mistaken."

"Vegeta, Iíve got the gun here."

"Donít do it Vegeta!" Bulma warned. "He wonít play by the rules!"

Vegeta contemplated, the pressure of what to do starting to build up. He closed his eyes, letting the Ginyu go. He couldnít let anything happen to that woman. Not because of some stupid feud.

"So, youíve finally come to your senses." He pushed Bulma out of his grasp, making her fall to the ground.

"It was nice seeing you again Vegeta. We should definitely do this again sometime."

The Ginyus jumped onto their bikes, revving up their motors. The smell of gasoline hit the air as they peeled out, leaving the lot.

Everyone breathed a sigh of relief when they were gone. Bulma got up from the ground, wiping the dust from her eyes.

"Shit!" She exclaimed. "I wish we could have kicked their asses!"

Juu and Chichi walked over to Bulma, patting her on the back. "We did B," Chichi said. "We did."


Vegeta cursed silently in his head. He let the little fucker get away with it! He barely even heard the cheers his crew was giving, or felt the pats on the back he was getting. He couldnít even focus on what the hell Rayven was whispering to him.

His eye caught Bulma, who was smiling at Goku. She must have felt his gaze, because she turned to face him, her eyes locking with his.

She smiled, almost shyly, not knowing how to thank him for protecting her. She looked at the ground, then back up to him.

"Thanks," she mouthed.

He nodded. "You owe me," he mouthed back.

She playfully rolled her eyes.

In the background, someone yelled, "Party at my place!"

Vegeta was jolted from the stare fest that was going on between him and Bulma.

ĎNot another party. Do we have to celebrate every damn thing around here?í

Vegeta shook his head. He would probably go home, watch a few flicks, drink, and maybe call up one of the bar girls for a booty call.

He almost laughed at the thought. The only person that he wanted to bone right now was Bulma. And after that, heíd drop her and go along his merry street racing way.

* * * * * *

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