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Chapter 6

Bulma hit the brakes, pulling over in front of the hangout spot. Across the street, the others were sitting on the hoods of their cars, or making out; basically just hanging.

Bulma looked at Goku in the passengerís seat. "You ready?" she asked him.

"I guess so," he replied, undoing the seat belt. They both jumped out of the open topped convertible and walked across the street.

"So, Kami grill you about leaving the car on MLK?" Goku asked.

"Donít remind me. Hey, but at least I got a new convertible in the process. Now be quiet and focus on getting some info tonight."

Goku nodded when they reached the other side and met up with the others.

"Whatís happeniní guys? We were wondering when you guys would get here!" Chichi said, by way of greeting. Juu looked up from her makeout session with Krillin. "Oh, hey B. What took you guys so long?" She walked over to Bulma, giving her daps.

"Got lost on the way here."

"Wish you would get lost now," Rayven said, under her breath. She took Vegetaís arm. "So, letís jump this joint," she said, referring to the place called the Silver Dragon.

Vegeta blatantly shook himself of her hold and led the way in. The crew followed behind him.

The inside was packed with people either on the dance floor, playing pool, at the bar, or sitting at the tables waiting for food. They maneuvered their way through the crowd, trying to find a few open tables. There was 15 of them, and only 5 to a seat. They found three empty round tables.

Bulma turned to find a seat among the others. "Come sit with us babe," she heard a voice, Yamcha say. She smiled greatfully and sat in the chair that he held out for her in between him and Jay. There were a few beers on the table for those who were too lazy to order.

Her smile dropped once she saw who sat across from her. ĎLet the fun begin,í she thought sarcastically eyeing Rayven, and then Vegeta.

Yamcha faced her. "You ever been here before?" he asked her conversationally.

"No," she replied. "Never been to this part of town before."

Jay laughed. "Well this is one of the hottest hot spots in East L.A. Youíre not cool like me if youíre not here. I get all the ladies here too. Itís like Iím a babe magnet."

"Hey!" yelled Juu from the table next to them. "What lies is my brother over there telling you?"

Jay smiled innocently. "Oh, nothing sister dearest. Just corrupting the mind of a vulnerable woman."

"Yeah, right. I bet youíre telling her all about your Ďhoneysí." She rolled her eyes and looked at Bulma. "Less than 10 percent of what my brother tells you is true."

Bulma nodded. "I could already tell."

At Juuís table, Nappa was having a fit. "Dammit! Iím hungry! Whenís the food coming?!"

Jared refrained from slapping him upside his head. "We havenít ordered yet, dumb ass."

"Shut up Tinkerbell! If you donít have food for me, donít talk to me!"

Krillin rubbed his noggin. "Iím actually kind of hungry." Picollo shook his head. "Iíll pass. Donít get hungry much."

Goku, at the table to the left of them, looked confused. "Donít get hungry much? Now, I knew you were weird, but geez!"

Chichi laughed softly, looking at Tien, Chiatzu, and Launch. "Guess we should order."

Vegeta cupped his hand over his mouth, making a megaphone. "Yajirobe! Get your ass over here!" A chubby man working the bar, looked up. Vegeta waved him over.

The man walked over on his pudgy little legs smiling brightly. "Dude! I saw your race last night, Vegeta! Those were some mad moves man!!"

Vegeta took a swig of one of the pre-ordered beers and raised his eyebrows in and "is that right," kind of gesture.

"Yeah, man! It was sweet! Canít wait for the next one!"

He turned the page on the pad after he got their orders and proceeded to get the rest of the crew at the other two tables.

"Wow, Vegeta, you sure do have a lot of admirers," Bulma said, raising her eyebrows.

He took another swig of his beer. "Yeah, well it comes with the job. Itís hard to be as good as me."

"Donít flatter yourself."

He smirked at her, bringing the bottle to his lips.

Bulma felt fingers on her neck, slowly caressing her. She looked at Yamcha who was smiling. He leaned over and whispered something in her ear.

"So cutie, wanna dance?"

Bulma smiled. ĎHe looks sucker enough to answer my questions. Might as well go for it,í she thought. "Sure," she answered, taking his hand.

Vegetaís eyebrows wrinkled when he saw the two get up and walk to the dance floor.

Moments later, "Still fly" by the Big Tymers came on. Juu got up from her seat, pulling Krillin along with her. "Come on Krillin! We gotta dance to this!" They hurried to the dance floor, Tien and Launch right behind them.

Goku looked at Chichi, raising his eyebrows. She smiled at him reluctantly. She was still mad at him. But tonight was for fun, not for grudges. She gave him his hand and he led her to the dance floor.


Vegeta angrily watched Bulma and Yamcha dance. They werenít even close. And what the fuck business was it of his if they were?

He felt an unwanted hand on his arm.

"Letís dance, Vegeta," Rayven said, tugging on him.

Vegeta was on the verge of saying something like, "take your filthy hands off me," but he saw Yamcha grab her by the waist.

ĎOh, hell no!í

Vegeta stood up abruptly, yanking her from her seat. "Come on."

When they got on the floor, a few feet from Yamcha and Bulma, "Trade it all" by Fabolous started up, gaining cheers and hoots from the crowd.

Vegeta pulled Rayven to him, eyeing Bulma who was watching him over Yamchaís shoulder. He watched her eyes flare before throwing her arms around Yamchaís neck.

Girl Iíd trade it all
Money, cars, and everything,

Bulma moved her body closer to Yamcha, never breaking eye contact with Vegeta only a few feet away. He slid his arms up Rayvenís back, contributing to Bulmaís fury.

Even give up my street dream,
All, anything to have you on my team,

Vegeta brought his lips to Rayvenís neck, still keeping his eyes on the woman who heíd rather be doing this to. Bulma guided Yamchaís hands down to her waist, bringing herself closer to him still.

Baby girl Iíd trade it all,
Even give up the good green,
All, and Iíd give the watch and pinky ring,
All, anything to have you on my team

Vegeta growled, angry that she would allow that bastard to put his dirty hands on her. Rayven misunderstood, thinking Vegeta was hot off her. She leaned in close, whispering seductively in his ear, "So, Vegeta. Want to go somewhere?" Vegeta brushed her voice off. He was entranced by the blue haired woman.

All, anything to have you on my team,
All, baby girl Iíd trade it all

The song slowly faded out, shaking Vegeta out of his trance and breaking his eye contact with Bulma. He pulled back from Rayven and looked at her. She was smiling at him and he knew what she wanted.

The night before, at the party, heíd been fiercely craving the blue haired shrew. Heíd wanted her in the baddest way. But since that wasnít going to happen, heíd settled for Rayven, hoping that she would relieve his sexual frustrations.

All she did was leave him wanting Bulma even more.

In the background, he heard someone yelling about playing pool. He pushed Rayven aside and left, walking towards one of the pool tables.

It was going to be a long fucking night.


Bulma stepped away hastily from Yamcha when the song ended. What the hell was she doing, using this guy to get to Vegeta? There were plenty of other guys there that would screw her in the snap of a finger!

She looked at Yamcha and smiled politely. "Thanks for the dance, Yamcha."

"Anytime babe. Anytime. Listen, my carís right out front. We couldÖ you know. Go back to my place andÖ" He wiggled his eyebrows.

Bulma searched her mind for something to say. ĎHow Ďbout, no motherfucker, Iíve got better things to doí?í she thought. ĎNo, that wonít work. Something more friendly.í She heard Launch yell something about playing pool. Thatís it! Pool!

"Uh, no, I think Iím gonna go do the whole 8 ball scene. You know, brush up on my skills." She turned, heading to one of the tables and meeting up with Goku and Chichi. The rest of them were playing at other various tables.

"Hey Goku, Chichi. You guys break yet?"

"No, still enough room for two more people," Chichi replied.

"Alright, Iím in," Bulma said, grabbing a pool stick.

"Count me in too," she heard a gruff voice say. She wasnít surprised to see Vegeta grabbing a stick also.

"Ok, great!" Goku said. "Who breaks?"

"I will, Kakarott," Vegeta said, putting extra emphasis on his name. "Iíve got lows, one through five," he said, breaking.

Bulma nodded, not knowing what the fuck he was talking about. Sheíd never played the damn game in her life. But she could just watch and learn. How hard could it be?


20 minutes later, Vegeta was winning and Bulma still hadnít sunk one. She knew she was humiliating herself in front of them, but what the hell? She was going to get it right even if it killed her!

"Dammit woman! Would you go already!? Iíve got better things to do than watch you stare at a fucking ball all night!"

"Would you shut up Vegeta!? Youíre making me lose my focus."

"Oh, so thatís your focus? Looks a hell of a lot like gawking at a ball. And look at you. Youíre not even holding it right!" he said, referring to the stick.

"Go fuck yourself, Vegeta," she said, her concentration still on the table.

Goku and Chichi looked at each other. "So, Goku. That thing youíre supposed to do? I think itís time you go do that. Maybe I should go with you."

Goku looked puzzled. "That thing? What thing Chichi? I donít rememberó"

Chichi glared at him and jerked her head towards Bulma and Vegeta.

"Oh! That thing! Okay!" Goku said, finally realizing that Chichi wanted to leave Bulma and Vegeta to fight alone.

"Letís go," Chichi said, dragging Goku away.

"Why donít you just ask for help woman?" Vegeta asked when they were gone. "Youíre not going to learn by yourself." He could already tell that she was in one of those "Independent woman" moods that women go through.

"No, Vegeta! I can do it! Just give me--"

She felt his body come up behind hers. She tensed up.

"Relax," he said quietly. "You canít hit when youíre all tight like this." He slid his hands slowly down her arms, guiding them to the correct position to hit.

Bulma shuddered at the contact. If this was his way of teaching her how to play, she was never going to learn anything.

He moved her hair to the other side of her shoulder so he could lean in over her other one.

"Hurry up Vegeta," she said, trying to sound mad but her voice wavering slightly.

"Donít rush me woman. I like to take things slow."

Bulma rolled her eyes inwardly. ĎYeah, and thatís why youíre the fastest driver around.í

"Spread your legs out a little more"

She turned around and gave him a Ďhell noí look.

He sighed. "Chill, woman. It gives you more balance. Just do it."

She sighed and did as told.

"Now what?"

"Bend over a little more. Keeps you at eye level with the ball."

Bulma did as he said, leaning over the table. God, did he have to be so damn close to her? How could she concentrate when her body was suddenly reacting to his? She could feel the unwanted dampness building between her legs.

He placed his left arm on her hip and leaned over her back, bringing his body in contact with hers.

"Now just aim, and keep your eyes on your target," he whispered into her ear.

Bulma tried her best to listen. Really, she did. But she couldnít help noticing the way he was toying with the top of her skirt. He knew what he was doing to her. He knew he was making her wet.

She felt that unwelcome feeling of moistness intensify as he slipped his thumb into the waistband of her leather skirt.

"Move it through your fingers like this," he said, running the pool stick back and forth between her thumb and index finger repeatedly.

Bulma began to pant as he moved in closer, pressing his hardness into her back. She would give anything for him to take her right then and there.

"Now, be careful and make sure you hit the middle," he said. Bulmaís thought process refused to cooperate as he moved passed her skirt and fingered her panties.

She knew he wanted her to come. And that was the only thing keeping her from doing it.

She dropped the stick and turned around, pushing him back. He smirked at her.

"What? Canít handle a simple game of pool?" he asked cruelly.

"Youíre an asshole Vegeta, you know that?"

"I didnít hear you complaining.

She turned, heading for the door and passed by Juu and Launch at the bar.

"Where you goiní B?"

"For a walk," she answered, before stepping into the night air.


Aw, fuck!í Vegeta thought, when he saw her walk out the door. He sighed and went after her, knowing she was probably going to get herself in trouble.

When he got outside, he spotted her a few yards away, going to only God knows where. He caught up to her.

"Where the hell do you think youíre going, woman?"

"Geez, canít anyone get some fresh air without being bothered!?"

"Donít tell me youíve turned into an angel now, woman. We both know what kind of girl you are."

She turned abruptly to face him, stopping him in his tracks. She was angry, her face glinting in the bright streetlight.

"You donít know shit about me Vegeta! So donít act like you do!"

He grabbed her waist with both hands, and pinned her body with his to the nearest building.

"Thatís what you think," he said, leaning in to brush his mouth against hers. Bulma wet her lips, wanting anything he had to give.

Three shots rang out, startling the two.

"What the hell was that?!" Bulma asked frantically.

The sound of maniacal laughter followed by the sound of motorcycles filled the air, bringing Vegeta out of his glazed state. ĎOh, shit!í

He looked down the street, trying to remember where he parked. He grabbed Bulmaís hand, leading her to his car.

"Whatís happening, Vegeta!?"

He didnít answer, only telling her to get in once they reached his ride. When they were both strapped in, Bulma looked at Vegeta with questioning eyes.

"Ginyus," he said, before taking off.


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