Ahem....okay....late?....about a month and a half?....Letís get to the story shall we?

Chapter 14


Wednesday night at the Silver Dragon

"What's eatin' Vegeta?" Krillin asked the rest of the guys.

"Who cares?" Picollo responded taking another go at his beer.

"Well you gotta admit," Tinker said to the other four at the table, "he's been pretty weird for the past couple of days."

"Yeah, and he's been at the bar all night," Tien observed.

Jay shook his head. "Must be girl troubles."

Picollo snorted. "Everything's girls with you."

"Ha ha," Jay mocked. "No, look." He pointed across the room. Bulma and Yamcha were immersed in a friendly game of pool. They were in Vegeta's line of sight. The guys heard Vegeta growl when Bulma laughed at one of Yamcha's jokes.

Tien shook his head. "Can you say, 'the guy's got it bad'?"

"I don't know about you guy's, but I say we go cheer the ol' boss up," Krillin suggested.

Picollo rolled his eyes as the other men agreed. Forget them. He was content just drinking his alcoholic beverage thank you very much. If Vegeta wanted "cheering up" he would have asked for it.

Vegeta looked up when two stools on either side of him were taken by four very annoying men.

"What do you want?" he growled.

"Oh, nothing," Tinker said, putting his arm around Vegeta's shoulder, but quickly took it off at Vegeta's glare. "We just thought you might need some company."

"I don't. Go away."

"Come on Vegeta," Tien said persuasively. "We're not stupid."

"You don't say?" he answered sarcastically, taking a swig from his half empty glass.

"We know about your little situation, Vegeta," Krillin said, as if he'd found out Vegeta's deepest darkest secret.

Vegeta sighed in annoyance and asked with reluctance, "What secret?"

Jay nodded his head knowingly. "This little...thing you have going with Bulma Briefs. Yep. We know."

Vegeta was shocked. They couldn't possibly know about all the times he and Bulma had "almost sex". No way!

He snorted, hiding his surprise. "What about the bitch? What the hell does she got to do with me?"

Jay and Krillin shared a look that said, ĎOh, poor, clueless Vegeta. Now we know what the problem is.í

"Vegeta," Tien started. "If you want the girl to like you, I don't think you should call her such derogative names. For example, the term Ďbitchí doesn't go real well with the opposite sex. You see, I know. I've got a girlfriend."

Krillin agreed, nodding his head. "Take it from us Ďnon bachelors.í Name calling is not the way to go."

Vegeta shook his head. "I don't even--"

"And if you really like this chick, maybe you could buy her some flowers or chocolate or something," Jay interrupted. "Chick's really dig that kind of shit. Take it from me. I'm the one who gets laid every night. It pays to be Mr. Suave."

"Look, if I wanted your advice I'd--"

"And another thing," Tink added. "You need to be a good listener. There's nothing more sexy to a girl than a guy who's not only good in the sack, but can listen too. Or pretend to anyway. Take it from a dude who's had enough platonic girlfriends to last him a lifetime."

Vegeta shook his head once again. "You're not listening to--"

"It's okay to be in love Vegeta. Nothing wrong with it," Tien comforted.

"In what!?" Vegeta exclaimed, appalled by such a suggestion. "I'm not, nor have I ever been in love!" With this, he pushed out his stool and left the bar. The four men watched his angry retreating figure stalk out the back exit.

"Yep," Jay said nodding his head. "He's got a case of in-love-itus."

Krillin laughed as they turned back to the bar. "You're one to talk about love."

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"It seems like for the past few days, every time I happen to go over your house, you're on the phone with the same girl."

Jay shook his head. "I don't know what you're talking about, man."

"Don't play dumb with me Jay. I've known you since we were babies. The only reason you're probably here right now is 'cause Zaria works tonight."

"Are you kidding me?" Jay asked, offended that his best friend would think such a thing. "Her shift doesn't start for another 4 minutes...and 12 seconds."

Tinker and Tien laughed.

"Looks like Vegeta's not the only one who's whipped." Tinker said between laughs.

"Pfft. Don't you think you guys are going a little overboard? I think you've forgotten just who I am. In case you have, I'm Juunanagou Andry," he emphasized. "He doesn't fall for chicks. They fall for him."

"What's Jay on about now?" Zaria asked from behind the bar, wiping clean a drinking glass.

"He was just saying how--"

Tien's words were halted by Jay's elbow to his gut.

"I was just saying how nice it is tonight. Forecast says it's going to rain though," he said quickly.

She gave him a skeptical look. "Uh-huh."

"I don't know about you guys," Tinker said, "but I say we start a game of pool."

Jay nodded. "You guys go. I'll catch up to you in a little bit."

"Of course you will," Krillin said, nudging him in his side before leaving with Tien and Tinker. "Hey, maybe later, we can work on Goku and Chichi," they heard Krillin say conspiratorially.

"What's up with those guys?" Zaria asked pouring Jay a drink on the house.

"Who knows? They have this notion that everyone around here's in love"

"What would give them that impression?" she asked, setting her elbows onto the bar.

"I don't know," he said, leaning forward onto the counter.

They'd spent the last few nights on the phone together staying on until 1 or 2 in the morning. In those few hours, Jay had learned more about Zaria than he had any other girl besides his sister. And even more surprising, he'd told her more about himself than he had anyone else.

And the scary thing was, he was okay with that. He trusted her.

For once in his life, Jay didn't stop to go by his motto, "girls are trouble." It was so much easier to just go with the flow.

"I brought you something," he said, reaching into his back pocket and pulling out a red rose.

Her eyes lit up and she blushed as he handed her the single flower. She closed her eyes and smelled it, ignoring the calls of "whipped!" coming from a nearby pool table.

She also ignored the stab of guilt that pierced through her.

"I called you this morning," Jay told her. "Nobody picked up."

"I was busy," she said, avoiding his eyes. Jay got a hint of that weird feeling she put off the first day they met watching the basketball game. The one where she just wasn't there anymore.


She sighed. "My bro came around today. He goes wild when a guy calls my house."

"And how old are we again? Twelve?"

"Come on Jay. Don't tell me you've never been protective over Juu."

"No way."

"So you've liked all of her guy friends?"



"What time do you get off?"

"Few hours. Why?" she answered, already used to his tendency to suddenly change subjects.

"We could go get a bite to eat or something."

She hesitated. "It'll be way too late."

"Live a little."

She smiled, giving in. "Fine. Now let me get to work before Yajirobe starts riding my ass." She paused.

"That didn't come out the way I wanted it to."

Jay laughed. Yeah, just go with the flow.


Bulma laughed genuinely at one of jokes once again. The guy wasnít such a loser after all. He kept her mind off of a certain arrogant racer anyway. Actually, Yamcha was pretty cool to hang around when he wasnít making advances on her. And not only that, but he was pretty easy to get answers out of. For example, sheíd found out that the basement in the garage was only on-limits for a few people. These "few people" did not include her.

This got her wondering what was in that basement that banned her from going in? Did these guys have something to hide?

"Your hit Bulma," Yamcha informed, snapping her out of her thoughts.

"Oh, yeah. You know what, Yamcha," she said, feigning fatigue. "I think Iíll sit the rest out. Iím going to get some fresh air."

Yamcha nodded. "Want me to come with? Youíll need a big, strong man to protect you from all the big baddies out there."

She smiled at him. "No thanks, Yamcha. Iím sure I can handle all the monsters that come out at night." ĎAnd Iím pretty sure I could take out guys twice as big as you.í

He grinned as she turned and walked out the back door of the Silver Dragon for some fresh air.

Bulma took in a deep breath when she got outside. She was getting nowhere with this damn case and it was frustrating! It would be so much easier if she didnít have to think. She brought her eyes to one of the luminous streetlights and stared at it until all she could see was a bright light. No thoughts. Just light.

"You shouldnít be out here," a deep voice growled.

Bulma turned her head to spot the owner of the voice but was blinded by the after-effects of staring into a light too long.

Fear shot through her as she tried not to panic.


Chichi glared once again at Gokuís table. He was talking to (and dare she say flirting with?) some random girl that happened to be at the club tonight.

Why wasnít he around her asking dumb questions and making her angry?

It didnít matter anyway. She had much more important things to worry about. Like where the money for her fatherís bills was going to come from.

His head turned to catch her gaze. She quickly turned her head, acting like she wasnít just staring at him.

"Please donít tell me he saw me," she pleaded to herself.

Chichi felt a tap on her shoulder.

"What do you want, Goku?" she inquired when she turned to face him.

"Well," he said, taking a seat beside her, "Youíve practically bore a hole through my shirt with all the glaring youíve thrown my way tonight. Did I do something wrong?" he wanted to know.

She looked the other way. "No, you havenít. Why donít you just go back to your female friend over there? I think sheís waiting for you."

"Why donít we get out of here and do something else?" Goku suggested.

At her shocked look, he quickly added, "I mean, this club is pretty dead tonight. I figure we could, I dunno, go for a drive or something. Thereís something Iíve wanted to show you."

Chichi gave him a skeptical look but he could see her giving in.

"Fine," she answered, with a slightly reluctant tinge. "But you try anything, and youíll be missiní a few body parts," she warned, walking out with him through the front door of the Silver Dragon."


"Whoís there," Bulma asked, cop mode.

"I said you shouldnít be out here."

Bulmaís temporary blindness vanished finally and she saw Vegetaís shadowed form leaning against the building. For some odd reason, her heart began to thump in her chest and it wasnít because she was scared.

The smell of cigarettes floated into her nostrils.

"I guess you do smoke then," she observed.

"I donít" he replied, throwing the offending stick onto the ground and grinding it out with the toe of his shoe.

"Why the hell are you still out here?" he asked rudely. "Next time the Ginyus come, Iím not saviní your ass."

"No one asked you to. I can handle myself."

He shrugged indifferently. "Iím just saying. Next time, someone like your friend Yamcha will have to come for you.

Bulmaís face scrunched up with confusion. "Yamcha? Whyíd his name suddenly come up?"

He shook his head. "Forget it."

Bulma sighed, frustrated even more that she and Vegeta couldnít even have a decent conversation. So much for fresh air.

"Look, Vegeta. When youíre done speaking in your fun little codes, then maybe we can talk. As for now, Iím going for a walk."

Vegeta watched, showing little interest in the blue haired femaleís departure, but soon realized his dilemma. He could either: A) keep his pride and let her go, or B) catch up to her and make sure sheíd be kept safe.

And after what had happened to Chichi...

ĎFuck,í he thought, opting for the latter and running after her.

"What do you want, Vegeta?" Bulma demanded, keeping her gaze ahead.

"Thatís an open ended question," Vegeta muttered, almost to himself. ĎThereís a lot of things I want to do to you. And strangling you is number one on my list right now!í

"Look woman. I donít know if you wanna be attacked and raped tonight by some stranger, or what. If you do, then be my guest."

"That would never happen," Bulma said, surely.

"And, why not?"

" ĎCause youíd never let that happen to me."

Vegeta was about to say something to contradict her statement, but why? Why lie? She was right. As sad and painful as it was for him to admit, he wouldnít let anything bad happen to her if he could help it.

"Why are you blushing," he inquired at the womanís uncharacteristic embarrassment.

"What I just said..." she turned even redder. "Like you were...like you were my boyfriend or something."

He chuckled. "Never knew you would blush over something like that."

"What do you mean?"

"I always thought you were the kind of girl that didnít give a fuck what anyone thought of what she did or said."

"In a good way, right?" she asked him, mock-hopeful.

He rolled his eyes. "Yeah. In a good way."

"Well!" she exclaimed, her voice full of sarcastic surprise. "Thatís about as many compliments as I can take from you in one night."

"Good, Ďcause thatís about as many as I care to give."

She laughed. He loved the sound of Bulmaís laugh. Wait, there was that word again. Love. He didnít love her laugh. He liked it. He liked it very, very, very much. Especially when he was the source of it. In fact, he came to realize as they continued to walk, talk and argue about silly things, that he wanted to be the source of all her emotions. Anger, happiness, sadness, jealousy.

ĎWhere the hell did that come from?í he wondered, thinking that maybe his mind had a mind of its own.


"Whereíd the bitch go?" Raven asked Yamcha, wiping the grin off his face.

"She went out back for some air."

She scowled. "I truly hope something bad happens to her"

"Hey, didnít Vegeta head that way a few minutes earlier?"

Rayvenís eyes grew wide. "I knew that bitch was up to something! What a home wrecker!"

Yamcha laughed. "You were never even with Vegeta in the first place."

"That wasnít until she came into the picture. Thatís okay though," she added confidently, "soon, things wonít be going so pleasant in Pleasantville."

Yamcha rolled his eyes. "I donít know which show youíve been watching, Ray, but interactions between Bulma and Vegeta have never been so Ďpleasantí to begin with."

"Thatís just the surface."

He shook his head. "I donít know why you love toying with people, Ray."

She shrugged. "Itís a god given talent. And youíre in it with me so quit all the bitchiní."

"And why am I in this with you again?" he wanted her to remind him.

"Because, besides the fact that you detest Vegeta, you also want a piece of that particular femaleís ass."

"Oh, right."

Rayven shook her head. ĎMen are so simple. All they need is food, television, and a usual fuck to keep them happy.í

Fortunately, she was working with the simplest of men.


"My dad used to bring me here all the time when I was a kid." Goku informed Chichi wistfully as he gazed into the clear sky.

The two were sitting on a grass field that seemed to stretch for days. It was a perfect spot to relax and watch the stars.

Chichi looked at the manís profile, only now noticing his boyish features for the first time. How did she ever get the impression that this guy was only trying to get in her pants?

She shook her head. ĎIím not the same naive girl anymore,í she scolded herself. ĎIím a grown ass woman! Time for me to stop being so suspicious of the opposite sex!í

"So then youíre real tight with your old man then?" Chichi asked.

Goku nodded. "I was."

She raised an eyebrow. "Was?"

"Yeah. We were real close until I got interested in the drags," he informed, truthfully. "When I grew even older he wanted me to become a lawyer like him and my older brother. But I became a....street racer."

Goku caught himself, almost blurting out "cop."

She sighed, stretching out onto the grass and using her hands as a pillow as she gazed at the stars. "That sucks."

He imitated her actions, lying out onto the grass.

"Yeah, I know. What about you? Any depressing tales in your life?"

Inwardly, Chichi laughed bitterly. ĎIf you only knew Goku. If you only knew all thatís happened in my life and everything thatís going on right now.í

But outside, she gave him a smile. "Nope. Life is just as perfect as perfect can be," she said, mock-cheerily. "Iíve got big cars, a big mansion, tons of money, and guys lined up on the other side of town to get with me."

Goku laughed. "I guess you do have a sense of humor. But you donít need those things in life to be happy. Not me anyway."

"Oh, yeah? Then what do you need? Besides food that is."

"Love," he answered seriously. "The love of everyone around you."

They spent a few minutes looking up into the sky pondering his statement.

"Goku," she said, turning over on her side to face his figure. "What were you talking to that woman at the club about earlier."

His cheeks turned red as he faced her. "I was asking her what I had to do to get a woman to like me," he said shyly.

She smiled and rolled onto her back, satisfied with his answer.

"Oooh! Falling star! Quick, make a wish," Goku told her excitedly.

When they both finished making their wish, they turned to look at each other.

"Whatíd you wish for?" she asked.

Goku rubbed his stomach. "A turkey sandwich. Man, Iím starving!"

Chichi laughed and looked back into the sky, surprised to see clouds rolling in quickly.

"I think itís gonna rain."

"So what?" Goku said, looking directly at her. "Iíd much rather stay here with you, Chichi."

He reached out and grabbed her hand, softly brushing his lips across the back of it.

She blushed, keeping her hand in his.

"Goku," she started hesitantly. "Have you ever been in love?"

He gave a surprised look as if heíd been caught off guard. "I...donít know. I mean, is love when you canít stop thinking about a person? Or is it when you go out and buy expensive gifts so your girl will stay happy? Or is it--"

Goku was cut off by Chichiís lips.

He groaned in pleasant surprise as her soft lips moved against his. He rolled onto his back, bringing her on top of him.

Neither noticed the sound of thunder that rang through the air.

Timid tongues met for the first time in an almost shy greeting. Chichi braced one hand against his chest and with her other, she took his hand and placed it on her waist.

"Chichi, wait," Goku, said, trying to tell her something. She quieted him with a movement of her hips, making him moan into her mouth.

Thunder rang loud into the air.

"Chichi," he whispered, breaking the kiss.

"Yeah?" she inquired, breathing heavily.

"Itís raining."

Only then did she feel the water dropping all around her. She looked up, as if to confirm the fact that water was falling from the sky, and began to giggle.

"Whatís so funny Chi?"

This question seemed only to make her laugh harder. "Come on Goku," she said as she got off of him. "Letís get back before I catch a cold. Then itíll be all your fault."

"Oh, yeah?" he challenged, getting off the ground. "Well, last one there has to make my sandwich!"

With that, he took off towards the car.

Chichiís eyes widened. ĎWhy that little...!í She chased after him, laughing the whole way.

It looked like her wish was coming true.


"I quit," Vegeta said suddenly after a long silence.

Bulma looked up at him. "What do you mean, you quit?"

"Smoking. What the hell do you think Iím talking about?"

"If what I saw back there was what you call Ďquit,í then your definition of the word is truly warped."

He rolled his eyes. "No, woman. Iím quitting."

They continued in silence for a few moments.

"Why?" she wanted to know.

"Why what?"

"Why are you quitting?" I mean, there has to be some reason youíve decided to stop."

There was a long pause in which they continued to walk.

"My brother has asthma," he explained, as if that was the only explanation she needed to hear.

"Brother?" She punched him in the shoulder. "You never told me you had a brother!" she exclaimed, angry that he never told her, but remembering faintly seeing that information somewhere in police files.

Vegeta resisted the urge to soothe his shoulder. Didnít want to look like a wimp in front of her.

"It really is none of your business."

"You surprise me Vegeta. I thought we were best friends."

He chuckled. "Donít count on it. I donít need friends."

Bulma rolled her eyes. "Why do you feel like you have to put on this whole tough guy act? I seriously donít get you."

"Itís no act. I am what I am."

"Whatever Popeye. We both know that somewhere deep down, thereís a softie in there," she teased, tapping his chest.

"Yeah right."

They continued walking in silence.



"Can I ask you a question?"


"Seriously Vegeta. I want to ask you a question. And donít laugh."

He raised his eyebrows, waiting for her question.

"I...I just wanted to know," she started hesitantly, "what you see in those girls at the drags that are always hanging around you. Just for knowledgeís sake," she added quickly, convincing herself that she only wanted the information so she could store it away for something police-ish.

Vegeta smirked. "Why the curiosity? Jealous?"

She scoffed. "Are you shitting me? Do you really think I would be even remotely jealous of those girls who love to slobber all over you? The only reason Iíd be jealous is because you treat the way better than you do me."

Thunder struck the air, followed by the steady falling of rain.

Vegetaís smirk fell. "What the hell is that supposed to mean?"

"Exactly what I said," she replied, walking faster.

He sighed in frustration and grabbed her shoulder, turning her to face him.

"Listen woman. If you had any idea how much more respect I had for you than any of those other females, then you would give me an apology. But since you donít know, and Iím not going to tell you, then youíre forgiven."

She smiled shyly, surprised by his admission. "Do you really think that, Vegeta?"

"I said more respect; not a lot of it." He turned away and they continued to walk, slightly embarrassed by his admission.

Bulma didnít know why his opinion of her meant so much. A couple of weeks ago, she wouldnít have given to squirts of piss what the guy thought. But now...

She looked up at the sky allowing raindrops to fall on her face. We better head back now." She turned back the other way but was stopped when Vegeta caught her hand and pulled her back to him.

"Is big bad Bulma afraid of a little rain?" he teased.

"No," Bulma answered. "But sheís afraid of a little electric lightning."

He chuckled, pulling her under an overhang and pushing her up against the wall, trapping her with his body.

"You shouldnít be scared. Thatís the whole reason Iím out here, right? To protect you?"

Before she could protest, his lips were on hers. She easily surrendered to him, inviting his tongue inside of her. Bulma couldnít remember her heart ever beating so wildly at just a kiss. She only now realized how much sheíd been missing his touch for the past few days.

He braced his hand on the wall above her head. With his other, he cupped her ass and grinder her pelvis into his.

"Vegeta," Bulma said, breaking the kiss.


"Iím wet again."

He smirked. "Glad to be of service," he said before going back to kissing her.


"Whatís up with all the loviní tonight?" Krillin asked rhetorically to Picollo, Tien, and Tinkerbell. "I mean, Goku and Chi are out doing god knows what, Vegeta and Bulma are probably making out as we speak, and my best friendís over there making moon eyes with the bartender. Even Yamcha and Rayven are probably getting it on with all the secrets theyíve been sharing. And anything with Rayven is never good."

Picollo laughed. "Are you jealous, man?"

"Pfft. Are you crazy? Have you seen my girl?"

To emphasize his point, he gave a little wave to Juu who was on the dance floor, dancing with Launch.

The other men stared at the scene, just now noticing the two dancing together.

"Iíve turned from gay to bisexual in ten seconds flat," Tink said. "And Iím being dead serious."


"Vegeta, do you think you could take some time out of your devastatingly busy schedule and drop me off at my apartment?" Bulma asked as the two approached the Silver Dragon. "I came with Goku but I donít see his car anywhere."

"You have two legs. You can walk."

Bulma rolled her eyes, deciding to take his answer as a yes.

When they got to the club, a lot of their crew was already gone.

"Looks like our people bounced," Bulma said, stating the obvious. "Wait for me will you? I want to freshen up real quick in the ladies room before we leave."

Vegeta sighed. "Hurry up woman. And donít expect me to be here when you get back."

Bulma rolled her eyes once again, disregarding his statement, and headed towards the bathrooms.

When she got there, she washed off her face (the rain had caused the small amount of makeup she wore to run) and did whatever else she had to do. Not too long later, there was a knock at the door.

Bulma rolled her eyes for the third time at Vegetaís lack of patience. She opened the door, ready to give him an earful when she came face to face with Yamcha.

"Hey Bulma. Ready to go?"

Bulma shook her head as if she didnít hear him right.


"I said are you ready to go home? Vegeta says I should come get you and take you back to your apartment."

Bulma shook her head again in confusion. "Whereís Vegeta?"

"Oh, he left a few minutes ago with Rayven. They probably went back to his place. Man, those two can never keep their hands off each other."

Bulma felt something drop in her stomach. But why was she so surprised? Itís not like it wasnít Vegetaís style. On the other hand, maybe there was some kind of emergency. No need to jump to conclusions. Right? And it wasnít like the guy was hers.

"Letís go," she said walking out the door.

"Yeah, letís go. The back way is closest."

If she would have turned around, she would have seen the look of victory on Yamchaís face.


"Hey Vegeta," Rayven cooed as she reached his side.

"What do you want?" Vegeta answered absently looking in the direction Bulma had gone a few minutes ago. ĎWhat is taking that woman so long!?í

"Oh, nothing," she replied innocently. " I just need to get home."

"Then go."

"No, I need a ride."

"Go find one."

"Why are you being so rude to me Vegeta?" she pouted. "We used to get along. Hell, even Bulma and Yamcha are getting along nicely."

Vegeta turned to her. "What do you mean by that?"

"Noting at all. I just saw the two lovebirds head out the back way. Donít they make the cutest couple?"

Vegetaís eyes narrowed skeptically. "When was this?"

"About a few minutes ago. Why? Are you keeping tabs on the girl?"

Vegeta tried not to let his anger show. Or his hurt. But it was only a tiny bit of hurt. Not like he could feel something dropping into the pit of his belly or anything. No, nothing like that.

"Letís go," he growled, turning his back and walking out the door.

"Gladly," Rayven said, skipping out the exit.


"Get out."

"Come on now Vegeta. Donít you want to see me to the door?"

"Not so much."

Rayven pouted. "But what if someoneís in my house? Iím scared."

Vegeta sighed in defeat. As much as he disliked the chick sometimes, she didnít deserve to get attacked in her own house. And he knew that she wouldnít stop pestering him until he did what she wanted. He got out of the car and reluctantly walked her to the door.

She opened it and stepped inside, switching the lights on.

"Vegeta," she started, sounding vulnerable. "I donít feel safe by myself. Especially in this thunderstorm. Could you just check around and make sure no oneís here?"

The sound of thunder rang out into the air.

Vegeta looked up at the ceiling, annoyed. "Fine," he muttered. "The faster I leave this place, the better."

After checking the kitchen, living room, and downstairs bathroom and coming up empty handed, Vegeta was gratefully ready to leave. As he made his way out the door, Rayven grabbed his arm.

"You havenít checked upstairs yet, Vegeta," she reminded him, fluttering her eyelashes. Vegeta knew that look. It was the one where she had something under her sleeve.

And that something was pretty obvious.

He allowed her to drag him upstairs to her bedroom and to look for whatever she was so paranoid about.

"Thereís nothing her Ray," Vegeta stated irately after a couple of minutes.

"Thank you so much Vegeta," she said as if heíd saved her from death. "I donít know what Iíd ever do without you."

He humphed and began to leave before he felt her hand on his shoulder.

"Maybe I can thank you in a more...appropriate way..." she whispered into his ear.

Now, Vegeta was never one to turn down sex...especially to a beautiful, willing woman. But right now, he had other things on his mind. He shrugged her hand off.

"Lay off Ray. I thought we already had this discussion. This...thing that you think is going on between you and me? Itís not. Let it go."

He reached for the doorknob right before she slid between him and the door. "Come on Vegeta," she cooed. "Youíve always liked what I do to you. And I bet someone like...oh, say, Bulma wouldnít think twice if Yamcha offered her a roll in the sack."

Vegeta tensed at the mention of Bulmaís name. Rayven took his hesitation as encouragement, sliding her hands under his shirt. She leaned into him and kissed him softly on the lips.

"See, Vegeta. That wasnít so hard. Just like old times."

Vegeta couldnít hear her words. He could only feel jealousy coursing through him. Jealous of the fact that at this moment, Bulma and Yamcha were probably out somewhere having a good time. Vegetaís mind came to this conclusion without even thinking about how late it was or how passionately Bulma responded to his kisses.

He finally noticed Rayvenís quick hands unbuckling his belt and unzipping his fly.

ĎFuck,í Vegeta thought. This chick was fiending to fuck him silly, and here he was thinking about some other chick!

He got his wits together and led the willing female to the bed that was all but beckoning to him.


"Yamcha, this is not the way to my apartment."

"Oh, I know. I just need to get those extra NOS tanks that Picollo needed from Rayís real quick. Itíll only take a sec."

"Isnít she at Vegetaís though?" she asked with a tinge of anger.

"She should be. If she is, I got keys."

Bulma nodded, but found it a little suspicious that Yamcha had Rayvenís house keys.

When they got there, Bulma opted to stay in the car. She was so angry (though reluctant to admit it) that she failed to see a familiar black racer parked in front of the house.

"No, come on," Yamcha urged. "Iím not sure where the tanks are. Itíll be quicker if we both look."

Bulma reluctantly complied and followed him into the house.

"Himm. The doorís already open," Yamcha noted. "Maybe Picollo told her I was coming."

"Why are the lights on?" Bulma asked, something bugging her about this whole situation.

Yamcha shrugged. "Knowing Ray, she was probably in a hurry."

Bulma nodded, but despite his answer, clutched onto the gun in her pocket. Something didnít feel right.

"How Ďbout I check in the basement and you check upstairs?"

Bulma nodded. "Whatever. As long as we leave soon," she muttered, taking the steps.

She walked through the lit hallway, checking the bathroom and closets but coming up with nothing.

"Nothing," she said to herself thinking her search was done.

Until she noticed a door at the end of the hall. She walked to it and twisted the knob.

She wasnít prepared for the scene before her.

There Vegeta was, fully clothed, on to p of a nearly naked Rayven. His pants were undone and there was no doubt what the two were ready to do.

Bulma felt the wind knock out of her. Vegeta looked up when he heard the door swing open.

He wasnít prepared for the shocked look on Bulmaís face. He was even less prepared for the look of hurt.

"Bulma," he started, trying to get out of his position on the bed.

Bulma shook her head. "Donít mind me, Vegeta. Go back to whatever you were doing.

She spun around and headed back downstairs.

"Shit!" Vegeta yelled, jumping off the bed and going after her, simultaneously re-doing his pants.

Rayven smiled, cleaning her fingernails. "Phase 1: accomplished."

Bulma whizzed passed Yamcha who was holding two tanks.

"Hey Bulma. I got Ďem."

"Iíll be in the car."

Yamcha heard frantic footsteps racing down the steps. "Where the hell is she?!" Vegeta demanded.

Yamcha feigned a sad smile. "Sheís in the car. But I donít think she wants to see you, dude. Itís pretty fucked up what you did to her."

Vegeta glared at him. "I know you had something to do with this."

Yamcha took offence. "What would make you think that, man? Iím only an innocent bystander."

Vegeta growled in rage. "Fuck!"

"Where you going dude?"

"Fuck you Yamcha."

Yamcha grinned in triumph as Vegeta left the house and presumably to his own car.

ĎIf I know Vegeta, his massive pride is not going to let him chase that far after a girl.í

"Hey Raven! Iím out!"

"Okay! Lock the door!" she called from upstairs.

Yamcha did just that, whistling as he went out the door.


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