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Chapter 9


Bulma stared down desolately at the fallen prince in her arms.

‘What a force to bring the prince of Vegeta-sei to his knees…’ Bulma thought to herself.

‘He’s supposed to be all-powerful, but he couldn’t defeat her… it… What was that thing… that woman? She was a beast and inhuman at that. What does she have to do with the Saiya-jins and Checkisu-sei and what does she have to do with me??’ Bulma’s mind asked.

She sighed as she struggled to get up, but Vegeta’s body was like deadweight on her. With a grunt she rolled him off her.

"I’ve got to find Kakarot and Turles. Vegeta doesn’t seem to be mortally wounded just out cold… Oh! And if I don’t get to Kakarot he might die and Chichi would go with him." Bulma said as she got to her feet quickly.

She glanced around the woodsy landscape and noticed something that looked like the Saiya-jin armor behind a rock.

As she made her way over, she could distinctively smell blood and charred flesh.

She gulped nervously, preparing herself for the worst.

As she came around the rock, her eyes fell on the crumpled form of Turles.

He was unconscious but groaning in pain. As her eyes locked on the cause of his pain she gasped loudly. He had a large hole in his abdomen, which seemed to have been made by some sort of ki attack. She felt bile start to rise in her throat, but calmed herself enough to edge closer to him.

"Oh, no… I can’t heal that here. The supplies I have could only treat minor wounds, not a fatal gash like that. I bet that witch who was just here did that to him." She said as she kneeled down next to the Saiya-jin.

His breath was coming out in short gasps and he was struggling to live.

Bulma fished around in her pocket for her capsules relieved to find them still there. She pulled out the first aid one and clicked it open. To her surprise it also contained four similarly decorated capsules, which had stretch printed on the sides.

She clicked one and was happy to see that it was a floating stretcher. She quickly wrapped the wounds on Turles that she could manage with the healing patches, then with great effort rolled him onto the awaiting stretcher.

She quickly typed into the coordinates for her home and set the stretcher to take Turles there. Once done, she looked around for Kakarot, hoping to Kami that he was in better condition then his brother.

She quickly located him by the loud groan he let out. She ran behind a half knocked over tree to see him struggling to sit up. Blood was gushing out of a similarly large wound in his stomach, also.

Bulma frowned as she walked up next to him.

"K-Kakarot… please don’t try to sit up. You’re badly wounded." Bulma said as she placed her hand on his shoulder.

He batted her hand away.

"What’s going on human girl? Where are the prince and my brother? Where’s Chichi??" he asked now looking frantic.

"Chichi’s fine, Turles is fine, the prince is fine…" Bulma lied.

"Look, you’re energy is almost zapped completely and it’s not exactly a good thing for Chichi, so please try to relax and let me help you." she said as she tried pushing him down again. To her surprise he laid down without protest.

‘Chichi… I’m such an idiot… how could I forget what the bond would do to you?’ he asked himself as he let the human tend to his injuries.

"Now," she said as she popped open a capsule. "Get onto this stretcher and it’ll take you back to my house. I have to tend to the prince but I’ll be along as soon as possible." Bulma said.

Kakarot nodded as he pulled himself onto the stretcher that Bulma had already programmed.

Bulma sighed heavily and turned to the clearing where she had left prince Vegeta. Popping open a capsule she let out the stretcher, deciding that he would get the best care back at her house. She rolled the unconscious Saiya-jin prince onto the stretcher and let it zoom towards her house.

"Now to get Chichi and repay the favor she gave me." Bulma said as she set off to find the Saiya-jin.


Chichi was still in the woods where Bulma had left her. She had moved however, and was now leaning against a tree, panting softly and trying to stay awake.

"Chichi…" Bulma whispered as she moved near to the Saiya-jin woman.

Chichi looked up at her and rubbed her stomach lightly.

"Is Kakarot alright?" she asked softly.

"Yes… look, if you can cooperate with me, I can get you back to my house. I have some Earth medicine that might aid in helping you and the others recover." Bulma said as she threw out the last remaining stretcher capsule.

"How badly are they wounded?" Chichi asked as she hefted herself onto the floating contraption.

Bulma bit her lip, and was about to respond that their wounds were insignificant but Chichi stopped her.

"Don’t lie to me chibi Chikyuu-jin. I told you before, that I can see the truth in your eyes." Chichi said as she lay down peacefully on the stretcher.

"The prince was knocked unconscious because he deflected a blast that was heading for me, and when I found Kakarot and Turles, they were all ready out. They were badly injured, I think, but I believe I can treat them with a healing system in my basement." Bulma said as she started to push the stretcher.

"This is unnecessary. I can walk." Chichi said.

"No you can’t. I saw the state Kakarot was in and am surprised how either one of you are still alive. But I don’t want to test it, remember; I have to kill you all." Bulma said lightly.

Chichi laughed softly.

"All right, take me on this worthless contraption and treat my mate and his companions for their wounds." she said as she leaned back and lay down softly on the stretcher.

Bulma rolled her eyes at the Saiya-jin who thought she could boss her around. She’s got another thing coming because there’s only room for one super bitchy female in my house, and it’s not her.


When Bulma had made it back to her house she could hear the sounds of arguing going on.

She gasped when she saw Elani barring the entrance for Kakarot, his brother, and the prince.

"Elani!" Bulma shouted as she ran up to the girl.

"This stupid Saiya-jin is trying to get into the house." Elani said as she glared at the injured Kakarot.

"I know, I know. I have to heal them." Bulma said as she moved the small girl aside to open the door.

"What??" Elani asked as she blinked in confusion.

"You’re doing what??"

"It’s a long story. Go get two beds ready in the med ward for the prince and Chichi." Bulma said as she glanced back at the female Saiya-jin who had jumped off her stretcher.

Chichi walked past Bulma and over to Kakarot.

"I do not need to be treated. I just need to be near my mate." she said as she stroked Kakarot’s cheek.

"Ok." Bulma said.

"Elani, I’ll need you to help me start up my father’s reconstruction modules. They are in the lab. We’ll need that for the wounds Turles and Kakarot have sustained." Bulma said to Elani.

Elani still stood staring at Bulma wide-eyed.

"What?? Why. What has gotten into you?! Leave ‘em to die here! That’s what they deserve after all they’ve done to you." Elani said angrily.

Bulma sighed as she patted Elani’s head.

"I can’t… I realized now that no matter how much I hate them for what they did… they really had no choice. I’ll explain later, Elani, just help me with this now." Bulma spoke softly.

Elani grumbled angrily but helped Bulma and Chichi get the three Saiya-jin men inside the house.

"Chichi, I’ll have to hook Turles up first, because he seemed to take more damage. Please stay with Kakarot while I do this so he will remain conscious." Bulma said.


"Elani," Bulma said after they had programmed the reconstruction modules to the Saiya-jins DNA. (I’m going to call the ‘Reconstruction modules’ RMs now…)

"Go check on Chichi and tell her to bring Kakarot in here now." Bulma said.

She had just finished hooking Turles up to the oxygen mask and pushed his case into the unit, which held one other case for injuries.

Elani still stared at Bulma with a dumbfounded look.

"B-Bulma-san… I don’t understand! They are all terribly weak right now! Why don’t you… why don’t you just get rid of them now!?" Elani asked her.

Bulma sighed and leaned her head against the cool glass pane of the RM unit.

"Elani you don’t understand… I want to be mad but now… now it’s like I have no more energy to be mad. Now there’s this evil dragon woman running around who is probably terrorizing the countryside, and I frankly need all the help I can get to keep Checkisu-sei safe… The Saiya-jins are impeccably strong… yet even their strongest, the prince, couldn’t defeat this new threat. I’ve lost my parents, my family and friends… I don’t want to have to add you and Macki on the list now, ok… Speaking of which! Go get Macki, now! Bring her back here where she’ll be safe." Bulma said as she started to get worried.

"What?? Macki is probably hiding out in her basement! She’ll be fine! You on the other hand will be left alone in a house with four Saiya-jins!!" Elani said, trying to reason with Bulma.

Bulma shook her head once in disagreement.

"No… Elani, I’ll be fine. I’m worried about her. Go. And tell all the villagers that there is a new threat here and to make sure they hide away." Bulma said as she started preparing a tank for Kakarot.

Elani turned her back and prepared to leave.

"It’s amazing, that a few hours ago I’d be telling everybody ‘watch out for the Saiya-jins’, and now it’s ‘the Saiya-jins are on our side, watch out for some unidentified dragon wom-’…" Elani trailed off as something dawned on her.

"It can’t possibly be…"

Bulma raised an eyebrow at her.

"What can’t be?" she asked.

"N-nothing… I have to talk to Macki, I’ll be right back!" Elani yelled and then raced out of the room.

Bulma stared after her in shock, but then came back to her senses.

"I have to get Kakarot in here now." She said as she walked over into the infirmary.

She smiled to see Chichi sitting next to Kakarot’s stretcher lightly stroking his hair and cooing to him in some low sounding ancient language.

Kakarot, who was on the brink of consciousness, slowly turned his head towards Bulma’s direction and blushed slightly.

Chichi noticed her too, and turned away from Kakarot while clearing her throat in embarrassment.

‘I guess Saiya-jins don’t like to be seen showing affection.’ Bulma said to herself.

"Um, Kakarot, it’s time now for you to get into my RM device, alright?" she asked him.

He grunted his response.

Bulma sighed.

"You Saiya-jins are a hard to love bunch, do you know that?" she asked as she started to wheel Kakarot out.

Chichi immediately got on the other side of the stretcher and helped roll him while giving Bulma a suspicious look.

"Saiya-jins are only hard to love, if you’re not Saiya-jin." She said matter-of-factly.

Bulma only nodded her head.

"I would definitely agree."


After Bulma had loaded the wounded Saiya-jin into the RM next to his brother, she turned around and let out a sigh.

Her clothes were doused in blood from handling the brothers and she felt exhausted.

Chichi however was looking fit.

This probably wasn’t an odd thing for her.

Bulma rubbed her stained hands on a towel and stared at the female Saiya-jin.

Chichi raised an eyebrow at her.

"Well, I’m going to take a shower now. There is an extra one and some clothes down here if you want to get cleaned up too." She offered.

Chichi scoffed at her.

"I won’t leave my mate’s side until he is healed." She said flatly.

"Oh… ok, well. I’ll try and be real quick. If you need anything there is a com link on the wall over here." She said as she pointed to it.

Chichi, who was engrossed with watching Kakarot through the glass, just nodded her head and brushed Bulma off.

Bulma nodded and turned around.

Saiya-jins really were hard to get along with.


Ten minutes later, Bulma was clean and in comfortable clothes when she came down to check on the prince.

Chichi now had her head leaned against the glass and was staring inside intently so Bulma just walked by without saying anything.

The prince was still unconscious on the bed and Bulma was glad because now she could treat his wounds without any argument.

She got out her medical supplies and looked him over for any serious injuries.

She couldn’t find anything fatal and reached the conclusion that he passed out because he over exerted himself.

She started to clean his wounds first the ones around his upper body. She had to cut his gi straight down the middle until it lay in shreds above his waist.

She bandaged some deep surface cuts and wrapped a gash in his shoulder tightly with gauze.

When she moved to his face, she stopped and sucked in her breath.

‘Talk about breathtakingly handsome…’ she thought to herself.

Whenever she had been up close to him it had always been when he was threatening or insulting her, and he’d always have a scowl or frown on, but now… now he was peaceful and looked almost vulnerable.

She took a cotton swab and applied some antibiotic to a cut across his cheek.

She noticed that her hand lingered a little longer then it should have.

She pouted.

"I absolutely must be going crazy!" she exclaimed as she continued tending to the cuts and scrapes on his face.

"I mean, no way would I find a guy like you handsome. You have the personality of a tree stump for crying out loud!" she said loudly, but mainly to convince herself.

"Really! What would I ever see in you? Heh," Bulma said as she shrugged and moved to the cuts on his abdomen.

Chichi glanced over at the lavender haired girl with a disdainful look.

"Do you always strike up conversations with unconscious people?" Chichi asked her.

Bulma’s head shot up from the wounds she was attending and she looked at Chichi in confusion.

"Wha-?" Bulma started but Chichi cut her off.

"The prince… you’re asking him questions. But how would he respond to you?" Chichi asked her as she crossed her arms and gave her a meaningful look.

"No, it’s not what you think. I’m just talking to myself!" Bulma said as she blushed and laughed.

Chichi’s eyebrow rose.

"Oh no!!" Bulma said as she smacked her forehead.

"That must make you think I’m even more crazy than I seem! What I mean is that…well… it’s not important anyway. I’ll stop it if it bothers you." Bulma said as her face reddened more.

"I would appreciate that, human." Chichi said as she turned around.

‘Boy’ Bulma thought to herself as she started wrapping the cleaned wounds. ‘Why is she acting so cold towards me, now?’

She sighed as she leaned down, supporting her head with her hands, and stared at the prince intently.

‘Whoa, he sort of makes me feel funny. Sort of in danger, and safe at the same time. Will you be the downfall of me, Vegeta?’ she asked herself.

She saw his eyebrow twitched and suddenly had the paranoid notion that he had heard her thoughts.

She sat up, and then shrieked as she felt something brush her arm. She jerked her arm upward in surprise and by mistake knocked the First aid kit on the ground, spilling all its contents with a clatter.

Chichi turned around in anger, wondering what the girl’s problem was now when she saw her under the stretcher trying to salvage her equipment.

She shook her head in disbelief. The human girl was a klutz.


Miranda returned to Margo’s cave.

She limped in while whimpering in pain.

Noel turned around in fear, thinking it were an escaped Saiya-jin or something.

He gasped in shock when he realized it was the dragoness.

"Margo!" he called, not wanting to face the obviously pissed and wounded warrior on his own.

Miranda winced as his loud voice hurt her sensitive hearing. She glared at him and made a note to destroy him before all of this was over.

Margo on the other hand was in a good mood.

She had been in her bath chamber freshening up for a celebration when Noel had called her.

She walked out in a floor length silk gown, beaming brightly.

Her smile quickly faded as she saw her warrior leaned against he wall, holding onto her wound. She watched as the thick black blood leaked from the wound.

"Oh my!" Margo exclaimed as her hand flew to her mouth.

"What… what… who did this to you! Not those pathetic Saiya-jins. Please don’t say the Saiya-jins!" Margo said as she approached Miranda. She was careful to keep her distance, not wanting the black blood to stain her white clothing.

"It wasn’t those Saiya-jins. I damaged them fatally. Even the prince was easy to beat. But there was this female, human I think, that appeared out of nowhere brazenly challenging me to fight. She… she was so weak, I could feel it, but she blasted a ki attack at me that was so powerful and so full of something that it took my arm right off!" Miranda said through teeth clenched because of pain.

Margo’s orange eyes flashed angry fire.

"So what does that mean?? You didn’t kill them??" Margo asked.

Miranda looked down at her feet.

"I am pretty sure the prince’s two guards are dead, but I think the prince is still alive. And when I was about to finish off the prince that stupid human girl appeared and I had to fight the both of them. I tried to finish her off, even after she had blasted my arm off, but the prince protected her with a shield. I had used so much energy up that I was sure I couldn’t stand any longer, so I had to leave, mistress. I am sorry I failed you." Miranda said.

"No, it’s not your fault. I am pretty sure I know who to point the finger of blame at." Margo said.

"Noel!" she yelled angrily to her accomplice.

Noel looked at her with fright.

"It was your stupid obsession! That little human girl! I knew we should have gotten rid of her when we had the chance!!" Margo screamed as she started to power up.

Noel backed away from her.

"It couldn’t have been Bulma! She’s not that strong!! And besides, why would the prince of Saiya-jins protect a human? Why would Bulma even help them? She hates Saiya-jins." Noel argued.

Margo turned away from the sniveling man.

"What did she look like?" Margo asked.

"She wasn’t very tall or well built, she looked too soft to be a warrior. She was pale skinned and had purple hair." Miranda said as she started stumbling over to the pool of black liquid she had emerged from.

"See, you fool, I told you!!" Margo screeched.

"Please, mistress, the noise." Miranda said as she winced.

Margo nodded in apology.

"Where are you going?" she asked as she watched Miranda stumble into he pool of water.

"My pool is a life source to me. I can regenerate my lost arm in here, but it will take a while." Miranda said as she started to submerge herself.

Margo fumed silently.

‘It’s all Noel’s fault… Why do I keep him around so much? Miranda has risen and I don’t need him anymore. I don’t even have to keep my promise of letting him have that bothersome human girl. I should just kill her now. Everyone on this stupid planet is ruining my plans! Miranda, you had better heal quickly, because when those Saiya-jins come back they will be much stronger.’ Margo thought with worry.


Chichi stood and decided to help Bulma pick up the equipment.

Bulma looked up and smiled, grateful for the extra help.

"What happened this time?" Chichi asked dryly.

Bulma’s smile faded.

"S-something brushed my arm." She admitted.

"S-something brushed your arm?" Chichi mocked as she threw a syringe into the box.

"Something like what? It could have been your hair since you were leaning down." Chichi offered.

Bulma bit her lower lip in concentration.

"It felt funny. I wouldn’t get freaked out over my own hair. It felt… just strange. Like fur, or something. It was real quick when it brushed me." Bulma spoke.

Chichi raised an eyebrow and then smirked.

Bulma looked quizzically at the Saiya-jin woman.

"What?" Bulma asked.

"Did it feel like this?" Chichi asked as she unraveled her tail and let it brush quickly against Bulma's arm.

Bulma stiffened.

"Yeah, it felt like that." Bulma said as she placed her hand on the stretcher to pull herself to her feet.

Chichi got up also.

"Well, it was probably the prince, since he’s unconscious his tail must’ve unwound itself from around his waist." Chichi said as she shrugged.

"Oh," Bulma said as she looked down at the sleeping prince.

She suddenly felt something wrap around her wrist.

She glanced at her arm and let out a short shriek.

Chichi covered her ears in anger.

"What??" she asked the frightened human.

"H-his tail. It’s w-wrapped around my wrist…" Bulma muttered.

Chichi brought her hand up to her mouth in surprise.

"Please help me get it off," Bulma said as she grabbed onto the furry appendage, "it’s getting tighter!"

Chichi slapped Bulma’s prying fingers.

"Don’t touch the prince’s tail! Saiya-jin tails are very… um… private! If he were to wake up at any second and catch you touching his tail he’d blast you with out even giving it a second thought!" Chichi warned.

Bulma looked at her in surprise.

"What, so what am I supposed to do?? Just let him hang on to me??" She asked as she started pulling at the tail again.

The tail wound around her wrist even tighter.

Chichi frowned at her.

"Really, I do not advise… um… doing that." Chichi said as she watched the prince’s eyebrow’s narrow and his mouth move as if he were dreaming.

Chichi bit her nails nervously.

‘She doesn’t know what that could do to a Saiya-jin…’ she thought as a light blush graced her cheeks.

Vegeta groaned loudly in his sleep gaining Bulma’s attention.

She was still pulling at his tail when he sat up and looked around wildly.

Bulma gasped as his eyes fell on her hands wrapped around his tail.

He stared at her hand for a few seconds without saying anything.

"Um… Vegeta, it’s not what you think…" she started.

He turned towards her and glared.

"Oh, it isn’t? And what did you think I thought?" he asked as his tail whipped away from her arm and wrapped itself back around his waist.

"Uh… um…" Bulma said as she looked to Chichi for help.

The dark haired female just turned around and stalked back to her mate’s side, she did not want to have any part in the uncomfortable situation.

"I’m s-sorry, Vegeta." Bulma said as she blushed.

"Listen very carefully wench. First of all address me by my proper title, and second never touch my tail again!" he barked at her.

She nodded at the last part, however she wasn’t going to bow down to him.

A little sound came from Chichi’s mouth as the RM device started to beep wildly.

"What’s going on? What’s wrong with Kakarot and Turles??" she asked in surprise.

"Nothing." Bulma said as she walked over to Chichi, glad to have an excuse to leave the prince’s cold stare.

"It just means their session is done." She said as she started typing into the main computer.

"Oh, Vegeta," Bulma said, while making sure not to address him properly.

"There’s a little green bean on the table. Eat that to recover your strength."

There was a loud hissing sound that drowned out the string of curses Vegeta threw her way.

Turles and Kakarot emerged coughing and covered in blue gel.

"Chichi can you help them to the baths that are down the hall while I clean up this mess?" Bulma asked as she looked at the blue gunk on the floor.

Chichi nodded and helped her mate and his brother to the baths.

"What is this thing?" Vegeta asked in surprise as he felt his strength return ten-fold.

"It’s called a senzu bean… it’s something that used to grow on my home planet. There would have been plenty if you Saiya-jins hadn't destroyed my planet." Bulma said with obvious displeasure in her voice.

Vegeta scoffed.

"Oh, and I should care why? If we didn’t blow up the planet one day, someone sure as hell would have. You humans are an annoying lot." He commented.

Bulma was about to retort when they both heard a loud beeping sound.

Vegeta turned towards where his scouter lay on a table.

He walked over, picked it up, and attached it to his ear.

He pressed the open link button and an urgent message spilled through.

"Repeat that again??" Vegeta asked angrily.

Bulma watched as his face morphed into a vicious scowl.

Something was definitely not right.

"All right, I understand. Thank you soldier. And does he have all of you under lockdown?" Vegeta asked into the communication link.

He nodded his head to whatever his soldier had said.

"You are brave. You will be compensated for your act of loyalty and bravery to the throne of Vegeta-sei. Ja." Vegeta said and cut the link.

Bulma watched as Vegeta crushed the scouter in his powerful fist.

"W-what’s going on?" she asked.

He sneered at her.

"Well it seems my father has been assassinated my lord Frieza. I will have to return to Vegeta-sei at once. I guess we will have to postpone purging your planet for a little while, eh?" he asked as he walked out of the room to inform his partners of the news.

‘He wasn’t even upset that his father was dead… only because Frieza was the one to kill him. I don’t understand what’s going on.’ Bulma thought to herself.

She shivered, knowing that all too soon she would meet the terrible Frieza and know his horror from her own experience.

* * * * *

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