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Chapter 11


"I wouldn’t have done it if I’d known you have some freakish infatuation with towels, Vegeta!" Bulma screamed at him.

She angrily glanced around the room she hadn’t even spent one night in. It was a mess with her clothes and things but what really annoyed her was the thickheaded Saiya-jin prince in front of her.

"Woman!" he screamed back "I did NOT give you permission to use my towel! Now you’re going to have your sickening scent all over it!"

"God, Vegeta!" Bulma said as she shivered. "I’m dripping wet for crying out loud! Why can’t you just let me get dressed and then we can discuss this. I mean, if it’ll make you shut up, I’ll burn the damn thing when I’m done with it!!"

Vegeta opened his mouth to argue when there was a knock at the open door.

"Excuse me, sire, but there is something we all would like to discuss with you." Turles said as he took a quick glance at the towel-clad Bulma and almost kicked himself for letting Vegeta share a room with her.

"Fine." Vegeta said as he glared at the annoying twin.

"Woman, I’m not finished with you." He warned her as he turned on his heel and stalked out.

"Thank goodness he’s finally gone!" Bulma said as she walked up to the door and remembered to lock it this time.

She couldn’t understand what that Saiya-jin’s problem was.

She thought that they had had some sort of pact between them after he had given her his little speech when they were back on Checkisu-sei.

Just the thought of it made her shudder in recognition.

She couldn’t believe she had let herself get so wrapped up in her spat with Vegeta that she had forgotten the most important people in her life.

She groaned lightly as she pulled the now soaked towel from her body and threw it in the clothes hamper.

She quickly donned her underwear, followed by a pair of black jeans and a small white t-shirt.

She threw herself down on Vegeta’s large bed.

The sheets were black silk and very comfortable.

But it didn’t comfort her.

She wanted to cry. She knew it didn’t matter if she did now, the loss of Elani and Macki had wrenched from her the tears she had been holding back for three years.

She sighed, feeling the painful lump build in her throat.

Tears started to slip from beneath her eyelashes but she stopped and sat up when she heard Vegeta approaching the room’s door.

"Back already? Doesn’t he have anything better to do??" she asked in annoyance as she got to her feet.

Before she could make it to the door, she heard his loud banging.

"Wench! Open this door this instant! How dare you lock me out of my own quarters??" he bellowed from behind the door.

Bulma frowned as she unlocked the door.

She stepped back just in time to avoid being hit by it as it swung towards her.

"I’m sorry, Vegeta," she said, lacking sincerity, "but I had to get dressed. I hope I didn’t put you at an inconvenience."

With that she tried to make her way past him and out into the hallway.

Vegeta growled and stood in her path.

"Woman," he said huskily as he grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him, "how many times will I have to tell you to watch that tongue of yours? You’re going to be on this ship for two weeks and I don’t suggest making me one of your enemies. I can only put up with so much of your insubordination."

Bulma narrowed her eyes.

"Insubordination!? You act like I’m some servant or one of your low-class followers! I’m not! I’m my own free person, Vegeta!" she yelled at him.

He raised an eyebrow.

"Really? Then you’re telling me that if I wanted to make you my slave, you’d be able to stop me?" he asked.

Bulma noticed his smirk and turned away from him.

"I might not be able to stop you from enslaving me, but I know I can prevent you from breaking me. That will never happen. I’d die before I allowed that! So, don’t think I’ll start bowing down to you Vegeta. You have done very little to gain my respect. I must admit I am indebted to you for saving my life back when we first encountered Miranda. I don’t know why you did it… or how, but I admit that you did. And that’s all. Once I can return the favor I will no longer put up with your high-and-mighty attitude." Bulma said seriously.

They locked eyes for a moment, and then she turned and walked down the hallway.

"She thinks she owes me for saving her life?" Vegeta asked himself, dumbfounded. "If she hadn’t come when she had, Miranda would have found me and torn me apart. Well, at least she has something to revere me for. I’ll make sure she doesn’t get another opportunity to save my life."


"Things aren’t unraveling properly, dear sister." A voice whispered from the darkness.

"I know what you mean. Miranda shouldn’t have been able to become so strong! Those who died today were not meant to die so soon." A woman with lavender hair said anxiously.

"Things are so different than from the way we planned it… it seems like they’re deciding their own fates." A blonde said sadly as she stared into a deep cauldron.

"But, Sage! At the rate they’re going they’ll ultimately destroy each other before they can help each other." Her companion said with worry.

"Recca… do you think that I don’t know what it could mean if Miranda was allowed to wreak her havoc on the universe. I know… I know very well. Keep in mind, I had contended against her once before. I do not wish to do it again. You know that we cannot leave here and can only help them through their dreams." Sage spoke softly as she allowed her fingers to brush the waters surface slightly.

She sighed when an image of an irate Vegeta storming into his room, and then slamming the door, appeared on the water’s surface.

"Just look at them!" Recca said in exasperation. "They can’t even get along! They’ll never be able to work together… they’ll never fall in love."

"We’ve never failed before. Don’t start thinking that we will now." Sage said angrily.

"We have to make ourselves accountable for the deaths of so many of the Checkisu-jins, we could not prevent Miranda and Margo from attacking because… we just didn’t know, we couldn’t predict what was going to be the turnout. But, we can at least try and protect the lives of the Saiya-jins and any other races in their paths. If I have anything to say about it, another innocent life will not be lost because of this war." Sage said seriously.

"Well, then we have to make sure Bulma and Vegeta can get along." Recca pointed out.

"It’s like trying to bring together light and darkness. Neither one wants to be around the other, but they know they need each other to exist." Sage spoke, lending her wisdom to her confused companion.

"I hope…" Recca began softly, "I hope that this all ends well. For their sakes at the most."



The tension in the dark room was uncomfortably thick and the soldiers exchanged worried glances. The cause of their uneasiness was their irate leader standing before them.

He turned his cold red eyes to the glass window that overlooked the vast planet.

"Where are they??" he asked with unbridled anger.

"L-Lord Frieza…" one stuttered as he came forward.

"Stop, you fool! Speak to me calmly! If you garble this message I will kill you!" Frieza warned, turning his back to the soldier.

"Um… sir, your daughter, Margo, sir, reported that the Saiya-jins have managed to escape in an untraceable craft. She says that she is going to get right on them once she takes care of the planet." The soldier said without flaw.

Frieza sighed as he turned to the trembling soldier.

"Untraceable craft, eh? And where would a bunch of monkeys get an untraceable craft? You think the natives gave one to them? Or, maybe showed them how to use them? I think not. They’ve got someone helping them." Frieza said angrily.

The soldier jumped back and tried to make himself part of the crowd again bur Frieza stopped him.

"What does Margo mean by taking care of the planet? Is she destroying it??" he asked as he glared at the sniveling soldier.

"Y-yes sir. S-she said t-that it is n-n-no longer useful to her." The soldier forced himself to say.

Frieza rolled his eyes and walked away from the group of soldiers.

"Send word to her that I don’t think destroying it is a good idea." He said slowly. "I have a feeling we may need that planet for something later on."

"Yes, sire." A foot soldier said, and then rushed out to send the message.

"You are all dismissed. Fan out and secure the city. Make sure all Saiya-jins above third class are on lockdown. Also, start weeding out the third classes, and bring them to the execution stations." Frieza barked to the soldiers.

The nodded and filed out of the room.

Frieza stared down at the red-planet known as Vegeta-sei.

It was in minor-chaos since Saiya-jins were running about, trying to escape his soldiers.

‘They’ll never make it.’ He thought with a sadistic grin. ‘I’ll get rid of all of them. Finishing lastly with my dear prince.’

His grin widened and he had to stifle a chuckle.

"Yes, Vegeta, no matter when you get here or how, you will get here and I’ll make sure you see the blood of your people run through the streets like rain. You will be the last to go and you will be the most to suffer." Frieza said, voicing his desires.

"If I were you, monkey-prince, I wouldn’t ever come home…" he warned as he stared out into the deepness of space.


Chichi sighed as she turned away from the large window. All she could see was blackness and stars, but she felt a cold chill while gazing through the window… as if someone were gazing back.

She turned to find Kakarot and noticed that he was laid on a couch lightly dozing.

"How can he be so calm when there’s chaos on our planet?" Chichi asked herself quietly, barely controlling her anger.

"Who knows… very little ever gets to Kakarot. That’s why most people thought he was the daft one when we were born…but he’s really not. When he’s worried he has good reason to be. If he’s not worried now, then maybe everything will turn out ok?" Turles offered as he came into the room.

Chichi jumped when his words met her.

He had caught her by surprise, which was rare.

She glared at her mate’s twin, which didn’t really bother him. He had never been fond of Chichi and the feelings were mutual.

"Hey, I’m just offering condolences." He said gruffly. "It’s not like I haven’t loss someone in this whole fucked up mess either, you know."

Chichi sighed and nodded, letting her frown drop.

She was just too tired to play the role of a stone-cold heroine.

"Yes, I know Turles." She mumbled. "But there are people on that planet that I fear for. If what Vegeta said is true… if Frieza has really murdered the king and has taken over, then life as we’ve once known it is over! If he doesn’t murder us one by one he’ll strip us of our pride and make us slaves for him!!"

"We’re not going to let that happen, Chichi." Turles said as he stared at the floor, contemplating.

Chichi was about to question his thoughts when Kakarot sat up.

He yawned and looked at her, flashing her a quick grin, which she received with a frown.

"Kakarot, I can’t believe you have the nerve to sleep at a time like this!" Chichi said as she placed her hands on her hips.

"Huh? I can’t believe you can even be up at a time like this, Chichi. Especially in your condition! You should rest." He said as he got to his feet.

"My "condition"?" she asked, defensively.

Kakarot rolled his eyes and looked to his brother for help.

Turles shrugged and turned around, making his way to one of the other couches.

"Well… yeah. Don’t women need more rest when they’re pregnant?" he asked curiously.

Chichi growled. "I know when I need rest, Kakarot! I know my body better than you do, so don’t try to tell me what I need or what I don’t need!"

"Sheesh, Chi, you know it isn’t like that." He said as he walked up to her. "All I’m saying is worrying won’t do you any good. You can’t force the ship to go any faster than it’s going at the moment. We’ll arrive on Vegeta-sei in a few weeks. But until then you’ll just have to wait. Save your energy and strength so you can make a real difference when it’ll really count." Kakarot said.

"When it’ll really count?" a soft voice asked from the doorway.

The three Saiya-jins turned to face her.

"You mean when we’re up against Frieza?" she asked.

Turles chuckled slightly and turned, addressing Bulma.

"What do you mean "we"? You’re Vegeta’s little pet. I’m sure he won’t be allowing you to fight." He said.

"What is it with you Saiya-jin men??" Bulma asked, becoming infuriated. "You chauvinistic, egotistical bastards! Do you know how important women are in your lives? Yet you insist on treating us like we’re below you!"

"How important a woman is in my life? Hmm… well, they’re useful for a good fuck, to cook for me, and to dote on me. Other than that, I don’t really think they do much." Turles stated with a grin.

Watching the Earth girl become angry and passionate about what she was preaching appealed to him a great deal. He barely listened to her rants, only watched as her cheeks became flushed, her chest started to heave and she practically trembled with anger.

"Such fire in such a little girl!" he teased, cutting off something she was saying about women being mothers and nurturers. "I bet you’d be wild in bed."

Bulma’s eyes flashed angrily and she almost lunged at Turles when Kakarot and Chichi stepped in front of her to restrain her.

"Hey! Hold on there!" Kakarot said with slight amusement.

"Yeah," Chichi said as she glanced over her shoulder at her brother-in-law, "Turles has no qualms about hitting a woman to ‘teach her a lesson’."

One of the many reasons she disliked him.

Turles rolled his eyes.

"You two always spoil my fun. It would’ve been nice to see what she could do. Then again, she’s just a weak human." He said as he let himself flop down on the sofa.

Bulma seethed silently and glared at him through Chichi and Goku’s arms.

"It’s pointless. Don’t bother with him." Kakarot said as he shrugged.

"Don’t say that! If I were her I’d attack the damn bastard too… but, oh, then again, maybe you wouldn’t let me, Kakarot!" Chichi said as she glared at her mate.

He winced at the icy tone.

She stepped aside and stormed down the hallway to a room, slamming the door after her.

Bulma glared at the twins then turned on her heel, walking away and slamming a door further down in the ship as well.

Vegeta chose this point to come out of his room, with a towel around his neck.

"What’s with all the god-damned yelling and door slamming?!" he asked angrily.

"Women." Turles said, as if that answered everything.


Margo sighed as she heard another loud explosion.

It was taking oh so long for Miranda to level the planet. However, she didn’t want to use her power to destroy the planet in a blast. It always took up so much of her power.

Noel was ransacking most of the houses, and taking what he wanted from the unwilling women.

Most of the population was gone by that time anyway. She rarely heard the pitiful screaming anymore.

"Hurry it up, Miranda!!" Margo screamed as she saw Miranda blow up another house.

She heard some gravel crunching underfoot and tensed.

When she heard the whistling of the idiot, Noel, she let her guard down.

He was grinning from ear to ear like a pleased child.

"Has it really been that long since you’ve gotten any, Noel? Please, don’t look so pathetic. You could at least try not to look proud about what you’re doing." She said as she smirked, lightly running her tongue over her lips to entice him, " I mean these are your people that you are watching Miranda kill. Actually, helping to kill also. But, you have no qualms with it. As long as you’re fulfilling your greedy little desires. You’re a filthy beast. I don’t know why I keep you around."

His grin dropped and he glared at her.

"Maybe because you know that you’re no better than I am." He said defiantly.

That was the first time he had ever spoken back to her, and Margo was not sure that she liked it.

"Don’t get ahead of yourself, boy. I don’t need you, is that clear? And I’m awfully treacherous! I can turn on you any time I damn well please." She threatened.

"Is that so? Then why am I still alive?" he asked.

Margo angrily turned away from him.

She waited until she heard him walk off towards another house to see what goods it held.

She was starting to become agitated. She didn’t know what her father would think about the news she had sent.

‘He’ll be angry that the Saiya-jins escaped my grasp… but I just couldn’t follow them. And they had the purple-haired girl with them too. How do I explain this? If she is as much a danger as Miranda pointed out, then I don’t know what I’ll do. I just don’t know.’ She thought to herself as another loud explosion resonated through the air.

She had had enough.

She got to her feet and started towards the ship she had arrived in.

She didn’t even give warning to her companions, but they knew she was planning on leaving when they heard the engine fire up.

They followed onto the ship and in moments they had blasted off.

Noel questioned Miranda when she stopped the ship, just outside the planet’s atmosphere and watched as she flew out through a hatch in the ship’s top.

In moments she was outside of the ship and he wondered how she could breathe without air.

She flew out a little bit away from the ship and brought her palms together.

A large orange ki-ball grew from the tip of her finger until it was almost twice the size of their large ship.

She was breathing heavily and yelled angrily as she launched the death-ball at the dead planet.

Anything that had survived Miranda’s killing spree was wiped out once the ki-ball had touched the surface.

She turned, satisfied with herself, and made her way back onto the ship.

"Now, "she said as she walked to the control panel, "we make our way to Vegeta-sei. I will not let that haughty Saiya-jin prince make a fool out of me. I will make my father proud."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Three days later~

Vegeta walked out of the training room wearing a completely black, spandex outfit and mopping at his sweat-soaked brow with a towel. He came to the balcony that loomed over the lounge area and glanced down when he heard a small chuckle. He grumbled as he watched the lavender-haired girl as she chatted with Chichi.

It seemed after the spat they had shared between Kakarot and Turles, they had become partners.

"I don’t seem to understand the way things work here…" Bulma said as she crossed her arms over her chest.

"What is there to understand? The men here think they can walk all over us because one, we’re women, two, you’re human, and three…well, Kakarot thinks he need to protect me from every little thing." Chichi said as she averted her eyes from Bulma’s.

She didn’t know why she didn’t want Bulma to know about her pregnancy. Maybe, since so many bad things had happened lately she no longer felt any reason to celebrate it.

"Yeah, I noticed that Kakarot is protective, but he’s a sweetheart. Sometimes, he can be a little bit of an oppressor, but I don’t think he does it on purpose!" Bulma said as she frowned.

"I didn’t tell you about the sleeping arrangement between me and Vegeta. The first night he made me sleep on the floor. The second he slept out in the lounge and I got the bed… I don’t know what’ll happen tonight. He complained nonstop today about how the couch was not a pleasing place to sleep. On Earth, sending a guy to sleep on the couch was a way of punishing them if they did something wrong." Bulma said with a slight grin.

"Punishing? Are you serious? No matter how "sweet" a Saiya-jin man can be you can never punish him. It’s like nothing makes them uncomfortable, and it’s not like you can kick them out of bed. They weigh a ton." Chichi said lightly, smirking slightly.

Bulma smiled. Chichi had become more open with her in just a few days, and she seemed to be really enjoying herself.

"It must be great no matter what to have a man that loves you… I used to have a boyfriend." Bulma said softy.

Chichi blinked.

"Boyfriend?" she asked, not understanding the term.

"Oh… um… it’s someone you are interested in before you get married… I mean mated." Bulma said as she blushed.

"Oh. So this "boyfriend" didn’t make it off the planet before it was destroyed?" Chichi asked.

"No, he didn’t. But, it isn’t as painful to talk about as it had been before." Bulma said sadly.

"Oh, I guess maybe you wanted that boy to be your mate?" Chichi asked, feeling something akin to sympathy for the girl.

"Oh, I don’t know! I was only 16 when everything happened. At 16 you don’t make life-lasting decisions like that… at least I didn’t make decisions like that." Bulma explained.

Chichi smiled.

"Well, Saiya-jins decide things a lot earlier than humans. I was actually kind of late. I wasn’t mated until I was 19." She explained.

Bulma smiled.

"Well, you and Kakarot seem happy." Bulma said, trying to sound cheerful.

"Don’t worry. You’ll find someone. There’s someone that was destined to you. You might just find him very near." Chichi said as she glanced up and over Bulma’s shoulder.

Bulma spun around and saw Vegeta walk by.

He stopped and glared at a smirking Chichi.

"Wench, what is the time?" he asked, addressing Chichi.

She scowled, but then checked her watch on her left hand.

"It’s 15 past the 12th hour." Chichi said. (A/n: 12:15 ^-^)

Vegeta let out a little ‘hmph’ and pointed at Bulma.

"I’m going to bed." He said as he locked eyes with her. He wasn’t planning on sharing the room with her. He really had no desire to. His room already reeked of her intoxicating female scent, but he had heard her anxiousness at spending a night in a bed with him and he thought maybe he’d give her something to be scared about.

"So? Why should I care if you’re going to bed or not?" she asked.

"If you want to sleep in the bed you’d better come now, because I’ll lock the door once I’m in there. You know, I can’t guarantee Turles won’t bother you once I’m asleep." He said as he smirked.

Bulma just realized how sexy he looked when he smirked.

She shook her head to clear her thoughts.

"So… you’re sleeping in the room?" she asked, trying to appear nonchalant.

"Yes. Stop asking questions wench. Come along." He ordered.

"But… that means I sleep on the floor?" she asked with a bit of distaste.

"No. You’ll sleep in the bed with me." He said flatly as if it were something normal.

Bulma glanced at Chichi who looked just as shocked.

"Uh…" Bulma said.

"You can come to bed now or you can sleep out here. I don’t care either way." He said, becoming annoyed.

Bulma looked again at Chichi, who had made herself busy with the pattern in the carpet.

"Um… I’ll come now. Goodnight, Chichi." Bulma said as she got to her feet.

"Good night to you, too. Goodnight, your highness." Chichi said. She wasn’t surprised when he ignored her and stalked down the hall.

Chichi smirked as Bulma nervously shuffled behind him.


Margo was miserable.

She had made a grave miscalculation in destroying Checkisu-sei and Frieza was beyond pissed at her.

She walked over to where Miranda laid, staring almost dazedly out the window.

She looked so pale, which was hard since her skin was a deep black.

She sighed as she sat up.

"Mistress…" the dragoness started, seeing Margo’s unhappiness. "I will not die. I am just feeling weaker. And, although it is bothersome that any damage I take from this point on will be permanent, I do not fear because I believe that, even now, I am strong enough to defeat that Saiya-jin and his little witch."

"But it’s all my fault. My father does not even want to acknowledge me any more and he’s becoming impatient for news of the Saiya-jins. I can not deliver news and I cannot undo my mistake." Margo said, becoming enraged with herself.

"Hey… you should feel at fault. You are the one to blame. If when you had went outside of the ship you had told us you were planning on destroying Checkisu-sei maybe just maybe Miranda would have had the chance to tell you you’d be destroying her life source as well. But no, you decided that you were going to be a little snob about it and show off your powers. Now you’ve weakened your best hope for defeating the Saiya-jins. Smart Margo, real smart." Noel growled out.

Margo snapped around and glared at him.

He was becoming snappier each day and she was itching to just shoot him in the head and kill him, but she decided to wait. She’d tell her father how the little idiot thought he could buy her body. Her father wouldn’t be pleased and would surely send him to be tortured. If all else failed and he really got on her nerves, she would make sure Miranda got a shot at him.

"What are you laughing about?? Do you not understand the gravity of the situation?" he asked her as he got to his feet.

He was annoyed with her beyond belief. Even the luscious shape of her body could not take away from his anger.

Because of her, Bulma left with the Saiya-jins. The one people he never wanted her to be with.

"I don’t think you understand the gravity, Noel. Just hold tight. We should reach Vegeta-sei I a little under a week." Margo said as she smirked at Miranda, who smirked back.

Miranda already knew that her mistress had started to despise the whiny, purple-faced boy and would lover for her to tear him to shreds.

She would, once she regained her energy. And she’d make sure she used some of that energy to annihilate the Saiya-jins. Most of all, she wanted to snap the neck of the purple-haired girl who had given her her first ever wound.


Bulma followed Vegeta into the room and stiffened when he closed the door behind him and pulled his black tank up over his head.

Her eyes widened at his sheer build and tanned skin, but she wanted to know if he thought she’d actually sleep with him.

"Calm down, wench," he growled as he made his way over to the bathroom door. "I can smell your fear even over here. If I wanted to do what you’re thinking I’m going to do I would have done it the first night you stayed in here. I do have some pride."

She let out a breath she hadn’t even known she had been holding as he stepped into the bathroom.

She wondered what he wanted her to do or if he had some rules about sleeping on the bed with him.

Normally, she wouldn’t care what Vegeta had to say but when it had to deal with him in a bed with her and a locked door, she would much rather just follow directions.

She crept up to the bathroom door and heard the shower come on.

‘Ok, so I have enough time to change!’ she thought as she quickly went to the compartment she had filled with her few belongings.

She had three nightgowns, none of which were exactly appropriate attire to use when sharing a bed with a sexy, cruel, prince.

"Ok, girl, don’t freak out. Find some shorts and a top. Go casual." She coached herself, trying to kick away the nervousness.

She looked through her array of clothing and could only come across a black tank top and black short-shorts.

She sighed as she quickly stripped off her clothes and put the ‘night-clothes’ on, instead.

"Great, next time you get kidnapped by aliens, remember to stock up on modest nightwear." She reminded herself.

She heard the shower shut off and panicked.

She rushed over to the bed and threw back the black covers, submerging herself underneath them

She tried to pretend like she was asleep when he walked out of the bathroom.

His back was to her so she allowed her eye to open slightly and saw him standing in front of the mirror, drying his tail with a towel. Hanging low around his waist was a short black towel.

‘He has the body of a Greek god… but he’s an arrogant evil little bastard of a prince. And no matter what, Bulma, he is still partially to blame for all the pain you’ve been put through. Orders or no orders, he would have murdered all the people of Earth just for the fun of it.’ She said to herself, trying to clear the thoughts of him out of her mind.

"Woman, I know you’re awake. Don’t you think it’s a bit rude to stare?" Vegeta asked as he glanced at her.

She felt her face heat up and she quickly closed her eyes, rolled over, and tried to go to sleep.

Vegeta grinned as he flared his ki to dry the remaining water on his hair and body.

He had the wicked thought of going to bed in the nude thinking how uncomfortable she would be, but then again he’d be at a disadvantage if she decided to attack him while he slept.

He shrugged and slipped on black boxers.

Bulma sucked in her breath as the lights went out.

She heard nothing for a few moments and was shocked when she felt the bed shift and then a warm body laying next to her.

She scooted further away from him, leaving her at the edge of the bed.

She heard him chuckle and it annoyed her beyond belief.

"Don’t act so smug, Vegeta." She said, insisting on addressing him informally, "I’m not afraid of you. I’m just not so sure I can trust you to keep your disgusting paws off of me."

He frowned at this but didn’t react to it like he had wanted to.

He laid there with his arms behind his head and waited a few momenta, inhaling the scent of her that wafted up from the pillows.

"Why are you so hung up on thinking I’d want a scrawny little thing like you, human. You’re weak, stupid and lack any kind of class. I wouldn’t bed you if you begged me to." He stated quite calmly, although it was the complete opposite of what he really wanted.

He didn’t know what about this woman got him to ignore so many of his rules. He had never seen a woman like her before. She was so graceful and beautiful, but in another way she was tough and stubborn. It was even worse that he felt like he knew her even before they had ever met.

If any other woman continuously disregarded him like she did he would have had her killed by now. But with her… everything was different.

He let his attention come back to her and partially listened as she growled something out about ‘never stooping low enough to beg for anything from him’.

He smirked.

He sat up and grabbed her arms, pulling her body close to his.

She gasped and tried to pull away but his arms were like vices.

"So, you wouldn’t beg me to let you go, right now?" he whispered to her.

The heat radiating off his body made Bulma start to feel dizzy.

"I’m not going to beg for anything from you Vegeta." She said, hoping it came across as harsh instead of a scared whisper.

"So, you won’t ask me to let you go? Does that mean you’re willing?" he asked her, trying to control his smirk.

Bulma couldn’t see him in the pitch-black room but his smirk was obvious in his voice.

"Willing to do what?" she asked as she struggled again.

He chuckled.

"Naïve." He scolded her.

She tried to free herself by digging her nails into his shoulders but he didn’t even wince.

"What do you want woman? Just ask for it and you may have it. You have to know your place and I’m planning to keep this up all night long until you do." He whispered.

Bulma could feel his breath on her shoulder and started to panic.

‘Does he mean to keep me like this until I tell him to let me go? What will he do to me if I don’t ask him to??’ she wondered.

Vegeta weighed her silence as more stubbornness and pulled her body flush against his.

Bulma could feel his bare skin against her clothed chest and wanted him to let her go.

"Vegeta…" she said, "let me go."

"Hmm… no I think that’s more of a command." He said mockingly.

"Vegeta, please." She said, swallowing her pride.

"That’s a bit better. But did I say you could address me like that?" he asked.

"Prince Vegeta," she ground out, "please unhand me."

"Perfect." He said as he released her arms and allowed her to jump away from him.

He anticipated that she was going to try and escape the bed, so he grabbed her wrist.

"Stay here." He ordered. "I’m not going to try to do anything to you. Well, tonight at least. This was just a little lesson for you. We’ll get along fine if you obey me."

Bulma had to bite her tongue to stop herself from responding.

She wrenched her hand out of his grasp, but made no further moves to leave the bed.

‘That was odd…’ she thought as the silence in the room became thick. ‘Although he wants to make me listen to him, he didn’t even try to hurt me. He held my wrists tightly but they don’t feel bruised or sore at all. And he gave me an opportunity to deny him. Why does he make it so hard for me to dislike him?’ she wondered to herself.

Vegeta stared up at the ceiling as Bulma’s breathing slowed, indicating sleep.

‘She went to sleep quickly. Does she trust me enough to believe I won’t touch her? Why would she do that? Why would she trust me? Doesn’t she know what kind of person I am? Would it be so bad to be trusted, then to be feared?’ he asked himself.

As he contemplated this, sleep soon took over.


* * * * *


Hey… so, I put in some romance (I think) and started kindling feelings. I’ve noticed it’s a lot harder to develop romance in such messed-up settings. But, anyway, after this romance will escalate ‘til the end… which I have no idea as to when it’ll show up… so, yeah… LOL,

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