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Unexpected Developments
By: Shin Dragon

With his hands Vejiita leaned against the bathroom tiles. His head was lowered as he looked down, letting the hot water smooth down his neck, back, and shoulders.

::I will never fight again:: He thought.

The Cell game had ended. Three years of training. Five, if he counted the one he had spent in the Room of Spirit and Time at Kammi Sammaīs place.

What for? Kakarotto ended up dead. The idiot preferred to be dead than alive and fight him. His only goal for the past five years buried in the ground. His only opportunity to prove his worth, died with that low class retard.

::I will never fight again::

The words echoed inside his head, every time becoming louder. He just wanted to hit his head to make them stop. How can a warrior keep on living with no reason to fight anymore?

::I will never fight again:: He sighed.

Bulma fed Trunks then put him in his crib. She traced a finger along the sleeping child's face. Her heart ached since her best friend; her brother really, died that day. Her only comfort at least was that her Vejiita and both Trunks were still alive.

Speaking of Vejiita... She went in to their bedroom and saw that he had finally come out of the bathroom and found him standing out on the balcony. It was too cold and dark outside; she put on a robe and walked over to where he stood. She knew that he was crushed by the whole situation. No matter how much he tried to deny it. Goku had surpassed him in power again. His pride, more so than his body, was hurt during the battle with Cell. And Bulma knew that now with his nemesis dead, life would never be the same for Vejiita.


Someone was behind him, he knew whom. Bulma. He could sense her presence and that always-inviting fresh scent of hers that he just couldn't resist. One of her hands reached out to touch his shoulder. Then he felt warm arms around his waist and her forehead touch the base of his neck. Bulma could smell the faint fragrance of soap on his recently bathed skin.

"I missed you." She said weakly, afraid of his reaction towards her expression of love towards him.

He wanted to take her arms off of him and yell at her that he didn't like those loving bird acts of hers. But he found himself unable to. The dark loneliness he felt made him want her so badly. It annoyed him, and scared him. He was powerless against the feeling. He turned around to face her. Bulma immediately took her arms away from his body and stepped backwards, not wanting to see his look of disapproval, knowing that he would yell her for her display. But the words never came. Instead, she felt his arms wrap around her, pulling her softly against him. She resisted for a second, but soon relaxed and returned the embrace, Vejiita's chin resting on the top of her head. As usual, he remained silent.

It was the first time he had held her like this. Out of the bed of course and it felt good. She was speechless. He had never embraced her this way, as if she had asked to be comforted. Of course he would NEVER do that. Bulma looked up at him. His eyes looked back at her, filled with sadness and anguish. Those coal black eyes that once lit with the fire of life were now opaque.

Through their closeness, she felt his pain. For once he wasn't hiding what he felt from her. He was showing her feelings other than anger or pleasure or that particular kind of love she knew he felt for her. It wasn't a usual kind of love, but a love all the same. If he was feeling alone and without reason to live, she would show him how wrong he was. His goals may have been taken away just like all the other things he had once had...ok...maybe she couldn't compete with that but maybe...just maybe...She chuckled against his chest.

"You are very tense and must be very tired...." She whispered touching his shoulders with a look of disapproval. "Lay down on the bed."

"What the hell are you talking about woman? I'm not--"

"Just shut up and do it! I learned something a while ago. This will make you feel better. You are going to like it. I swear. Lay on your back." She took his hand and dragged him inside. "You can keep your boxers but remove your shirt."


Vejiita did as Bulma requested. He watched her as she got a strange bottle as he approached the bed lying on his back.

"Now do not move or complain. Let the "woman" do this. Close your eyes and just relax OK? Don't move."

Bulma rubbed her hands with the herbal oil then spread it on Vejiita's bronze colored midriff. She moved her hands along his chest in slow motions; the exotic smell filled his senses. Vejiita smirked it felt good. Her hands moved in circular motions around his sore muscles, her fingers drawing every muscle with her fingertips softly. They outlined his ribs, exploring every pore of his body and taking all the time she could to ease him and please him. She moved to massage his shoulders; meanwhile her head lowered to lightly kiss a couple of scars across the muscles of his abdomen. She worked her way up, tracing a humid path of kisses up to his neck until she reached his ear and nibbled. Her tongue teased him, stroking up and down, and than dipping inside swirling it in circular motions.

Bulma then nipped the area where his ear joined his neck, grasping it with her teeth and sucking it. Vejiita was breathing deeply now. It always turned him on when she played with his ears. He could feel her feet and long legs caressing his own smooth, muscular legs. One of her thighs slipped between his legs and pressed firmly against him. It felt like he was with two women at the same time. Well, being with Bulma was better than being with two women.

She moved to his other ear and her hands continued to massage his broad chest. She thought, she liked it when Vegitta would twist her nipples. Maybe he would like it if she did it to him. Vejiita sighed pleasurably when she kissed his temple. He heard her laugh softly, like a kid in a toy store. He opened his eyes to look at her.

"Close your eyes!" She said. He smirked. He wanted to know what she was going to do next.

Vejiita felt Bulma's hands massaging his thighs, her fingers running along his muscles. He gasped when she nipped and lapped at his inner thighs. She massaged the area, grasping it strongly, and then smoothed it with her tongue. Her hands then touched his hips gingerly, her face teasing, nuzzling and nipping him lightly through his boxers and then avoided his most sensitive area and focused on his thighs again.

Vejiita felt himself go hot all over. Bulma's ministrations were testing his limits. He wanted to grab her now and---

"It's time for your back. Turnover." She said seductively.

He took her roughly and kissed her and she moaned in his mouth. Vejiita tore his boxer's and it was visible what kind of state he was in. He then started to slip off her silk gown but Bulma stopped him.

"N-n-no... wait!" She breathed. "I'm not done with you yet. On your back. I told you that you were going to like this, but I have to finish. No "buts". Remember?"

He didn't like it, but strangely he obeyed.

He remembered their deal. The one they made some months back, maybe a year and a half ago. They had agreed to having a physical relationship, anytime they wanted, whenever they wanted, wherever, they wanted. No complaints or excuses were allowed. They had to always be available for each other. Vejiita had taken the deal seriously and had become a sex freak. She had to admit that she as much at fault in that too.

Sometimes he would come into the house completely spent from training, but at the sight of his shirtless and sweat bathed muscular body; sweat drops slowly sliding down his tanned skin, making every muscle of his compact body gleam, his chest panting from his excursions, his black spandex shorts outlining his round rear and other gifts...made her jump into his arms and seduce him, even she knew all he wanted was to rest. But he didn't seem to mind.

What amazed Bulma was that she never imagined having sex so frequently and never getting bored with it and what was even better was that Vejiita never became bored with her, which made their situation more perfect.

She loved him, and he didn't cheat on her like Yamcha, even though their relationship just a physical one. Vejiita was an excellent lover and could perform many techniques and alien positions with his ki that humans could never know or do. He lasted more than the average man because of his Saiya-jin strength and so never needed to rest.

If she were watching TV, he would take her on the sofa. If she wore a sexy dress it was or not he would take her. If she were fully covered, he'd want to see more of her. If she were in her lab, he wouldn't care what she was doing; he would just throw her on the floor and would make love to her until she lost her voice from crying out. Come to think of it, maybe that was his idea, preventing her from talking.

Ok he was going to pay now.

Bulma rubbed the oil onto Vejiita's back and made strong movements, but quickly calmed down and did nothing. When Vejiita felt no contact from Bulma, he was about to turn when he felt her...bare...body brushing along the length of his back and kissing him. Vejiita moaned when Bulma lowered herself and pressed her prominent curves against him, brushing her body against his back. Vejiita gasped when she began to massage both sides of his lower back around his waist. She massaged the area close to his spine with sensual circular motions meanwhile she kissing, nipping, and sucking, and kneading the place where his tail used to be then began savage suctions.

Bulma saw him take the sheet in his hands tearing it.

"STOP!" His voice was a hoarse whisper. She grinned as it gave her more courage. Seeing him in that state made her feel... powerful.

"B-Bulma...p-p-lea-se..." He moaned. She only intensified her treatments, biting and massaging him harder. "Wo-m-m-aan! I ...I...uhng! ... S-S-TOP"

Vejiita turned savagely and threw her on the bed under him. His breathing was ragged.

Ok, maybe she should've stopped when he asked her to. She giggled.

It was a cold night; she could see how his breath turned into white mist much like a savage beast's. "Now woman..."

His voice was very deep and hoarse. Vejiita pressed his body against Bulma's. He was hot as fire. His skin was devilishly soft and underneath all those compact hard muscles of his body trembled with desire.

He started kissing her. "I haven't been with you in over two years..." He mumbled while he kissed her lips passionately, hungry for her lips. He lowered his head to her breasts and began to work on them. Then returned to her mouth with frantic desperate kisses, thirsty for her taste, the one he'd become addicted to. He was starving for her, couldn't stop kissing her and touching her.

"You missed me while you were in the Room of Spirit and time?" She said amazed.

Vejiita just bit her neck and began to lap the blood slowly. Suddenly he met her hips with his and entered her, sighing in relief. During that year alone in that room he yearned to be with her, kiss her, taste her and feel her almost painful tightness.

Bulma cried out at the feeling of being stretched by him. He started his pace, but knew he wouldn't last very long. The damned woman knew perfectly well what she had been doing when she "massaged" him.

Vejiita's thrusts were slow, long and very deep. He just wanted to savor every moment with her since everything he had had in his life had been taken away from him.

He hadn't known how important Bulma was to him until Cell had killed Trunks. He'd thought he was immune to human feelings. Until he saw his son covered with blood, his body lifeless. He had screamed his anguish to the world and attacked Cell blindly, like an idiot. He didn't know if he really loved Bulma, so he put her in Trunkīs place and the effect was devastating to his soul... and to his pride.

He didn't want her only for sex.

A long time ago his pride had warned him about that. He was developing feelings for her, and needed to leave her, but couldn't do it. To soothe his pride he would tell himself that the reason why he wanted her so badly was because of the overwhelming amount of pleasure she provided him and that's why it was okay.

He was a little uncertain with this answer because deep down he knew it wasn't just about the physical. There was something deeper involved; but he ignored his pride and kept his relationship with her.

But in the end, as usual, his pride had been right. He had developed feelings for her. He had developed "love" for her and it grew inside his darkness, until he could do nothing to stop it and now it was too late.

Bulma moaned against Vejiita's right ear. He could feel her trembling and tighten even more around him. She had an expression of pure ecstasy. He caressed her neck and increased his tempo and they finally climax together. Something he had always enjoyed.

Though Bulma was still shook, he didn't feel like waiting. He put her legs over his shoulders almost lying down, keeping himself above her, and making her body double. His pace was fast and both were sweating profusely. Bulma's moans echoed in his ears, driving him crazy. She cried out loudly when she reached her peak of pleasure and closed her eyes, breathing sharply.

"Tired?" He purred kissing her. Vejiita's energy surrounded her she gleamed as he transferred part of his ki to her. This way he wouldn't hurt her. Bulma noticed that this time he gave her more power than usual.

Vejiita grabbed her hips and roughly entered her, but then he withdrew from her wanting to try something else. He floated in the air and brought Bulma with him. There, he entered her then slid almost out, only to enter her again. He did this over and over again like if it were an entering session.

Bulma writhed and moaned at every move he made, until she finally exploded. But as usual Vejiita wasn't done yet. He lowered her back on to the bed and decided to slide in and out of her with incredible speed and stronger movements getting the deepest penetration possible.

Bulma grabbed the sheets with her hands it was almost painful, her breasts moving along with his fast and strong thrusts. Vejiita grunted, increasing his strength and speed even more as he turned Super Saiya-jin. Bulma's moans became louder and louder. The expression on her face was one of complete pleasure. It became painful now, but somehow, she didn't know why, but it felt really delicious. She writhed desperately underneath him, unable to follow his rhythm.

Then she exploded violently in one of the strongest orgasms she had ever experienced with him. Vejiita kept his pace for a long time until he couldn't hold out anymore and released inside her. Bulma could feel their liquids sliding down her thighs. Vejiita panted heavily. He had just reached a climax that almost dragged him of all his energies, but he wasn't done yet.

Before Bulma could recover he changed positions, her turning her on her stomach. He grabbed her back and entered from behind and continued the pace he had pursued earlier this time both reached their climax almost immediately. Vejiita fell on the bed exhausted. Both panted heavily, completely worn out, bathed in sweat; Bulma's inner thighs sticky.

Vejiita covered Bulma with the sheets and embraced her. She whimpered softly, her body trembling and he kissed her shoulder running his fingers along her jaw, soothingly until both had fallen asleep.


Bulma felt like she was in paradise. Was she dreaming? Waves of pleasure ran all over her body. She could feel his warmness, the humid kisses he placed on her skin, his soft rocking movements arousing her. Each wave made her moan. She could feel his face nestled in her neck and could hear him grunt softly with each stroke.

Wait a minute. This felt too real to be a dream. Bulma opened her eyes and froze.

No, it wasn't a dream. Her Saiya-jin No Ouji, was making love to her again!

"Vejiita...w - what...?"


Hot breath came out of his lips and spread across her neck and he purred, making his body vibrate against hers, arousing her even more. She obeyed him. Not because he asked her to, but because her body was losing control. She dug her nails on his back as he continued moving gently for a while to making it last untill he made her reach her peak and he moaned softly releasing inside her.

He stayed inside her, his arms wrapped around her, breathing against her skin. He didn't say anything, as his body throbbed inside her. After a while he turned onto his back and put her on top of him, using his own body as a warm bed for her.

"Where did you learn all that massage stuff?" He asked softly, caressing her back and buttocks.

"I learned it being with you. Don't you think that after all this time sleeping together I would know the places that drive you crazy?"

He laughed softly.

"Hmmm...wicked woman. Maybe you are not so stupid after all." He purred nipping her neck. "Destiny always drifted us together you know." He said absently.

"Uhn? What are you talking about?" She said puzzled

"Say woman, how could we have ended up together in Mirai Trunks' time if we didn't know anything about the androids?"

Now she was confused. Why was he talking about this? He saw her confused frown and grunted.

"You invited me to stay here while we waited for Kakarotto, right? When he finally returned Trunks appeared and told us about the Androids and our possible deaths in the future. That changed everything. I stayed because you said you were going to make me a gravity machine, to help me to get stronger and beat those tin cans. BUT, in Mirai Trunks time things didn't happen like here. We never knew about the Androids. Even though we ended up in bed, we ended up together. That's not like me."

"Maybe you liked living on Earth, so you stayed and you know..." She said caressing his chest.

"I could have left and conquered the galaxy now that Freezer had been destroyed and Kakarotto was no longer in the way because of that heart disease and I stayed here because I liked LIVING on Earth? I would NEVER STAY here JUST because I LIKED this piece of--"

He retracted his words when realization finally hit him. Earlier he had discovered what he truly felt for her and now this... He felt as if somebody had hit him hard. He just hoped Bulma hadn't understood what he meant, that he had stayed because of her, in both times to make it worst.

He looked at her, her eyes were a little watery and her mouth was completely open. He could feel her bare body trembling slightly over his.

She knew! Shit! Now she would never leave him alone.

He was about to yell something at her, but she covered his mouth with hers in a deep agonizing kiss. He felt himself melt against her mouth, her body above his seemed to fuse with his. Her soft and firm curves joined the hardness of his body and that uninvited feeling he had for her rushed through his veins.

Her hot mouth and lips plunged more deeply into his, kissing him hard, tasting him as eagerly as he tasted her, hungrily and passionately too, their tongues playing in each other's mouth.

This was one of the longest kisses they had ever shared. At least it seemed that way. The kiss continued as he lost any thought about the embarrassing situation he was in a little while ago. He really didn't want anybody to think he had become soft or something. Not even her was the caused of it.

Both were moaning against each other's mouths. Touching and caressing, until finally Bulma broke the kiss, panting for air.

Vejiita studied her flushed face. Her eyes bright, her lips now swollen from their kiss, her hair messed, some strands of hair sticking to her forehead from the sweat of their recent fierce lovemaking.

Bulma rested her head on Vejiita's chest, sighing pleasurably. He half smiled. Somehow he liked this...being with her, and then he frowned.

He had lost it all before and he was not going to lose it now. He wouldn't let that happen again. He would have to train harder and become stronger. Besides, he had a strange feeling that he would meet Kakarotto again. Yeah, he was dead, but he had learned not to underestimate the fool.

He'd almost forgotton about Trunks. He had to train him now that his older version proved his worth. Of course, he had his blood. He just had to wait for him to grow up, but until then... he grinned smugly. He nuzzled his nose against Bulma, catching her scent mixed with the smell of their love making and the oil she had spread all over him as well as his own scent on her. His smirk grew wider. Until then he will have to focus all his energies on something else. Correction, someone else.


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