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Life of Adventure
By: Quatre's Luv


Life is truly filled with twists and turns. I should know. Since the day I meet Goku I knew my life would be one adventure after another. I knew he was different, very different from the others I met. I guess his tail gave it a way. I was right, though. I've been though many adventures, since I was a teen. It started when I went to look for the dragon balls. That's when I meet Goku, later we met Oolong, Yamcha, Puar, the Ox-King, Chi-Chi, and Master Roshi. Oolong just wanted to wish for a pair of panties, Yamcha wanted a girlfriend, I wanted a boyfriend, and Goku simply followed because his "grandfather's" dragon ball was used and he wanted adventure. Goku's grandfather died because of Goku. During a full moon he transformed and killed him. He didn't know he did that until later. While Goku was transformed he came across Pilaf, who's castle was destroyed.

We meet Krillin at the World's Marshal Arts Tournament. Krillin and Goku went and train under Master Roshi, also known as the Turtle elder, for the tournament. In this contest, the "turtle" team faced the "crane" team, which consisted of Chiaotzu and Tien, who trained under the Crane elder, Tsuru-sennin. After Chiaotzu and Tien later found out that their master was evil and they abandoned him, and became friends with the rest of us.

I didn't know until later but while that was going on an alien came to Earth. Again later on I found out he as a Namek. He wanted to be our guardian but he had to be pure, so he separated into 2 forms- one good, and one evil. The good Namek became known as Kami. The evil one became King Piccolo. The two rivaled, and Kami seeked Goku, who was pure of heart, to help. Goku trained under Kami, and fought and killed King Piccolo. Upon his death King Piccolo, I guess you could say, laid an egg. Which became the Piccolo I know today.

Goku met the Red Ribbon Army, fought, and killed him. However, Dr. Gero, survived. Since then, he had a grudge against Goku. We didn't know until much later on. After a few years we all grew up some and Piccolo met with Goku to avenge his father, but Piccolo was defeated at the end. Piccolo's life was spared. Yamcha and I were boyfriend and girl, kinda, and Goku married Chi-Chi.

After we all were in adult-hood Goku had a reunion at Master Roshi's. That's were I learned about his son, Gohan, who was five I think. The reunion wasn't a happy one. This man lands and introduces himself as Radditz, Goku's older brother, and asks Goku to join him in the Saiyan quest of universal destruction. That's when we learn Goku was an alien. However, I think when he had a tail that should have given it away.

Goku refuses, so Radditz kidnaps Gohan and blackmails Goku. However, Goku decides to rescue Gohan by killing Radditz! I don't know what all happened during that fight but I was told that Piccolo helped Goku! I didn't believe it at first, but he really did help him!

See when Krillin and I found them, I was somewhat sad, but we could use the dragon balls to wish Goku back. However, dumbass Krillin laughs at Radditz, who was dying, and tells him that Goku will be brought back to life through the power of the dragon balls. Goku's brother replies that the device he uses to detect energy levels can also be used for communication. He sends the news about the dragon balls to his two comrades, and dies. How dumb can a person get! We would have been fine if Krillin would have keep his mouth shut! Talk about a dumbass!

Anyway, Piccolo discovered that Gohan had hidden powers when he unknowingly headbutts and damages Radditz, he kidnaps Gohan in an attempt to train him. Goku, is sent on a quest to run on Snake Way and to seek King Kai to receive training for the upcoming fight with the Saiyans. The rest of the fighters: Krillin, Yamcha, Tien, and Chiaotzu went to receive special training from Kami. I was so bored during that.

I think about a year later the Saiyans came. I wasn't on the scene, but I saw it from Master Roshi's. The two Saiyans were; Nappa, a tall bald one, and Vegeta, the prince of the Saiyans. Anyway, the first battles were against the Saiba-men (little green monsters) that Nappa planted. The Saiba-men fought, but were killed by Vegeta and Krillin. I don't know why Vegeta killed his own "men." Yamcha died! I could not believe it! Yamcha died. I was sad. Although Yamcha stood me up now and then, he still was my boyfriend. It hurt to hear that he died.

The remaining warriors fought against Nappa. It was very hard for all of them. I didn't see the whole fight but Krillin told me the rest. Chiaotzu dies as he sacrifices himself in an attempt to blow up Nappa; Tien dies by using up his strength to try to kill Nappa; Piccolo dies when he covers Gohan from Nappa's blast. I can't believe it. I was so mad.

However, Goku finally showed up! He defeats Nappa, but does not kill him, instead Vegeta does. Now Krillin and Gohan along side Goku fight Vegeta. It was a long fight but they won. (With the small help of the fat chicken Yajirobe). Krillin wanted to kill him, but Goku said no.

Anyway with the death of Piccolo, Kami died as well because of his link with him. With Kami dead, the Earth dragon balls vanished! However, while Goku, Gohan, and Krillin are in a hospital recuperating from the battle against Vegeta, Mr. Popo appears on a flying carpet outside and informs them of the existence of the Namek dragon balls. This is were we learn that Piccolo and Kami are Nameks.

They made plans to journey to Namek to retrieve our friends that Vegeta killed. Because Namek is so far away, Mr. Popo mentioned Kami's spaceship as the source of transportation. Because I was the only engineer/ mechanic of the group who can operate a spaceship, I got to go. Gohan and Krillin, only slightly injured, volunteered to accompany me on the trip. Goku is too badly hurt to travel, so he must stay. Plus Chi-chi says he can't go.

So went to Namek. However, we ran into a ship that had aliens that thought we were with Frieza. After proving we were not we left. Then we landed on a fake Namek, and spent lost time there. These two aliens looked like Nameks, and went on a fake adventure to find the dragon balls. They showed us who they really were when they morph into two hideous sluggish aliens. The crashed there years ago, and now they were gonna take our ship. However, they couldn't open it. Haha! Stupid aliens. So then the threaten me to teach them how to operate it, and then came Krillin and Gohan.

We left and landed on the real Namek afterward. Two goons attacked us, but they were defeated. Anyway, I was bored mostly. I was in our little cave and transmitted the news of what was happening on Namek to Earth. Sometimes. Because Krillin and Gohan was all ways living. They brought back a small kid Namek, Dende. They told me that he all most died, and the big pink thing named Dodoria was after them. He never showed up though. I didn't know till later that Vegeta killed him.

Dende tells about Guru, the Namek senior elder responsible for fathering everyone on Namek. When Krillin came back Vegeta showed up. So did this dude name Zarbon. Vegeta kills him and threatens to kill me if Krillin did not give him the dragon ball. So Krillin did. Once Vegeta flies off, Gohan shows up with another dragon ball.

Once again Gohan and Krillin fly back to Guru, leaving me behind. When they return Vegeta is with them! I was yelling at them. All Krillin said was that they have a temporary alliance. All three abandon me again.

I was there just reading a magazine, and I here Chi-chi yelling though the commutation system that we had. I yelled right back. Then we got disconnected. I was alone again. Then I see the sky turn, and I know it is the dragon balls going to work.

While I was alone, I went wandering around in the Namek's wilderness. I encountered a frog that I called "has potential" because it was different from the rest (I was right on that) and I let it follow me around as a companion. I didn't know who it was. I put together a gadget that allows animals to talk for my frog "buddy". Then it screams "change!", and swaps bodies with me!! Then it drives my flying motorcycle and I jumped on to the back, demanding my body back. I could not believe he did that! That son-of-a-bitch!!!

We reach where Gohan, Krillin, and Piccolo are watching the fight between Goku and Frieza. He then started to cheer for Frieza instead of Goku! I was trying to get their attention, but they ignored me. Then they finally wised up and learn that was not me. I was the frog. Of course that wasn't until after my body cat fought with Krillin. Gohan graps me and throws me into this thing. It made me get my body back!! They told me that Captain Ginyu did that. However, some movement in the air caused from the fight between Goku and Frieza blew me and the frog away, again.

Gohan shows up and tells me that we need to get on the ship and leave. Plus he has Piccolo! At that time I didn't trust him, so I was so nervous. Then Gohan left! He left me with Piccolo!! I was screaming. He did not come back.

Then I'm back on earth. I asked what happened and Gohan told me that Dende wished everyone but his father and Frieza back on earth. I was so worried about Goku. I've know him since he was a kid. The planet is destroyed. When we went to wish everyone back, we found out that Goku did not die. I was so happy! Plus Yamcha was back!! I had said that Vegeta could stay at my place, and every one was like in shock. Hey, he saved Gohan and Krillin, plus I didn't see him to be that bad. Not really anyway.

Vegeta goes into out of space, when he returns he and Yamcha were about fight but I told Vegeta to take a bath. So he followed me in, and took a shower. Yamcha and the Puar were like in shock. He was demanding this and that, and I told him that I was no savant.

Anyway while we were eating, or about to, Vegeta says that Goku didn't destroy Frieza, and Frieza was heading toward earth. As everyone was heading toward were Frieza was going to land, I made Yamcha take me.

We met up with the others, all of them, and we had to walk, so as Frieza wouldn't pick up their ki's, then from no where the boy comes out and destroys Frieza, and I believe it was his father, too. He became what the others called a Super Saiyan.

The strange boy flew to us and said that Goku will be back in exactly 2 hours at a location not too far away. We follow him and wait. The others were so up tight. I said that we could trust him. He had on a Capsule Corp. jacket.

The boy refused to tell anything, and when Goku arrived he said he never met the guy before. The went off not to far. They both became Super Saiyans, and then they talked. I thought I heard Goku yell my name but I guess I was wrong.

When Goku came back over he, mostly Piccolo since his ears could pick up what they were saying, told us what was going to happen. That boy was from the future and warned us what was going to happen. Everyone took off to train, expect me Yamcha and Goku. Just before Goku left he said, 'Hope you have a nice baby,' or something like that.




It's been one year since all that happened. In that time Vegeta and I became close, very close, I guess. I felt sorry for him, cause he is all ways alone. Yamcha hasn't been around, too busy training. However, Vegeta lives here. I always try to be near Vegeta to talk to him, show he I care. We end up fighting though.

However, recently he hasn't been so mean. I hope he as been loosen up some. I really like him. Funny, he doesn't care about no but himself, and here I go falling in love with the ass. It started out as a feeling of sorriness toward him, then it changed to a feeling of friendship. Although he didn't want to be friends, he now is showing some signs ... I think.

I don't know what Vegeta did in his pass, it must have been bad, but I hope I can show him that everything is better. He just pushes me a way when I get to close. I didn't mean to, but yesterday, when I tried to talk to him, not fight, but really talk to him, he pushed me a way again. Instead of just sighing and leaving I started to cry, softly, and I ran out the room. He saw me cry and I feel a shamed. I don't want him to see me weak, 'cause I think if he thinks you weak he stays a way from you. I don't want him to go a way, but stay instead.

I was laying in my bed thinking about what has happen and I hear Vegeta's voice, "Sorry." He never says sorry. So why now?

"You didn't do anything." I said in a fake voice.

"Yes, I did." Vegeta moved close he was standing right next to my bed, "You were hurt."

"No. I was not!" I all most yelled. All he did was shake his head. He looked somewhat mad.

"You cried," Kami no! He saw! I didn't want him to see! "Because of me. You have been nice to me, and didn't throw me out because of who I was. But instead you were there, you cared. Why?"

I couldn't answer him. The answer I had he would not like. I knew I would just ruin whatever kind of relation ship we had if I said what was in my heart. So I didn't answer. He looked at me, I still had not met his gaze. I'm sure his eyes are with raged.

"Why?" he repeated and I turned me head more a way from him.

Minutes passed and I said nothing and he did not leave. I finally said, "It was the right thing to do." I lied. So. In truth it was a reason, but not the real reason.

"After what I did. No, tell me the truth." I couldn't. So I started to cry again. I didn't mean to. It just happened.

He was about to leave when I whispered, "Love." so low he didn't hear it.

"What?" he asked kneeling so he was closer to my face.

I looked right at his eyes, don't ask me why but I did. I felt so stupid, but what I saw there was not rage but confusion, and hope?

"Love." I said again, shaky but loud enough. I was waiting for his eyes to fill with hatred, but it never came.

"Love?" he asked.

"Yeah, I wanted to be your friend. I couldn't stand to see you alone." I said looking down at the bed.

"Oh." he sounded disappointed. I could have been wrong.

I wanted to go on, but my mind was screaming no, I didn't listen, "I didn't want you to be alone, and then I wanted to be your friend for some reason. And now I ..." I stopped that was all he needed.

He didn't say anything for a while. Then he said, "But I pushed you a way, and you were hurt. Why? You have plenty of friends. Why do you care about me?"

I said it before I thought about it, "I felt sorry for you for your loneliness, then I wanted to get to know you, be your friend, and then ..." I stopped myself finally, I realized what I said.

I looked at him, anger flashed though his eyes, I continued not thinking again, "Then I fell in love with you." I said it low, if he heard or not I don't know.

My head was turned to look at him and then he kissed me! I couldn't believe it!

He pulled away all to soon and smirked?! "I felt sorry for you." he said, I looked at him, his hand still on my chin, "After that boyfriend of yours and what he did to the other girls and you stayed loyal, so I felt sorry for you. And those times I let you close was so you could be happy."

Then he started to kiss me again. His hands roaming all over my body. I let mine do the same. Some how his shirt was off, I think I did that, and my night gown was gone, I think he did that. He lowered from my mouth to my neck his hands going to my breast. Then from my neck to my left breast. I moaned once he started to suck on it while making the other hard. A minute passed and he switched. Again I moaned.

I moved my hands around his chest to his back, then down to the waist band of his shorts. I found his tail spot and rubbed it. He groaned as he stopped stucking. He lied me down and kissed me again, that didn't stopped me though. I rubbed and pushed the tail spot lightly. My panties were soon gone and so was his pants. I couldn't help but grab his ass. It was so cute! I wanted to do that for a long time. Now was my chance.

Vegeta smiled as he pulled apart from our kiss. That gave me time to look in his. I saw only one thing, love. I was so happy, that I didn't feel him enter me to he groaned. I stole a kiss a way from him as he moved to my neck. After a second he started to move, I couldn't help but moan. He filled me so much. More then that. It was the love that he was showing me after months of rejection. It was the fact that this felt right. I heard him groan lowly now and then. I went back to his tail spot. He moved faster, and it felt better, so I applied more pressure to the area, and he moved faster. I keep moaning and moaning. I was in heaven with my true love.

I don't care what the others say, Vegeta loves me, I can see it in his eyes. I can feel it in the way that he is moving now. I know.

Then in one powerful thrust I scream as I knew I climaxed. Vegeta join a second later. He then collapsed to my side, sliding out of me. I was catching my breath when Vegeta pulled me into his arms. The covers were over us and I went to sleep. All I could do was dream about what just took place. I was happy.

In the morning he wasn't there. However, when I to the window there was Vegeta. Training under the tree near my room. I stood there and watched him for a while. Then he stopped and looked at me. I saw him give a smile, and then he was gone, into the training room. I smiled, he was there to make sure I was O.K. when I woke up.

I also knew he wouldn't show his feelings out right. I understand, just as long as he is true to me then I am happy.




Vegeta returned to me very night. Sometimes we made love other times we would just be together. I enjoyed those times. He still was arrogant, and never showed anyone else but anger and hatred. Those nights when we were together though, told me everything I needed to know.

To soon I became pregnant. I snapped at everyone. My mom was still cheery, she keep asking who the father was. I never told her that I was sleeping with Vegeta. I never told anyone. I didn't tell her who the father was, but I knew it was Vegeta. It couldn't be anyone else.

"AAHHH!!" I yelled. I was in the delivery room. I was screaming like hell. My mom and dad had couldn't be in there. Plus there had to get two new doctors because the other two said I was too loud. Let them try and have a child!!

"Push!" I heard one of them say.

"I AM!" I yelled in his face.

I scream more and more, and finally my baby was born. I was panting and sweating. They handed me my baby wrapped in cloth.

I was taken to my room. I didn't pay attention to anything for a few minutes until I noticed that all the doctors left and I looked up and saw Vegeta! I couldn't believe it.

"You make a lot of noise." he said, " So does that kid." I realize that my child was crying, so I try to clam him down.

"He looks like you." I said softly once the baby went to sleep.

"Hn." Vegeta said walking right next to me.

I handed him our baby, and said, "With purple hair of course."

I saw some hair that looked purple, I smiled. Vegeta was rocking the baby slowly, amazing he was so gentle. He handed the baby back and went to the window, "Name?"

I never thought about it and for some reason the boy from the future came to mind, and I just said, "Trunks." I don't know what made me to say it, but I did.

Vegeta flew out the window and my parents walked in.




It's been about a year now, since I had Trunks. It is time for those people to come to destroy Earth. I fly in a hover car toward the city that they are to appear at and land on a cliff. I'm early. Very early. An hour really. Vegeta comes by. I wonder why. It doesn't bother me none. I'm happy. Vegeta plays with Trunks some, Trunks is happy just laughing. I can't help but smile. I join in. I start tickling Trunks who laughs harder. Then I attack Vegeta, who still is holding our child. He starts to laugh. I smile so wide.

Both my babies are so happy.

Vegeta whispers to Trunks, who turns and looks at me. Vegeta pats him and Trunks laughs. Next thing I know I'm on the ground giggling while Vegeta is on top of me tickling me. Trunks laughs. He thinks this is funny. We go on smiling and laughing and being a family for a while.

Soon Vegeta says he has to leave. I give him a kiss like never before. I put my heart and soul into it. I know there were tears slipping. Vegeta returns the kiss with everything he has too. We finally break, reluctantly. Vegeta give Trunks a hug. Somehow Trunks returns it. I smile as our child holds on to me and calls for his dad to come near. Vegeta smiles and gives both of us a hug, one that we each return to him.

He flew a way. It hurts because he could die. I know he is strong. He became a Super Saiyan. He told me and Trunks when he returned from where ever he went. I hope his pride doesn't get in his way. I hope he comes back to me.

As I look down at Trunks who had small tears in his eyes, I said out loud, "Come back to us."


The End

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