Warning: This story contains sex. Do not read if that bothers you.

I do not own Dragonball Z or it's characters..This short stemmed from my desire to just write something light and sexy...Hope you enjoy!!!


By: Lisa Starr


Bulma smoothed her hand over her tight red dress, the dress that clung to every curve she had. She had chosen it specifically for her husband, wanting to knock his socks off, to show him there was more to his life then the continual training he seemed to always prefer to do. Unfortunately he seemed oblivious to her very existence, choosing to not even walk beside her, simply off to the side and alone. She sighed and shook her head. She had hoped that the years they had spent living together in peace and quiet, raising their son together might have given him cause to care a bit more for her. She obviously had been wrong. She looked down at her feet. Why did she even bother. She was asking him for something he could not give. He had been brutally honest with her about that from day one. He had told her he would protect her, raise their child together, give her pleasure, but that he had no capacity for love. It had been burned from him years before, first by his father, then by Frieza. He had kept his word however. He had stayed and been there for Trunks and pleasure her he did, very well and almost nightly. When they were in bed together, and his arms held her against his chest, when she could listen to the solid beating of his heart, that was when she could almost believe he loved her as much as she loved him. She looked up. Why did she mope about this. Soon they would be seeing Goku again. Now was the time for joy and celebration, not sadness and despair. A man she loved dearly, whom she had not seen in seven long years was coming back for the day, and he would meet his son for the very first time. She smiled. She would not let anything ruin her mood for the day. She came to a stop when everyone else did, looking around for some sign of Goku.

Vegeta watched his wife from the sideline and smirked. She was absolutely stunning and she belonged to him. Only his hands could travel those curves, and lose himself in the pleasure she could bring him. He had told her long ago, he would never love her. He had lied, first to her, then to himself. Not purposefully of course. He had truly believed his heart dead, but this woman had proven him a liar repeatedly and she had no clue. When she had walked out of their bedroom, dressed like that, it had taken all his willpower to turn away, when all he had really wanted to do was take her in his arms, fly off and never come back. The thought of finding some small sanctuary where he could just be with her excited him in a way that nothing else ever had. He supposed he was getting soft and the thought troubled him. She had managed to distract him from his goal of beating the hell out of Kakkarot and that irritated him. He would have to be fully focused on that battle to win. He might have to find some way to take his mind off of her. He could think of only one way and he wasn't even sure that it would work. It might have the exact opposite effect of what he was looking for. He uncrossed his arms and strode forward towards her. He would start with rattling her nerves. That was always easy to do, then he would lure her away. It would be a very interesting start to the Budoukai, of that he could be certain.

Bulma was looking towards Chi-Chi when someone brushed against her, hard and deliberately so. She turned angrily towards the offender, ready to give whoever it was a piece of her mind.How she hated large crowds and for this exact reason to. They were always so rude. She was shocked to see Vegeta smirking at her. What in the hell was he playing at. He crossed his arms and looked at her, eyebrows furrowed slightly. Could he be any more handsome? He looked absolutely gorgeous in his black shirt and trousers. The man was devestating to all her senses. She narrowed her eyes at him. What was he up to? The way he was looking at her, it made her mouth dry. So intense and so lustful. She smiled slightly. She knew what he wanted, perhaps he wasn't so immune to her after all.

Vegeta watched the dawning realization of what he was after cross her face. He smirked at the devilish smile she gave him. He was already aroused, the smile did little to ease it. He dropped his arms and walked off, unnoticed, back towards the cluster of trees. They had not gone far into the populated section and the sheltered forest area seemed like the place to go. He mentally cursed himself again for his weakness in allowing her to affect him this way, but the damn woman was entirely too...he couldn't think of one word to describe her. She was everything he could have ever looked for in a woman, he just refused to admit it. Truth be told, if he had taken over this miserable planet or even left it, he would have her by his side. She could, however, also invoke in him his worst nightmares. Nightmares that she would desert him or that some ghostly spector from his past would come and yank her and Trunks away and all that he had managed to gain. It made him push her away as much as he pulled her to him. He was filled by disgust with himself. Disgust that he, the great Saiyajin Prince could have become so docile, so tamed, yet he couldn't turn away from it or deny that he needed it.

Bulma looked back once to the small group that stood waiting for Goku's arrival. No one seemed to notice her, so she slipped away, to follow her husband. If he wanted a good time, she would not disappoint him. She would be sure his world was rocked. She smiled. Yes, Vegeta would never know what hit him. She could see him striding back towards the trees. She quickened her pace to catch him. He wanted to have sex in the forest huh? The possibilites of how he meant to achieve that made her heart pound restlessly in her chest and filled her stomach with butterflies. How she adored him. She came to a stop in a shelter of trees and frowned. Where had he gone. She stepped forward listening intently, though it was useless. His Saiyajin blood and instinct made him quiet and elusive. She would never find him, just as she had determined she would not play this game with him, not now, she felt a steely arm slide around her waist, felt herself being pulled back against a hard chest. His mouth came down upon her neck, giving her little time to do much but gasp as his hot mouth kissed its way up her chin and found her mouth.

Vegeta closed his eyes and savored the feel of her in his arms. She fit perfectly in everyway. Her small body molded to his hard one. She clung to his shoulders and glanced up into his face. The passion and lust he saw in her half-closed eyes drew him over the edge. She was his and he would prove it. All thoughts were driven away as his mouth claimed hers. His hands cupped her bottom and pulled her against his arousal. He growled in her ear as she slithered against him slipping her hands up under his shirt to caress his beautiful chest, winding around to clench his back. He managed to draw them both back against the tree he had found. Her hands fumbled with the fastenings on his pants and belt almost frantically. The only true intimate moments she had with Vegeta were these kind and she wanted this one badly, to feel the connection that this gave them, to feel the power it gave her to make this man shake with need. She felt a gentle breeze ruffling her hair.It did nothing to cool her desire. His hands slipped up to her face, cupping it in his hands. He began his assault on her mouth and neck again, leaving her moaning against him. He reached down to aid her in her attempts to rid him of his pants managing to push them down, growling as her hand encircled his hard shaft..."Woman.." he warned her hoarsely. He could not take much of that and she knew it. His shaking hands lifted her dress.

Bulma felt him trying to get rid of her underwear, gasped as he growled in frustration and ripped them from her body in one swift, violent motion. She felt him lift her against him, urging her to wrap her legs around his waist. She complied, her stomach flipping madly as she felt him on the verge of taking her. Why did he have such an effect on her? It frightened her, the intensity of her feelings for him, that he could melt her like a stick of butter. She clung to him desperately, afraid to let go, afraid to hold on. He reared back and looked at her in the brief moment before he united their bodies and in her eyes saw the same fear, the same intense storm raging in his black eyes. He closed them briefly and slid home, allowing them to snap open upon his complete entry into her body. He stopped for a brief moment, savoring the feel of her tight body enclosing him. His arms locked around her and he moved slowly at first, increasing his pace in slow increments until they were both shaking in each other's arms. Bulma allowed her eyes to drift close, her head dropped back ever so slightly, exposing the slender column of her throat. His mouth descended on it, nipping and biting gently, making her shiver with excitment. She jerked her head back up and regarded him with her blue eyes.

Vegeta quickened his pace slightly, unable to look away from the twin pools of sapphire that stared so openly and tenderly at him. He could feel his climax moving in him, gathering momentum as it threatened to burst forth. He could feel her begin to tighten around him, urging him to his completion. In one final agonizing burst of feeling she threw her head back and moaned his name,desperately, her own climax triggering his. He could do little but hold on as it erupted through him, leaving him shaking madly. As he stood helpless in the throes of his pleasure, unable to hide, she glanced back up and met his eyes, taken aback by the stark vulnerability that she could read so clearly. He looked at her so helplessly and with such intense need. She had never seen him quite like this before. She smiled and leaned forward, claiming his mouth with her own searing kiss. He moaned against her mouth, restlessly, as the last vestiges of his climax shook him. He laid his forehead against hers for a brief second, then slowly she felt her self sliding down his body as he released her. The moment over before she could fully begin to enjoy it and revel in it. She could already feel his cool reserve flowing from him in thick waves.

Vegeta yanked his pants up and fastened them, angry with himself for allowing her to see so much. He glanced up and stopped when he saw her. She had straightened herself and stood watching him warily, as if expecting him to lash out at her. He clenched his fists together for a moment, then slowly relaxed, holding his hand out to her. "Come on woman, let's go back. I have a tournament to win and a third class loser to beat."

She regarded him for a moment, her blue eyes twinkling slightly, then smirked, a smirk worthy of her husband. "Alright Vegeta. " Her hand touched his briefly. He would have taken it, but as lightly and quickly as she had touched him, her warm presence was gone.

Vegeta watched her stroll leisurely back towards the main area and silently fumed. How dare she brush past him like that. He had lowered his pride for her and she had thrown it back into his face as if it were meaningless. He started to go after her, but she turned and looked at him..."Oh Vegeta, by the way, I don't know what you will do with this, but I'll say it anyway. I love you." She smiled at him, beautifully, then turned and left him standing there wide eyed and in shock. He looked back up to her retreating figure, then slowly smirked.

"I love you too woman." He would never speak it to her aloud, but here, to himself, he could admit it and feel free for doing so. For a moment he could push down the feelings of unease and irritation he felt at being weak and just savor the thought that she loved him and he belonged to her. For one brief moment he could allow himself the joy of being loved and accepted and of loving back. He started up the incline slowly, aware that the moment he reached civilization, the moment he reunited with Kakkarot, the moment that he stood to fight, all traces of these feelings would be wiped away. In the end they would have to be, or he would be forever a weakling, doomed to failure and how could a weak failure keep the very thing he had come to cherish. It was inevitable, anyway, that her feelings would change, that she would eventually remember him for the monster that he was and turn her back on him. No, he had allowed himself the weakness, now it was time to lock it away and not allow it to return. By the time he ahd reached the small group that stood clustered around, awaiting Kakkarot's return his steely, arrogant mask was in place. He stood far away from Bulma and never glanced at her once.

Bulma glanced at him, but this time she felt no sadness. He did love her. She had seen it in that one unguarded moment so clearly. He might not be able to admit it to her or to himself but it was there and someday he would be unable to turn from it. For now what she had been given and the knowledge she had gained were enough.


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