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By: Shin Dragon

It had been a long day. Working with complicated technology was not easy and she was tired. She couldn't believe that it had been four months since she broke up with the most unfaithful boyfriend she has ever had.

Yamcha had been nice with her and she couldn't deny that he was a good man, but he was also a horny bastard, and she couldn't stand that about him anymore.

Bulma decided to rest a little since she had no one to date now. She sighed and went into the kitchen to get a cup of delicious coffee and some muffins. On her way she ran into Vejiita, who looked pretty tired and not very happy.

"Woman, there's not enough food. Do something useful and buy some!"

"What am I? Your damned slave? Besides, there would be enough food if you didn't eat it all!"

"I need to eat I am not a robot you know!"

"Oh really? You just act like one! Why are you so pissed off anyway? Poor little prince couldn't reach SS again?"

Bulma immediately regretted her words. She could see now that Vejiita was really mad. If she were any other person she would be dead by now. Somehow, something stopped him from harming her. He couldn't even lift a finger against her. Those seeds she planted in him the day she held him in her arms comforting him; and then when she fell asleep waiting for him to heal, was growing stronger minute by minute. Like poison ivy. Covering everything. Covering his pride and hate.... Besides she was the only who could repair the gravity machine when the old man wasn't there.

"What makes you think I haven't reached it yet? Maybe I am still training because I want to be the best one. Maybe because I am a perfectionist." He took his hand and pressed her against the wall firmly, grinning evilly.

"Vejiita, what are you doing?" she said now scared and struggling to free herself from his grasp.

"Maybe by now Kakarotto is weaker than I am so I can do whatever I wish... like killing you right now." Bulma froze when she saw a blue light on his free hand and she closed her eyes. He could smell her fear and he grinned.

"Wait Vejiita! What are you going to do if I die!!! you need me!" she said trying to make him change his mind, she knew he could perfectly kill her. "I need you?" He said arrogantly. "I need you? What for?"

Bulma opened her eyes when she felt the hand that had the beam touch her face and outline her jaw. *Wait a minute... If he wanted to kill me, he would have done it by now, he isn't going to do it* the look in his eyes told her that.

He was studying her behavior, her reaction to every situation. Long ago he started doing this, like a panther studying its prey. Seeing if she was worthy. There was something else in his eyes something like raw fire every time when he looked at her. This was getting interesting; she could play this game too.

"I am the one who makes your toys, remember?" she said triumphantly.

"Maybe I don't need them anymore." He whispered against her face.

"Vejiita, I'll do whatever you want just don't kill me!" she said.

"I don't think so"

"I know that you are alone... I could play with you whenever you want!" she said seductively.

He blinked releasing her * Slut * He couldn't believe she had just said that. He hadn't expected that kind of answer from her. Then he grinned again and pressed her harder against the wall with his body.

"Really? Any kind of game?" she looked him in the eyes. She had never, ever looked him in the eyes; mirrors into his soul. She got lost in their blackness. Both were like magnets. Paralyzed as they stared at one another. They were so near, so close... a deep desire to kiss her soft rosy lips grew inside him. Her face crept closer. Now she was breathing in his face. Less than an inch away from his. She never felt this enormous need to take those masculine lips of his with hers before.

"Vejiita..." She breathed. The feeling of his warmness was guiding her like a moth to to a flame. If there was one thing she remembered about him that one time she had touched him, was how smooth and warm was his body. The complete opposite of his soul. And she wanted that warmth.

He brushed his lips twice with hers feeling them warm and wanting. Her deliciously sweet smelling skin captured his attention too. She was filling all his senses. His nostrils filled with her scent, his sight with her beauty, and his tact with her softness. He brushed his lips with hers once more. She could feel his warm breath, as he touched his lips with hers, tasting; yet not quite kissing.

What the hell he was doing? He was the Saiya-jin prince; he is not supposed to feel this...desire. Not for her. Not for a human. Not with anyone...

"If you play with fire you could burn yourself." He said. It took all his strength to say the words. He left, leaving her there, alone and wondering what had just happened.

Well she knew. A year and a half ago since the gravity machine accident, things had started to change between them. The sexual tension had become unbearable since then. Things started to take go on in another direction. One he didn't want. Damn him.

Two weeks later

It had been two weeks since the incident and Vegiita had been avoiding Bulma since then.

She was looking at him trough her window. It was the first time she had seen him in a week. It was raining a lot and Vejiita was meditating, floating in the air. He looked so good. He was shirtless and his torso was gleaming from the water droplets sliding slowly down his tanned skin accentuating his perfectly drawn muscles. She sighed; she would like to be surrounded by those powerful arms, have those lips with that aphrodisiac taste on hers. Her breathing accelerated now. No doubt that she wanted him badly. And the worst thing was she felt she loved him. She didn't know how it happened. He just grew in her heart. He was so alone and though she offered her friendship, the stupid monkey even when he felt alone, didn't want anybody to get to close to him. Maybe the suffering of having lost all your people makes you react in such a way that blocking your feelings for others is your only way to cope? Like he blocked his feelings for her. But this time, he gotten close and almost kissed her. An unguarded reaction from his real self.

He was not going to run away from her anymore! She was going to meet his real self now that she had a glimpsed. A twisted thought crossed her mind.

Bulma decided to wear a translucent short dress and went down stairs to cook something. Then she walked out into the rain where the Saiya-jin meditated.

"Vejiita." He ignored her * Damn him! * "Vejiita!"

"What is it woman! Can't you see...I'm..." and he said no more. He was lost looking at her in the now almost transparent wet dress wrapped around her prominent curves showing off her skin color.

"Vejiita? Are you listening to me? I said I come inside. There's hot chocolate and food for you." He recovered from his shocked state and stood and followed her back in to the house. Charmed by her soft swaying hips.

Bulma entered the kitchen. "Here's a towel. Dry yourself before you get sick."

"I won't get sick! Why the hell do you care anyway?" Bulma just smiled warmly. He startled and looked in another direction. Bulma set the table and put his food on it.

"Enjoy your meal. I have to change. I'm completely damp."

"Woman..." He stopped her. "I've been thinking about what you said the other day."

"About what?"

"About having a physical relationship. You and me. Anytime we want."

" I didn't say that!!!!!"

"No, but you mean it!" He said arrogantly and she blushed.

"I was teasing you."

"No you weren't. I could sense your pulse. You weren't lying." She blushed. Damned little alien and his powers.

"I'm listening"

"Well, there will be terms and conditions."

"What would they be?"

"First the terms. We'll be available for each other anytime we want, when we want, where we want. NO excuses allowed. Plus, I won't bother you with that stupid thing of being controlled like a puppet and you won't either."

"And the conditions?"

"Well, there's only one really and that is that you have to be in shape to handle me because after being with me you won't want to be with anyone else. Accept it or not?" He thought she was going to say no, but to his surprise she nodded in agreement.

"Ok. When do we start to ---" She didn't finish because he took her in his arms as one hand slipped under her dress to grab a fleshy buttock and squeezed it. Before she could complain, he gave her that kiss he longed so desperately for. A long kiss filled with hunger and passion for her. And maybe, something else. Bulma responded with equal fervor. Vegiita took her lower lip and pulled it with his teeth, looking into her eyes.

"What about now?" He whispered. She nodded while he softly kissed her neck. His hands roamed all over her body within seconds. He embraced her and brushed his lips on her face, smelling her hair. She felt a floating sensation; he was going to her room. On the way he ripped off her wet dress and it fell on the floor splashing when it made contact. She was left with only her panties.

Vegiita had to feel her bare porcelain skin against him. He needed to feel her full rounded and firm breasts pressed against his chest. Both were felt the accelerated palpitations of each other's bodies.

The skin to skin contact with his deliciously perfect and warm body were driving Bulma crazy. She just couldn't stop touching him. The feel of his smooth flesh and mass of wide muscles made it impossible not to touch. They were now in her room. Now she kissed his torso and caressed his back. Something on the lower side of his back called her attention. It was the place where his tail used to be. Her hands stopped there and started playing with it. He couldn't contain a moan and looked at her, smiling. It was the first time she saw him smile, not grin, but a smile. She continued teasing him until she was stopped when he gently placed her on the bed. He had to slow down. He couldn't hurt her. That thing that invaded his feelings got stronger when he touched her, and it got worse when she started touching and teasing him. Well it didn't matter anymore...

He made his way from her collarbone to her breasts. His mouth on one breast nipped and sucked it lightly. His left hand massaged the other one. Shivers ran across her body. He started to kiss her belly. He looked into her eyes, talking to her with them. She smiled. He cared after all! She sat up and took his lips and bit them. "I'll take that as a yes..." He ripped the only cloth on his body and kissed her as he tore off her panties.

She looked wide-eyed and blushed. He was much more than big. He smirked. "One of the advantages of being a Saiya-jin is that our anatomy is evolved. Plus I am an elite Saiya-jin." he nipped her neck and wrapped her legs around his hips. "Ready?" Bulma nodded. He entered her slowly but still caused her to scream. Bulma arched her back. He felt so big and he filled her completely... Her skin tightly wrapped around him, squeezing him. It seemed that human anatomy had its advantages too. Vegiita breathed deeply, taking a second to feel how good Bulma felt around him and taking a hold of the control that was slipping from his hands now.

"Ladies first." Maybe it would be a good idea to let the woman start first. With that he rolled onto his back, placing Bulma on top. He grasped her hips and she slipped her hands on his chest and kissed every muscle he had. She started to move on him, not believing the feelings she was experiencing. She wanted him to feel the same way. One glance at his face informed her that her movements were affecting him. He was trying to hide his expression of ecstasy, but was unsuccessful as one soft moan escaped from his lips. She grinned down at him and continued moving; he felt his control slipping again as she reached her first orgasm.

"My turn." He whispered, still inside her he pulled her tightly against his hips, keeping himself above her. One hand on her waist, the other on one breast and started to thrust in a slow pace. She was in other in another world. She didn't realized when he changed positions until she felt the depth he was reaching and she realized that her body was almost doubled over, her knees touching her breasts. Maybe he was right about that condition that she had to be in good shape. Luckily, she had a lithe body. He alternated the pace of his movements; sometimes fast then slow. All Bulma could do was writhe underneath him.

After a while Vegiita withdrew from Bulma, turning her over onto her stomach giving him her beautiful back. He ran his calloused hands over it, massaging the back of her thighs followed by her peach shaped buttocks and continued up to her back. He kissed her spine, then her shoulders, biting them, his hands still caressing her buttocks. Soft moans were coming from her. He was enjoying this; her moans and cries were hypnotizing. He had to hear them. He decided that he was going to get more moans out of her. Grinning evilly, he grabbed her waist firmly and lifted the lower part of her body, making her kneel slightly and entered her. A loud moan escaped from Bulma's lips as Vegitta began to thrust in and out fast, reaching a good depth. He kept in mind that he had to be gentle. Bulma was crying out now, her face in the pillows. He decided to keep his pace for a little bit longer, then growled and changed positions again.

Bulma's slender legs were on his shoulders as he began to thrust into her even deeper and more intense than before, her breasts moving back and forth from his strokes.

Until now, she was hearing him moaning aloud at the height of his pleasure, until now he was showing what he truly felt without holding anything back and he didn't seem to be aware of it. At the same time she was mourning every single thrust she received. The waves of pleasure rushed through her veins and every nerve of her body. Her third climax came and she dug her nails into his shoulders making him bleed. She was crying out aloud, her hands moved to mercilessly grab the silk sheets, forming small fists on them.

He began to kiss her neck and shoulders. Her fourth orgasm hit her. New red scratches were drawn on his back. Her head was in the hollow of his neck muffling her screams of pleasure. Vegiita growled and intensified his thrusts. In the fifth wave he decided to take her now red hands off of him, interlacing her fingers with his own as he changed positions lifting her into the air and made her do things humans were not capable of doing and it seemed that they were even more pleasurable. Before she lost her senses Bulma could see how their sweat and liquids dropped onto the silk sheets like the rain outside her bedroom.

They came back down to bed panting heavily. Bulma was extremely tired and she clutched on to him.

He couldn't believe the sensations he felt with her. That wasn't a common love making session. His last encounters with other females hadn't felt like that. This time his body almost couldn't hold the pleasure he felt. His soul had gotten involved in the act and it never had before.

He felt incredibly good and didn't care about sharing this with her.

He studied her for a while. Her body seemed to be covered by some kind of skin he had never seen before. White, spotless, humid and extremely soft, it covered firmly her well-sized curves. Then he studied her odd colored blue green hair, it was shiny, healthy and framed the soft features of her face. His mate was indeed beautiful. He started. *Mate?! It can't be! * But he wouldn't mind being with her his whole life, so she would be like his mate, wouldn't she? He immediately diminished that thought. Saiya-jin were not supposed to think about those kinds of things, but still... *Oh well, I'd better sleep*

A while later, Bulma stretched against Vegiita, waking him up. He looked at her and he felt desire for her again. He had lost about three hours with her, then he had taken a nap, so that would make four hours and he had to train. Well, this is kind of like exercise after all... as if she heard him she awoke looking at him, smiling. "I thought it was a dream... I can't believe it happened. I slept with the enemy! And I have no regrets."

"Well it is worse for me. I slept with one of the good guys!" Bulma smiled.

"Do you regret it?" he just kissed her forehead as his only answer.

"Vejiita, is that how Saiya-jin's do it? "

No, it wasn't like saiya-jin's did it. There was no passion in it. Just lust. And there was not that strange burning and aching fire he felt for her. He preferred it this way; even when he had to be so damned gentle. But an opportunity was an opportunity that couldn't be lost, wasn't it?

"No, It is more rough and wild but why should I spent time explaining it if I can show you. And he started to kiss her.

"Again Vejiita? You really wore me out. We did it for three hours!! "

"Yes we did. Listen, you agreed with being available for each other anytime WE wanted, when WE wanted. No excuses allowed, and I will take you again..."


"No buts... Get this woman. You will be mine as many times as I want, until I'm satisfied and that's not an easy task." He began devouring her breasts "Next time.... don't make deals you can't handle woman, but don't worry, I won't be rough with you. If I do, I might kill you..." *unless...* she felt him kissing her neck.

"Vejiita... it's just that...unh! I don't even have enough strength to... to talk. Much less for doing it again!"

He laughed softly.

"I'll do the job then! You pathetic weak creature. I guess I'll have to help you." With that the room turned white/blue with his ki as he transferred part of his energy into her body. Bulma never felt so powerful in her life. When she realized she was floating in her room, the light disappeared into her. *!!??!!* "I'm flying like you! This is incredible! I feel like new!"

"Stop playing woman! My energy will help you heal immediately and your body won't be so fragile within the next hours. One more thing, take your damned paws off my back. You have more strength now and if you don't control yourself I will have permanent scars all over my body, got it! Now, where were we...ah yes... " He entered her not so softly. Meanwhile he kissed her passionately. Bulma's cry echoed into his mouth.

He proceeded to take her as roughly as Saiya-jin's normally did but with soul and heart included. Her moans and cries were more desperate and piercing too. She couldn't believe how good it felt. He was indeed great. After being with him, anyother man would look truly pathetic.

She was amazed that he shared his energy with her so he wouldn't hurt her this way. And the fact that even though he was being rough, he took care enough to see how much she could handle, and that he was trying to make her feel comfortable with the gentleness she felt with his strokes.

That could only mean he cared for her. Maybe there was more to their relationship than just "satisfying one another". Maybe a physical relationship wasn't such a bad idea. Oh well, she thought, this idea may not be the best or at least the most decent one, but what the hell, it was the only way... Bulma's thoughts were lost as he made her forget how to even think.

Both literally fell on the wet sheets of the bed, panting heavily. To her surprise he was panting more than her. Maybe sharing energy left him really exhausted.

Vegiita's hand started to make lazy circles around Bulma's flat stomach and small patterns around her belly. She looked into his eyes and gasped aloud when she saw a look in his eyes that she would never have associated with Vejiita. It was the very same look Goku gave to Chichi and she didn't mean the fearful one. He blinked and returned her gaze with an emotionless scowl and she could tell he was pretty annoyed with her now because she had just confirmed the truth behind the scenes and he didn't like it. "What!" he roughed.

"I love you Vejiita." She whispered, nipping his chin. He looked at her, still annoyed and kissed her deeply but softly for a long time. He broke the kiss and brushed his cheek with hers and returned to his pillow, closing his eyes intending to sleep.



"You passed your test with a 100%."

"I know." He said arrogantly.

*On yeah, Humility is his first name*

He opened his eyes grinning. "Now do you believe that I am a perfect?" He whispered, running his fingers through her wet hair and embraced her. Bulma nodded and sighed feeling ironically secure in the enemy's arms.

"We were lucky that no one was here, but next time you'll have to make our rooms sound proof. You are too loud."

"Bastard. You were loud too, and you can not deny that!" He grinned, tightening his grip.

"Bulma, you are not so irritating when you are tired. We'll have to do this more often." and he nipped her nose.

"Idiot." He smirked. *Wait a minute... did he just called me Bulma?* She looked at him, but he was already asleep.

Bulma smiled. Both wanted this relationship after all. What had happened the lasts few hours confirmed her point. This "its only sex that you want" was a facade to cover the real thing. After all, his pride would never, ever, let him get this close to her. But for love, and he did love her, he would. That is why he ran away from her the first time. So this would be a trick. Well a dirty one, to fool his enormous pride.

Both wanted it to happen. Both were the same anyway. Both hated to be controlled. Both had the same personality problems. Both had unbroken souls, were extremely proud and both... loved each other...Bulma's last thought as she curled up next to Vegiita was to wake up every morning wrapped in his same, warm muscular arms until death did them part.

* * * * *

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