The Biggest Love of All
By: Alex


There was a full moon that night. Bulma alredy knew Vegeta was confused all day long. She knew when she saw him come out of the Chamber. When he was eating he didn't even taste the food, he just ate, maintaining his eyes focused on one spot and the, when someone noticed, he'd blink trying to focuse on what he was doing. He looks so cute when he's confused. Look at him, he's just so handsome. Man, I think I fall in love with this guy over and over again. He's just so .....ahhhh, perfect Bulma tought after taking a long glance at him. When she got to the bed, she was lightly asleep, but she knew Vegeta wouldn't sleep that night. He didn't make love to her like usual. He didn't kiss her like he used to or even caress her like every other night. Instead he just lay there with his eyes open looking at the roof. After a while of trying to sleep, Vegeta knew he couldn't so he just got up and walked to the balcony, where he could see the moon so big, so brilliant, so beautiful. Bulma felt he had left the bed because she couldn't smell his sweet arome of vanilla nor she could feel his body heat. She turned around and she saw Vegeta at the balcony. She stood up, and went to him.

" Vegeta, why are you still up? Why are you here?" asked Bulma after realizing he had such a peaceful frown. He is such a cutie!!She tought looking at him.

" Do you trust me?" he asked misteriously looking at her and her shinny blue eyes.

" Yes, if there's something I can trust you with, yes." she said with a question face, looking confused about the question Vegeta just asked.

" Why did you ask me that?"

" Because I had the feeling that I am not the best person you have in your life. I am not the best friend you need. I am not anyone in your life except for your stupid mate that makes love to you every day. Except a guy that kisses you around, and wants you around every day. A guy that hugs you and shares with you his heat and aura. I'm nothing more than that, and I will never be..." Vegeta told her looking at her big blue eyes.

" You've suffered because of me. Because I was never here for you to be a special person in your life. I was gone when you needed me, I was furious when you loved me, I was closed when you opened your heart to me. Do you honestly think I'm worth it?" Vegeta told her holding Bulma's face and hair. As he touched her, two big tears came out of her eyes, as he wiped them off with his thumbs. Bulma touched his hands.

" How can you say that? Do you honestly belive that I ask myself that? That I even care? You are more than just a best friend to me. And that you make love to me everyday it's everything that could matter to me right now and always. That you need me, and that you kiss me makes me happy the rest of the day. Your heat is like a need to my body. I was used to it before you even tought about me. It became a powerful need inside of me. And to me you are everything. Every single smile, every single tear, every single hope, every single sigh, every single touch to my heart. It's you what makes me live trough the day and sleep trough the night. It's you who gave me the two more unbeliveable gifts I could ask for. No one could ever give me the two children that you gave me. So powerful and happy. I do not suffer because of you. Sure, I get pissed off by you when you leave and don't tell me where are you going, and sure I cry when you don't come home-" Vegeta and Bulma both smirked.

" But it's because I need you, It's because I want you, and it's because I love you, and you know that. You are more than special to me. You are the love of my life. No one can fill what you are in my heart, in my soul, in me. 'Cause you fill it completley. With you here I don't even need to breathe 'cause I know you'd do it for me. I know I would ask you for the stars and you'd try to give them to me, or at least die trying. And hey, you are not closed right now right?" asks Buma as she looked at him and waited for the answer.


" Well then, you are not closed when I open my heart to you. You see? And you still ask me if you're worth it?! You know better than that. You know I can't live without you. You made my life perfect and so happy. It's always full of surprises and you're so caring for me that I just depend on you to go on with my life. Vegeta you are my everything. My all, everything and anything that lies inside of me. I could never lie to you, and if I had to trust you with something I would. I'm the only one that understands you, and your crazy ways!!" said Bulma. Both smiling, the turned to see the moon.

" Oh there's a full moon?!" Bulma asked as she glanced at Vegeta to look into his beautiful black eyes, perfect sweet and soft skin, and sexy, hot lips.

" Did I ever tell you how beautiful I think you are?" asked Bulma holding his face so he could look at her.

" Yes, you've told me every single night" answered Vegeta looking at her and touching her hands that were still on his face.

" But I never told you under the full moon. Did you know that under full moon, every single person in the world tells the truth and nothing but the truth?" she asked again, this time in a little sweet voice that made Vegeta want her more than anything in the world he could want.

" Then I guess I can't lie when I say I love you"

" Yeah, you can't lie" she said as she kissed him. He kissed her with the most passionate feeling he had inside of him. Bulma pushed back her head to tell him:

" But you're a sayian" she said smiling.

" Then it's ok 'cause sayians don't lie anyway" He said holding her face closer. As he kissed her, she knew he had touched her heart. And as she kissed him, he knew she had touched his heart. Vegeta caressed her in every single way. And when he hugged her, he held her as if he never wanted to let go.

" I can't let you go." he said hugging her a little bit tighter as she drew two tears that fell on Vegeta's back.

" I can't let you go either. I needed you so much" she said in a sweet, but creaky voice from crying as she hugged him tighter. He kissed her again. It was a long, long kiss. Then he told her:

" Did I ever tell you that you are my weakness? That you are the war I can't win? The level I can't reach? Did I...ever tell you that?" He asked her looking at her blue eyes full of tears. He wiped them off with his thumb as she answered:

" No. But I figured..." she said as he smirked and kiss her again. She felt her heart was opened and whole. She felt he had touched her heart, her soul. He felt loved, he felt needed and he felt most of all special, not to just anyone, but to her. The woman that he would always love. The woman that would always understand him and always was going to be there when he needed her. The woman that became his weakness, something, some feeling he couldn't control. The woman that loved him, and needed him so much. That night Vegeta was going to leave her all alone again because he tought he was nothing else but her mate. But after realizing that he was much more than that, that he was everything and more to her, that he loved her so much, that he needed her so much, that he wanted and desired her so much, he just could not let go. And he didn't. He knew right before her, today and always, he possesed the biggest love of all.

* * * * *

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