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Beyond the Actions

By: Silverspine


He lay on the bed. He had never slept so much and he looked tired.

Since they had come back from Dendeīs Palace, she had sat down next to him. She didnīt want to leave him alone. Maybe she was doing it because she didnīt want to be alone either. Not anymore.

Trunks had wanted to stay with his father too, but had fallen asleep, so she had brought him to his room. He said he had to return something that his father gave him before he got knocked by Vejiita. She asked what he meant and got no answer. Maybe it was some of Vejiitaīs heritage on him.

Everything was over, with Buu defeated everything became " normal " again. And now he was back....

Piccoro and Krillin told her everything about what happened there before his death. Goku told her what he did after his death, when they fought against Ultimate Evil Buu.

Her fingers sliced through the sharp features of his face, outlining his jaw. The feeling of his warm skin was there, his body always warmer than human average. Maybe he was a complete jerk who never showed his real feelings, but there was no one better than him in the universe. In every single aspect... How the other Bulma could live without him... At least this one came back... But hers never did...

Her finger was now brushing his lips. Memories came back to her, about how everything started between the two of them. She smiled, no one would believe that this male would be so passionate, so intense, so complex.

And then, one recent memory she wanted to erase from her mind. Weeks before Darbura and Babi-di, they had been fighting a lot. That wasnīt new, but the words coming out of them were merciless, his and hers. They were really tense, especially him. She didnīt know why though, he never used to talk about himself or his problems, he hardly ever did. He had been training like an animal lately, day and night, he and his stupid wars... he was one of the strongest beings in universe and that wasnīt enough for him.

The last fight they had was the worst of them. She was screaming about his careless behavior with them. He just snorted, and told her that she was making him lose his time with those stupid family stuff, and completely ignored her going back to the gravity room. She got really angry, being a father and a "mate" as he called her, wasnīt stupid! So she took one of his arms and slapped him as strong as she could. His face just turned a little bit. He just gave her one of his evil glares, and gave her his back. " You already knew who I was when you got involved with me. You are really stupid if you thought that I would change... and donīt dare to do that again! " He hissed with his usual coldness. Then he crossed his arms, still giving her his back.

His attitude was driving her crazy. " So typical! the only thing you love is you and that infernal gravity machine! Damm it Vejiita! Tell me, what the hell happened to you! I know thereīs something bothering you!" she yelled at the top of her lungs. "Is it because us? Are you tired of this? This is serious Vejiita. Or do you think that ours is just a game?" He looked at her with the corner of his eye, frowning. " Ours is not...!! You are so annoying woman! ... I donīt have to explain myself to you, but you are not going to leave alone, are you? Sigh… Oh well, on Namek, before I was killed, I had a strange bad feeling and it is the same as the one I have had lately. Satisfied? Now... shut up, leave me alone and go bother someone else! I have training to do"

" Tell me the truth you liar! Everything is because of the "Tenkaichi Budoukai" the martial arts competition, doesnīt it? You just want to fight Goku and claim your damned superiority! " " Maybe I do want to defeat Kakarott but is NOT that! I've already told you, are you deaf or what!! Anyway I gave a damn what you think or not" "You really gave a damn about what I think? Good! Hear this... If you donīt want to tell me the truth then I will. It is a shame that you didnīt stay like that ... DEAD! Everything would had have been easier for us without you around! You are my biggest mistake Vejiita!" she snarled with the hardest, coldest, tone of hate and contempt she could ever reproduce on her mouth; making it sound as if it were really true. Immediately a cold shiver made her realize what she had just said. Too late. His face as was unredable as always, but not his eyes, not this time. She had hurt him. No matter how hard he tried to hid it. She could see it perfectly...

He stared at the floor; his jaw moving, his arms crossed, his fingers thrusting into his muscular arms. "I didnīt ask for it... you idiots resurected me and thereīs nothing I can do change that, about your mistake, that can be changed " he said hoarsely, but with a soft voice. There was a short silence " Iīll leave" he murmured. Those were his last words to her. She couldīt find her tongue on time, when she opened her mouth he had left.

Since that day he disappeared until the Martial Arts Competition started. There, everything became a mess. He got possessed and killed a lot of people, then fought Goku...and then... his premonition became true.

Her fingers were now brushing his wild hair. She was in Kammi Sammaīs tower, after Goku told her that Vejiita died. She wanted to know how, so she asked Piccoro about it, he just grunted as a response. She knew he never liked Vejiita, but damn it! She had the right to know. As if he were reading her thoughts, he began to talk.

" When Vejiita fought Buu, he realized that the bastard had an undying body. The only chance aganist it was to use all his energy to blow Buu into pieces so small that he wonīt be able to regenerate. So he did a mortal technique in order to kill him." he said absently.

Tears were attempting to leave her eyes, but she didnīt let them, -He - would be mad If she did... then she felt anger. " Why didnīt he wait for Goku to fight him? He and his damned selfishness ended up killing him!!! " She stated. " No Bulma... " Another voice said. It was Krillinīs. "Not this time. He wanted your safety, and as Piccoro said, there was only one chance aganist Buu. Thatīs why he did it, because Bulma...he ended up loving you more than his own life. For someone as egocentric and self centered like him, that should be a lot ... And just to make it even better, he did it under the control of Babi-diīs spell that increased the evil in his heart "

She fell on her knees. She was frozen. Her mind too numb and her heart aching.

He really loved them... he really loved ... her ...

She thought he did... but she might be foolishing herself too. By the way he behaved with her or Trunks, anyone could say that he didnīt care at all. Her eyes were now red, salty water started to run away from her eyes, she couldnīt control her body anymore. "It... It canīt be ..." and she started crying bitterly. She didnīt realize when Krillin was hugging her warmly. "We are all impressed too..." Krillin said. " It is just that is strange for us that someone as evil like him, the proud prince and cruel warrior, could feel something for someone who is not even a fighter... " Krillin said with one smile, he had always been such a good friend, he let her cry freely on his shirt... He was right.

Vejiita groaned softly unfocusing her thoughts. She smiled, she lay down and gave him a little kiss on his lips. He opened his eyes, and smirked, his kind of smile. " Isnīt it the prince the one who has to wake up the beauty?" " Yup, but this time is the other way around..." she said softly looking at his black eyes. " Well you are right. " he said sitting down on his side of the bed " This time, instead of being the Prince waking up the Beauty, it was the Ugly waking up the Prince". She frowned. " I see you feel better" she said raising her voice in a sarcastic tone. " Naturally " he said smirking but his smirk disappeared "Iīm glad you are back" she said smiling. " Oh, Are you?... " He growled in a sarcastic tone, it hit her inmediately.

" Vejiita, donīt say that. I didnīt mean what I said!" He just looked at her silent tears and the pain on them. She sighed "Vejiita believe me, you have no idea how much have I hated myself for this... I felt so guilty for what I said. I caused your death. Canīt you see! .... " She dried her tears with the back of her hand "You know... I could sense it when you died. I canīt feel anybodyīs ki, but I felt your death... It felt so horrible... and you left thinking I hated you... believing that lie, I am so Sorry, pl.. " " Shsh..." one finger pressed her lips gently. His calloused hands were now wiping her new tears tenderly. He picked up one last tears with his lips. Strong arms lifted her with no effort and sat her down on his lap. " Donīt cry. I am here OK? " He grunted " Stupid woman, donīt you see that words are meaningless? Donīt blame youself about what happened... Silly woman " he embraced her she could feel the strong pulse of his heart, throbbing with life underneath his hard muscular chest... and the warmth of his body. She hugged him tightly with all her strengh, she had to be sure he was there, that she wasnīt dreaming.

"Woman..." he purred on her ear nipping it gently and picked up some strands of fine blue hair with his fingers carefully. Did she love him that much? That feeling that chased him since the first time he met her on Namek and she tried to hide from his view. Run away again from his self control and started to mess him up. His intense coal black eyes were piercing hers, studying her, those intelligent eyes... she was impressed, had death changed him? No, he was the same, but now she saw a little bit more of this strange man she fell in love with. He was not exactly an open book. He was a complete mystery to solve. The darkness on him make it so difficult to get insights of him, it made it dangerous too.

He brushed his lips over her skin and started to spread burning kisses all over her face, neck and shoulders, his arms around her. Then he stopped. His face deepened. He had to tell her something, something he was struggling to take out. Then he sighed as when people did if they had to do something disgusting. " Bulma until... what happened ...I realized that I wanted... that I needed to tell you something..." She looked at him curiously and waited patienly. Then he stopped to take some air, his voice choked. This was getting more difficult than he thought...

"I just, well..." "uhmn?" A long silence was heard in the dark room. He finally sighed, "Woman, I feel like I ... what I mean is that I lo-v-... " He cut himself not looking at her. He was really ashamed, embarrased, and anguished. "Itīs .... nothing !... nevermind...." he whispered almost to himself. She smiled, her deep blue eyes were shining on the room, as the stars on the dark sky. He tried to say it! The three words she always wanted to hear from him...and now she realized she didnīt need them. She looked curiously at his face, he was sweating, breathing hard, almost panting. With him, there were always first times. He had always new things to show. Like now.

"You know" her voice was soft like silk "Once, a smart guy told me that words were meaningless. You can tell me beautiful things and still donīt feel anything towards me... or you say nothing and feel it... I know you do, Vejiita" He stared at her, but didnīt know what to say, so he lowered his face again. He still was ashamed and now mildly angry with himself, because she, a little human had noticed it... It seemed that he didnīt take enough care hiding it.

She took his chin to make him face her and kissed him with all her soul, savoring him. He reacted immediately. His reflexes were always damned good. It seemed that she had missed him too. The old chemistry doing its effect. His rock-like perfect muscles under soft and bronze colored skin, her flower scented porcelain skin and his warm lips. Her silky healthy hair, his kisses, her caresses... he stopped one second. "Iīll show you then, the meaning beyond the actions..." he purred in her ear. Lips melted together, both souls as one. They were bonded, there was no doubt about it. His hands were all over her body feeling her, scouting her, his touches felt so soft on her skin, he was gentle. He always tried not to hurt her with his strength. Bulma, on her side wasnīt losing time either. She loved the skin-to-skin sensation when she touched his warm body to explore his perfect structure. Her Saiya-jin prince was everything she needed.

The two bodies joined together in a looong intimate night embrace. They knew they belonged together, the two became one again.

***** End ******

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