Bad To The Bone
By: Wolfstan

"According to this my dad should be in there" future Trunks said looking at the radar then at the building it pointed to.

"But thatís a night club why would Vegita be in a night club" asked Yamcha.

"I donít know but thatís where it says he is." Answered Trunks

The small gang of Trunks Goku, Yamcha, and krillen went inside the club. It was dark lighted by colored flashing lights. At one end of the room were placed to eat drink and rest at the other was a long bar half had stools in front of it and in the middle was a dance floor it wasnít crowded but there were a lot of people.

The entire gang gasped as they saw five young girls dancing and tapping their feet on the bar to the rhythm of the music. One of them was Bulma. Just then a man with long black hair walked up just in front of Bulma. He was wearing Blue Tommy jeans with large patches on the front over and above the knee with a tight navy colored shirt that had a tight neckband and no sleeves. He also had two belts one where it should be the other was in one belt strap and left to hang low on the other side. Laced boots that went six inches up, red and black gloves that had half the fingers missing and a silver ring bracelet on as far as it would go on each arm. He was about the same size as Bulma maybe an inch or two higher and very well muscled. He handed Bulma some money she gave it to the barkeeper who gave her a bottle of beer. She the jumped into the manís waiting arms and crossed her legs behind him. Then holding onto his neck with one arm she opened the bottle with her teeth then pored the beer into his mouth then hers. Bulma was wrapped up in whose turn it was to have a drink and didnít notice all her friends and son staring at her and the man. When the bottle was empty she placed it on the bar and still not dropping from her position they went onto the dance floor and danced, sort of. Somebody bumped into the man.

"Baka watch where your going, I ought to blast you away for interrupting me." Said a familiar voice.

"Vegeta let it go, it was an accident and besides I still wanna dance." Said Bulma

Once again the gang was in shock. The man was Vegeta they could hardly believe it, but it was his voice and Bulma had said Vegeta.

"No way that cant be Vegeta. First of all his hair isnít sticking up. Second Vegeta would never be caught dead in a place like this or wearing that. Third and final that guy is too cool to be Vegeta, I mean look at him, his cloths, the way he dances. It canít be Vegeta." Yamcha whined.

"Hey Bulma." Yelled Krillen a little annoyed at his friends whining.

Bulma let go of his neck and dropped so she was hanging upside down from her legs still around Vegeta, who was now laughing his head off at Bulma.

"Vegeta this isnít funny" She scorned. She had let herself drop for two reasons one so she could see who had called her and two to give Vegeta a good view of her naval.

"No, but it is yummy." Vegeta purred as he planted his lips and tongue on her navel.

"Hahaha Vegeta that tickles." She looked again to see who had called her "Oh hahaha hi ha guys" Vegeta had not stopped his tickling torture so Bulma was in a fit of laughter.

She dragged herself to an upright position. Vegeta helped her but with a sour face.

"Go get us a bottle will ya? Iím thirsty. Please my darling prince you" she purred. The smirk reappeared and he went off to get a beer not even noticing the staring gang.

"Huh, oh I love this song its called the devil went down to Georgia." She instantly forgot the gang and ran over to the bar got on it and started tapping her feet to the rhythm and dancing.

"Hey arenít you Yamchaís girl Bulma?" shouted some guy near the bar.

"Not any more Iím not Iím his girl now." She said pointing to Vegeta who had been staring at her hips and was now glaring at the guy.

"Are you sure?"

"Didnít you hear the lady? Sheís mine." Vegeta stated as he stepped onto the bar and wrapped his arms around Bulma possessively. She turned around in Vegetaís arms and put her hands on his hips pushing gently to make him sway with her to the slow music.

The gang was in total aw as Vegeta lowered his head to kiss Bulma on the forehead. Bulma raised her head to meet his and they kissed slowly and passionately then their lips parted and the kiss became wilder. When they were finished Bulma turned around, she had a devilish grin on her face. She descended from the bar and walked over to the jukebox. She inserted two quarters pressed some buttons the leaned on it. Vegeta straitened as he heard the music knowing instantly the song that was being played. Bad to the bone by George Thorogood and The Destroyers. It was his favorite. His eyes widened with delight. He grabbed some shades from his pocket flicked them open and slowly placed them over his eyes. Then something the gang hadnít seen before swung behind his legs his tail. He faced the crowd with an evil grin. He mouthed the words perfectly. He walked smoothly down the bar moving his hands and hips to the beet. For all you could tell by looking at him youíd think he was a guest rock star singing his song. He did a flip that looked very cool with his tail off the bar and walked slowly towards Bulma. When he was about fifteen twenty feet away he pointed at her when the song said:

I wanna be yours pretty baby yours and yours alone.

He walked closer to her and stuck his hand out and she grabbed it. He twirled her onto the dance floor and grinned wildly at each other. She twirled again so her back was against his chest and he held her close by her stomach. She kicked to one side then the other to the beet in cancan style. She put her hands on his butt and squeezed. She bent her knees lowering herself slowly, her back still to his front. She raised herself using her hands on his butt for support, she did this three more times staying with the rhythm of the music. She suddenly whipped around and jumped back into her earlier position of legs around waist arms holding onto neck. Luckily he was much, much faster than her and caught her before she fell, her legs had not fastened in time. He now supported her with one hand holding her up by her butt and other on her back. She leaned forward pulling his head forward so his face was at her chest. He kissed her lightly then brought her back up. She jumped down from him then pushed her body up against his and joined lips for a passionate kiss just as the song ended. The whole room cheered at their performance, but the two didnít even notice until it had nearly died down. A new song started to play it had a gentle and fast spirit to it. He took her left hand in his right and her right in his left so their arms were crossed they took a step forward, back, when they came forward they raised their arms and Vegeta gave her a quick kiss before they stepped back again. They began to spin round in a circle; Bulma began to roar with laughter.

The gang had sat down to watch the show a while ago and by now all except Goku had a beer, because in his words beer tasted yucky. Yamcha was checking out a girl at the bar, he thought of asking her to dance but decided not to, the music had changed to a slow and (in his opinion) sloppy song - not his favorite kind. The two on the dance floor stopped dancing, Bulma seemed like she was going to fall down. Vegeta on the other hand didnít look effected at all. Vegeta held Bulma close to him with his arms around her lower back Bulma held him by the neck to support herself and to be near him. She rested her head against his chest swaying lightly to the music. This is where she belonged in her princeís arms. This is where he belonged in her gentle embrace safe from the dark world heíd always known.


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